Adobe photoshop extended cs4 [mac] [old version]


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Adobe photoshop extended cs4 [mac] [old version]

  1. 1. REVIEWS - Adobe Photoshop Extended CS4 [Mac][OLD VERSION]ViewUserReviewsAverage Customer Rating5.0 out of 5Product FeaturePaint directly on 3D models, wrap 2D imagesqaround 3D shapes, convert gradient maps to 3Dobjects, add depth to layers and text, and getprint-quality output with the new ray-tracingrendering engine, and enjoy exporting tosupported common 3D formatsEasily access every tool for nondestructiveqadjustment of color and tone, including Exposureand Vibrance options; quickly adjust specific areaswith easier access to all the tools for creatingeditable pixel- and vector-based masksPaint, add text, and clone over multiple frames ofqan imported video sequence with ease usingsingle-key shortcutsCreate or modify images with a wide assortment ofqprofessional, fully customizable drawing tools,paint settings, and artistic brushes; simply drag toresize brushes and adjust for hardness as youpaint and preview brush strokesUse the new Content-Aware Scaling feature toqautomatically recompose an image as you resize it,smartly preserving vital areas as the image adaptsto the new dimensions; get the perfect image inone step, without time-intensive cropping andretouchingRead moreqProduct DescriptionGet all the features in Adobe Photoshop CS4 software- and much more. Whether you work in design, motiongraphics, architecture, education, engineering, medicine, or scientific research, Photoshop CS4 Extended is thesoftware for you. Paint directly on 3D models and access all the power of Photoshop for 3D editing andcompositing. Experiment freely with nondestructive image adjustments. Composite images, text, and graphics.Work at peak efficiency in a streamlined and flexible interface. Edit motion graphics over multiple frames ofimported video layers. And for accurate image analysis and visualization, take advantage of precise
  2. 2. measurement, counting, and logging tools. Includes Photoshop CS4 Extended For Mac. Read moreProduct DescriptionAdobe Photoshop CS4 Extended software delivers all the features in Photoshop CS4 and more. New featuresmake it easier than ever to apply the unrivaled editing power of Photoshop to 3D models and motion graphics.Improved image analysis capabilities satisfy technical needs, while a newly refined interface speeds up yourworkflow.Photoshop CS4 and Photoshop CS4 Extended feature a newly refined, tab-based interface in a single,integrated window, with self-adjusting panels arranged in docked groups. Automatically keeping tools wellorganized and away from your work area means you get greater efficiency, less clutter, and better results,faster than before. Click to enlarge.Discover new dimensions in digital imagingRevolutionary 3D painting and compositingPaint directly on 3D models, wrap 2D images around 3D shapes, convert gradient maps to 3D objects, adddepth to layers and text, and get print-quality output with the new ray-tracing rendering engine, and enjoyexporting to supported common 3D formats.Adjustments panelSimplify image adjustment by easily accessing every tool you need to nondestructively adjust and enhance thecolor and tone of your images; on-image controls and a wide variety of presets are also included in the new liveand dynamic Adjustments panel.Masks panelQuickly create and edit masks from the new Masks panel. This panel offers all the tools you need to createeditable pixel- and vector-based masks, adjust mask density and feathering, easily select noncontiguousobjects, and more.Motion graphics editingPaint, add text, and clone over multiple frames of an imported video sequence. Sync painting and other effectsto your soundtrack with new audio controls. And work faster using single-key shortcuts.Richer painting and drawing toolsetCreate or modify images with a wide assortment of professional, fully customizable drawing tools, paintsettings, and artistic brushes. Simply drag to resize brushes and adjust for hardness as you paint and previewbrush strokes.
  3. 3. The new Adjustments panel helps eliminate almost 90% of the mouse movements required to make nondestructiveimage adjustments. Click to enlarge.Spot color and exposure adjustments are more natural with the improved Dodge, Burn, and Sponge tools.Enhanced Auto-Blend technology automatically masks and blends frame edges for better results on panoramas.Click to enlarge.
