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TweetAdder Instructions Tutorial

  1. 1. WELCOME TO THE TWEET ADDER INSTRUCTIONS TUTORIALTweet Adder Software is 100% compatible with both Mac OSX and Microsoft Windows!*NEW* ::UPDATE ON GENERAL:: *NEW*-Performance Optimizations-Database Optimizations-Dates on Status Logs-Support for systems with 24 hour clocks-Added Blacklist (to avoid following and messaging specific users)
  2. 2. *NEW* ::UPDATE ON LOGIN SCREEN:: *NEW*1- “Check all” accounts on login screen2- Enter username just once3- Registration code is visible4- Login Issues Fixed5- Import Export User List
  4. 4. Step 1: How to License the Software and add Twitter Users1. Open Tweet Adder. This is the box you will see when it is opened:
  5. 5. 2. You will need to enter in your registration # exactly as it was given to you when you purchased thesoftware. We recommend to use copy and paste to avoid mistyping it. See picture below...
  6. 6. 3. Once you have entered in the registration # and clicked on the "Activate License", you are ready toenter in your Twitter Profile Username and Password (this is important that this has already been set upwith Twitter), then click on "Add User". See picture below...
  7. 7. 4. Once the user is added to the user list, select it (make sure its highlighted) and click the"Login" button.Step 2: Finding Targeted UsersThere are 5 methods of finding targeted users:
  8. 8. 1. The FIRST method of finding targeted users is by searching for users with specifickeywords in their Twitter updates. Select the "Search by Tweet Keywords" option. Peopleusually talk about what they like, so this is a great way to find people who share the sameinterest as you. Say for example you want to search for users who have posted about theiphone. Select the "Search" tab, click on the drop down arrow and choose "Search by TweetKeywords" to do a search on Twitter users Tweet Keywords, then select search. The softwarewill find up to 1500 of the most recent posts that contain the keyword. Duplicate user names areautomatically ignored. See picture below...2. The SECOND method of finding targeted users is to choose the "Search by Profile Data"
  9. 9. option to do a search on users who have specific information listed in their Profile. Usersgenerally type a few sentences about themselves in their profile, which makes this another greatway to get highly targeted users. For example, if I have a product that can be marketed toward acertain profession such as a webmaster, I can do a keyword profile data search for webmasterand this will only return the users who have the term "webmaster" in their user profile. Now Ihave a list of almost 1500 webmasters that I can start networking with and start selling myproduct with.3. The THIRD method of finding targeted users is to choose the "Search by Location" option.This option is great for people who are marketing local business such as a local restaurant, bar,or real estate, but can be used for many other reasons, too! You can search for a 10, 25, 50,100, 200 mile radius.4. The FOURTH method of finding targeted users is to choose the "Search by Followers ofAnother User" option. This can be very powerful if used correctly. Searching followers of anotheruser. The best way to use this feature is to find who is your biggest competition is on Twitter, andfollow their followers. For example, say I have a humor or joke I am trying to promote, I can typein "laughitup" (a comedy profile) and gather this users followers so I can get thousands oftargeted users to follow and promote my site to.5. The FIFTH method of finding targeted users is to choose the "Search Users Followed byAnother User" option. Often, users will follow users who have similar interests as they do, so itcan be a good idea to follow their users as well. For example, a person might tend to follow otherusers who tend to have the same profession or hobbies as they do. You can use this to youradvantage to expand your targeted network to include them.*NEW* ::UPDATE ON TWEET SEARCH:: *NEW*1- Import Ids List2- Combine keywords and location3- Added recency to tweet search (find tweets posted today)4- Many Operators now available:  Example Searches: (combine to form more complexqueries)Containing a word:  twitterContaining multiple words:  twitter marketingNegation:  twitter -marketingExact phrase:  “twitter marketing”OR:  twitter OR tweetsContaining a hash tag:  #twitterNot From a user:  -from:usernameTo a user:  to:usernameMentioning a user:  @usernameOriginating from an application: source:tweetie
  10. 10. *NEW* ::UPDATE ON PROFILE DATA SEARCH / BIO SEARCH:: *NEW*Search by:1- keywords2- location3- # followers4- # following5- # updates,6- filter profiles with default image7- filter profiles with URLs8- Several Operators now available: Example Searches: (combine to form more complexqueries)Containing a word:  twitterContaining at least one of the words:  twitter marketingContaining both words:  +twitter +marketingContaining one word but not another:  +twitter -marketingExact phrase:  “twitter marketing”
  11. 11. *NEW* ::UPDATE ON SEARCH RESULTS WINDOW:: *NEW*-Search results are now shown in a window so you can preview them before savingthem. -You can also selectively choose which ones to save.-Export Ids to File
  12. 12. Step 3: Adding Follows1. Before you send any follows, you need to make some changes to your Twitter profile if youhave not yet done so. At a minimum, make sure you have uploaded your profile image, entereda bio, enter your URL, and post at least one Twitter update. Its also good to customize yourTwitter profile page. Make sure you make it appeal to users you are targeting.2. Take a look at the "Follow" tab, then "Follow Settings" option. See picture below...
