Evaluation: Part 1


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Evaluation: Part 1

  1. 1. By looking at few music video of pop genre on YouTube we were able to spot the usualconventions by identifying the mise-en-scene. Locations were not the main focus for most of the time as most Pop music video wereshot in a green room and mainly used effects such as flashing and took priority over theartist appearance by giving the main role throughout the music video the camera wheremost like to follow them through long shot, close up, zoom, tracking, panning. Most Popmusic video will would have a dance number whereby the artist will join in with thechoreography by having back up dancers behind them. The lighting were almost alwaysbright with minimal use of dark light, however some Pop music video did have a darklight at the beginning of the their video to introduce the artist, the light did increase intime. Most Pop artist will wear very bright coloured costumes and female pop artist weremostly dressed in provocative ways. The music was always upbeat with the use of drums,keyboards and string. This gave us an idea of how our music should look like; throughediting we were able to create a bright atmosphere as well professional looking effects.Through Andre Goodwin’s analysis of music video, a music video demonstrates genrecharacteristics through stage performance and dance routine. He also states that thethere should be a relationship between lyrics and visuals as well as between music andvisuals.As soon as we heard the song by the artist and learning a bit about him through artistresearch we decided the song fits best in Pop genre as the song sound upbeat and couldeasily be transformed to a Pop music video.
  2. 2. Ed Sheeran- Lego houseThe use of long shot is a favourableconvention of many music videos as it We used the idea of usingshows of the surroundings around the tracking on one of our scenesartist and it lets the audience know where this allowed the audience tothe music video has been shot. We used follow the action and let thethis idea on our music video by filming in artist take them around thean area that our audience would ‘set’. This will help the audiencerecognise. to connect with the artist.
  3. 3. Justin Bieber - Baby This music video a very similar narrative to our music video as throughout the music video the male protagonist wanted to gain the girls’ attention as you can see both the male protagonist were getting rejected. We used this convention in our music video as both the lyrics are based around love.We developed on the idea of instead of conforming to theconvention of having artist and the female argue in a lively,public area we filmed the scene in a secluded area as wewanted them to be the main focus during the scene.In this music video there’s a low angle shot of a girlreaching her arm out to the world as she’s gazing up tothe sky. This indicates that she was superiority over theworld. The were also many usage of close ups and zoomthrough out the music video. This was used to take awayfocus of her surroundings. These type of shots arecommonly used in many music videos . We used this idea of having a low angle shot as this represented our artist as a superior being just like the Ed Sheeran music video who also used thisEd Sheeran – A Team type of camera work.
  4. 4. Both the advert defocused As you can see both advert the background to make the artist stand out and look has both the name of the more rounded artist and the date of the release date of the album.This adverthas a verydistinct colour On myscheme which advert Iis red as its includedconsistent morethrough out detailsthe advert. such asWhereas I shops andtried not to sites thatstick with one thecolour but took audienceadvantage of canthe colour on purchasethe hat; this the albumflattered theartist face as itlooks morerounded and I got the idea of including the CD of thelight as the hat album to let the audience know how itis of bright looks like so when they go to purchase itcolours they’ll know which one it is.
  5. 5. I believe that my All these CD covers CD cover meet have the texts at a top most of the codes corner next to the and conventions of artist’s face, indicating a typical Pop CD. that the text associated with theI used this type of picture i.e. artist nameconvention of and the name of thehaving the album or single wasbackground out of both there. I used thisfocus as this made convention on my CDthe artist, picture as the layout andstand out. Ideveloped on this positioning of the textsidea by making the appealed to mebackground black thereby I feel that itand white and have would also appeal tothe artist and texts my target audience.in colour. I used this type of convention by using a fancy text style to appeal to the audience as they want to see something fresh and urban as this will indicate that artist is the same; a modern, young, urban male.
  6. 6. As a group we decided to go with a different approach with music video and challenge some of the code and conventions of a pop. The actress in our music video challenges some of the elements of a pop genre but not dressing up in provocative ways, as you can see she’s dressed up in a modest way. The idea behind this is that we wanted her to set an example for teenage girls (target audience) that you should not dress proactively to gain attention.Some element of our music video challenges the pop genreconvention as our artist is not wearing a flashy, brightcostume and accessories as well as colourful lighting. Thesetype of conventions would appeal to a younger audience asit looks fashionable and eye-catching. We did try to makeuse of this conventions through editing by adding effectsthat would appeal to our younger audience. +
  7. 7. As you can see this CD cover is very colourful with the consistent use of bright primary colours that compliments the artist. You can make an assumption that it + targets teenage girls due to the title of the CD. These are the basic conventions of a Pop CD cover.However, my CDcover challenges thisconvention by notusing as much Myprimary colours productsinstead I made use ofneutral colours suchas black and whitewith some element ofprimary colours on The reason for this is; is that I wanted the artist to be thethe clothes. main focus by making the audience pay very little attention to the background and focus their eyes on the artist and the texts. This will ultimately grab their attention as the only colour present are on the artist and texts, as a result they will have no choice but to look at the artist and read the texts.
  8. 8. Here are some music advert from Pop artists, I’m going to look at the different codes and conventions in each advert and identify how my advert challenges some of their conventions.As you can see thetexts are positioneddifferently. I used minimal effects on my advert as I wanted to keep it simple. However, some of these advertThe picture are of many took advantage of theirdifferent size and how they advert and used effectsare positioned are different to their full potential.as my advert solely focuseson the artist face and texts;showing the consumers theimportance of theinformation that they arepresented with. I showed the importance of my artist byThis advert does not show the audience a picture having him positioned on the centre of theof the artist as she’s very well known. The advert advert; indicating the importance of theshows that by just the mention of her name the artist, I also showed this by having the textsaudience will already know who she is as she surround him. Whereas the other advert hadreached the at a point of her career of being positioned the artist at a corner of the advertsuccessful and an international pop star, and by exaggerating its texts by havinghowever, my artist has not reached that point bright and bold lettering. Whereas I tried toyet which is why both a picture of him and the keep mine simple with minimal texts styles.name is given away on the advert