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Small business advertising newsletters in the Orlando area of Central Florida area since 1995. In the mailbox monthly in Winter Park, Baldwin Park, Waterford Lakes, Maitland, Oviedo, Tuskawilla, Tuscawilla, Winter Springs, Sweetwater, Heathrow, College Park, Orlando

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Our Town Oviedo

  1. 1. Since 1995 April 2010 Coupons Inside - 13 Restaurants! Circulation over 12,500 • Mailed monthly to most homes in Oviedo 407-366-8696 • MyOurTown.com Instant Replay Learn About Issues That Matter In East Seminole Free audio programs on issues and voices of east Seminole county are available for free download or online listening at GUN & ARCHERY cmfmedia.org. The audios are the produced by nonprofit CMF Public Media, dedicated to educating the public about local New Addition to the Staff … JOE HITCHCOCK issues. New episodes are added every three weeks. Itʼs an easy Matthew’s Bow Dealer way to stay informed! See cmfmedia.org or call 407-366–5929. Archery Mechanic with 40 years Experience Custom Bow String Maker Archery Test Fire & Practice Range Roll-Off Containers Level 2 Instructor On-site Formerly Pro Haul Home of the Full Line of Archery Accessories 2010 Matthews Z7 Construction & Yard Debris Roofing / Furniture / Moving Gun Accessories & Ammo Clean-Outs / Etc. Cleaning & Repairs Residential & Commercial FFL Transfers 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 Yd Sizes Gun Safety Course for CWP Friendly Service 10047 E. Colonial Drive, Orlando, FL 32817 Competitive Rates (Corner of Hwy 50 & Dean Rd.) Family Owned/Operated 407-282-7008 Hours of Operation: 407-415-1361 Monday – Friday 9:00 – 6:00 • Saturday 9:00 – 4:00 QuickCans.net CARPETS STEAM CLEANED Spring Cleaning by PREMIER CLEANING SERVICES Specials! You Have Tried The Rest With The Promise’s That You Didn’t Get, NOW Try The Best With The Promise’s You Will Get, GUARANTEED 10% r THIS OFFER INCLUDES: • Free Demo Of Corrective Cleaning CARPETS 5 ROOMS UPHOLSTERY LOVE SEAT o SOFA CLEANED Seni unt • Full Carpet And Home Analysis $ 6.95 $ 34.75 AS LITTLE AS CLEANED o AS LITTLE AS Disc • Color Brighteners • Dust Mite Control ANY SIZE WITH FREE HALL $ 29.95 • Furniture Moved And Replaced • Professional Workmanship ROOM ANY SIZE ROOM MOST FABRICS $ 23.50 • 18 Years Proven Experience HALL, STAIRS & LANDING CLEANED AIR DUCT CLEANING Est. 1990 CERAMIC TILE & 50% ! OFF WOW HARDWOOD FLOOR 25.95 9P • Customer Satisfaction $ Under 13 Steps $ BEFORE PAYMENT! Minus $2 Per Step CLEANING ER DUCT All brand name cleaning solvents WHY NOT HAVE YOUR WE ALSO OFFER: Corrective Cleaning Method for Heavily Soiled Carpets 22¢–30¢ per sq. ft. • Commercial Rates • Dupont Teflon • Oriental Rug, FREE Pick-up & Delivery • Pet Odor Control • Truck Mount Available • Carpet Repairs • Berber 20¢ sq. ft. & treatments that HOUSE OR DRIVEWAY are used by this company are PRESSURE WASHED 24 HOUR FLOOD DAMAGE AND RESTORATION FOR AS LITTLE AS original as stated. FOR TRUSTWORTHY, RELIABLE SERVICE $ 79.95 CALL TODAY…407-677-0464 PROUD MEMBER We have an “A” rating QUALITY WORK ALWAYS ASSURED • REGISTERED AND FULLY INSURED, FLORIDA REGISTRATION # G04194900150 with this agency 1
  2. 2. MID-FLORIDA ❖ Clutter Reduction: Tell Me What to Do! PRESSURE CLEANING, Inc. 23 Years Experience I ʼve heard it said that every piece of clutter represents an unmade decision. This explains why my brain feels like a little clump of fried cotton after Iʼve spent even just a few hours working on my A wRatie g s + n & Reputation! Personal Clutter Reduction Initiative of 2010. (Sadly, I just found ith th Busines Betterureau B SAFE Licensed & Insured a box of “things to take care of” from my PCRI of 2005, still in the master closet, buried under more recent clutter. But Iʼll think about that later.) ROOF CLEANING Why is this process so taxing? Iʼm not sentimental about material objects, and Iʼm not a packrat. Trash it, give it away, or keep 8 All Types of Roofs it —whatʼs the big deal? Well, hereʼs the problem Iʼve identified: 8 Plant Protection Iʼm missing key information needed to allow me to take action on 8 Manufacturer Approved Process certain items. Result: Decision Deadlock. So, Iʼm hoping to get help from you. If you have the key to NO DAMAGING PRESSURE! any of my Decision Deadlocks, will you please, please e-mail me or post it at MyOurTown.com? Iʼll publish a follow-up here. There are three categories of Decision Deadlocks, and I just realized that PRESSURE CLEANING Iʼve only got room here for one. This might turn into a series, which • Home • Screen Enclosures • Driveways is swell, since PCRI 2010 goes on all year! • Pool Decks • Sidewalks • Gutters Category 1. Clearly, itʼs trash. But this item is a special breed of trash that shouldnʼt go in PLEASE CALL Protect your assets! Please demand!!! Worker’s Compensation Insurance Certificate. the landfill. Category 2. Itʼs not trash, but I donʼt want it. FREE ESTIMATES 10% Someone wants or needs this item, but who, and where, and 407-331-4436 OFF with this ad how do I get it to that person? Category 3. Iʼm not sure if itʼs trash or not. EMPLOYING OFF-DUTY FIREFIGHTERS & PARAMEDICS Maybe I can and should salvage this item for myself or for someone else, but how, and is it worth it? Okay, here we go with Category 1. To make this more difficult, Category 1 items have different disposal options and requirements depending on where you live. Sales • Old pharmaceuticals. Ever since I read about trace amounts of drugs Service found in some water supplies, I have been hoarding unused meds Installation that contain anything that I wouldnʼt want small children drinking. • Florescent bulbs. Weʼve been good eco-citizens and switched over Energy Audits to these energy savers. But I think they contain mercury. So, where Over 30 Years Experience do the dim bulbs go? COOLING & • Thermometers. Speaking of mercury, what about my four non-digital thermometers Iʼll never use again? HEATING BONDED - INSURED • Batteries. These arenʼt good in the landfill, right? But everyone uses SERVICE LLC LICENSE # CAC035503 and replaces batteries so much! If they are bad, why isnʼt it easier to find their proper burial ground? • Pens, audiotapes, videotapes. I know, these seem benign. But I remember hearing that theyʼre toxic for the environment. True or WHEN PETS NEED CARING false? If true, what to do? • Technotrash. Non-working TV, DVD player, digital clock, router, My Pet’s Friend lightning-fried Wii...oh, whither? 407 – 446 – 5809 I feel sure that thereʼs a right way and a wrong way to get rid of Since 2002 this stuff. If I can collect the information for each of our areaʼs cities and counties, Iʼll make it available in Our Town. Will you help me? Pet Sitting / Dog Walking Stay tuned for more on the saga of my Personal Clutter Reduction Up to 4 Visits/day Initiative! And thanks for reading Our Town. Serving Oviedo/Tuscawilla & nearby communities BONDED References & Peace of Mind Available Your publishers, Sandy Bailey Lipten and Mark Lipten 2
  3. 3. Glacie Cakes Sign up for Cake Decorating r Classes! Call fo det ails! www.glaciecakes.com CUSTOM CAKES, CUPCAKES, BROWNIES, COOKIES & MORE Exciting, Fun Cakes Designed For You To Show Off Your Grand Occasions Wedding/Grooms Cakes ~ Baby & Bridal Shower Graduation ~ Birthdays ~ Holidays ~ Sp ecial Events Buy 1, Get 1 FREE Cupcake (mini or regular) Not valid with any other offer. With coupon. Expires 5/31/10. CUPCAKE FLAVORS CAKE FLAVORS CAKE FILLINGS 10% off any custom cake Coconut Yellow Lemon Curd Not valid with any other offer. With Tres Leche Rum Chocolate Ganache coupon. Expires 5/31/10. Carrot Cake White White Chocolate Ganache Lemon Drop Almond Chocolate Bavarian Joe Dirt Marble Chocolate Mousse Chocolate Vanilla Vanilla Birthday Cake Spice Carrot Almond Cream Cream Cheese Buy 2, Get 1 FREE Cupcake Spanish Cake Banana Pineapple Irish Cream Red Velvet Guava Strawberry Shortcake Chocolate Fudge Coconut (mini or regular) Smores Amaretto Strawberry Not valid with any other offer. With Cookies n Cream Coconut Raspberry coupon. Expires 5/31/10. Banana Split Grand Manier Bavarian Red Velvet Peanut Butter Apricot Little Princess Honey Pound Cake Cannoli Raspberry Dream Sweet Potato Lemon Mocha Pastry Cream Buy 12, Get 6 Boston Cream Malt Milkshake Tiramisu Orange Dreamsicle Orange Tres Leches Dominican FROSTING Coconut Vanilla Cream Chocolate Cream FREE Cupcakes (mini or regular) Not valid with any other offer. With coupon. Expires 5/31/10. Amaretto Grand Mariner Lemon Rocky Road Madagascar Vanilla 1/2 off Key Lime Amaretto Margarita Cream Cheese Pina Colada Cookies n Cream Guava Strawberry coffee, bubble tea or Chocolate Mint Raspberry Banana Pudding Irish Cream beverage Not valid with any other offer. With Bread Pudding Pina Colada coupon. Expires 5/31/10. On The Beach Banana Wedding Cake Meringue Peanut Butter Cup Marshmallow other flavors and fillings by request 688 N. Alafaya Tr., Ste. 103, Orlando, FL 32828 $10 8” Tres Leche Cake (in front of the Post Office) ready to go 407-482-3030 Not valid with any other offer. With coupon. Expires 5/31/10. 3
