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Athabasca university

  1. 1. Athabasca University at a Glance Athabasca University provides learning for life. Athabasca University is a Canadian university in Athabasca, Alberta. It is an accredited research institution which also offers distance education courses and programs. Courses are offered primarily inEnglish with some French offerings. Each year, 32,000 students attend the university.[2] It offers opportunities for professionals to finish undergraduate, graduate and certificate programs. Canadian athletes, politicians and broadcasters have chosenAthabasca to complete their studies due to the flexibility in the universitys schedule. In 2004, Athabascas Executive MBA was rated in the top 75 by the Financial Times, the only executive MBA on the list that is delivered entirely online.[3][4] The enabling legislation is the Post-secondary Learning Act . PolicyThe Vice-President, Academic (VPA) or designate approves all exceptionrequests unless the request falls under specific categories whereby approval isfinalized in the Office of the Registrar. The Office of the Registrar will process requests in the following categories without further evaluation and under the following conditions: 1. For students at collaborative partner institutions offering AU degrees where AU has been unable to implement a change to the degree regulations in a timely manner due to misinformation or inability to offer the course(s). 2. For students who have completed more than the maximum course work within one discipline area (up to 6 credit variance). 3. For those cases where blanket approval has been given by the VPA or designate. Exceptions will be formally tracked by the Office of the Registrar.
  2. 2. Regulation N/A Fees Course fees are all-inclusive, and are calculated by combining the tuition fees, learning resources fee, and Students’ Union and Alumni Relations fees. Courses We offer more than 750 courses in a wide range of subjects. Our courses are designed for study online, at a distance, or in a classroom so you can continue your education without sacrificing personal, family, career, or community commitments. Our course fees include all textbooks and materials, so you will know what youre paying at the start. Delivery Methods AU employs a broad spectrum of distance learning methods and relies on a variety of information technologies to deliver course materials and instruction to students. These include the use of multi-media, online activities, print materials, web, e-mail, Internet,CD-Rom, computer software, audio/video conferencing, audio/video tapes , TV or radio , distance library & open Magazine. Any particular course might use a combination ofdelivery methods. If you register for an online course, you will need access to a computer with an Internet connection. Learn more about course delivery.
  3. 3. Interactions between students and teacher using courses are offered almost entirely online using Moodle. You will interact with your tutor or learning facilitator and other students, participate in forums for online discussions between instructors and other students, and access the library, digitalreading rooms, and other research resources. You must have access to specific computer hardware and software components . Student to content interaction:Study on your own, at your own pace, using the course materials provided and support from your tutor.