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Steve Krug Keynote at OutSystems NextStep
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Steve Krug Keynote at OutSystems NextStep


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Usability Keynote for NextStep 2013

Usability Keynote for NextStep 2013

Published in: Technology, Design

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  • 1. Steve Krug one more thing youdon’t have time for?
  • 2. First, help me calibrateShow of handsWho has read Don’t Make Me Think?© 2001 Steve Krug
  • 3. Times have changed© 2001 Steve Krug0501001502002501995 2000 2005 2010 2015Number of times per month you heard the words“user experience” or “UX” or “usability”
  • 4. Think backWas “Create great user experiences” abullet item in the job ad you answered?Nowadays everybody trolls for unicornsDevelopers who can do UI designDesigners who can code© 2001 Steve Krug
  • 5. It’s now a job expectation because…Your boss read a book© 2001 Steve Krug
  • 6. © 2001 Steve Krug
  • 7. © 2001 Steve KrugSir Jonathan "Jony" IveSenior Vice President ofIndustrial Design at Apple
  • 8. Meanwhile…© 2001 Steve Krug024681012141995 2000 2005 2010 2015Number of hours officially added to your work-monthto spend on creating improved user experience
  • 9. Of course…You could do it in your abundant sparetimeAnd in the gaps when your projects getfinished ahead of scheduleIt’s no wonder we’re obsessed with timemanagement© 2001 Steve Krug
  • 10. The good newsOutSystems has done a lot to helpI’m not easily impressed, but I like whatthey’ve doneI’m not going to spoil Paulo’s fun© 2001 Steve Krug
  • 11. But there will still be problemsAnything built by people to be used bypeople will have usability issuesAlways a variety of users, tasksPeople will always do things you’d NEVERexpectInherent nature of programming (no time,design by committee, shifting priorities,constraints)It’s just plain hard to get design right
  • 12. More good newsThere’s one thing you can do that willproduce the greatest improvement in UX© 2001 Steve Krug
  • 13. What is a usability test?Watching people try to use what youcreate…while thinking out loud© 2001 Steve Krug
  • 14. Do-it-yourself usability testingAlmost anyone can do itI couldn’t write an applicationBut you can do a valuable usability testIt doesn’t have to take a lot of time oreffortIt always makes UX better© 2001 Steve Krug
  • 15. What I’d like to do todayTry to convince you…that usability testing is the mostvaluable thing you can do to ensure thatwhat you’re building is as good as it canbe…that it’s much easier than you think…and that you can--and should--be doingit yourself© 2001 Steve Krug
  • 16. First, a live demonstration© 2001 Steve Krug
  • 17. © 2001 Steve KrugA brave volunteer? We’ll try an actual test It’s painless It’s brief You’ll get a round of applause when we’re done Qualifying criteria: Have used a Web browser English-speaking adult A developer Haven’t used Forge to share a component
  • 18. Your taskYou’ve created a component that lets youdisplay a Google Map for a location in anapplication.Use Forge to share the component.It’s in an OutSystems Solution Pack filenamed GoogleMap.osp.You created an “icon” for the component.It’s in GoogleMapIcon.png.© 2001 Steve Krug
  • 19. What I heard for yearsStaggered sprints, leapfrogging, layingout trackRound peg in a square hole, notconvincing, assumes dedicated UX personwho protoypes wellUX person is required to createprototypes ahead of developersBetter: Test work in progressGive feedback while most useful © 2001 Steve Krug
  • 20. © 2001 Steve KrugCarol Smith, Agile 2011
  • 21. © 2001 Steve Krug
  • 22. It’s a lot like therapy© 2001 Steve Krug
  • 23. I believe anyone can do it...if they keep it simple enough© 2001 Steve Krug
  • 24. Most sites don’t get tested$$$TimeLack of management buy-in© 2001 Steve Krug
  • 25. Traditional usability testingLabExperienced professional8 users, minimumBig honkin’ reportWeeks of work, usually by an outsider$5k - $10kHappens rarelyTeam not always convinced© 2001 Steve Krug
  • 26. © 2001 Steve KrugDo-it-yourself usability testingThree users per roundYou’ll find more problems than you can fixNo lab or mirrorsSet up a monitor in another room so thedevelopment team can watchRecord with a screen recorder (Camtasia,Silverlight, etc.)
  • 27. © 2001 Steve KrugDo-it-yourself usability testingNo stats, no exit questions, no fauxvalidityNo big reportDebrief over lunchReport is a 1-2 page email, mostly bulletpoints
  • 28. 1. Start early© 2001 Steve Krug
  • 29. © 2001 Steve KrugStart earlier thanyou think makessense.
  • 30. Incorrect thinking© 2001 Steve Krugapplication
  • 31. Correct thinking© 2001 Steve Krugapplication
  • 32. You can test…Your existing app if redesigningCompetitors’ sites or appsA sketch on a napkinWireframesPrototypes (e.g. Balsamic, Axure)CompsPortions that have been builtAlpha, beta, etc.© 2001 Steve Krug
  • 33. 2. Test on a regular schedule© 2001 Steve Krug
  • 34. © 2001 Steve KrugA morning a month,that’s all we ask.
  • 35. © 2001 Steve Krug
  • 36. 3. Test frequently, with few users© 2001 Steve Krug
  • 37. 4. Focus on fixing the serious problems© 2001 Steve Krug
  • 38. © 2001 Steve KrugFocus ruthlessly ona small number ofthe most importantproblems.
  • 39. © 2001 Steve KrugProblems youcan find withjust a few testparticipantsProblemsyou have theresources to fix
  • 40. Result:The most serious problems often don’tget fixed“We’ll fix that in the next majorredesign”© 2001 Steve Krug
  • 41. © 2001 Steve Krug
  • 42. Details! We want details!Join me tomorrow at 2© 2001 Steve Krug
  • 43. © 2001 Steve
  • 44. © 2001 Steve Krug
  • 45. © 2001 Steve Krug
  • 46. © 2001 Steve Krug
  • 47. © 2001 Steve KrugThanks for all the fishSend any questions, feedback, gripes toskrug@sensible.comor @skrug on the TwitterAnd come
  • 48. © 2013 Steve Krug