Indonesia Water Supply and Sanitation Magazine. 'PERCIK' Vol 7 December 2004


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Indonesia Water Supply and Sanitation Magazine. 'PERCIK' Vol 7 December 2004

  1. 1. Information Media for Water Supply and From Editor 1 Environmental Sanitation Your Voice 2 Advisor: Main Report Director General for Urban and Muddle within Bantar Gebang TPA Unearthed 3 Rural Development, Ministry of Settlement Flood Swept Across Indonesia 4 and Regional Infrastructure Questioning Governments Responsibility 5 Board of Head: The community is in short of clean water 6 Director of Human Settlement and Housing, Looking for Alternative Water Source 7 National Development Planning Agency Refillable Bottled Water under Spotlight 8 Republic of Indonesia Even Ditch and Wallowing Pond Are Sources for Consumption Water 9 Director of Water and Sanitation, Flares at TSPT Bojong 10 Ministry of Health An Egg About To Hatch 11 Director of Urban and Rural Eastern Region, 2004, the Year of Implementation of National Policy for the Development Ministry of Settlement and Regional of Community Based Water Supply and Environmental Sanitation 13 Infrastructure Glimpses of WASPOLA Activities 2004 15Director of Natural Resources and Appropriate Water and Sanitation Program (ProAir) Technology, Director General on Village and for Rural Population of Nusa Tenggara Timur 17 Community Empowerment, Ministry of Home Affairs WSLIC Phase 2 18 Director for Facilitation of Special Planning CWSH 18 Environment Management, About WASPOLA Ministry of Home Affairs The Implementation of National Policy for WSS Development in November 2004 19 Consigment of Formulation of National Policy for WSS Development 21 Chief Editor: Oswar Mungkasa Workshop on the study of the Dissemination Implementation of National Policy for WSS Development 21 Board of Editor: Workshop for Small Scale Water Provider 21Hartoyo, Johan Susmono, Indar Parawansa, About WSS Poedjastanto Workshop of Community Water Supply and Health (CWSH) Project 22 Editor: Formulation of Draft of Government Regulation on Drinking Water Maraita Listyasari, Rewang Budiyana, Supply and Sanitation Development 22 Rheidda Pramudhy, Joko Wartono, Dissemination of the National Policy for the Development of Essy Asiah, Mujiyanto Community Based Water Supply and Environmental Sanitation 23 Design: Pesentation of Winner Candidates for Scientific Article Writing Competition 23 Rudi Kosasih Consolidation Workshop WSLIC-2 Project Management Report 24 Production: Official Dedication of WSLIC-2 Project in Kabupaten Lumajang 24 Machrudin Reportage When Dolbun is Embarrased 25 Distribution: Anggie Rifki Interview Infrastructure as Nations Unifier 29 Address: Article Jl. Cianjur No. 4, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat Human Quality and Sanitation Infrastructure Development in Indonesia 31 Phone/Fax.: 62-21-31904113 RT/RW Institution as Coordinator in Community Based Water Supply e-mail: and Environmental Sanitation Management 34 Strategy for Community Awareness Improvement 38 Once Again About Privatization 42 Data Unsolicited article or opinion items Basic Sanitation Coverage Rating by Kabupaten/Kota in 2002 47 are welcome. Please send to our addressor e-mail. Dont forget to be brief and accom- Book Info 49 panied by identity. Website Info 50 WSS Bibliography 51 Cover by Rudi Kosasih Agenda 52
  2. 2. F ROM EDITORT ime has flown without we being aware of. Now we have come to SOURCE:FANY WEDAHUDITAMA the very end of 2004. Not a beau-tiful present is what we get this end ofyear. A superlative degree of disaster,instead. More than a hundred thousandof our brothers and sisters in Aceh andNorth Sumatra were victims of naturesmighty force, earthquakes and the fol-lowing tidal waves. Is that Gods dis-pleasure or His demonstration? Only Godknows best. What is certain is, this disas-ter should make us aware about the reali-ty of life is that as Servant of God we shallnever walk imperiously arrogant, dobehave humbly into Gods mercy, instead.Besides, this disaster should move us tolend our hand, help our mireable bro-thers and sisters. And let us pray thatsuch a disaster will never come again.Amien. Acehnese Misery, Our Misery. WSS working group Dear Reader. As usual, many who usethe end of Gregorian calendar year as amilestone where annual report and at thesame time evaluation of the progressmade within the year, is summarized into Merry Christmas 2004record. Was it a success, a half success, or anda failure. Percik of this edition comes in a Happy New Year 2005slightly different format. We want toinvite the readers to look back into vari-ous events that happened in this year inrelation to water supply and environmen-tal sanitation in general, and the WSS Development Policy. These two policies Indonesia expects from organizing suchworking group activity, in particular. We are vital for WSS development because an event.hope some changes would happen in the since the birth of this nation we have What is different from the