  4. 4. $ 39 95* One Hour* Therapeutic Massage Reduce Stress and Anxiety • Relieve Muscle Tension • Fight Fatigue 49 $ 95 * One Hour* Signature Facial Reduce Fine Lines • Minimize Pores • Achieve Healthy, Vibrant Looking Skin 99 $ 95 * One Hour* Hot Stone Massage Plus…Signature Facial * Introductory Offers for first visit only. Not valid for gift cards. Services include a 50 minute hands-on session. Offers may not be combined. Exp. 5-31-10. PLEASE DONATE TODAY! Your donations are desperately needed! 100% of donations are used in support of the animals. The Endangered Animal Rescue Sanctuary “EARS exists to provide dignified living for endangered big cats and other animals” EARS is a not for profit organization that exists specifically to provide permanent homes for unwanted and/or abused endangered animals. EARS is located near Ocala, FL EARS provides excellent living conditions for and spans over 30 acres! previously malnourished, abused, and even abandoned big cats. Enjoy Bears, Lions, Deer, Wolves, Cougars, Leopards, & Monkeys! EARS INC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Federal ID #59-3741622 (352) 595-2959 All donations are tax deductible. Donations may be sent to: May also donate via EARS website at EARS INC. P.O. Box 306, Citra, FL 32113 www.bigcatsanctuary.org 4
  5. 5. Home & Auto Insurance Specialists Dear Fellow Floridian, April 2010 With so many Insurance companies leaving Florida, buying reasonably priced Homeowner Insurance with an “A” RATED COMPANY is not as easy as it once was! Or is it? There is one Agency with over 30 years Licensed in Florida that represents 17 plus “A” rated Insurance Companies, including the “GOOD HANDS PEOPLE.” The Michael LaPella agency has been proud to serve the people of Central Florida for over a quarter of a Century with the highest degree of professionalism for all of our clientʼs insurance needs. Below are four sample quotes for Seminole County. DWELLING COVERAGE $275,000 DWELLING COVERAGE $350,000 Other Structures $5,500 Other Structures $7,000 Personal Property $137,500 Personal Property $175,000 Loss of Use $27,500 Loss of Use $35,000 Personal Liability $300,000 Personal Liability $300,000 Medical Payments $1,000 Medical Payments $1,000 Deductibles: Deductibles: Hurricane 2% Hurricane 2% All Other Peril $1,000 All Other Peril $1,000 Total Yearly Premium: $502 Total Yearly Premium: $592 DWELLING COVERAGE $450,000 DWELLING COVERAGE $600,000 Other Structures $9,000 Other Structures $12,000 Personal Property $225,000 Personal Property $300,000 Loss of Use $45,000 Loss of Use $60,000 Personal Liability $300,000 Personal Liability $300,000 Medical Payments $1,000 Medical Payments $1,000 Deductibles: Deductibles: Hurricane 2% Hurricane 2% All Other Peril $1,000 All Other Peril $1,000 Total Yearly Premium: $791 Total Yearly Premium: $1042 For an exact quote for your homeowners or auto, call us today at 407-695-1600 or E-Mail me at HomeAutoins@yahoo.com. Visit our website at www.lapellaagency.net. My staff and I stand ready to serve you. Sincerely, Michael A. LaPella FL Licensed since 1978 *THIS QUOTATION REQUESTED SHOULD BE CONSIDERED AN ESTIMATE AND IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE BASED ON CHANGES IN RATES OR ANY OTHER ITEM BY JURISDICTIONS THAT HAVE CONTROL OVER SUCH ITEMS. THE QUOTE IS VALID UNTIL THE EFFECTIVE DATE OF POLICY. 5
  6. 6. ❖ Community Notes & Volunteering Monthly Pizza Party for Kids of All Ages Every third Friday from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., kids can gather at Unity Church to eat pizza and popcorn and watch a movie while parents go to dinner in peace. Cost: $10 first child from a family, $5 for each sibling. Proceeds benefit missions of the church. Details and reservations: Ron at 407-222-7022. Church information: 407-267-6303 or www.unitychurch.com. Winter Springs High Presents Footloose The Drama Department at Winter Springs High School will present the musical ITAL Footloose! ENd ITAL Performances are at 7 p.m. on April 22, 23, 24 and at 2 p.m. on Sunday, April 25. Tickets are $7/student, $10/adult, and $14 for reserved seating. The school is at 130 Tuskawilla Road. For information, call Phyllis 407-920-4221. Progam on New VA Medical Center at VFW Post 1500 Alafaya Trail * Oviedo Veterans and others interested in VA medical services are invited (Across the street from the Canterbury Retreat) to hear Timothy Liezert, Director of the VA Medical Center in Winter Park, discuss the services of the Center and plans for the OPEN EVERYDAY: 6am–10pm new facility near Lake Nona. The free program will be at 7 p.m. on Pick-up, Dine-in & Delivery Delivery minimum $15 within 5 miles, Thursday, May 20 at American Legion Post 243, 491 W. Broadway, Oviedo. For information about the program or about joining the NOW SERVING BREAKFAST post, call Vice Commander Richard Challis at 407-366-3713. from 6am–11am, 7 days a week Post 243 meets regularly on the third Thursday of each month. Toastmasters