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Slides from eTwinning UK's 'Using your Twinspace' webinar.

Slides from eTwinning UK's 'Using your Twinspace' webinar.

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  • OK, we have now covered part 1 of what you need to do before you register your project and we are ready for the next step. We’ll take a break for five minutes now for questions. One minute pause Two minute moderator review 3 or 4 concept check questions
  • KAREN Few more things before we finish There is a Registering Projects help guide for this webinar which I will email to you after this session, alongside a recording of the session. We’d be grateful if you could take a minute to fill this Evaluation form. It will be pushed through to you now. . Any improvements or areas you’d like to see next time let us know 3. Finally - How to log out. Click file and exit to leave the room. Like to take this opportunity to thank you for attending and we hope to see you at future webinars.
  • KAREN Like to take this opportunity to thank you for attending and we hope to see you at future webinars.


  • 1. The eTwinning webinar ‘Usingyour Twinspace’will begin at 16:30 While you wait you can check that you’ll be able to hear us by clicking ‘Tools’ – ‘Audio’ – ‘Audio Set-Up Wizard’
  • 2. An introduction to the Twinspace
  • 3. Nice tomeet youAnIntroduction Susie Arnottto the eTwinning AmbassadoreTwinningteam Gardening, Illustration, Yoga
  • 4. Nice tomeet youAn Owain WrightIntroduction British Council Wales, the eTwinning Product Delivery ManagereTwinningteam Gig-goer, rugby lover, cycling fanatic
  • 5. Use the Chat facility VoteBlackboardCollaborate Use the multiple choice Use the non-verbal communication toolsThe Basics Raising your hand Using your microphone
  • 6. When you sign in you will see your ownname, as well as the names of the moderator and the other webinar participants
  • 7. This is the chat facility where you can ask questions and talk to other participantsWrite your message in the text box and hit enter
  • 8. Use the Chat function to introduce yourself.Task 1 Hi, my name is . . . I teach at xxx school…
  • 9. Click the green tick for yes or the red cross for noSometimes we’ll ask you to use the voting buttons
  • 10. Use the green tick or red cross to answer this questionTask 2 Is this your first webinar?  Yes x No
  • 11. Just click on the letter thatcorresponds to your answer We might also ask you to pick a multiple choice answer like below
  • 12. Use the vote function to answer our poll…Task 3 What is your Twinspace experience? A. I have not used it yet B. I have tried to use it but have not been successful C. I have used it for some basic things (sharing documents/photos) D. I have used it for more advanced things (blogging, forums, live chat)
  • 13. Use non-verbal tools to help us gauge how things are going
  • 14. If want to find out more aboutTask 4 the Twinspace…give us a smiley face!!
  • 15. If you have aquestion you can raise your hand
  • 16. To use your microphoneand speak just click thetalk button. Don’t forget topress it a 2nd time to putdown the mic when youhave finished
  • 17. The basics: What is the Twinspace… How to get a Twinspace… Who can use the Twinspace…What we’ll A quick tourcover this evening Adding Project Activities and uploading your work Adding pupils to your Twinspace
  • 18. A shared online workspace forWhat is the you and your partner schoolsTwinspace? to communicate and carry out your project activities in
  • 19. A place to upload and share your workWhat is theTwinspace? A place to communicate A place to showcase your project work to the world
  • 20. How do I get a Twinspace? Just register your eTwinning project In the first instance just you and yourWho can use the partner teacher but then you can choose Twinspace? to invite other teachers, pupils and visitorsCan I have more You get one dedicated Twinspace for than one each eTwinning project that you are Twinspace? involved in Either through the ‘Projects’ section of yourHow do I access Desktop or direct:my Twinspace? Simple tools, safe space that youWhy should I use control, all your work in one place.the Twinspace?
  • 21. If you started a project BEFORE 25th September 2012 you will be using the The OLD TwinspaceTwinspace has If you started your project changed! AFTER 25th September 2012 you will be using the NEW Twinspace
  • 22. Any questions?.
  • 23. 1. Do you get access to your Twinspace before your project has been approved? Intro toTwinspace 2. Can your pupils use the Twinspace? Recap 3. You registered you project on 26th September 2012 you will be using the new Twinspace?
  • 24. Home pageYour Inbox Add others to your Twinspace List of Twinspace members News feedCalendar
  • 25. Project Blog
  • 26. Staff Room
  • 27. Pupils Corner
  • 28. Live Chat
  • 29. ‘Project Activities’ are the building blocks of your Twinspace. It is where you create the structure that you will upload your work in to. It should closely reflect your project plan. To add a new page click Manage activities.If there are 5main activitiesin your projecthave 5 ProjectActivity Pages.
  • 30. Each of your Project Activities begins life emptyso you need to create a structure within themso that you can share your work. You do this by selecting the appropriate ‘Applications’. Each one has a specific function.
  • 31. What you want to do Which tool to use If you want to upload documents (Word, Powerpoint etc) File Archive If you want to upload photos and images Image Gallery Web Content If you want to create web pages or Displayembed content from other websitesIf you want to start discussions and have your pupils commenting on Blog or Forum others’ work If you want to work on the samedocument as others at the same time Wiki
  • 32. This is your new Project Activity page with the 3 Applications added.We want toadd somedocuments sowe need to addFolders to ourFile Archive
  • 33. Create the number of folders that you wishto separate your work into. Maybe haveone folder for each school involved in theproject. Setting things up clearly at thebeginning of project will mean everyone isclear about where their work needs to go. Just name the folder and click Save.
  • 34. A clear and logicalstructure is vital.Just follow yourplan and make theTwinspace reflectthe work you’redoing.
  • 35. It is important that all partners have agreed onhow you will structure the Twinspace so thateveryone knows what needs to go where andwhen. Create your Project Activities beforeyou start sharing any work.
  • 36. Any questions?.
  • 37. 1. Can you upload documents without creating a Project Activity Page?ProjectActivity 2. Is a blog the best thing to addPages if you want to upload photos to your Twinspace?Recap 3. Should your Twinspace and Project Activity Pages reflect your project plan accurately?
  • 38. To invite pupils to theTwinspace click InviteMember and thenInvite pupils.
  • 39. You are now asked togive your pupils Firstname and SurnameClick the little + to dothis in bulk. Then clickSubmit when you aredone.
  • 40. You can then change yourpupil’s usernames andpasswords and decide onwhether they should be‘Members’ or‘Administrators’.
  • 41. 1. Can you add all the pupils in your class at the same time?Adding 2. Can you set and change yourpupils pupil’s passwords?Recap 3. Do you have to give your pupil’s real name?
  • 42. Any final questions?.
  • 43. Evaluation Form:
  • 44. Thank you.Twitter @etwinningukEmail etwinning@britishcouncil.orgWeb