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Boat Pro Point of Sale Training online video series provides time-efficient training opportunities designed to educate marina personnel, recreational boat dealers, marine retailers and others who sell products and services to boaters on how to to make the right decisions about buying safety equipment and the contents of a U.S. Coast Guard safety kit.

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  • Genesis of concept was Ready Set Wear It, Cabela ’s sponsored, here a customer asking questions relative to inflatable life jackets, note display with NSBC pull up banner on left, great venue with other retailers for doing this for any special event
  • Cabela ’s customer bought the inflatable her husband asked her to buy AND, after learning about inflatables and prompting about her family boating activities, decided she and her teenage daughter should have one, also purchased a rearming kit
  • Water Sports Industry Association (WSIA) suggested at 2011 PFDMA conference
  • PRPII is the USCG mandatory state required report of law enforcement and education efforts under the state grant program known as Performance Report Part II, part I is the narrative, VSC is USCGAUX Vessel Safety Check, and strategy 8.2 is the Strategic Plan for Operator Compliance with Safety Equipment
  • Two checklists, one for boats under and one for boats over 26 feet. Both start with outfitting the boat, then the “boater”
  • Each script detailed to capture subject matter expert and Coast Guard essential elements of each topic including ways to present material
  • A suggested method to appeal to women at the life jacket area
  • Boat Pro Point of Sale Training

    1. 1. BOAT PRO Point of Sale Training Grant The NSBC and its Continuing Partnerships with Manufacturers, Marine Retailers and Safety Advocates September 2013 Fred Messmann Deputy Director
    2. 2. Boat Pro Point of Sale
    3. 3. Boat Pro Point of Sale
    4. 4. Boat Pro Point of Sale Training CHALLENGE: How do you get this kind of attention or opportunity to customers everywhere? and Maximize Sales and Safety Try Innovation and targeting previous untapped resources
    5. 5. Boat Pro Point of Sale Training • USCG published Area of Interest for non-profit grants, Produce, and Distribute “Vessel Point of Sale” Training Program Designed for Employees of Marine Distributors, Marinas, and Marina Stores • NSBC contacted potential partners when developing grant in December 2011 • Partnered with Industry: Personal Floatation Device Manufacturers Association (PFDMA) • Association of Marina Industries (AMI) • Marine Retailers Association of America (MRAA)
    6. 6. Boat Pro Point of Sale Training The “TEAM”s subject matter experts: – Fred Messmann, chair – Virgil Chambers, NSBC – Pam Dillon, NASBLA – Rachel Johnson, NSBC outreach Objective 2 – Gordon Colby, PFDMA, all life jacket components, Objective 4 – Chuck Hawley, West Marine – Matt Gruhn, MRAA – Bruce Rowe, Forever Resorts – Wendy Larimer, AMI, all distribution components, strategy 2.8 – Norman Hoffman, USCGAUX, strategy 2.8 Marine Dealer Visitation – Bob Sweet, USPS, Brunswick Dealer Advantage – Jim Parraco, Michael Rhinehart, PPG, video and testing – Joe Carro, USCG, Grant Technical Manager – Sheila Chappell, NSBC, Office Manager
    7. 7. Boat Pro Point of Sale Training Key: BOATING SAFETY ADVOCATES AND INDUSTRY WORKING TOGETHER BOATING SAFETY ADVOCATES AND RETAIL HAVE THE SAME CUSTOMER, different motives: sales for safety and wear versus sale for profit. All succeed! Point of Sale / Point of SAFETY, is interchangeable
    8. 8. Boat Pro Point of Sale Training APPROACH: • Thorough research, surveys • Identify required and recommended safety equipment • Develop List based on PRPII, VSC data, strategy 8.2 • Properly outfit the boat • Properly outfit the boater
    9. 9. Boat Pro Point of Sale Training Target audience:  Targeted towards training marina personnel, recreational boat dealers, marine retailers, persons who sell products or services…  to help recreational boaters make good decisions when buying safety equipment with the knowledge provided by the point of sale grant trained professionals
    10. 10. Boat Pro Point of Sale Training • U.S. Power Squadron with their Brunswick Dealer Advantage program • U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary with their Marine Dealer Visitation Program • West Marine with their previous experience and national retail distribution • MRAA, its members and training cadre • NASBLA with its education and marketing • Association of Marina Industries and their International Marina Institute training program
    11. 11. Boat Pro Point of Sale Training • • NOT a boating safety course; it focuses on equipment • Creates an informed sales staff (both seasonal and seasoned) that will build confidence; be able to help educate the boating public; gain customers respect and loyalty • Ties in with Rental Boat Safety training program ( • Ties into the Boat on Course ( navigation awareness training
    12. 12.
    13. 13.
    14. 14. Boat Pro Point of Sale Training • Industry is using to train marine sales staff • NASBLA, USCGAUX, and USPS helped develop with intention of getting educators as well to promote a wide array of marine sales and education opportunities • NASBLA is encouraged to promote and encourage the entire boating community to use and participate
    15. 15. Boat Pro Point of Sale Training • Formalization of the “Marine Dealer Network,” a NASBLA Education Committee project was initiated with this project, opening communications and coordination between industry and safety leaders. • It will give seasoned as well as seasonal staff a new perspective on how to deal with “selling” safety and improve sales. • It is online, free, and staff can sign on, take one or two segments, leave and come back later for another session or finish it up. • The certificate is suitable for framing and would be good to put on a resume.
    16. 16. Boat Pro Point of Sale Training Coast Guard Kit: • Nothing Defined but now we Refined • Depends on location, coastal, inland, lake, river, reservoir • MRAA & AMI survey input • Developed downloadable checklist for business to personalize and customize appropriate “kit” for their customers
    17. 17. Boat Pro Safety Kit Check List: DOWNLOADABLE AND CUSTOMIZABLE
    18. 18. 9 Video scripts approved by the USCG: – Introduction 6:02 – Commissioning or Coast Guard Kit 4:55 – Life Jackets 12:50 – Fire Extinguishers 5:35 – VHF Radios 6:30 – Vessel Safety Checks 7:36 – Visual Distress Signals 4:37 – Boating Education 5:14 – Conclusion 1:35 TOTAL: 54:54
    19. 19. Boat Pro Point of Sale Training • Video shoot – February 27-28 VA • John Greviskis, host of “Ship Shape TV,” on TV for over 14 years with over 51 million potential viewers weekly • Co-host Tina from
    20. 20. Matt Gruhn Introduction
    21. 21. Boat Pro Point of Sale Promo
    22. 22. Boat Pro Point of Sale Short Life Jacket Clip
    23. 23. • Questions developed and based on video segments • Set up similar to navigation rules awareness training • Completing the training will result in a “Certificate of Completion” • Will count towards TWO hours of continuing education requirements for AMI Certified Marina Manager program Testing and Certificate of Completion
    25. 25. THANK YOU! Fred Messmann National Safe Boating Council 703 789 2730