  4. 4. A range of shots, each with different exposure, color, and focal points (left) automatically becomes a single,color-corrected, expanded depth-of-field image with Auto-Blend Layers. Click to enlarge.Enhanced auto-alignment of layersCreate accurate composites with the enhanced Auto-Align Layers command. Move, rotate, or warp layers toalign them more accurately than ever before. Or use spherical alignment to create breathtaking panoramas.Enhanced auto-blending of imagesEasily create a single image from a series of shots that have different focal points with the enhancedAuto-Blend Layers command, which smoothly blends color and shading and now extends your depth of field,automatically correcting vignettes and lens distortion.Extended depth of fieldCombine a range of images, each with a different exposure, color, and focal point--with options to preservetones and colors--into a single color-corrected image.Image analysisExtract quantitative information from images with powerful tools that calculate distance, perimeter, area, andother measurements. Record and export data for further quantitative analysis. Even set measurements to thescale in DICOM file headers.Better raw image processingEnjoy superior conversion quality as you process raw images with the industry-leading Adobe PhotoshopCamera Raw 5 plug-in, which now offers localized corrections, post-crop vignetting, TIFF and JPEG processing,and support for more than 190 camera models.Efficient file management with Adobe Bridge CS4Get instant access to Adobe Bridge CS4 with faster start-up, use new workspaces to jump to the right displayfor every task, easily create web galleries and PDF contact sheets, and more.Industry-leading color correctionEnjoy dramatically enhanced control with reengineered Dodge, Burn, and Sponge tools that now intelligentlypreserve color and tone details. Make precise adjustments with Brightness/Contrast and Curves controls, thehistogram, channel lines, and a clipping preview.Multi-Touch support on Mac laptopsPinch, swipe, rotate, zoom, and scroll with just the touch of your fingers by taking full advantage of theMulti-Touch trackpad on newer MacBook Pro and MacBook Air laptops (requires Mac OS X v10.5).Profiles to support the color-blindDesign with sensitivity for color-blind individuals by creating soft proofs of your images using built-in ColorUniversal Design Organization profiles. Extensibility--Get and share Adobe Flash technology-based panels thatdevelopers create to accomplish customized tasks. Plus, get tips and tricks from the thriving worldwidecommunity of Photoshop users through the new Adobe Community Help online service.
  5. 5. Top new features in Photoshop CS4 and Photoshop CS4 ExtendedThe new versions of Photoshop are about much more than just adding new features. Theyre about providingyou with best practices in the tasks you do daily--about making your work in Photoshop not just faster andeasier, but more intelligent, and more natively nondestructive. Here are the top new features andenhancements in Photoshop CS4 and Photoshop CS4 Extended.Live, nondestructive corrections with the Adjustments panelPhotoshop CS4 speeds workflow performance with the Adjustments panel, cutting the time it takes to makenondestructive adjustments like Curves, Levels, Hue/Saturation, and much more. Theres no dialog box maze tonavigate--just go straight to the task at hand. The Adjustments panel brings the right tool for the right job toyour fingertips, dynamically, saving precious time. The panel features the new Vibrance adjustment, giving yougreater control over color saturation while preserving delicate tones, such as skin colors. On-image adjustmentsare now available for Hue/Saturation and Curves. Plus, for even greater convenience and time savings, thepanel features a wide variety of modifiable presets for each type of change, including more than 20 newpreconfigured, customizable starting points. Photoshop CS4 speeds you through countless tasks with theAdjustments panel.Re-editable, feathered, density-controlled masksThe new Masks panel smooths and speeds the creation and adjustment of pixel and vector masks, making iteasier than ever to apply effects to precisely defined areas of an image. Now, with simple sliders, you canadjust the density and feathering of a mask, to control both the sharpness of the mask edge and how much ofthe adjustment effect youd like to reveal. The Refine Mask feature allows simple yet fine-grained control overthe mask size and edges. And Color Range has been upgraded for better accuracy and power. Its a fast way toautomatically create powerful and detailed masks based on single or multiple colors, with simple controls forthe spatial tolerance and "fuzziness" of the color sampling.Simply drag the new Rotate View tool outside the image area to spin your canvas to the orientation that worksbest for you. Click to enlarge.The new Pixel Grid appears at magnifications of 600% or higher, facilitating the finest detail editing. Click toenlarge.
  6. 6. Bridge CS4 makes it easier to work with all of your image assets, with intuitive, easily discoverable controls forcamera import, viewing and sorting, contact-sheet and web-gallery creation. Youll also find more versatilethroughput to Photoshop CS4, including opening multiple files as a single, multi-layered image, and much more.Click to enlarge.Enhancements to 3D support in Photoshop CS4 Extended include the ability to merge 2D layers onto 3Dlayers--effectively turning a 2D image into part of the 3D object. Click to enlarge.Preview and export audio tracks and frame comments from the Animation panel in Photoshop CS4 Extended.Click to enlarge.More refined, natural results with Dodge, Burn, and SpongeIn the days of film, paper, safelights, and chemicals, photographers dodged and burned their prints duringexposure, to darken and brighten areas of an image as they created it. It was an art that required steady handsand practice to master. The newly refined Dodge, Burn, and Sponge tools in Photoshop CS4 take the pain andpractice out of preserving tonal quality while you spot-correct exposure and color saturation. Simply paint thearea you want to adjust and get advanced results in a fraction of the time.
