Parallel thinking


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  • really it's awesome rules which can help each English teacher especially the beginner
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  • really it's awesome rules which can help each English teacher espically the beginner
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  • Red- 35Yellow -28Green – 15Black - 25Blue -35
  • Red- 35Yellow -28Green – 15Black - 25Blue -35
  • Red- 35Yellow -28Green – 15Black - 25Blue -35
  • Parallel thinking

    1. 1. Parallel Thinking
    2. 2. Look Carefully
    3. 3. How many Red Balls were there?
    4. 4. Count Carefully – Red, Blue and Yellow
    5. 5. Count Carefully the “Green Balls”
    6. 6. Welcome to the world of “Six thinking Hats”
    7. 7. Six Thinking Hats • Thinking Tool • Devised by Edward De Bono • Just not “What is” but also “What can be?”
    8. 8. I am makingsuch a good point. They all will love me for this. He is an idiot!!What thehell is hesaying??
    9. 9. Where can it be used? Is he thinking what I am thinking???
    10. 10. 1.Try this. 4. My intuition says it will not work.2. But this is 3. I have a not the better idea! problem.
    11. 11. Six Thinking Hats
    12. 12. The White Hat • Neutral and Objective • Facts and Figures, Information – What info do we have? – What info do we need?
    13. 13. The White Hat • The sales have increased by 25% in last quarter. • There has been an increase of 30% in the number of women smoking since last year.
    14. 14. The White Hat • Checked and Unchecked Facts Example: – Why do we need a Lunch Table? – For how many people we need a table? – Should it be of any significant material? – Should it be of any specific design? – What is the budget for the table?
    15. 15. The Red Hat • Fire , Warmth • Feeling, Intuitions, Hunches
    16. 16. The Red Hat • I don’t like this guy. Let’s not recruit him. • Don’t ask me why, I just don’t like the deal. • I feel that idea has got potential. • I think, it’s a lousy idea.
    17. 17. The Red Hat • Let’ s not buy a Red Color table. It will not look nice. • Big tables don’t look nice. • I like wooden tables.
    18. 18. The Black Hat • Caution, Careful • Criticizes the ideas, Attention to negatives
    19. 19. The Black Hat • I see a danger that competition will match our pricing. • Out of my 20 yrs of experience, I can tell you that having a premium-product and a commodity-product under the same brand doesn’t work.
    20. 20. The Black Hat • Table will be used for lunch. So, let’s not take it white in color. • We have a Yellow Table now. So, let’s take a yellow table only. It will go better with the present one. • A Yellow table for 10,000 Rs Is way too much for our budget. It’s not worth it. • A small table can not serve the purpose.
    21. 21. The Yellow Hat • Shiny and Bright • Positive aspects, benefits, Proposals and Suggestions, Constructive
    22. 22. The Yellow Hat • Failing the examination was the best thing that could have happened to her. She would not be happy as a teacher. • It is possible that new party splits the votes of opposition. • Under what conditions will our hotel be profitable?
    23. 23. The Yellow Hat • Buying a Yellow Table will allow all of us to take lunch together. • What should be the table like so that everyone likes it. • Showing the pictures of selected tables to everyone will take care of everyone’s preferences.
    24. 24. The Green Hat • Vegetation, Energy • Creative Thinking, New Idea Generation, Out-of-the Box Thinking
    25. 25. The Green Hat • What if we make the Hamburgers square in shape? • Everyone who wants to get promoted should wear a yellow shirt/top. How does that sound? • Let’s work on Saturdays and take a leave on Wednesdays.
    26. 26. The Green Hat • Let’s take a foldable table. It can be folded when not in use. It will save us space. • Let’s buy a convertible table which can be converted into podium when not getting used as a table. • Let’s buy a table with lots of drawers in it so that we can keep some stuff inside.
    27. 27. The Blue Hat • Sky •Overview, Control, Facilitator
    28. 28. The Blue Hat • I want Red Hat thinking from all of you. • There has to be a better way of selling books. Please green hat that. • Let us summarize what we have discussed so far. • Is it White Hat information? It seems like Red Hat.
    29. 29. The Blue Hat • Let’s have Red Thinking on the selected Table Design. • Let’s have Black Thinking on the two selected designs. • After careful thinking, we have zeroed in a Table of “x by y” dimensions of Yellow color.
    30. 30. How to Use? • Any Combination of Hats • As many times as you want • Time under each Hat • Not necessary to use each Hat • Don’t categorize
    31. 31. Some Situations • You have to conduct a training program on “Clinical Research” on Wednesday at Inlead. The client hasn’t asked for a particular mentor but have expressed great interest in Mr. Manshuali Saxena. It is Tuesday (morning) today. You also have the option to conduct it on Sunday. How will you go about it?
    32. 32. Some Situations • You need to create a Training Program on Clinical Research. You have four hours at your disposal. You also have to get your content validated. How will you go about doing it?
    33. 33. Some Situations • You need to create Assessment for the “Clinical Research” Training Program. Client has asked to incorporate at least two kinds of assessment tool. If you wait for the content to get finished, you will get only an hour to prepare it. It has to be done today only. How will you accomplish the task?
    34. 34. Some Situations • You have to close the position of Sr. Associate, Corporate Sales in next two weeks. You are looking forward to Mr. Shubham Desai as he carries an impressive sales profile. Before and after the interview happens, following things are worth considering: – He has rescheduled the interview thrice already by giving lame excuses.
    35. 35. Some Situations – He shows quite some attitude(Possible Reasons: Bachelorhood, Killer Looks) – He wants to join after a month. – He wasn’t in formals on the day of interview. – He has great communication and selling skills. – He has a proven track record of 3 years in B to B selling. Will you recruit him?
    36. 36. Snapshot - Objective, Facts and Figures -Emotions, Feelings - Cautious, Critical Thinking -Positive and Constructive Thinking -Out of the box thinking -Control and Facilitator
    37. 37. Happy Thinking!!!
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