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OvidSp For University Students Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Edit Csajbok 02.11.2009. Semmelweis University Central Library [email_address]
  • 2. The structure of the Ovid’s module
    • The Ovid ’s Products
    • Primal Picture
    • Browsing in the Ovid
    • Searching in the Ovid
    • Practice
    • Useful links
  • 3. O V I D Evidence Matters General databases Journal Cochrane Methodology Register Health Technology Assessment NHS Economic Evaluation Database EBM Reviews Full Text (Cochrane DSR, ACP Journal Club, Dare) All EBM Reviews Ovid MEDLINE® Ovid OLDMEDLINE® Ovid MEDLINE(R) In-Process & Other Non-Indexed Citations Primal Picture Biological Abstracts International Pharmaceutical Abstracts PsycINFO Books @Ovid Journals @Ovid Full Text Your Journals @Ovid Fulltext Fulltext E-book Specific database or software
  • 4. How Can I access to Ovid’s databases, E-books …? www.lib.sote.hu
  • 5. Browsing Main Search Page
  • 6. Primal Pictures Interactive Anatomy OVID
  • 7. What is the Primal Pictures?
    • — literally from head to toe
    • Features:
      • three-dimensional animations showing function, bio-mechanics and surgical procedures supplement the core anatomy
      • Clinical videos and textual descriptions
    • a dynamic interactive multimedia
    • overview of human anatomy
  • 8. A little history…
    • PP was established in the UK in 1991
    • Two founder:
      • Laurie Wiseman –documentary filmmaker
    - Chris Briscoe – global pioneer of 3D computer graphics
    • PP is available via OVID from May 2006
  • 9. There are two content modules with different interface s .
  • 10.  
  • 11.  
  • 12.  
  • 13. This is an old face of PP titles More Content types
  • 14.  
  • 15.  
  • 16. Next topic is Browsing in the Ovid Browse Books Browse All Journals Browse Your Journals@Ovid
  • 17. [email_address]
  • 18.  
  • 19.  
  • 20.
    • Store the information!
    • Save
    • Print
    • E-mail
    • E-mail Jumpstart
  • 21.  
  • 22. In this case we get only the link!
  • 23.  
  • 24.  
  • 25.  
  • 26. Mesh Subject Headings are very useful help for the future searching!
  • 27. Journals in OVID SP
    • Journals@Ovid Full text
    • The database is an aggregate of hundreds of scientific, technical, and medical journals from over 50 publishers and societies .
    • Your Journals@Ovid
    • YourJournals@Ovid is a subset of the larger Journals@Ovid database that is limited to only the journals to which your institution subscribes , for when a user wants to see only the citations to which they have access. It provides all of the basic functionality of Journals@Ovid, including 100% search ability, seamless integration with databases, and the ability to browse by journal and by subject.
  • 28.  
  • 29.  
  • 30.  
  • 31.  
  • 32. Searching eBooks eJournals Databases: EBM Databases Biological Abstract IPA Medline PsycInfo
  • 33. Main Search Page
  • 34.  
  • 35. Searching methods
    • Simultaneously searching :
      • To search from a single resource
      • To search from multiple resources simultaneously
    • Searching’ types :
      • Basic Search
      • Find Citation
      • Search Tools
      • Search Fields
      • Ovid Advanced Search (Boolean operators)
      • Multi-Field Search
    Searching from multiple resources simultaneously we can’t search for subject headings!
  • 36. Basic Search
    • Simply enter a search term or ask a question in ordinary, everyday English terms
    • OvidSP filters the terms of your query, eliminating irrelevant noise words and tightening word choices into validated search terms and phrases.
    • OvidSP utilizes a proprietary medical lexicon to expand validated terms
    • Some useful practices :
      • Don’t use unnecessary adjectives.
      • Don’t use question mark, hyphen, bracket .. .
      • Don’t use Boolean operators for combining records
      • Expect approximately 500 relevancy-ranked results !
  • 37. Advanced Ovid Search
    • We can search for keyword , author, title or journal in a traditional way.
    • Using Boolean operators we can specify our searching.
    • For receiving more relevant results use your query as Subject Heading . It is only available when you choose only one database .
  • 38. Basic Search and Advanced Ovid Search
    • Basic Search
      • - It is a natural language search. Enter your search terms in plain English .