  7. 7. Enhanced Auto-Align, Auto-Blend, and new 360-degree panoramasThe automatic alignment and blending technology in Photoshop CS4 enhances a wide variety of features, butnowhere are the improvements more obvious than in Photomerge. Now, when you stitch a sequence of imagesinto a panorama, enhanced blending combines with new vignetting and geometric distortion corrections tobring you even better results--a panorama with more natural colors blended from one end of the scene to theother. Additional improvements include the ability to create 360-degree panoramas, automatic detection of fisheye lenses to compensate for their inherent distortion, and the new Collage option which rotates and scalesindividual images as they are combined using Auto-Align and Photomerge.Extended depth of fieldWhether its the extreme close-up, the microbial world, or simply low-light conditions, there are times when thedepth of field you can capture with your camera is extremely shallow. Now, you can shoot the scene with aseries of focal points, and use the enhanced Auto-Blend Layers feature to automatically create a new, singleimage with a depth of field encompassing the entire series. You can even color-correct the images at the sametime, automatically. This feature provides breathtaking enhancement of any scene where lighting and depth offield are in short supply.Fluid canvas rotationPhotoshop CS4 introduces a revolutionary new feature that lets you paint and draw as easily and naturally assitting down at an easel. With the new Rotate View tool, you can nondestructively spin your canvas to anyorientation you desire--a boon to every illustrator, whether you paint by mouse or tablet. No pixel distortion, nocraning your head to get the perspective you want, and no matter how you spin your canvas, Photoshop CS4adjusts your selections, grids, rulers, and other tools and features to match your chosen orientation.Ultra-smooth, extra-precise pan, zoom, preview, and painting toolsMost modern computers contain a powerful graphics processor (GPU) that is almost like having a secondcomputer inside the box. Photoshop CS4 leverages the power of your GPU with OpenGL technology to blastpast the image-viewing restrictions of yesterday. Zoom all the way down to the level of individual pixels, withperfect clarity even at the oddest magnification percentages. Smoothly navigate around the largest imageswith no stutter or preview lag. Use the new Pixel Grid to easily edit images at the highest magnification. Andrevel in a faster, easier painting workflow, with brushes you can resize by dragging your mouse; new brushcursors that more clearly preview brush strokes before you make them; and improved, higher precision tablettracking. Navigating very large images is easier than ever--instantly zoom high overhead to move to a newarea of the image, and just as instantly zoom back in to the highest magnification. You can also ÒtossÓ theimage across the screen with the Hand tool--the physics engine in Photoshop CS4 will give you a natural pan inany direction.Next generation Adobe Bridge CS4Finding, previewing, and managing all of your image assets jumps to a new level of power and conveniencewith Adobe Bridge CS4, beginning with faster performance from startup through to handing off images toPhotoshop CS4. New path-bar navigation and workspace selection buttons across the top of the Bridge windowlet you instantly jump to just the right display for every task, including new Camera Import controls, visualfolder navigation, and a new Carousel View for larger image-group selections. In the Output workspace, Bridgenow features PDF-based contact-sheet creation and web-gallery creation and uploading. You can preview 3Dimages and panoramas created in Photoshop CS4. The new Search field helps you quickly find images in Bridge,and is also integrated with the Spotlight feature in Mac OS X and the Desktop Search feature in Windows Vista.You can even switch to the new, intuitive List View, with its familiar data display and sorting controls.Tighter integration with Photoshop Lightroom 2Professionals and other advanced photographers rely on the one-two punch of Adobe Photoshop and PhotoshopLightroom software as the complete digital photography toolkit. Photoshop CS4 makes this workflow easierthan ever, with improved cross-application support for automated functions, such as opening multiplephotographs from Lightroom 2 directly into a layered Photoshop document, high dynamic range (HDR) image,panorama, or Smart Object. Lightroom 2 and Adobe Camera Raw also share the same underlying technology,which means the changes you make with Camera Raw 5 in Photoshop CS4 are recognized in Lightroom 2, andvice versa.Camera Raw 5 with localized, nondestructive adjustments