Club Welcomes New Members • Brooklyn Style Pizza Free public speaking training is just one of the benefits to members • Calzones Mothe of the Oviedo Toastmasters. The group meets Thursdays at 7 p.m. • Strombolis get a F rs at the International House of Pancakes, Alafaya Commons, Oviedo. REE Call Larry at 407-247-3599 for information on visiting or joining. • Pizza by the Slice CANN OLI on • Subs & Salads Mother ’s Day! Hospice Group Always Needs Volunteers! • Pasta Dishes Limit one per mom Caring volunteers are needed to provide support to terminally ill . • Homemade Desserts patients and their caregivers or to help with organizational needs • Great Wine Selection and special projects. Visit, befriend, take a pet to visit, provide respite or art or music, help repair medical equipment...thereʼs no 407-366-7330 end to the need. Call VITAS Innovative Hospice at 407-691-4541. Support Groups www.Nicks-Pizzeria.com • Lupus Foundation: 2nd Saturdays, 407-339-9648 • Widow/Widowers: 1st/3rd Fridays, 407-948-9433 2 - 16” 2 - 14” • Families Anonymous (people with loved one with alcohol or drug problem): Mondays, 407-869-0491 PIZZAS PIZZAS • NAMI of Greater Orlando (Mental illness, self or family member): NAMIGO.org, 407-253-1900 1 Topping Each 2 Toppings Each • Hospice of the Comforter: 407-682-0808 • Vitas Hospice Grief Support Groups: 407-691-4549 $ 19 99 $ 1799 • Samaritan Care Hospice (Orange County): 407-514-1300 • Compassionate Friends (Grieving any age child): 407-321-3126 Looking for info on advertising Nick’s Pizzeria Nick’s Pizzeria 407-366-7330 your business in Our Town? 407-366-7330 expires 5/15/10 expires 5/15/10 See page 23 in this issue! Or get in touch… The dream lives on, come taste MyOurTown.com the homemade difference! 407-366-8696 • info@MyOurTown.com 6
  7. 7. Make E very Occasion Special with FULL SERVICE University F loral ni & Gift Shoppe FLORIST • Master Floral Designer • Over 25 Years Experience • Family Owned & Operated The Finest Shop in Oviedo! • Late Deliveries Welcome • Local & Worldwide Delivery Mother’s Day & Graduation Specials 10% Off • Order 24/7 Online Excellence Per Arrangement $50 and up. Coupon can be used at both University Floral & Gift Shoppe and Elite Floral & Gift Shoppe. Expires 5/31/10. Excludes “Wire-Outs.” Please visit our other location: Elite Floral & SAME DAY DELIVERY AVAILABLE! 407-366-1177 4250 Alafaya Tr., Ste. 124, Oviedo 32765 Gift Shoppe 504 N. Alafaya Trail, Ste. 109 Orlando, FL 32828 100% SATISFACTION (corner of Alafaya & McCulloch - in Publix center) 407-281-1122 GUARANTEED! www.universityfloraloviedo.com www.elite�oralorlando.com 7
  8. 8. Thank you for all your support! Central Genesis i•Kiwi was voted “BEST DESSERT!” S E L F S E R VE Florida Future 2010 Hair Designs ZE N i tYOGU R Under new ownership! RO e s h F r u T o p p i n g Fr s T T F Located in the FREE Samples! Alafaya Shopping Center 67 Alafaya Woods Blvd. Oviedo, FL 32765 43¢ per o unce i•Kiwi New Flavors Marge Lioce Booth Rental Available Daily Owner/Stylist We gladly accept all competitor’s Brazilian Keratin Treatment coupons! (Lasts 4–6 weeks ) $ 50 – $75 $1.00 OFF minimum purchase of $5.00 With coupon. Not valid with any For appointment call: other offers. Exp. 5/31/10. 407-967-3975 or 407-365-1881 • www.ikiwiyogurt.net 407-366-8902 4250 Alafaya Trail, Oviedo Walk-ins Welcome!!! J Corner of McCulloch Road & Alafaya Trail (in the Publix Shopping Plaza across from WalMart) FREE 6 oz. Yogurt on Your Birthday!!! Must present photo i.d. Hire a state licensed contractor FREE Demonstration of ENERGY HEALING Rid yourself of aches, pains, clogged sinuses, energize food at handyman prices! and drink in minutes. A very rewarding MLM business that will teach you how to help others. Oviedo/Winter Springs resident 30 years, testimonials, references. Drywall Electrical Jackie @ 407-921-7334, leave message. Repairs Repairs SPRINKLER REPAIRS Tile 20% off on all Commercial/Residential Repairs. Valve Locating, Installation Painting Pumps, Timers, etc. Service and Installation of Irrigation Systems and Landscape Lighting. Maintanance Contracts Available. Accepting Visa & MC. Call Now 407-591-0045. Plumbing Kitchen & Bath www.sprinklerguyz.com, sprinklerguyz@hotmail.com Remodels Once upon a time… …My mom opened a nice shop with amazing stuff FREE ESTIMATES for every type of job! and prices GRAND OPENING APRIL 14 …and we called it “Moving Sale” Call today, because adding value to your MOVING SALE home is just a quick fix away! Consignment Shop “Business City” Bldg. 407-977-4833 269 Aulin Ave. #1003 Oviedo, FL 32765 street across from Oviedo High School Fully licensed and insured. State License CBC 1252406 Wed-Thu-Fri 10 to 4 Sat 10 to 2 8