      • - It is NOT a simple version of Advanced Search !!!
    • Advanced Ovid Search
      • - It is equivalent to the traditional Advanced Search!!!
  • 39. Find Citation
    • OvidSP's Find Citation tab lets you submit fielded data to retrieve specific journal article citations.
  • 40. Search Tools OvidSP provides tools that let you discover more about the relationship between terms and subjects within the context of the database in which you are searching.
  • 41. Search Fields
    • Apply fields to a search statement (or field a search ) and restrict OvidSP's search to only the text of the fields indicated.
  • 42. Multi-Field Search
    • Additional search fields can be typed on text boxes, along with drop-down lists that specify the field to search for each text box, and drop-down lists specifying whether to AND or OR the text boxes together.
  • 43. Searching methods! Which one we choose?
    • Basic Search – some relevant results
    • Find Citation – particular article with some bibliographic data
    • Search Tools – to discover more about the relationship between terms and subjects within the context of the database in which you are searching.
    • Search Fields – to apply fields to a search statement (or field a search ) and restrict OvidSP's search to only the text of the fields indicated.
    • Advanced Ovid Search – provides the same search functionality of Ovid Web Gateway's advanced search mode.
    • Multi-Field Search – to search easily with field ’s boxes using Boolean operators
  • 44. First step can b e to create a Personal Account
    • After logging with my Personal Account:
    • I can save my Search History
    • I can see my previously saved Search history
    • I can set up alert for my Search History
    • I can use „Annotation” service
  • 45. Advanced Ovid Search
  • 46. Let’s get started with Advanced Ovid Search!
    • F ind articles published in 2008 or 2009 which are deal with link between diabetes and diastolic dysfunction and diagnostic role of echocardiography .
    • Keywords: diabetes, diastolic heart failure, cardiomyopathy, echocardiography
    • Limit: from 2008 till 2009
  • 47. 3. step: Combine your results with AND operator 1. step: Choose databases: Medline, Nursing and Your Journal@Ovid 2. step: Type your keywords 4 . step: Limit your results
  • 48. Try also this question! – What can be the keywords? How many results you can find?
    • For patients with diabetes, do routine eye exams reduce the occurrence of blindness?
    Keywords can be: diabetes, eye, blindness – 921results
  • 50. The question!
    • Is there a link between autism and the MMR vaccine?
    Keywords? NO ! We don’t need any keyword!
  • 51. „ Check Spelling” – Alerts user when a search term is misspelled so it can be corrected immediately and the user can get to the desired results quickly. „ Include Related Terms”- to get more records related to entered sentence „ Basic Search ” -User enters search terms in plain English -User clicks “Search” -The system brings back accurate, exact results
  • 52. Try also these questions! – What are the search terms used?
    • What are the imaging guidelines for headaches?
    • What causes pityriasis rosea?
    Imaging, imagings, guidelines , guideline , guiding characteristics, headaches, headache, head pain, pain head Causes, cause, caused, causation pityriasis, pityriasises, rosea
  • 54. I would like to find the full text of this article
  • 55. What Do I know?
    • Volume: 392
    • Issue: 2
    • Page:243-250
    • Article title: Epistasis among Deleterious Mutations in the HIV-1 Protease
  • 56. Does this article have full text? What kind of document type is it?
    • Authors: Sato Y. Taniguchi R. Makiyama T. Nagai K. Okada H. Yamada T. Matsumori A. Takatsu Y.
    • Journal name: Heart
    • Page: 647-648
    Yes, it has full text. It is letter.
  • 57. Ovid Medline vs PubMed
    • + PubMed has more records
    • + PubMed is free
    • + Ovid has more user-friendly interface
    • + Ovid Medline has more well structured map of subject headings
    • + Ovid allows you to search in more databases simultaneously
  • 58. Useful links
    • Ovid: http:// resourcecenter.ovidsp.com /
    • Tutorials:
      • http://kraftylibrarian.com/2008/01/online-tutorials-and-handouts-to-ovidsp.html
      • http://cwml-tutorials.blogspot.com/search/label/Ovid
      • ( very useful!)
  • 59. Leisure time
  • 60.
    • Thank you for your attention!
    Edit Csajbók Semmelweis University Central Library ecsajbok @ lib.sote.hu 02. Nov. 2009