  8. 8. Providing the first step in the processing of raw data from your digital camera, Camera Raw now enables you tomake localized adjustments by simply painting the area to be affected, and then using sliders to control thechange. Additional enhancements include Post Crop Vignetting, and gradient-based localized correction. Youcan apply the same Camera Raw adjustments to TIFF and JPEG photographs, and, as always, the correctionsyou make are completely nondestructive, with the original files being maintained in their pristine state.Breakthrough 3D editing and compositingWith Photoshop CS4 Extended, you can now work with 3D models as easily and powerfully as you can 2Dimages, without navigating dialog boxes and special layer contents. For the first time, you can paint directly on3D models, easily convert 2D images or gradient maps into 3D objects, and convert layers into volumes. Wrapa flat design onto a 3D object by merging the 2D layer directly onto your 3D layer. Merge two different 3Dlayers into a single scene. You can even use video layers as textures, to turn any 3D object into a video displayzone. Basic presets will speed the process or turning two-dimensional designs into common 3D shapes such asspheres and cylinders. You can also export 3D layers directly to the OBJ, KMZ, Collada, and U3D file formats. Itall means that every creative professional can now take immediate advantage of three-dimensional assetscreated in todays high-end modeling applications, and use them in their 2D mock-ups and composites. The 3Dengine has been rebuilt from the ground up to provide dramatically faster performance; allow editing ofproperties like lights, materials, and cameras; and create more realistic renderings with a new high-quality raytracer.Enhanced motion graphicsAdobe Photoshop is an essential part of the motion graphics workflow, and Photoshop CS4 Extended makesthat workflow more efficient than ever, starting with the enhanced preview of non-square-pixel images. Easilypreview and export the audio content of a video file as well as its frame comments. New keyboard shortcutsare enabled for the Animation panel to make fast work of editing between frames and keyframes. You can nowanimate the 3D object and camera position, render settings, and cross-sections, bringing new depth tomotion-graphics editing. When working with 3D objects, you can even place video layers into your textures,turning any 3D object surface into a video display screen. Especially for film and television professionals, AdobeAfter Effects CS4 can now directly read and import 3D layers from Photoshop CS4 files.With Volume Rendering, the 2D images from a DICOM stack (left) become rich, 3D volumes that can be examinedfrom any orientation. Click to enlarge.
  9. 9. New Post Crop Vignetting lets you recreate artistic vignette effects in a photograph even after the original edge ofthe photo has been cropped away. Click to enlarge.Photoshop CS4 helps you keep your work area efficient and clutter-free, with a new unified application frame,tab-based interface and self-adjusting panels. Click to enlarge.Printing improvements in Photoshop CS4 include 16-bit printing (Mac OS X only) and preview of out-of-gamutcolors. Click to enlarge.
  10. 10. The Adobe Kuler panel makes it simple to browse, create, and share color themes online. Click to enlarge.Volume RenderingVolume Rendering is a new way to easily convert text, shape, or pixel layers into a volume. Artists can combinepainted layers into entirely new and eye-catching 3D volumes. Motion graphics professionals can quickly turntext layers into animated 3D text. Medical professionals can volume render a DICOM image stack into a 3Danatomical image that can be viewed and explored from all angles and depths. Whether the goal is creative orscientific, Photoshop CS4 Extended adds exciting new capabilities with Volume Rendering.Easier data collection and analysis with the Count toolAllowing fast, simple, point-and-click tallying of objects in scientific images, the Count tool is expanded inPhotoshop CS4 Extended to allow for multiple counts, as well as separate colors for each count. This data iseasily saved into the file for future reference, and can be collected in the Measurement Log panel forcomparison and export to standard text files.Unified tabbed interface with self-adjusting panelsPhotoshop CS4 helps you keep your work area efficient and clutter-free, with a new unified application frame,tab-based interface and self-adjusting panels. Youll notice immediately how the Photoshop interface appearscleaner--instead of having to arrange multiple image windows, Photoshop does it for you with a tab for eachopen image. Docked panel groups keep to the side of your images, so you have fewer things to move aroundwhile you work. Individual panels expand and contract automatically to show you the controls you need, andyou can even collapse entire panel groups to their header rows with a single click. Of course, you can stillmanually arrange floating windows and panels to suit your working style, even moving all of your panels to asecond monitor if you prefer.Smarter Smart ObjectsSmart Object layers allow for nondestructive scaling and transformation of Photoshoplayers. With PhotoshopCS4, you can now apply perspective transformations to SmartObjects, work with linked layer masks, and usethe new Eyedropper tool option to sampleeither the current layer or all of the layers in the Smart Object atonce.More powerful printing optionsPhotoshop CS4 brings even higher quality to large, detailed images when taken to print. You can now previewout-of-gamut colors and take advantage of a streamlined printing interface. In addition, only on Mac OS X forthis release, 16-bit printing is available for the first time, vastly increasing the color depth and clarity possiblein printing.Higher performance on very large images (Windows 64 only)Photoshop CS4 has now been optimized to take advantage of even more RAM on 64-bit-capable Windows PCsthat are running a 64-bit version of Windows Vista.Additional refinementsThe evolution of Photoshop software always includes a vast array of small but important improvements and
