Oracle Fusion Simplified


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OutSystems and Oracle Fusion Middleware

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Oracle Fusion Simplified

  1. 1. © outsystems – all rights reservedwww.outsystems.comOracle Fusion SimplifiedAlexandre VieiraLeonardo FernandesMay 8, 2013
  2. 2. © outsystems – all rights reservedOutSystems and Portability
  3. 3. © outsystems – all rights reservedStep #1Follow the standards
  4. 4. © outsystems – all rights reservedStep #2Architect for heterogeneous systemsJBossWebLogicOutSystemsPlatform 7.0
  5. 5. © outsystems – all rights reservedStep #2Architect for heterogeneous systemsJBossWebLogicOutSystemsPlatform 8.0
  6. 6. © outsystems – all rights reservedStep #3Polish the final product
  7. 7. © outsystems – all rights reservedWhy WebLogic?39%Market Share*Source: IDC, Worldwide Application Server 2010 Vendor Shares – Maureen FlemingJune 2011 – Based on total software revenue• 39% Share for Oracle• Oracle has increased its lead in application servers• Oracle’s growth is above that of the industry average• Number two player is growing in market-share belowthat of the industry average at 14.9%Gartner, Magic Quadrant forEnterprise Application Servers
  8. 8. © outsystems – all rights reservedWebLogic Advantages?Lowest TCO: Proven to be Cost Effective• Seamless integration with OutSystems• Higher performance  Lower hardware• Easy to maintain  Lower operational costsHigher Flexibility: Proven to have Faster Time to Market• Easy to integrate: Open, Standards based• Pre-Integrated: Oracle DB, Fusion Apps, SOA, E2.0 …• Modern and Complete: Coherence, EM,JRockit …Higher SLA’s: Proven to Outperform• Highest Performance over many years• Thousands of customers• Guaranteed, Continuous Availability
  9. 9. © outsystems – all rights reservedWebLogic = Faster Time to MarketPublicCloudEngineeredSystemsConventionalSystemsDeployment Planwith SoftwareComponentsPackaged viaOracle Virtual Assembly BuilderCreate a newEnvironmentin Minutes
  10. 10. © outsystems – all rights reservedWebLogic = Faster Time to MarketWebLogic Server 12c• Performance Monitoring andDiagnostics• Configuration Management• Patch Provisioning• Oracle Support IntegrationCloud Management• Self Service• Metering and Chargeback• Consolidation Planner
  11. 11. © outsystems – all rights reservedWebLogic = Lowest TCODiagnostics findings generated hourlyPinpoint root cause as “Recommendations”• ‘Patent pending’ algorithms correlate severalkey metrics ‘in context’ of the ‘performancethreshold’ (default threshold is 5 secresponse time)• Separate ‘symptoms’ from the root cause• SQL execution takes too long• Exhausted data source connection pools• Leaking JDBC connection poolsSummarized findings arecalculated hourly and comparedto the response timeDiagnostic finding detailsrelated to long running SQLprovides cross-tier detailswith direct drill-down toanalyze and tune the SQL.
  12. 12. © outsystems – all rights reservedWebLogic = Lowest TCO• Contractual SLA models, MultipleSLA’s per service• SLA compliance can be defined as aflexible set of service level objectiveson top of a variety of metric indicators• Real-time SLA tracking and alerting
  13. 13. © outsystems – all rights reservedWebLogic = Higher SLA’s“WebLogic is a very high performing set of technologies. Its madedeploying our implementations easier, more robust -- certainly faster”Mike Blackmore, Enterprise Architect, British TelecomOracle WebLogicServer StandardEditionIBM WebSphereServer V7SPECjEnterprise 2010 EjOPSWorldRecordOracle WebLogic demonstrates outstandingperformance, scalability by achieving highestSPECjEnterprise2010 result AND EjOPS/coreto date.
  14. 14. © outsystems – all rights reservedExa’s = Ultra Higher SLA’sOptimized forEngineering Systems
  15. 15. © outsystems – all rights reservedOracle Fusion MiddlewareIntegrationSOA SuiteService BusSOA GovernanceData IntegrationGoldenGateUser EngagementWebCenter SitesWebCenter PortalWebCenter ContentBusiness IntelligenceReal User Experience InsightRun-timeEnvironmentDevelopmentEnvironmentManagementEnvironmentSecurityEnvironmentWebLogic Infra-StructureOrchestrationBPM Suite
  16. 16. © outsystems – all rights reservedJoin the WebLogic’s WebLogic Webcast