Sustainability in Construction Products


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Sustainability in Construction Products

  1. 1. Main Contractor„Framework Agreement‟
  2. 2. AgendaBritish Gypsum ‘A Brief Overview’The ‘Framework Agreement’ – Key Benefits• Regional & National Technical Support - Standardisation• Commercial Support – Sub Contractor & Distribution Link• Plasterboard Recycling ServiceOur Commitment to Innovation through DesignEnvironmental & SustainabilitySupporting LiteratureClose & Questions
  3. 3. Flat Glass Building Distribution PackagingHigh PerformanceMaterialsConstruction ProductsAreas of activityNo.1 in Europe - No. 2 WorldwideNo.1 in EuropeNo.1 in Europe - No. 3 WorldwideNo.1 Worldwide for Ceramics, Plastics,Abrasives & ReinforcementsNo.1 Worldwide for Gypsum,Insulation, Mortar & Pipe
  4. 4. 45,000 employees worldwide26% of Saint-Gobain annual salesGroup employees 192,000 across 64countriesGypsum - Insulation - Industrial Mortars - Exteriorproducts - Pipe
  5. 5. Manufacture SitesEast Leake,LeicestershireBarrow, LeicestershireSherburn, LeedsKirkby Thore, CumbriaRoberstsbridge, EastSussex
  6. 6. Drywall Academy Locations• Erith, Kent• Kirkby Thore, Cumbria• East Leake, Leicestershire• Clevedon, Bristol• South Lanakshire (Satellite)• Mobile Unit New for 2013
  7. 7. Technical Support• Early Involvement – Specification & Project Detailing.• System Standardisation and Re-Use of Specifications.• Waste Minimisation.• Support the „Project/ Site Team‟.• Best „Commercial‟ System Specification.• Full Project Specification Packs.• Bespoke Product Sizes (minimum quantities)• On-Site „Toolbox Talks‟.• Area Technical Support Manager – On Site.• Additional „National Technical Support Line.• On-Line U Value Calculations.• Specsure Lifetime Warranty.
  8. 8. „Commercial Support‟• Regional Area Sales Manager• Early understanding of projects.• Sub – Contractors & Installer Direct Contact• Support the Preferred Distribution Routeswithin the Supply Chain• The „Opportunity‟ to price.
  9. 9. Plasterboard Recycling ServiceRegional Hub Offer – Reducing Lorry Miles.Bags/ Skips/ Wheelie Bins/ Wait n‟ LoadService generates „Site Waste Data‟Post Project AnalysisPrefer to Design out Waste and not Recycle at all!
  10. 10. Innovation Programme“20% of currentSaint Gobain Products– did not exist FiveYears Ago”.
  11. 11. Folded Edge Channel
  12. 12. Thistle Spray Plaster
  13. 13. Thistle DurafinishPlaster
  14. 14. Tested to be far above performancerequirements of BS5234 – Severe DutyIncorporates „Rigidur‟ BoardCapable of securing Heavy Fixings on a singlelayer without additional pattresingExcellent Acoustic Value – up to Rw 52Db on asingle layer.Can be recycledNo additional or specialist components tocomplete the system
  15. 15. Glasroc Tilebacker
  16. 16. ActivAirTechnology
  17. 17. Innovation ProgrammeThe Future?• Through the Wall System Specification – Habitat• Focus on Board Weights and Sizes.• Lighter Boards/ Higher Acoustic Performance.• Extension of existing Ceiling Range and ActivAir.• Off – Site Capabilities.• Higher „Fixing Strength‟ Plasterboard.
  18. 18. Environmental andSustainabilityBES 6001 – Responsible Resourcingof Construction Products• Ultimate assurance to Clients & Stakeholders that products andmaterials are sourced responsibly and sustainably.• Increase the range of Business Opportunities and assisting inmeeting project requirements.• Access to additional credits for BREEAM and Code forSustainable Homes.ISO 14001 – Environmental ManagementSystem• Demonstration of our Environmental Commitment toStakeholders.• Reduce operational costs through reduced energy consumptionand use of natural resources
  19. 19. 2013 DocumentComing Soon
  20. 20. Environmental and Sustainabilitycont‟• Recent Investment into 128„Teardrop Trailers‟ with CEVALogistics• British Gypsum have reducedthe overall thickness ofPlasterboard Hoods – by 34%• Over the past 3 Years, wehave reduced the weight ofThistle Bagged Plaster by10g/m2• As one of the UK‟s largestPallet purchasers – the returnrate has nearly doubled overthe last 3 years.
  21. 21. Supporting Literature
  22. 22. Questions and Thank you