  13. 13. 3. The first setting is for the maximum number of follows for this account to send per day. Thedefault setting is 200, though Twitter will allow you to send up to 1000 in a single day dependingon your follower to following ratio and your follow counts.4. The next setting is "Time Delay Between Follows". The default is set from 0 to 5 secondswhich you will average about a 2.5 second delay between follows. We recommend the default,but you can switch this to faster or slower if you want. See picture below...5. The next setting is to "Stop adding follows when following to follower ratio reaches 1.5 to 1."
  14. 14. When you first get started, its impossible to keep an even ratio, however once you getestablished this feature is very useful for keeping your following to follower ratio close. Seepicture below...6. Now that all of the settings are set, we are ready to start adding follows. You can decide howmany you want to send and press the "Start" button to begin.7. Many users will follow you back, so once you have set up the "Send Follows Now", you can"Follow Back Users Who Are Following Me". Click the "Start" button to follow those users back.See picture below...
  15. 15. 8. If you want to see who you have followed today or any other day, you can click on the"History" button. This will bring up a visual list. See picture below...*NEW* ::UPDATE ON FOLLOW:: *NEW*-Ratio hundredths allowed-European countries can enter , for ratio
  16. 16. Step 4: UnFollow Users1. Once you have been adding follows for a day or two, its time to unfollow the users who havenot yet followed you back. Most follow backs happen within the first 24 hours.2. Under the "UnFollow Settings", the first setting to look at is the "Maximum # to UnFollow perday." The default is set to 200, you can change this if youd like. Twitter allows you to UnFollow1000 users per day maximum. "Time Delay Between UnFollows" is set to 0 to 5 seconds fordefault. You can leave this or change to make it faster or slower, its up to you. See picturebelow...3. The next option is "Stop UnFollowing when following to follower ratio reaches 1.5 to 1." Thisoption is good to keep when you want to keep the number of users you are following pretty closeto the number of users following you. The more users you unfollow the more users you will beable to send follows to. See picture below...
  17. 17. 4. The next option "Only UnFollow users that were followed using TweetAdder" should usuallystay checked. You should only uncheck this option if you have followed users from outside ofTweetAdder and you want to UnFollow them. Unchecking this will UnFollow the users who youare following who are NOT following you. See picture below...5. You can prevent users from being unfollowed by using the Unfollow Safe List which isavailable by clicking on the "Edit Safelist" button. See picture below...
  18. 18. 5. The next setting, "Wait 3 Days Before UnFollowing a User" can only be used when theprevious option is checked. Tweet Adder automatically keeps track when you follow each user soyou can unfollow someone you followed 3 days ago, with out unfollowing everyone you followedin the last 2 days. The number of days to wait before unfollowing is set here. See picture below...6. You can see under "Statistics" on the left side under "To Do" how many users there are "ToUnFollow" with your current UnFollow Settings. Once you have the settings set, enter the "# toUnFollow" (default is 50) and click the "Start" button. See picture below...
