Dragon natural s preferred 10.0 bluetooth brown bag [old version]
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Dragon natural s preferred 10.0 bluetooth brown bag [old version]






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Dragon natural s preferred 10.0 bluetooth brown bag [old version] Dragon natural s preferred 10.0 bluetooth brown bag [old version] Document Transcript

  • REVIEWS - Dragon Natural S Preferred 10.0Bluetooth Brown Bag [Old Version]ViewUserReviewsAverage Customer Rating5.0 out of 5Product Feature160q240qRead moreqProduct DescriptionTurn talk into text - faster and more accurate thantypingProduct InformationMost people speak over 120 wordsper minute but type less than 40 words perminute. What if you could create email documents andspreadsheets simply byspeaking? What if you could control your PC just by talking to it startingprograms usingmenus surfing the Web?Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Preferred gives small business and advanced PC usersthepower to create documents reports and emails three times faster than mostpeople type - with up to 99%accuracy. Surf the Web by voice or dictate and editin Microsoft Word and Excel Corel WordPerfect and mostother Windows-basedapplications. Create voice mands to quickly insert blocks of texts or images- such as yourname title and signature. Dictate into a handheld device whenyoure away from your PC or use a Bluetoothmicrophone for the same greatdictation results without the wires.Dragon NaturallySpeaking works with themost monly used desktop applicationsincluding Microsoft Word Inter Explorer AOL and more! Just aboutanythingyou do now by typing can be done faster using your voice. Create and editdocuments or emails. Openand close applications. Control your mouse and entiredesktop.The biggest reason more people worldwide relyon Dragon NaturallySpeaking: itworks. With more than 175 awards for accuracy and ease of use it’stheundisputed leader in speech recognition software. If you want to get more donemore quickly just say theword and Dragon NaturallySpeaking will transform yourproductivity.New FeaturesDragon NaturallySpeaking isfaster and more accurate than ever delivering up to20% more accurate results than Version 9. Your transcribedwords now appear onthe screen in half the time it took in the past. With new Dragon VoiceShortcuts you cansearch the Web for information products news and more witha single voice mand. Updated graphical icons forthe DragonBar are intuitiveand easy to see. New Quick Voice Formatting makes it easier to Read more