  9. 9. Located inside the Award Winning Radisson Hotel Orlando-UCF Fresh Menu Selections Le Cordon Bleu Certified Chefs Catering/Private Parties Available for Large and Small Groups ALL YOU CAN EAT 1/2 PRICE BBQ RIBS WINE $17.95 BOTTLES Every Wednesday Every Saturday Offers Valid for Dine-In Only For Reservations, Call: FREE 407.658.9008 ext. 113 10% OFF APPETIZER Your Entire www.radisson.com/orlandofl_university with the purchase 1724 N. Alafaya Trail Breakfast (Mon-Sat) 7am-10am of an entrée Check Orlando, FL 32826 Breakfast (Sunday) 7am-11am Dinner 5pm-10pm Not to be used in conjunction Not to be used in conjunction (near the intersection of Lounge 5pm-11pm with other offers. with other offers. Alafaya & Colonial) 499 E&S 775 $ $ A-1 FENCE SOLUTIONS 8x7 16x7 New Door Installed New Door Installed INSTALLATION • REPAIRS GARAGE DOORS Work Beyond Your Expectations MasterCard Wood • Chain Link Aluminum • Vinyl System $ 100 Off every $1,000 Spring Replacement Specialist Dependable • Professional Affordable Wrought Iron • Gates fence repair/install FREE ESTIMATES! SENIOR DISCOUNT! Commercial / Residential / Industrial $10 Off $230 407-592-1123 Spring New Opener Se Habla Español 407-227-2944 We Accept All Major Credit Cards Replacement Installed License #1815-000034 In Business Since 1978 More Specials Available At www.ESGarageDoors.com Licensed & Insured EXPLORING THE JOURNEY THROUGH LIFE This text was originally intended to create a foundation for a college BY: DANIEL FINN student success course; however, it offers many lifetime benefits. The book is essentially a journey through life, encountering matters that affect most of us. It is a guide to minimizing pain by making the right choices. This is an inspiring Explore the eight exciting areas which include Education, Career, b o o k , on h Hobbies, Volunteering, Health, Politics, Religion and Bereavement. ow to help you, throu gh the tria and tribula ls This writing is a toolkit that all of us need to use from time-to-time. It will tions of life make your life a lot easier and much happier. . Please type this address below on your internet browser to purchase this item: https://www.lulu.com/commerce/index.php?fBuyContent=7413110 9
  10. 10. www.stonegiantcountertops.com We Beat All Box Store Prices! ACCREDITED BUSINESS Showroom Hours: Mon–Fri: 8am to 5pm Sat: 9am to 2pm 3036 Kananwood Ct., Oviedo, FL 32765 (407) 977-1774 stonegiant@bellsouth.net OPERATION FITNESS LOREN’S DRAPERIES Fabric Decor for every room in your home. BOOT CAMP Whatever your style, taste or budget. Draperies • Window Treatments • Custom Shades • Blinds All Styles • Commercial • Residential Call for an in-home consultation, 407-538-7899. ELITE FITNESS CONCEPTS lorensdraperies@msn.com Lose weight, firm up and get fit with this four week military-style cardiovascular, endurance, strength and fitness program. “The Golf Whisperer” WHERE: Convenient Downtown Orlando, Winter Park, Lake Mary Windermere and Waterford Lakes/UCF locations. GUARANTEED GOLF LESSONS WHEN: One hour morning classes. Call for specific class dates. If you don’ t improve, you don’ t pay! 5:00am - 6:00am 6:00am - 7:00am www.orlandogolflessons.com 7:00am - 8:00am 8:00am - 9:00am Serving Orlando since 1989 COST: As low as $10 per session. Guaranteed results! Call Sean: REQUIREMENTS: Great attitude and a willingness to get in shape. 407-619-9069 All fitness levels welcome. • Individual • Couples FOR MORE INFORMATION & REGISTRATION CALL: • Corporate • Clinics 1-877-368-1792 www.elite-fitness-concepts.com mention this ad for 15% off package of lessons 10
  11. 11. Goodfella’s Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant 11865 E. Colonial Dr., Orlando (at the intersection of Alafaya Tr. and E. Colonial Dr.) Established Since 1998 rest…now try the ied the bes “you’ve tr t” Pizza, Pasta and Subs Open 7 days a week Come in and enjoy our daily specials Dine-in, Take-out and Delivery Catering available for any size party 407-658-6615 goodfellasorlando.com DINNER FOR TWO $ 2 OFF $ 16.95 $ 5 OFF $15 or more choose any 2: Fettuccini Alfredo, Baked Ziti, Spaghetti & Meatballs, Linguini w/ Garlic & Oil or Stuffed Shells. $25 or more Includes Salad or Soup, a bread & small cannolli. Goodfella’s Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant Goodfella’s Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant 407- 658- 6615 Goodfella’s Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant 407- 658- 6615 407- 658- 6615 With coupon. Not valid with any other offer. With coupon. Not valid with any other offer. Dine in only. With coupon. Not valid with any other offer. B&E’s Lawn Care In Financial Trouble? * Residential or Commercial Bankruptcy...may be the