  19. 19. *NEW* ::UPDATE ON UNFOLLOW:: *NEW*-Ratio hundredths allowed-European countries can enter , for ratioStep 5: Sending Direct Messages (DMs)
  20. 20. 1. You should know that you can only send users messages to users who are following you. Arecommendation on using this is option is to message new followers with a short note includingthe URL of your website. This is what is shown in this tutorial.2. After clicking on the "Messages" tab, lets take a look at "Message Settings". The "MaximumMessages to send per day" is set to 100 as default. You can change this to meet your needs ifyoud like. "Time Delay Between Messages" is set at 0 to 5 seconds. This is a good default butyou can change to meet your needs. See picture below...3. Under where it says "Time Delay Between Messages: 0 to 5 seconds", there will be a box thathas 5 different options to send different messages which are self explanatory. Click on the dropdown arrow to see the list of choices: (see picture below...) option 1- Send Messages to Newest Followers First option 2- Send Messages to Oldest Followers First option 3- Send Messages to Users in Any Order option 4- Send Messages to Followers added Today Only option 5- Send Messages to Followers added this Week Only
  21. 21. 4. Tweet Adder automatically keeps a log of who you have messaged so you dont accidentallymessage the same people over and over again. If for some reason you want to clear this log,click on the "Clear Log" link. See picture below...5. Now the settings are set, we need to add at least one message to send. If you add more thanone message, each message sent will be randomly chosen from the list. If you are going to adda link to the message, its best to start with that first so you know how many characters out of the140 youve been give that you have left for your message. Click on the icon that has the link on it
  22. 22. and add your link. See picture below...6. Tweet Adder uses to shorten your URLs. To shorten your URLs you will need to have account first if you want to use the tracking statistics. To do this: Click on "Get account" and set up your account. See picture below...7. This will pop up:
  23. 23. 8. Once you have filled out that form, go back to the " URL Shortener" box and click on "MyAPI Keys Page" to get your API Key (which you need to copy and paste into the "API Key" box)by entering in your username and password you used to set up your account.9. This will pop up:
  24. 24. 10. Login Using your Account as you see in the picture above. Then, back to the "Cli.gsURL Shortener" box, enter in your URL that you are shortening, click the "Shorten" button andyour link is added to the box.11. Now you can type the rest of your message in front of your shortened URL (or after,whichever you prefer) and click "Add". See pictures below...
  25. 25. 12. You are now ready to begin sending messages. Enter the maximum number of messagesyou want to send and click the "Start" button.
  26. 26. *NEW* ::UPDATE ON MESSAGES:: *NEW*-Automatically Stops when Twitter limit is reached-Quotation marks allowed in messagesStep 6: Automated Tweets1. Tweet Adder can automatically post Twitter updates for you throughout the day, even for several
  27. 27. days. For example, if you are going out of town.2. Go to the "Tweets" tab.3. At the bottom of the window, there is an option where you can set the option for the "Maximum # ofTweets to Post per Day" with a default set to 20. This includes all Twitter Updates and Tweet Repliesthat are sent through Tweet Adder.4. The default frequency for posting tweets is set to 40 to 90 Minutes. This will post a Twitter updateevery 70 minutes on average or 20 updates per day on average. You can adjust the timing to posttweets more or less often. See picture below...5. Now we will need to add some Twitter Updates.6. If you are going to add a link to the Twitter Update, its best to start with adding that first that way youknow the 140 characters you have remaining for the message. We have automated the URL shorteningprocess for you through Click the link button to open the link shortener. See picture below...
  28. 28. 7. You must have a account to use this feature {see the Sending Direct Messages (DMs)Tutorial}. Once you have entered the link, click the shorten button to insert the shorten URL into theTwitter Update Text.8. Now type the rest of the Text for your tweet, up to 140 characters and click the add button. Seepicture below...
