Oxyor In A Nutshell


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Oxyor In A Nutshell

  1. 1. In a nutshellOxyor provides financial learning and developmentservices around the world.We help professionals – from interns to board members – to maximise their performanceboth as individuals and as teams in the financial marketplace.www.oxyor.com
  2. 2. Recognised for hands-on financial training, Oxyor is unique. Oxyor’s advantagesOur training is interactive and engaging, and focuses on the key Oxyor firmly believes that the return on learning investmentskills and areas of knowledge that will give the participants an in- to the organisations using our services is not only positive, butdepth understanding of how the financial markets work and what in fact one of the most productive investments available. Theproducts can be used to capitalize on client opportunities. participants in Oxyor’s offerings learn how to identify value- added opportunities, to use financial products and to sell those.Not only do we focus on the practical impact of our training, They will quickly earn back the course fee.but we let the participants combine their theoretical knowledgeand personal skills to be reflected in real life situations. We use In our trainings, we evaluate our participants and give feedbackrealistic, up-to-date simulations and case studies to give each to both the individuals and the sponsoring organisations. Byparticipant the best learning possibilities. As a part of the learning doing so, we make sure that areas for further developments areexperience, we also ask the participants to present and sell their identified.analyses, ideas and recommendations to both ‘internal’ and‘external’ audiences. To achieve the best learning possible, Oxyor uses state-of-the- art simulations built with the latest programming technology.In Oxyor’s trainings the participants will be receiving individual Through learning-by-doing in a fun and engaging environmentattention and feedback. They will be learning from top and receiving concrete results, the participants will expand theirprofessionals, whose aim is to give the participants the key learning and identify ways to further improvement.tools and skills that are necessary to become successful in theinternational financial industry. Continuous Development All Oxyor courses are focused on value-for-money, top quality and are output-driven. They are geared towards meeting your desired performance improvement. In addition, Oxyor training is always interactive, practical, usable and enjoyable. We offer an extensive number of courses lasting from a single day to several weeks. They cover a variety of topics ranging from advanced financial subjects to personal development skills. Oxyor training caters for all your needs from graduate level to senior management. We offer various training types such as: 0 e-learning, podcasting and distance training 0 off-the-shelf courses 0 tailored courses www.oxyor.com
  3. 3. Masters enhancement For many years Oxyor has been cooperating with a number of internationally reputed universities for various Masters programmes. Oxyor’s own executive masters offerings give accreditations with selected universities and/or National Quality Boards.Graduate development Our trainers also deliver electives on a wide range of subjects and our simulations are used to enhance the understanding of complex financial concepts.Oxyor is a long-term specialist in graduate development. An increasing number of universities realise that their ownOur graduate programmes are intensive and challenging and focuses academic training in combination with Oxyor’s practical approachon the key skills and knowledge which will give the participants a is a perfect way to enhance learning experiences. These universitiesflying start to their careers. recognise Oxyor as a training partner for its extensive commercial knowledge, experienced trainers from the business and hands-onWe prepare the participants with an in-depth understanding of the training approach.financial markets and show them how they can capitalize on clientopportunities to quickly become efficient and profitable to theiremployers.The intensity of the practical training helps participants to embed theconcepts and skills, as they live, eat and breathe the topics.Other key elements to the success of our approach to graduatedevelopment is the individual coaching and mentoring provided toparticipants during training, as well as the evaluation of, and feedbackto, the participants.In general, participants in our programmes have demonstratedsuperior loyalty and flexibility within their organisations as a resultof the investment made in them, the personal attention they havereceived, and the increased skill sets and wider knowledge acquired. “CAPITALIZE ON YOUR TALENTS!” “I would recommend the programme “I absolutely loved the programme. “There is a real difference between to anybody active in the financial sector I can not stress that enough. I learnt the Oxyor programme and others that with management aspirations: a very a huge amount at a great pace I have attended. This programme is useful experience in both learning and and everyone could keep up. The much more practical. Rather than just networking. trainers were fantastic and it was teach you how to compute ratios, the really enjoyable to work with and trainers help you to learn to apply It is really well thought out; a highly learn from them. I have come away and interpret them. I would say that organised and diverse programme with new friends and a much clearer this is due to their experience as which clearly aims to continuously and structured understanding. This practitioners.” challenge the participants.” is a must for all newcomers in any investment bank.”
  4. 4. Oxyor’s additional offerings:Assessment and recruitment servicesOxyor can provide assessment and recruitment services tailored to your organization.In the assessment we use a combination of tests, simulations, case studies, pitches and presentations.Client eventsOxyor’s simulations are well suited for client events and client entertainment.Our trainers are also frequently asked as speakers at seminars and conferences.CompetitionsOxyor is the global sponsor of and delivers the simulations software for the highly successful student competitionTraders Trophy Worldwide. Our trainers and simulations can be used for other types of competitions as well.ConsultancyDue to the up-to-date and in-depth subject knowledge of our trainers, they are occasionally asked towork as consultants in various projects.Online TrainingUsing our state-of-the-art portal that bridges the gap between online learning and classroom training,you can get the most value.Financial SimulationsOur simulations are built to be a mirror of reality. They are both fun and a fast way to learn. Oxyor B.V. Olmenlaan 28 1404DG Bussum The Netherlands T +31 (0) 356 921 392 www.oxyor.com