answer. * Reasonable Rates * Reliable Service • Get rid of credit card debt. 321-202-9662 or 321-239-6859 • Save your home from foreclosure. Free • Get rid of 100% “undersecured” second real estate mortgages. Initial • Sensitive and Confidential Representation. Consult John Minicucci Painting, Inc. Interior • Exterior • Pool Decks • 25 Years Bankruptcy Legal experience. Commercial • Residential • Former Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee. 27 Years Experience • 16 Years in East Orlando ANDREA A. RUFF, Esq. - Downtown Orlando Licensed & Insured • References Available Home: 407-658-4421 • Cell: 407-509-1917 www.AndreaRuff.com (407) 610-2108 Having trouble SweetHomeOrlando.com Is your home worth 407.970.2900 paying your less than Short Sale Specialists mortgage? you owe? Don’t risk foreclosure! If you need to be free of your You’re not alone! mortgage, you can sell your home Call for a free at NO COST with a Short Sale! private We can help! consultation • Susan Childers • Home Wise Realty • 11
  12. 12. Certified Investment Management RESULTS…Once upon a time that was what investing was all about. ➢ Time to get serious about retirement? ➢ Changing jobs and have a 401(k) rollover? TROPICAL DESIGN, LLC ➢ Questions about IRAs or Retirement Planning? Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping ➢ Tired of the “salesman” approach to investing? • Irrigation • Clean Up Jobs • ➢ Need a second opinion on your investments? • Sod Installed • Tree Trimming • • Mulch • Landscape Designs • Call Marshall Sitarik, • Landscape Lighting • Pavers • a fee-only (no commission) Certified Financial Planner for a free initial consultation. Get the • Fountains • Since 1986 • answers you need to secure your retirement. www.tropicaldesignlandscaping.com 407-977-3800 407-595-6473 www.MyCFP.net LICENSED & INSURED AFFORDABLE ROOF REPAIR Fast affordable roof repair done right and guaranteed. We also work with your Insurance Company so the repair may cost you Tuscany’s Restaurant nothing. Call for a free review and professional evaluation. 407-310-3924 Bamboo For Central Florida Fine Wine, Great Food, Good Memories Need privacy from one & two story neighbors? Clumping (non-invasive). Spring Clearance Sale! Full Service Italian Cuisine Call 407-294-4350. • Appetizers • Salads Pizza, Calzones & Strombolis Pool Table For Sale • Soups • Pasta Gorgeous, all wood with 1 inch slate, leather pockets. • Chicken • Veal Dine-In New in crate. Cost $4k, Sell $1350. Dealer: 407-402-2778 • Fish • Nightly Specials Or Take-Out Catering Available for Small and Large Parties Since 1981 1301 Winter Springs Blvd. • 407-366-3375 In the Heart of Tuscawilla • Tues.–Sat. 4–10 • Sunday 4–9 • Closed Monday S TEPHENSON PAINTING 10% OFF Your Entire Check Orlando’s Full Service Painting Specialist Honest, Dependable & Reliable When Ordering Two or More Entrees Dedicated to Service, Quality & Customer Satisfaction OR Free Estimates • Interior / Exterior Custom Residential Work is Our Specialty Any Catering Order of $50 or More. Over 25 Years Experience • Family Owned & Operated Tuscany’s Restaurant - 407-366-3375 With this coupon. Not valid with others. Offer expires May 15, 2010. 407-579-2955 12
  13. 13. Mid-Town Free Estimates On Replacement Units We Service All Major Make those high winter power Brands bills a thing of the past! Air Conditioning up to $1500 Tax & Heating Credit Call & Ask About... 407-539-1812 Donʼt get caught with high • Lower Power Bills • Heat Pumps summer power bills! Only 8 months left! • Duct Work MasterCard Licensed & Insured Lic. #CA-C058536 THE WASHER AND DRYER EXPERT New Office / Warehouse / Retail FORMER SEARS TECH • $1/sf/mo • Deposit $700 Same day professional service of washers, dryers, refrigerators, • Includes CAM & property taxes dishwashers & disposals at the LOWEST RATES. All brands. • 1520 sf & 1725 sf available Positively NO TRIP CHARGE. 1 year guarantee. $10 off any repair. • Breakroom, & either a conference room Licensed with many refs. Call the expert, Jerry 407-774-4234. or front reception Aul in Ave. READY TO MOVE area Winter Springs Blvd. 269 Aulin Ave. (on the corner of Aulin Ave. & Clark St.) Clark St. W. Broadway St. Always Buying Gold & Silver FOR CASH • One block from Oviedo High School • Old Coins & Watches • Antique Furniture • Paintings • Old Guns • Quick access to 417 • Persian & Oriental Rugs • Pottery • Glassware • Clocks email: kellyderivero@yahoo.com • Junque & Costume Jewelry • American Indian/Military Items (p) 407.366.6091 • (c) 407.468.8854 Mitchell Hammock Rd. 426 • Old Postcards • Old Toys, Dolls, Trains • Weird & Unusual • Most Anything of Value • Please call John Salamon 407-765-4802. All American $25 Garage Door