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How can Berlin become the Sharing Capital of Europe? Social Media Week Workshop
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How can Berlin become the Sharing Capital of Europe? Social Media Week Workshop


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This presentation was part of a workshop during Social Media Week Berlin to discuss the role of cities in enabling the sharing economy.

This presentation was part of a workshop during Social Media Week Berlin to discuss the role of cities in enabling the sharing economy.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Long distance ridesharing is only happening in europeIt’s been around for 10 years, it’s the earliest sharing economy model here
  • WHAT IS A FABLAB ? space about bits and atomsPart of global network (tools, processes, events, collaborations)A local communityA set ot tools and machinesA set of knowledge (intersciplinarity)A set of processes (ex: making a pcb)A service (service design approach)A business (model)Not a franchiseAn ongoing experimentHackerspace / 3DoodlerHackSpace in london
  • Once critical mass (liquidity of the market) is reached, dramatic growth happens. Average around 100% growth x year in many cases. This is where the internet effect is felt.Society needs this kind of solutions and speedGrowth without consumption of resources
  • Transcript

    • 1. Von der geteilten zur teilenden Stadt Thomas Dönnebrink @tdoennebrink Francesca Pick @francesca_sp How can Berlin become the sharing capital of Europe?
    • 2. OuiShare is a global network empowering citizens, public institutions, and companies to build a society that is based on sharing, collaboration and openness We are: entrepreneurs, makers, designers, journalists, social hackers, researchers, public officials, engaged citizens, … and many more. PARIS | LONDON | BERLIN | BARCELONA | ROME | MADRID | BRUSSELS | AMSTERDAM | MUNICH| LISBO AMAS | BUENOS AIRES | RIO DE JANEIRO | PORTO AL SANTIAGO | ATHENS | MONTREAL| BILBAO | LAUSAN LYON | TORINO | LILLE | MILAN | THE HAGUE | GHE
    • 3. 65 Facebook Groups Local groups for action in a city/region Linguistic groups for knowledge sharing Vertical groups for deep expertise Functional groups (videos, labs, …) Gathering around 400 contributors from 20 countries in Europe and Americas
    • 4. Seit July 2012 150+ Artikel (FR/EN/ES) 70+ Autoren 20.000 Besuche/ Monat 9.400 Facebook Fans 120 Twitter Mentions/Tag .net
    • 5. #1 Regel : M.P.R.L. Meet People in Real Life
    • 6. OuiShare Fest – Paris, May 2-4 2013 the first major european event about the collaborative economy
    • 7. From 15. – 25. Oktober: 8 Events all over Germany Information & Registration:
    • 8. How it all started |the flea market
    • 9. From the offline to the online flea market
    • 10. “Sharing, renting, bartering, gifting and swapping of goods and services reinvented through technology and social networks” Sharing Economy |Access over Owernship
    • 11. Sharing Economy |From B2C to Peer-to-Peer
    • 13. Internet and Smartphones Economic Crisis Longing for Community Environment Collaborative Consumption |Principles
    • 14. THINGS |Swapping, Renting, Selling & Gifting
    • 15. MOVE | Shared Transportation in the City Public Transport + Carsharing + P2P Car Rental + On-Demand Ridesharing OPEN DATA
    • 16. MOVE | Long-Distance Ridesharing 2M European travellers/month (Eurostar = 0.8M)
    • 17. EAT | Collaborative Distribution of Local Food 260 local communities(+160 more coming soon) 1,200,000 products sold since launch in 2011 20,000 orders/month overall
    • 18. EAT | Food & Mealsharing
    • 19. WORK | Coworking spaces everywhere 1,200 spaces in Europe (2,500 globally) number doubling every year
    • 20. Photo : CREATE | Fab Labs & maker spaces 150 Fablabs globally, 40% in EU 1,000 Hackerspaces globally, 30% in EU
    • 23. FUND | Crowdfunding & Investing
    • 24. coworking crowdfunding
    • 25. Von der geteilten zur teilenden Stadt
    • 26. “A revolution doesn't happen when society adopts new tools, it happens When society adopts new behaviors” Clay Shirky,
    • 27. Entrepreneurs, Citizens and Local Governments Building together the collaborative cities of the future
    • 28. City as a Platform “When artists and innovators engage, cities thrive. Cities as Platforms” Lisa Gansky
    • 29. Example where an innovative new concept changes the face of a city within a few years.
    • 30. 2008 TRAVEL | P2P Accomodation
    • 31. 2009 TRAVEL | P2P Accomodation
    • 32. 2010 TRAVEL | P2P Accomodation
    • 33. 2011 TRAVEL | P2P Accomodation
    • 34. 2012 TRAVEL | P2P Accomodation
    • 35. Paris Area Vélib & AutoLib first big city to implement bike-sharing and one-way car sharing.
    • 36. “The Collaborative Economy is a priority on our agenda. (…) We want the Bordeaux area to think and act collaboratively, by involving both companies and citizens” Vincent Feltesse Head of Bordeaux Metropolitan Area Bordeaux Area Ambition to become a Shareable City
    • 37. Sydney
    • 38. Sydney
    • 39. Seoul 2012 – 09 - 20 Seoul Metropolitan Government Act for Promoting Sharing includes 20 sharing programs & policies
    • 40. San Francisco 2013 – 06 – 26 Shareable cities resolution passed by 15 US city mayors • Make cities more shareable. • Encourage better understanding of the sharing economy. • Create local task forces reviewing regulations. • Play active role in better utilizing publicly owned assets.
    • 41. Curitiba Cable Car transforms Into A Library Train
    • 42. Los Angeles (Re-)Creation of green belts and oasis within the the city limits. Los Angeles is one of the most spoilt (zersiedelte) cities in the world.
    • 43. New York Pop-up temporary hotels, with modular systems On the one hand buildings / skycrapers have a high vacancy rate On the other hand tourisms is growing rapidly. Solution: Pop up temporary hotels.
    • 44. Ghent
    • 45. London
    • 46. Newcastle
    • 47. Barcelona FabCity 1 Fablab per District by 2020
    • 48. Bangla 1976 launched by Prof. Muhammed Yunus
    • 49. Bogota Crowdfunding raised $145 million from 300 investors now part owners in the city’s tallest skyscraper
    • 50. Ghent I Make Rotterdam Modern development had cut off a thriving district A team of young architects crowdfunded a connecting wooden bridge with 17,000 sponsored planks stamped with the sponsor’s name
    • 51. Mayors Challenge
    • 52. Transport Food Housing Job Creation
    • 53. Neal Gorenflo’s advice Raise awareness of what is happening in the sharing economy. Preparing more community organizing than typical event planning. Invite a very diverse group of people: entrepreneurs, NGO leaders, government officials etc. Build relationships across these sectors. Focus: „How can we amplify the city as a platform for sharing? Aspects: education and action planning. Keynotes/pitches providing context, then open space to selforganize. Find a great facilitator! Have a big party when the conference is over!
    • 54. Call for action: The distance between your dreams and reality is called ACTION
    • 55. Let’s rethink/Redesign the city
    • 56. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs 2.0
    • 57. Call for action:
    • 58. Francesca Pick @francesca_sp @ouishare Thomas Dönnebrink @tdoennebrink