  29. 29. 9. Repeat this step as many times as you want for as many Twitter Updates you want to postautomatically. You can always add more later. Updates will be sent in the order they are added and eachtime a Twitter Update is sent, it will be removed from the list.10. To turn on the Automatic Tweet posting feature, you must click on the "Automation" tab. Now, checkthe box, that says "Automatically Post Updates up to the Daily Maximum". **You must leave thesoftware running in order for it to automatically post Twitter Updates.11. Now we will go to the "Replies" tab and set up automatic Tweet replies.
  30. 30. 12. First we will set the option of how frequently we should check for Twitter Updates that are directed atus. The default is 5 to 10 minutes. Again, you can increase or decrease this time to fit your needs. Seepicture below...13. Now we will add Twitter replies that will automatically set directed at the user who tweeted you.Tweet replies are added the same exact way as Twitter updates but you are limited to 125 characters.See picture below...
  31. 31. 14. This short limit is needed to insure there is room for the user name the tweet will be directed at. If youhave more than one Twitter reply in the list, a random reply will be chosen each time one is set.15. Once you have the Twitter replies set up, click on the "Automation" tab again. To turn on theautomatic Tweet reply feature, click the check box, that says "Automatically Post Updates to the DailyMaximum." See picture below...16. Now as long as you leave Tweet Adder running, you will automatically post replies to tweets that aredirected at you.*NEW* ::UPDATE ON TWEETS:: *NEW*1- Quotes are now allowed in Tweets2- Manually Post a Tweet Instantly3- Post Tweets only during specified time period4- Post Tweets in order and remove from list after they are posted5- Post Tweets in order and repeat (recurring tweets)6- Post Tweets in Random order and remove from list after they are posted7- Post Tweets in Random order and repeat (recurring random tweets)
  32. 32. *NEW* ::UPDATE ON URL SHORTENER:: *NEW*-Changed to and API key can now be pasted
  33. 33. Step 7: Automation1. This will show you how to operate nearly every feature in Automation for Tweet Adder.2. Tweet Adder has an advanced automation feature allows you to follow users, unfollow users, followback users, and automatically message users.3. Each of these features uses the settings on the features respective tab, so first make sure you arefamiliar with all of the features and that you have all of the settings for each feature setup the way youwant.4. If you want to automatically unfollow users each time you run the automation, make sure you have the"Automatically UnFollow Users" box unchecked.5. If you want to automatically follow back users who follow you, make sure you have the "AutomaticallyFollow Back Users" checkbox checked.6. If you want to automatically follow users, check the "Automatically Follow Users" check box.7. And if you want to automatically send messages each time you run the automation, check thecheckbox that says "Automatically Send Messages." See picture below for examples explainedabove...
  34. 34. 8. Since finding users to follow is a specific task directed at the type of users you want to follow, findingusers is NOT automated.... so therefore make sure you have plenty of users to follow before using theautomated follow feature.9. The automation can be invoked in 3 different ways. You can run the automation feature each time thatyou log in by clicking the checkbox that says "Do the Following Tasks When I Login". When this featureis enabled you can easily manage your account, simply by logging in and letting everything runautomatically.10. You can also set Tweeter Adder automation to run each day at a certain time. This means you canset up the software and forget about it. The only thing you need to do is to make sure you have plenty ofusers to follow. This feature is also great for when you go out of town, just make sure Tweet Adder isrunning while you are gone.11. Lastly you can run the Tweet Adder automation with the click of a button. All you need to do is clickon the button that says "Run Automated Tasks Now." See picture below for examples explainedabove...
  35. 35. 12. If you ever decide you want to stop the automation from running while it is running, simply press the"Stop" button.Step 8: Miscellaneous1. Under the "Misc" tab, you can "Delete Direct Messages to you" by clicking on the drop down arrow
  36. 36. and selecting one of the options: (see picture below...) - Delete All DMs that contain URLs - Delete All DMs2. The check box below is for if you would like to delete the # of newest messages or not.3. Check this box if you DO NOT want to delete the # of newest messages.
  37. 37. 4. Press the "Delete DMs" button.*NEW* ::UPDATE ON MISC:: *NEW*-Delete all DMs that contain URLs-Delete all DMs-Option to not delete most current DMs