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Link Building Basics for Businesses
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Link Building Basics for Businesses


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Rachel presented Basic Link Building techniques for businesses at OxonDigital. For more from Rachel follow her on twitter @Rachelswritings.

Rachel presented Basic Link Building techniques for businesses at OxonDigital. For more from Rachel follow her on twitter @Rachelswritings.

Published in: Technology, Design
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  • 1. Link Building Basics for BusinessesRachel McCombie
  • 2. Today’s talk will cover: 1 Why rank well in Google? 2 How does Google know what websites to rank highly? 3 The characteristics of a great link profile 4 White Hat versus Black Hat link building 5 A word on Google’s infamous Panda update 6 Top link building tips for you to take away!2 Rachel McCombie – @RachelsWritings
  • 3. Why rank well? Most people click on the first few results The higher you rank, the more traffic you will get and therefore the more business Brand recognition – ranking highly for relevant terms conveys authority, trustworthiness and market dominance3 Rachel McCombie – @RachelsWritings
  • 4. How does Google know which websites to rank?Two main categories of ranking factor – on-site and off-site Keyword use in meta Volume, quality and data and on the page relevance of links SEO-friendly site Social signals architecture4 Rachel McCombie - @RachelsWritings
  • 5. The characteristics of a great link profileA good link profile combines quality, quantity and relevance  Links from sites that deal with similar areas to yours carry more Quantity isn’t the weight be all and end all if the links are strong  Links from high quality sites carry more weight5 Rachel McCombie – @RachelsWritings
  • 6. White Hat versus Black HatWhich link building practices put your website at risk? White Hat Black Hat  White Hat link building is what the  Tries to trick Google ‘good guys’ in SEO do  Unethical/spammy  Involves building high quality links  Puts your website at risk of being penalised or even deindexed  Includes: – Paying for links – Article spinning – Suddenly acquiring hundreds of thousands of links is a dead giveaway!6 Rachel McCombie – @RachelsWritings
  • 7. A word about Google’s Panda UpdateThe Panda update devalued links from low-quality sites It’s part of Google’s attempts to reduce internet spam Rankings of many sites plummeted after Panda This means link building needs to be higher quality If you’ve done link building in the past, some of the links in your backlink profile may have been devalued7 Rachel McCombie – @RachelsWritings
  • 8. DirectoriesGenerally low-quality links but quick & easy, and some are still worth having Directories  Often get control over anchor text  Easy to submit to and therefore a ‘quick win’  Even quicker win: use a cheap service such as Directory Maximiser to get someone to do it for you CSS Galleries  Showcases good web design  Links back to your site  Quick win: use MeeCSS to submit quickly and easily, or pay them a small fee to do it for you8 Rachel McCombie – @RachelsWritings
  • 9. Article Directories Quick win but use in moderation Like directories, generally poor quality Can submit the same content to more than one You get a link with the anchor text you want from a page on a relevant topic Quick win: use a service such as Copify to get some articles written on subjects relevant to your business. “How to” articles work well. Then copy and paste!9 Rachel McCombie – @RachelsWritings
  • 10. Press Releases Media exposure = links and more links Allows you to get more mileage from existing content – fast You get extra media exposure as well as links Often picked up by news aggregator sites for extra links Quick win: submit your existing press releases to a press release submission site such as PR Web.10 Rachel McCombie – @RachelsWritings
  • 11. Guest blogging Write for other websites, raise your profile and get great links!11 Rachel McCombie – @RachelsWritings
  • 12. The process of guest bloggingHow to get great links through guest blogging Write a great piece of content  Write a blog post on an interesting topic related to your business Step 1  The more original, topical and interesting, the better Identify influential bloggers in your field  Find the blogs you’d like to publish on – not all blogs accept guest Step 2 posters  Contact with a personal message to pitch your post Publish  Include a link back to your site in your author bio Step 3  Promote the blog post in social media channels12 Rachel McCombie – @RachelsWritings
  • 13. Infographics13 Rachel McCombie – @RachelsWritings
  • 14. Infographics – the processDone properly, infographics can bring great links and traffic  Come up with a good concept relevant to your business Step 1  The more original and interesting, the better  Design it (or pay a designer) Step 2  Write a press release to promote it, linking back to you  Contact sites in relevant fields asking them if they want to feature the infographic Step 3  Be sure to ask them to link back to you as the source  Submit to infographic directories for extra links Step 4  Host it on your own site with an embed code linking back to you14 Rachel McCombie – @RachelsWritings
  • 15. Some other great link building tacticsEven more great link building tactics for you to try Link bait RSS Feeds Video content  Host great content on your  Submit your RSS feed to  Link back to your site from site news aggregator sites such video sharing sites such as  Watch the links come as YouTube, Vimeo etc flooding in  You get a link for every  Provocative, striking or new story you add shocking works best White papers Widgets Competitor backlinks  Write a detailed PDF about a  Create something useful  Run a report through topic relevant to your or fun that bloggers want Open Site Explorer to find business to share your competitors’  Send it to relevant sites in  Link back to your site in backlinks return for a link  Presents you as an authority the embed code  Replicate!15 Rachel McCombie – @RachelsWritings
  • 16. Any questions? Q&A Questions & Answers Rachel McCombie - @RachelsWritings16
  • 17. Thank you! Contact Rachel McCombie SEO, Copywriter and Editor Email: Website: Twitter: @RachelsWritings17 Rachel McCombie – @RachelsWritings