Service Does Your Pool Leak? Service Stop wasting water and chemicals! Call Residential pool and spa leak detections. Servicing all of Central Florida. Call Leak Detective at 407-756-6005. Hurricane Bracing! Springs • Cables • Rollers Roof and House Washing All Makes & Models of Openers Repaired We remove mildew and dirt on homes, roofs, driveways, pool decks. New Doors Installed • New Openers Installed Safe Roof Cleaning since 1961. Rust stains removed. Senior Discounts Single story homes $40 and up. Roofs $40 and up. Cell 407-310-9419 MasterCard Call Jerry at 407-862-7937. OPTOMETRIC PHYSICIAN TWO BOXES of Acuvue 2 Lenses, All for only WE 109 * CAN Dr. Hankins has studied and specialized in difficult contact lenses and family eye care. Eye Exam, Fitting & Dr. Hankins has done research in various types of contact lenses and has practiced 1 Pair of Eyeglasses* Expires 6/10/2010. HELP! (Frame & Lenses) Eyes Red Optometry for over twenty years. He is board certified in the use of therapeutic Eye Injuries drugs for the treatment of eye injuries and Bifocal Contact eye infections. All for only Lenses Dry Eyes INSURANCES ACCEPTED: United Health Care • Blue Cross Blue Shield • Medicare • Vision Service Plan • Vision Care Plan • Aetna Cole Managed Care • Primary Plus • Superior Vision Services • Vision 20/20 • Eyemed and Many Other Insurances 159* Expires 6/10/2010. (B & L Soflens Multifocal) 2 Boxes of Lenses, Keratoconus Computer Eye Exam & Fitting* Problems 1327 West Broadway Street (S.R. 426) • Oviedo, FL 32765 407-359-8016 *Coupon must be presented at time of purchase. Restrictions on the type of frame and lenses (+,- 4 D, - 2 cyl), ST 28 (flat top bifocal only) CR39 plastic. Lens treatments extra. Tints, Scratch Cote, AR, etc. extra. Certain restrictions apply to contacts. Extra charge for teaching insertion, removal on the contacts if first time wearer. Choose from selected frames. Cannot be combined with any other offer, discount, insurance, coupon. The patient or any person responsible has the right to refuse to pay, cancel payment or be reimbursed for services, examination or treatment www.dr_hankins.homestead.com which is performed as a result of and within 72 hours of responding to the ad for the free discount or reduced fee for services, exam or treatment. 13
  14. 14. Real Estate BUYERS! $160,000 - Stunning short sale, built 2007. YOUR HOUSE High ceilings, arches, COULD BE lovely kitchen, etched glass front doors! HERE! SUSAN CHILDERS Short Sale Specialist Only $29/month 407-970-2900 Home Wise Realty Group 407-366-8696 Danny Veal, Realtor Just Reduced! GRI, CLHMS (407) 496-2662 www.DannyVeal.com $525,000 Charlie & Malaney West, Specializing in first time • 4/4.5 pool home on five acres. • Quality woodwork, everywhere. • 3,671 sq. ft. • Bonus room above oversized garage. CRS, GRI home buyers. • Gated, secure custom community • Bedroom 4 is “suite-style.” 407-647-4049 Rosendo Abreu, Realtor® offers horse trails, access to ski • Wood flooring in family room. 407-647-1211 407-516-1355 lake and community park. • Office/Study. • Large kitchen. • Not a short sale. Quick closing possible. charmal@coldwellbanker.com Beverly H. Evans - Axel Real Estate, Inc. Hablo Español Realty at the Vistas RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE Each Office Independently Owned and Operated 407-325-9264 • beverlyevansellshouses.com B I NGO Thursday Evenings 6:45 p.m. Oviedo’s Neighborhood Plumbers Repipes • Repairs • Remodels St. Albans Cathedral Irrigation • Sewers 3348 West S.R. 426, Oviedo Water Heaters • Water Softeners Questions? Call Cathy at 407-977-1625 (407) 679-9585 Licensed MasterCard Insured CFC#1426199 Oviedo / Winter Springs Lions Club 14
  15. 15. Fresh Waffle Bowls, yogurtopia f r o z e n y o g u r t Yogurt Smoothies, Milkshakes & Much More Coming Soon…BUBBLE TEA! 20% OFF GROUPS OF 5 OR MORE Expires 5/31/10. Limit one coupon per customer. Not valid with any other offers. No cash value. BUY ONE, GET ONE 50% OFF Expires 5/31/10. Limit one coupon per customer. Not valid with any other offers. No cash value. 15% OFF ENTIRE PURCHASE Expires 5/31/10. Limit one coupon per customer. Not valid with any other offers. No cash value. 4498 N. Alafaya Trail, Orlando 407-601-5446 • Mon.–Sat. 12pm-11:30pm • Sun. 12pm-11pm • www.yogurt-topia.com Behind BP Gas Station - In Front Of UCF Bed, Pillow-top Mattress Sets For Sale 5 year warranty. Never used! Quality Carpet Care, Inc. Twin $95, Full $145, Queen $155, King $195. Can deliver. Home of “The Works” ™ Dealer: 407-402-2778 Never an Extra Charge for Stains or Pet Marks Truck Mount • Free Pre-Spotting • Free Teflon (Heavy Traffic Areas) Steam Cleaning • Deep Scrub • Free Pet Odor treatment J & S Tree Service “The Works”™ “Upholstery” “Lil-Works”™ Plus Lawn Maintenance. Tree Removal, Tree Trimming, 5 Rooms Plus Free Hall Sofa $59.95 Most Fabric 3 Rooms Plus Free Hall Lawn Maintenance & more for a low price. Licensed & Insured. $89.95 Recliner $34.95 Most Fabric $69.95 Please call for your Free Estimate. 