Teaching leadership in efl
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Teaching leadership in efl






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    Teaching leadership in efl Teaching leadership in efl Presentation Transcript

    • Daniela Munca-AftenevAmerican Councils Moldova
    • • Solve the mystery !
    • • Your group must find out ‘who did it’. Ifyou put all the facts together, you will beable to solve the case.Rules:1. Within 10 minutes, your group must cometo consensus (agreement) as to:-who robbed the bank?-How was it done?2. At the end of 10 minutes, each group willpresent their answer and solution using thechart paper provided.
    • • · The Ellington’s collaborated to rob the bank· Ms. Ellington supplied the front door key(borrowed from Ms. Bansaco) and Howardsupplied the dynamite· Bansaco had already left for Mexico whenthe robbery took place· Mr. Smith was in Hooterville on the night ofthe robbery· Dirsey Flowers was at the home ofAnastasia’s parents· There was no evidence that Arthur Nodoughwas connected with the robbery in any way
    • •  award-winning annual television special created by CNN • honors individuals who make extraordinary contributions to humanitarian aid and make a real difference in their communities.• launched in 2007 and continues now, with the tribute show aired at the end of the year
    • • You represent one of the public or private TV channels fromMoldova (Choose a real one, for example: Moldova 1, Jurnal TV, Pro TV, Publika TV, etc)• Your task is to create a show that would recognize outstandingindividuals from Moldova who make extraordinary contributions to humanitarian aid and make a real difference in their communities.• Write a project plan of action which would include the following:•• Name of the show• Broadcasting conditions (how often, time, length, etc)• Format: talk show, interview, video reports, short video autobiography,documentary, competition, etc• Presenter(s)• Voting Committee• Nominating and selection conditions• How to involve the audience as participants, nominators and voters
    • Create a class Student Government• Student government meets on a weekly basis to plan dances, fundraisers, community events and other school-related activities• Students involved in government are essentially responsible for many of the important decisions in the school and act as the voice of the student body for a particular grade• Students typically run for positions on student government, such as president, vice president, treasurer and trustee• Theyre elected into the positions by their peers, typically on an annual basis.
    • • Most leaders need to have good charactertraits to lead effectively• "respect" or "integrity"• Each week, plan a new activity based onthe current months word• Ask that students create a PowerPointpresentation that talks about leaders whohave the words quality• Or have students create skits thatdemonstrate the word in action
    • • Be aware that the natural leaders in class may takeover small group assignments even when they arenot the assigned leaders.• These natural leaders or outgoing studentssometimes find ways to take charge despite theroles you have assigned.• To avoid this problem, circulate around the room andsupervise the groups as much as possible, steppingin with advice as needed and giving all students theopportunity to play the leading roles.