Enterprise vs scattershot agile final
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Enterprise vs scattershot agile final






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Enterprise vs scattershot agile final Enterprise vs scattershot agile final Presentation Transcript

  • www.rallydev.com ©2013How to Go Agile:Your Critical DecisionScattershot Agile orEnterprise Scale?http://bit.ly/howtogoagile
  • www.rallydev.com ©2013Richard Leavitt• Founding executive with fourenterprise software startups since1992• 1st defect trackingSerena PVCS Tracker• 1st requirements managementIBM/Rational RequisitePro• 1st Agile ALM SaaSRally SoftwareEVP WW Marketing Rally Software (NYSE: RALY)rleavitt@rallydev.comwww.linkedin.com/in/richardleavitt/
  • www.rallydev.com ©2013Who is Choosing Enterprise Agile?
  • www.rallydev.com ©2013Agile scaled to the Program Level“We wanted to add morevalue to the businessfaster. So this year, ourtarget is 60% of ourprogram spend to bedone using Agile.”Craig Fischberg, CIOGE Healthcare
  • www.rallydev.com ©2013One messagethey consistentlyshared…
  • www.rallydev.com ©2013“Organic adoptionsucks.”– Matt BrownTruven Health AnalyticsThomson Reuters Healthcare
  • www.rallydev.com ©2013How to Go AgileFragmentedOrganicUncoordinatedSilo-edDisconnectedIndependentRiskyRogueStrategicAlignedPurposefulScaledCoordinatedHolisticOptimizedDisruptiveEnterprise AgileScattershot
  • www.rallydev.com ©2013
  • www.rallydev.com ©2013
  • www.rallydev.com ©2013But Customers Demand Solutions
  • www.rallydev.com ©2013Scattershot Agile - Uncoordinated,Unfocused"Over 40% of companies have adopted Agile, but less than 20% havescaled Agile across the Enterprise."— Forrester Research, 2012Low Value!
  • www.rallydev.com ©2013Enterprise Agile: Focused andOptimizedHigh Value!
  • www.rallydev.com ©2013True Benefits of Agile Occur at Scale• Business innovation• Market alignment• Strategic flexibility• Lower risk• Speed AND efficiency
  • www.rallydev.com ©2013Agile’s First Wave…
  • www.rallydev.com ©2013Raise your hand if you’ve seen …
  • www.rallydev.com ©2013productbacklogsprintbacklogSprint2 weeksDailyscrumproductincrement2 WEEKSScrum Machine for a Team
  • www.rallydev.com ©2013©2012 Rally Software DevelopmentThe Scrum Team
  • www.rallydev.com ©2013But how do we coordinate many, smallagile teams into large programs?
  • www.rallydev.com ©2013These might be Agile teams – “but”
  • www.rallydev.com ©2013Reproduced with permission from Mike Cohn,Mountain Goat Software, 2003Coordinating Scrumor MetaScrumScrum ofScrumsDaily ScrumsWe’ve Tried Scrum-of-Scrums…• Synchronize within teams• Synchronize across teams• Synchronize up and down theorganization
  • www.rallydev.com ©2013©2012 Rally Software DevelopmentAnd where are all our lifecycle leaders?ArchitectsProgram ManagersRelease ManagersBusinessAnalystsProduct ManagersPortfolio ManagersOperations
  • www.rallydev.com ©2013Wave is Breaking2nd Agile
  • www.rallydev.com ©2013Connect Strategy & Execution
  • www.rallydev.com ©2013ConnectBusinessStrategy ProgramExecution
  • www.rallydev.com ©2013StoryHierarchyTasksHow? Leverage Our Agile ExecutionEngineEXECUTION
  • www.rallydev.com ©2013InvestmentCategoriesEpicsFeaturesStrategicCustomerNew MarketsCostReductionNext GenGrowth5 304025STRATEGYEXECUTIONConnect Strategy & ExecutionStoryHierarchyTasks
  • www.rallydev.com ©2013Raise your hand if you’ve seen …
  • www.rallydev.com ©2013SAFe is the 2nd Agile Wave
  • www.rallydev.com ©2013The Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe)is a proven, publicly available frameworkfor applying Lean and Agile practicesat enterprise scale.From Leffingwell LLC and Scaled Agile Inc.
  • www.rallydev.com ©2013ScrumSAFeis to teamis to enterpriseas
  • www.rallydev.com ©2013Scaled Agile Framework™ Big PictureMultiple teams aligned by acommon vision, working toward acommon releaseEntire Dev org steered by thehighest priorities of the businessSmall, cross-functional teamsdelivering running, tested storiesevery 2 weeks
  • www.rallydev.com ©2013What do we do first to scale Agile?
  • www.rallydev.com ©2013SAFe is the 2nd Agile Wave
  • www.rallydev.com ©2013Scaled Agile Framework™ Big Picture50-150 people(7-20 teams)Quarterly releases ofPotentially ShippableIncrements (PSIs)
  • www.rallydev.com ©2013LAUNCHTHERELEASETRAINPhoto creative commons via:http://www.flickr.com/photos/eterno_retorno/2383602431/
  • www.rallydev.com ©2013SprintRelease trainis to teamis to programas
  • www.rallydev.com ©2013Photo creative commons via:http://www.flickr.com/photos/eterno_retorno/2383602431/How do youget the trainstarted?
  • www.rallydev.com ©2013Release Planninghelps start thetrain
  • www.rallydev.com ©2013
  • www.rallydev.com ©2013Release Planning gets everyoneboarding the same train heading forthe same goalPhoto creativecommons viahttp://www.flickr.com/photos/jeffreyvos/179133014/
  • www.rallydev.com ©2013IDENTIFYValue Stream (Product Line)ExecsLocationsChallenges
  • www.rallydev.com ©2013When You Find it, Go• Train everyone atthe same time• Same instructor,same method• Cost effective• Align all teams tocommon objectives• Commitment• Continue trainingduring planningSelect a value stream for the first train,then go “All In” and “All at Once” for that one train• Orientation forspecialty roles• Open spaces• Tool training forteamsTraining:EnterpriseScrumXPReleasePlanningEnterpriseScrumMasterQuickstartEnterpriseProductOwnerQuickstartMon Tue Wed Thu FriTooltrainingYouAreAgile,Now© 2008-2013 Leffingwell, LLC and Scaled Agile, Inc. All rights reserved.
  • www.rallydev.com ©2013Leading Scaled Agile Framework• Public classes– http://agileu.org– June 20-21 London• Training and consulting for your teams– Org Assessment– Plan & Prepare– Train & Launch– Support & Mature– Tamara Nation 1st SAFe instructor in EU/UKItnation@rallydev.com
  • www.rallydev.com ©2013How to Go Agile:It’s Your DecisionScattershot orEnterprise Agile?
  • www.rallydev.com ©2013Richard LeavittThank You!rleavitt@rallydev.comwww.linkedin.com/in/richardleavitt/
  • www.rallydev.com ©2013Go Agile. Go Rally.http://bit.ly/howtogoagile