10% Off with this Ad. "I Am The Vine You Are The Branches" JOHN 15:5 407-384-0127 or 407-218-0595. Licensed 407-384-0022 Insured MasterCard WATERWORKS PROFESSIONAL EXTERIOR CLEANING WE CLEAN: Gutters, Windows, Walkways, Driveways, Pool Decks & More! Quality Work at Reasonable Prices LOW PRESSURE $200 John Miller HOUSE, Owner / Operator DRIVE ROOF CLEANING! OFF DUTY FIREFIGHTER & WALK Safe Roof Manufacturer Approved Also… Paver Licensed & Insured Limited time offer! Size limits apply. Workers’ Comp. Compliant 20 Years Of Quality Service Brick FREE 376-9526 Restoration & Sealing ESTIMATES! (407) 15
  16. 16. ROOF LEAKS! ROOF LEAKS! WE FIX ROOF LEAKS! NEW ROOFS! NEW ROOFS! WE INSTALL NEW ROOFS! Since 1964 A. Larsson & Sons ROOFING • State Certified Roofing Contractor • All Types of Reroofing and Repairs • Insurance Assistance Available Senior Discounts Available State Cert. #CCC057071 407-880-3160 LONGARM QUILTING SERVICES - OVIEDO Let me help you turn your quilt tops into the beautiful quilts they were meant to be! I offer several pantographs, custom quilting, batting, wide backing, binding services, etc. Contact Darlene Arnswald: 407-977-3284. Get details and a free estimate: www.darslongarmquilting.com A CLEAN POOL 407-699-4454 Give yourself a raise this year. 7.95 Sunday thru Friday nly Pay less for your CLEAN POOL. All You Can Eat o Weekly full service cleaning for screened pools LUNCH BUFFET $ starting at $75 per month. Family owned and operated since 1996. 11:00am-2:30pm. Dine-In Only. Not valid with any other offer. Sterling • Silver • Gold • Brass Polishing & Plating Dine-In Only Lamps • Trays • Flatware • Door Hardware • Brass Beds (One per check) Copper & Aluminum Polishing • Patina Finishes: DINNER SPECIAL Oil Rubbed Bronze, Antique & Satin Brass, Etc. 15% Check Entire OFF Clearcoating • Repairs • Metal Restoration Sheffield Plating Co. 407-695-7174 - Casselberry. RISTORANTE ITALIANO Not valid with any other offer or dinner special. With coupon. Expires 5/31/10. Peppino’s HANDYMAN SERVICES 407.365.4774 Take-Out Only CROWN MOLDING, LAMINATE FLOORS 100 Carrington Avenue (Alafaya Trail) One 16” Large 1-Topping All Trim Work & Most Home Repairs. Shelves, Blinds, 2 miles north of UCF in Oviedo PIZZA Interior Doors, Sprinkler Repair, Pressure Washing & much Celebrating 20 Years of more. Call Ernie 407-327-4999 or 407-415-6251. Free Estimates. Fine Italian Dining! $ 995 Not valid with any other offer Honesty is my power tool. Hablo espanol. Lic. & Ins. Full Service Bar or dinner special. With coupon. Expires 5/31/10. Peppino’s Need help with Math/Science? Early Bird Special Take-Out Only Recent UCF graduate with Biology degree will provide one-on- Sunday–Thursday • 5pm–7pm One 18” X-Large 1 Topping one tutoring for any middle or high school math or science class, Dinner for 2 PIZZA in your home or at a library or coffee shop. Mature, friendly, 1395 great at explaining things. I can give you great rates because you $ 18.95 Special Menu - Choose Any Two: $ donʼt have to go through a tutoring service! Good references, Pasta with House Sauce or Meatballs or Not valid with any other offer too. Please call Steve Illsley at 352-284-4873 or e-mail or dinner special. With coupon. Sausage, Ravioli, Stuffed Shells Expires 5/31/10. Peppino’s hynter@gmail.com. Free 15-minute needs analysis! 16
  17. 17. Looking for a new hobby? Try sailing Learn to sail on beautiful Lake Fairview. Lessons available by friendly ASA certified instructors. A Second Chance QUALITY CONSIGNMENTS Flexible days & hours. Call or stop by for more information. Lake Fairview Marina - 4503 N Orange Blossom Trail, Beautiful Fashions, Handbags, Orlando, 32804. 407-295-0117, www.LakeFairviewMarina.com Shoes and Accessories High Quality Brands at a Fraction of the Cost GreenLemonCafe 1945 Aloma Avenue, Winter Park • Gift Cards Available Corner of Lakemont & Aloma in the Whole Foods Plaza • BREAKFAST, LUNCH & DINNER Gifts for under $20 CREPES * FLATBREADS SOUPS * SALADS * S ANDWICHES 407.327.3777 PANINIS * SMOOTHIES 10% In the Winter Springs Town Center Free Tea Tuesdays! off Corner of Tuskawilla Rd & 434 entire purchase exp. 5/31/10 10% OFF Mon - Sat 10 am to 6 pm your purchase Brunch Saturday & Sunday, 10–2 We accept credit cards (407) 673-0225 Expires 5/31/10 OPEN 7 DAYS: Mon-Fri: 10:30–9, Sat: 10–9, Sun: 10–3:30 w w w. 2 d c h a n c e c o n s i g n m e n t s . c o m 17