What's new in Veeam 7 - Was ist neu in Veeam 7


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Rinon Belegu, Osys VEEAM Profi, stellt in dieser Präsentation die neuen Features von VEEAM v7 vor. Die aufgezeichnete Präsentation mit allen Live-Demos finden Sie auf der Osys Seite: www.osys.ch/news/video-slides-veeam-v7

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What's new in Veeam 7 - Was ist neu in Veeam 7

  1. 1. v7 Features Standard Enterprise Built-in WAN Acceleration Backup Copy jobs Native tape support Enterprise Plus   1      Backup from Storage Snapshots (VMware only)  Virtual Lab for replicas (VMware only)   Enhanced support for vCloud Director 2    vSphere Web Client plug-in          Virtual Lab for Hyper-V (backups only) Full Instant File-Level Recovery for Hyper-V (Windows, Linux, et al)  1-Click Restore for VMs Self-Service Recovery of VMs and guest files  Veeam Explorer for Microsoft SharePoint 3    Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Exchange 2013 3    Task automation 4   
  2. 2. Highly efficient Automatically copies VMs to local or offsite storage location Validation and remediation ensure copies are available and reliable Minimizes backup overhead and expense Enables proper backup and retention policies without extra backups, copy scripts, or capabilities like storage-based file replication Backup Production storage Backup Copy NEW! Primary backup storage Secondary backup storage
  3. 3. 50x faster Backup Production storage Backup Copy Primary backup storage WAN acceleration Offsite storage
  4. 4. Full Backup Forward increments .vbk .vib .vib .vib .vib .vib .vib Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
  5. 5. Blocks Block blocks are Changed are compressed & Changed Tracking allows This process repeats for each deduplicatedFull written to a Used blocks are written Initial then identified compressed and Backup into an fast identification of modified backup run Veeam backup file incremental file disk blocks .vbk .vib .vib .vib .vib .vib .vib Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
  6. 6. All blocks are copied from source storage to the backup file .vbk .vib .vrb .vib .vib .vib .vib .vbk Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
  7. 7. All the full blocks is built the Still in use blocks are copied Oncerequiredbackup are now Veeam first runs an incremental located in theincremental is from previous full and temporary Veeam backup to capture all current blocks files incremental backups removed .vbk .vib .vib .vib .vib .vib .vib Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat .vbk
  8. 8. Full Backup Reverse Increments .vrb .vrb .vrb .vrb .vrb .vrb .vbk Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
  9. 9. Blocks are Block blockschanged Changed versionscompressed, Previous copied, of are Changed Tracking The same backup filefor allows This process repeats is used each deduplicatedFull Backup to the Usedare written of a reverse blocks are to blocks Initial next written into fast identificationdaymodified compressedand written and identified the backup file backup run the incremental file file Veeam backup disk blocks .vrb .vbk .vrb .vrb .vrb .vrb .vrb Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
  10. 10. All end result is a full backup The required blocks are now Incremental blocks are copied into Veeam runs an incremental to the with while oldVeeamare copied VBK in the blocks backup locatedreverse incrementals capture a rollback file current blocks to allfiles .vbk .vrb .vib .vrb .vib .vrb .vib .vrb .vib .vrb .vib .vrb .vib Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
  11. 11. Reverse Incremental Forward Incremental
  12. 12. Recommendation Consideration Create jobs with VM counts that are reasonable for the backup window Estimate 2-3 minutes minimum overhead per-VM Create jobs that contain a manageable amount of data Total size of VM data within a job: Local Target (1MB blocks): 8TB LAN Target (512KB blocks): 4TB WAN Target (256KB blocks): 2TB Understand the impact of selecting VM Objects Selecting jobs by datastore or host will cause full backups when VMs move Limit the number of exclusions used in backup object selection. While intelligent use of exclusions may be required, complex exclusions lead to VMs or data not getting backed up
  13. 13. VM VM VM VM Quick Migration VM VM Production Datastore NFS Backup Compressed & Deduplicated VM VM VM Backup to Disk Datastore VM VM
  14. 14. File/Folder Restore: direct from compressed and deduplicated Backup file VM Virtual Lab Veeam Explorer for Exchange neu: direct from compressed and deduplicated backup file (needs Exchange 2010) Universal Application-Item Recovery: Backup to Disk isolated environement Datastore Lab) (Virtual configured and managed by Veeam use Instant VM Recovery technology Veeam Explorer for SAN Snapshots neu: Veeam Restores of SAN Snapshots Support for HP Lefthand/VSA (3Par) VM Snapshot VM VM VM VM VM
  15. 15. Guest OS Supported File System Linux ext2, ext3, ext4, ReiserFS (Reiser3 only), JFS, XFS Unix JFS, XFS, UFS BSD UFS, UFS2 Solaris UFS, ZFS Mac HFS, HFS+ Windows NTFS, FAT, FAT32, ReFS
  16. 16. SureBackup Verification Job VM OS App Report VMware vPowerTM vPower NFS VMWare DataStores Compressed/ De-duplicated Backup File Backup Storage