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Placi Espejo - Presentation Skills Workshop - Presentation 090211
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Placi Espejo - Presentation Skills Workshop - Presentation 090211



i. Presentation Planning

i. Presentation Planning
ii. Presentation Content and Techniques
iii. Presentation Design



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  • Intelligent networks Creating a community of the most exciting businesses in the South East
  • The businesses will have at their disposal a senior management/advisory board

Placi Espejo - Presentation Skills Workshop - Presentation 090211 Placi Espejo - Presentation Skills Workshop - Presentation 090211 Presentation Transcript

  • Oxfordshire Innovation &Growth Placi O’Neill-Espejo Network Manager Presentation Skills Workshop – 9 th February 2011
  • What is the Innovation & Growth Team?
    • A new approach to Business Support
    • Supporting innovative and high growth companies
    • Create a Community of Innovation in Oxfordshire
    • Funded by SEEDA
  • Which businesses are we looking for?
    • Companies with demonstrable growth or high growth potential
    • Typical filters: openness, aspiration and attitude ability and capacity amount of external finance sought evidence of strong order book willingness to invest time willingness to innovate
    • Four segments: High growth start-ups and scalable micros; step-change, small to medium, £1m+ t/o; step-change, medium to large, £10m+ t/o; large knowledge generators, £100m+ t/o
  • Existing clients
    • Blended to the needs of the business, support available includes:
    • Starting a high growth business
    • Innovation Advice and Guidance
    • Coaching for High Growth
    • Understanding Finance for Business
    • Business Collaboration Networks
  • The Business offer
    • Tailored support
    • Delivered by experienced business professionals, coaches and mentors
    • Business knowledge, experience, skills, capabilities and contacts
    • Advice, coaching, experienced mentors, peer mentoring, networking and intelligent connections
    • Open Innovation
    • Lead on Funding for the whole of the South East
    • Local, but working across the region as one team
    • Business Link as primary route of access
  • Today is about……………….
    • Introductions
    • Planning/Preparation
    • Content and Techniques
    • Q & As
  • Why me?
    • Business Incubation
    • The Oxfordshire Investment Opportunity Network.
    • 300 entrepreneurs in the Thames Valley/Northants area.
    • National Conferences for Innovation in Malta and Germany……
    • Top level executives on leadership, strategy, planning and open innovation.
    • Oxford Entrepreneurs and Venture Fund.
    • and now….
    • Are you ready now/usual problems?
    • Delivery of the presentation
      • Media
      • Body language
      • Silence
    • Wow them at the end
  • Is this you?
    • Are you able to get the attention of people in this room?
    • Show your passion for your business?
    • Tell others what your idea is about clearly?
    • Grab the audience’s attention
    • Communicate clearly
    • Stay in control.
  • Preparation, have you thought of?
    • Audience
      • Age
      • Type
      • Dress Code
      • Content
    • Your layout, design, theme
  • Preparation, have you thought of?
  • Preparation, have you thought of?
    • Poor understanding of the business
    • Are you the right presenter?
    • Too much information but not the right one
    • Bad presentation technique
    • Do you know too much
    • or do you just know too little?
    • If you fail to prepare you prepare to fail
  • Presentation Objective
    • Define your objective.
      • Are you informing?
      • Entertaining?
      • Touching people’s emotions?
      • Or do you want to move into actions?
  • Use of media
    • Slide Structure (1)
      • 1-2 slides per minute
      • point forms not complete statements
      • key words and phrases, no wordiness
      • No more than 4 to 5 points per slide
  • Use of media
    • Slide Structure (2)
      • Do not use distracting animation
      • Use at least 18-point font
      • Consistency
      • Use a colour of font that contrasts sharply with the background.
  • Use of media
    • Slide Structure (3)
      • Backgrounds that are attractive but simple and light
      • Use graphs rather than just charts and words, data in graphs is easier to comprehend & retain than in raw data
      • Shading is distracting
      • Proof read your slides, use someone else to help
  • What about? style silence
  • Business Presentation
    • Objective
    • Product
    • Market
    • People
    • £
    • Visuals, links…..
  • Effective & strong closing
    • USP
    • Commercial potential?
    • Economic and social contribution?
    • Is it
  • End
    • Invite your audience to ask questions
    • Provide a visual aid during question period
    • Avoid ending a presentation abruptly
    • Make sure you thank everyone
    • Be prepared for those 10
    • NIGHTMARE questions at least
  • Remember
    • A presentation is about grabbing your audience’s attention, communicating clearly and staying in control.
  • Who are you?
    • Pitch Decay:
    • 50% retention after 1 hour
    • 20% retention the next day
    • 10% retention after 1 week
    • CHOOSE YOUR 10%
  • Summary
    • Remember you are selling
    • Be ready to sell at any time, any where
    • Prepare, prepare, prepare, prepare…
  • Good Luck!
  • Thank You!
    • [email_address]