Jeanne hale leadership and driving change

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  • 1. Leadership and driving change … identifying the need for change and challenging barriers
  • 2. Leadership and driving change … identifying the need for change and challenging barriers
    • Today more than ever we are we are linked to others in a global
    • context:
      • socially through global media and telecommunication networks
      • culturally through the migration of people around the world
      • economically through trade
      • environmentally through sharing one planet
      • politically through international relations
  • 3. Leadership and driving change …what do we want for our pupils?
    • to be aware of the wider world and have sense of themselves as a global citizens
    • to respect and value diversity
    • to understand how the world works
    • to make an active contribution as a citizen both locally and globally
    • to take action to make the world a more sustainable place to live
    • to take greater responsibility for their own actions
  • 4. … raising aspirations for the next generation .
  • 5. Leadership and driving change …identifying the need for change and challenging barriers
    • Look at the outcomes …what story do they tell?
        • Pupil achievement
        • Teaching and learning
        • Pupil behaviour
        • Quality of curriculum provision
  • 6. Look at the outcomes …what story do they tell
    • Quality of curriculum provision
      • Look at what is in place is it:
        • a curriculum to empower learners
        • a curriculum for life for young people
      • What ‘works’ and has a positive impact on pupil’s learning?
      • Ask pupils what do they think has a positive impact on their learning.
      • Ask pupils what interests them.
      • Identify and build on key learning experiences
  • 7. Curriculum development
    • … create a climate where people think creatively and
    • innovatively about how the curriculum can provide the best
    • learning experience for young people
  • 8. Curriculum development
    • excite children’s interest in learning - ‘compelling learning experiences’
    • build in flexibility to ensure learning is more relevant to the interests, needs and abilities of all children
    • use high quality resources and experiences to make learning purposeful and to create meaning
    • make connections between subjects
    • provide opportunities to consolidate and apply skills knowledge and understanding
  • 9. The global dimension
    • can permeate the whole curriculum
    • brings the world into school
    • puts learning into a meaningful context
    • helps children develop an understanding beyond themselves and their own experience
    • open minds to similarities and differences.
  • 10. Challenging Barriers ….
    • Balancing vision v realities
      • resources, opportunities
    • Challenging values
      • why are you a teacher?
    • Collective purpose
      • we create the energy to achieve the goals we set.