Making Stakeholders App Designers Instead of Architects


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Tips for closing the gap between stakeholders and developers.

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Making Stakeholders App Designers Instead of Architects

  1. 1. © outsystems – all rights reservedwww.outsystems.comMaking StakeholdersApp DesignersInstead of Architects
  2. 2. © outsystems – all rights reservedwww.outsystems.comspend time modeling the real life to something thatonly he understands... inside a black boxmeet The
  3. 3. © outsystems – all rights reservedwww.outsystems.comvinylgs.comdevelopment team forgets the real lifeand just talk in a model language
  4. 4. © outsystems – all rights reservedwww.outsystems.comStakeholders “just” know real lifeon the other side...They own the business context
  5. 5. © outsystems – all rights reservedwww.outsystems.comStakeholders try to model the real life expectingthis way developers will understand what businessneedsCommon Mistake?
  6. 6. © outsystems – all rights reservedwww.outsystems.comWherethe appsareGreat!Developersconfortzone
  7. 7. © outsystems – all rights reservedwww.outsystems.comHere’s yourframework toget your greatapps!How to end with the gap betweenstakeholders and developers?
  8. 8. © outsystems – all rights reservedwww.outsystems.comSteps to get your great app# 1 - Understanding the user# 2 – Designing the app# 3 – Testing# 4 – Monitoring
  9. 9. © outsystems – all rights Understanding the userContext is everything,create a user story.• Improves communication• Helps to learn the stakeholders “language”• Capture the reason why we’re delivering something.
  10. 10. © outsystems – all rights reservedwww.outsystems.comStop asking...• “ What functionality should the app provide?”• “ The system needs these data elements to complete the function.”...and start answering:• “What is user’s primary goal in this scenario?”• “As a sales manager, Peter Man, must have access to salespipeline in order to …”User Story#1 Understanding the user
  11. 11. © outsystems – all rights reservedwww.outsystems.comBy understanding theusers, developers willstart thinkingdifferently
  12. 12. © outsystems – all rights reservedwww.outsystems.comWherethe appsareGreat!DevelopersconfortzoneProgressso far
  13. 13. © outsystems – all rights Designing the appWhat Info is relevant for the user?How can the user achieve the goal withless effort?
  14. 14. © outsystems – all rights reservedwww.outsystems.comInformation Architecture#2 Designing the appAn effective information architecture must reflectthe way users think about the subject
  15. 15. © outsystems – all rights• Forget technology andjust solve the interfaceproblem.• Figure out how to bestconvey the message,lead the user, presentthe data, etc.• Get a quick baseline inyour discussion with theuser and dev teamSketch mockups#2 Designing the app
  16. 16. © outsystems – all rights reservedwww.outsystems.comBy knowing how users thinkthrough the informationarchitecture and with thebaseline for discussion with theinterface mockups, half of theway for a great app it’s done.
  17. 17. © outsystems – all rights reservedwww.outsystems.comWherethe appsareGreat!Progressso farDevelopersconfortzone
  18. 18. © outsystems – all rights testingTesting it’s not just a bug search
  19. 19. © outsystems – all rights reservedwww.outsystems.comUsability Tests#3 testingUsability tests start during the first Demo• 1st reactions are the most genuine• Usually there’s Feedback...tons of it• You don’t need extra budget to thisWhy is so important developers participation?Disclaimer: this doesn’t substitute user experience tests during the project, it’s anotheractivity to reach the goal of great apps.
  20. 20. © outsystems – all rights reservedwww.outsystems.comAcceptance tests#3 testing• Create the acceptance criterias for top userstories• Setup an environment with realistic sample data• This will help your business realize what theyreally need you to deliverDo test it!
  21. 21. © outsystems – all rights reservedwww.outsystems.comWherethe appsareGreat!DevelopersconfortzoneProgressso far
  22. 22. © outsystems – all rights Monitoring• Performance, errors, utilization, “cool” newfeatures in the platform for this butdon’t forget users feedback• Embedded Change Technology• Collect feedback for Usability quick wins
  23. 23. © outsystems – all rights reservedwww.outsystems.comWherethe appsareGreat!DevelopersconfortzoneYou bothdid it!!
  24. 24. © outsystems – all rights reservedwww.outsystems.comWrap up• # 1 - Understanding the user– Don’t model reality– User stories written with concrete business value• # 2 - Design the app– Design information architecture– Use Mockups for the top user stories• # 3 – Testing– Both teams should participate in Demos– Acceptance tests• # 4 – Monitoring– Feedback
  25. 25. © outsystems – all rights reservedwww.outsystems.comStart getting thosegreat apps today!