  11. 11. additions. Extra refinements in Photoshop CS4 include:Support for multi-touch gestures available on newer Apple MacBook Pro and MacBook Air computers runningMac OS X LeopardClone Stamp and Healing Brush live preview cursor for easier, more precise cloning and healing resultsLayer-based metadata enabling reading and writing strings to layer properties, such as recording time-stampinformation for videoDevelopers of specialized applications can create custom SWF-format panels that smoothly integrate withPhotoshop CS4Extensible SWF-based File Info panel, enabling developers to add network-stored keywords, performspell-checking, and other functionsUnique IDs per document for easier downstream tracking of assetsCUDO technology, providing the ability to design with sensitivity for color blind individuals via soft-proofingSpring-loaded keys to temporarily shift between tools by holding down a tool shortcut keyFXG exportDevice Link color profile supportNotes panel, to keep annotations from cluttering the canvasCreative Pro Online ServicesPhotoshop CS4 gives you built-in access to a world of online resources with Creative Pro Online Services.Search for help; share your screen with colleagues or clients in a few clicks; create and share color harmonies;and more.Adobe Community HelpGet the power of an online search engine with targeted results. Searchable content includes the in-depthPhotoshop Help, plus additional Adobe and third-party content chosen by experts at Adobe and in the designand production communities. With Adobe Community Help, you can find the focused answers you need, fast,simply by choosing Help > Photoshop Help (Internet connection required) is a set of online services--file sharing and storage, PDF converter, online word processor, and webconferencing--that you can use to create and share documents, communicate in real time, and simplify workingwith others. Thanks to the connection between one of the services, Adobe ConnectNow, andPhotoshop CS4, you can meet live over the web to share your screen, present creative concepts and ideas, andbrainstorm with up to two online guests for no additional service charge. To share your screen with colleaguesand clients, choose File > Share My Screen. Guests can then see your desktop on their screens as you work.You can exchange ideas using the chat pod, add a live video or audio feed, or use the Whiteboard feature toenable guests to comment on content. You can even temporarily hand over control of the screen to a guest tocollaborate on a file. Additional services, such as Share, Create PDF, My Files, and AdobeBuzzword, are accessible via your web browser. (Internet connection required.)Adobe KulerExplore, create, and share color themes with Adobe Kuler. Kick start your creative projects with colorinspiration from the online Kuler community. Browse thousands of themes by newest, most popular, or highestrated; or search themes by tag word, title, or creator. Themes can be downloaded and moved to your Swatchespanel with one click. Or use an interactive color wheel that supports standard harmony rules to develop newcolor themes that you can save, move to your Swatches panel, and upload to share with others (Internetconnection required for community functionality).Adobe Bridge HomeClick Bridge Home in the Favorites panel of Adobe Bridge CS4 and stay up to date with whats new from Adobe,and from the design, web development, and video and audio production communities at large. Watch the latestvideo tutorials for your Creative Suite 4 components, listen to a podcast interview with a leading designer, orlearn about the next training event in your community. Discover tips and resources that can help you make themost of Photoshop CS4 (Internet connection required).Part of the Adobe Creative Suite 4 familyAdobe Photoshop CS4 and Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended are important components of the Adobe Creative
  12. 12. Suite 4 family of software. Creative Suite 4 Design Premium is everything a modern designer needs to createeye-catching images, breathtaking graphics, expert typography, precision layout, and high-quality productionfor print, web, interactive, and mobile content. Creative Suite 4 Web Premium is a complete solution forcreating interactive websites, applications, user interfaces, presentations, mobile device content, Adobe AIRapplications, and other digital experiences. Creative Suite 4 Production Premium is must-have software forcreative professionals who need to craft world-class video, audio, and interactive media--on-air, online,on-device, and invariably on deadline. Creative Suite 4 Master Collection is the complete solution for customersrequiring the ultimate power and versatility of the complete line of Adobe Creative Suite 4 components. Readmore