2012 Wear It! Grassroots Recipients


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In 2012, twelve organizations throughout the United States received support from the Wear It! campaign to run grassroots life jacket outreach efforts. This highlights what each organization received and their accomplishments.

The 2013 applications are now available at SafeBoatingCampaign.com. The deadline to submit your application is March 1, 2013.

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2012 Wear It! Grassroots Recipients

  1. 1. 2012 “Wear It!” Grassroots Support Recipients To download the 2013 application, visit SafeBoatingCampaign.com (Applications due March 1, 2013) Questions? Email outreach@safeboatingcouncil.orgNote: 2012 recipients were selected by a committee using a scoring rubric. Thecommittee will use the same scoring rubric to select this year’s recipients.
  2. 2. American Canoe Association Headquarters: Fredericksburg, VAProduced waterproof Stand UpPaddleboard (SUP) safety placard28 events in 2012 20,162 personal contacts with boaters7,900 placards ordered, shippedthrough ACA eStoreOffered as free “Wear It!” resourcein 2013, BoatingOrders.com
  3. 3. American Canoe Association
  4. 4. GA Department of Natural Resources Headquarters: Atlanta, GA Received 2 stencils kits, 1 “Wear It!” pop-up banner, 5 “Wear It!” banners, customized “Wear It!” stickers 9 Events in 2012 4,400 personal contacts 4 of the events were televised, advertised in newspapers, on the radio, resulting in the potential for the “Wear It!” message to reach 5 million people Measurable Results Life Jacket Citations on the Chattachoochee (down from previous two years) Number of visitors from National Parks Service, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  5. 5. Lake Pleasant Sailing Club Phoenix, AZ Eight (8) different types of inflatable life jackets for Life Jacket Fashion Show, Loaner Program 21 Events in 2012 Over 860 personal contacts Measurable Results: Pre-Wear It! campaign quiz which showed a general lack of life jacket knowledge The average pre-survey showed marked improvement (28% increase)
  6. 6. Lower Colorado River Authority Headquarters: Austin, TXWrapped “Wear It!” Truck andTrailer8 Events in 2012 Over 7,800 personal contactsMeasurable Results Life Jacket Wear Rate Study Recognition Factor of the people who know the answers to the “water safety” questions LCRA asks
  7. 7. Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District Headquarters: New Philadelphia, OHCustom “Wear It MWCD Lake!” BannersEvents: 5/19/12 – 9/23/12: Ramp Vessel Safety Inspections at 16 MWDC lakesMeasurable Results: Total Patrol Events: 310 90 Boats Assisted 337 People Assisted
  8. 8. USCG Auxiliary Flotilla 72 Little Egg Harbor, NJ3 custom “Wear It!” Banners, 25“Wear It!” signs, 2 “Wear It!”DVDsMeasurable Results: On-shore Survey Station; Off- Shore Observation Station
  9. 9. Tims Ford State Park Winchester, TNInflatable Life Jacket EducationKit, 2 custom “Wear It!”banners7 Events in 2012 Over 140 personal contactsMeasurable Results: Banners: with the high visitor traffic at the marinas that received the banners, thousands were exposed to the message Pledge cards were signed, boater was contacted for follow-up questions
  10. 10. Safe Kids Cherokee County Headquarters: Canton, GA100 plastic “Wear It!”/“Uselo!”signs, 2 inflatable life jacketeducation kits, 30 child sizelife jackets15 Events in 2012 3,215 Personal Contacts
  11. 11. Safe Kids Cherokee County Headquarters: Canton, GA Measurable Results: More than 850 life jackets were loaned at the staffed life jacket loaner stations between April 1, 2012 and September 30, 2012 USACE tracks drowning statistics locally and nationwide: Allatoona Lake reduced drownings 50% with three drownings this summer in comparison to six last year
  12. 12. Scott Free Racing Team FloridaCustom “Wear It!”banner, “Wear It” logo on allracing uniforms andautograph cards, 3 “Wear It!”decals onthe side and deck ofthe racing boat6 Events in 2012 Over 72,000 exposed to “Wear It!” message, many personal contacts at Scott Free Racing Team booth
  13. 13. Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency Headquarters: Nashville, TN 36 Inflatable Life Jackets: 18 life jackets went to Kentucky Lake to target fishermen Tims Ford received 18 inflatable life jackets in partnership with TWRA 8 Events in 2012 Over 160 Personal Contacts Purchased a tv media buy, more people exposed to the “Wear It!” message
  14. 14. Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency Headquarters: Nashville, TN Measurable Results: Survey conducted to measure the wear rate of those that signed pledge cards
  15. 15. USCG Auxiliary Flotilla 12-3 New England250 “Wear It South Shore!”WhistlesMost events were sponsoredby communities or marinasthat included many vendors,groups, and people who boator were involved inrecreational boating
  16. 16. USCG Auxiliary Flotilla 12-3 New England Measurable Results: Vessel examiners provided demographic information on those who received whistles and on location of events The feedback received from recreational experts was that working on the “Wear It!” message with younger people was especially important
  17. 17. WA State Parks & Recreation Commission Headquarters: Olympia, WA Inflatable Life Jackets, printing of “Wear It!” Pledge Cards 7 Events in 2012 Over 146 pledge cards signed 5,000 radio spots were aired about “Wear It! Washington” and/or had a life jacket safety message along with general boating messages throughout the state on 20 radio stations• Measurable Results: – Observational study conducted by the Seattle Children’s Hospital Injury and Prevention Unit – Life jacket use increased by 31%
  18. 18. 2012 “Wear It!” Grassroots Support Recipients To download the 2013 application, visit SafeBoatingCampaign.com (Applications due March 1, 2013) Questions? Email