usual is thenext year. Of course a change towards never had a national policy for this sector. reportase. In the present edition theimprovement. Prevent it, anything that We also want to see the glimpses of WSS column is filled with report from fieldhappened last year is repeated this year. projects such as ProAir, WSLIC-2, and visit to Bangladesh and India. The la-If things like this happen then we belong CWSH have been doing. nguage style is different from the usual,to the disgraced. Not to be forgotten, Percik made an including its length. We hope that by Dear readers, the portrait of events of interview with Suyono Dikun, Deputy for reading the reportase the readers wouldthe year are specially presented in the Infrastructure, Bappenas on Infrastruc- go together and feel the heartbeat of themain feature. The title is WSS Kalei- ture of Indonesia. As we know, WSS journey.doscope 2004. Beside that we want to development has some linkage with the We also present to you the result ofpresent to you how far has the National existing infrastructure condition. More the acticle writing competition. BesidePolicy for Community Based WSS than that, in January 2005 we are going the winner, other articles worthy of pre-Development been moving and what is to organize an event called Infrastructure sentation and useful for the readers willthe progress in Institutionally Based Summit. Of course we want to know what also be presented in the next editions. Percik 1 December 2004
  3. 3. Y OUR VOICE Percik Must Continue concept and the complete address of Mr. Percik Editor wishes to thank those Kamal Kar. who have sent a letter to us. Among Dr. Hj. Gema Asiani, M.Kes We fully agree and support the contents Kasubdin Penyehatan Lingkungan others: Bappeda Kabupaten Ba- of Percik magazine, especially as they relate Kota Palembang tanghari, Planology Division Univ. to the knowledge and various technologies CLTS concept has been applied in se- Trisakti, Mayor of Metro, Regional and and policies in water supply and enviro- veral countries including Bangladesh City Planning Division Fac. of Technics mental sanitation sector. Percik is a useful and India. We have copies of a book that UNDIP, DPRD Nusa Tenggara Timur, reference for procurement, development, explains the concept in detail. We will Information and Public Service Centre, and management of WSS facility and infra- send you a copy of the book as soon as we Dept. Fishery and Maritime Resources structure of Kab. Malang that always can. As for Dr. Kamal Krishna Kar can Development, Planology Division Univ. demands our serious attention. be reached through the following e-mail Tarumanegara, Environmental Techno- The most important issues that demand addresses:, kamal- logy Division ITS, Regional Secretary, serious attention in Kab. Malang include,, Kab. Aceh Barat, DPRD Kab. Pasaman equitable water supply service between Barat, DPRD Prov. Sumatra Selatan, towns and villages (many villages with and DPRD Kab. Aceh Utara inherent water problem), technological as Service Coverage of well as managerial aspects in waste materi- PDAM Palopo al handling, domestic wastewater treat- We would congratulate for the publi- E R R ATA ment, and urban drainage canal, especially cation of Percik Magazine as a means for In Percik of June 2004 edition, with regard the responsibility in safeguard- interaction and information networks there was written "Sanitation is mo- ing the "national assets" such as Sutami and among water supply and environmental re importance than independence" Selorejo dams from solid and domestic sanitation activists. should read "Sanitation is more wastewater from polluting the raw water As an input we would add to your important than independence". reservoirs. information that as of 31 December the In Percik of October 2004 edi- Basically the Dinas Permukiman and total active home connections of PDAM tion, it was written "National Se- Pertamanan of Kabupaten Malang is look- Palopo is 11.773 with an average size of minar for Socialization of Law No. ing forward to more information from family is 6 persons, the total population 8/2004" should read "National Percik. Next time we will try to send you our Seminar for Socialization of Law with access to the service is 70.638. article about WSS condition and manage- No. 7/2004". Services other than home connections ment here in Kab. Malang. In Percik of October 2004 edi- include 13 MCK, 13 public hydrants, 7 tion, it was written "At this time the public taps, and 5 water terminals each formulation of the National Policy Ir. Didik Budi Hartono, MT. provide service to 50 persons on average. for Institutionally Based Drinking Chief, Dinas Perumahan, From simple calculation the total home Water Service Development which Kebersihan and Pertamanan Kabupaten Malang connection and non home connection serves as an umbrella policy for service covers 72.588 persons. PDAM management is in its final More Information The total population of Palopo is stage and is one part of the initial 106.813, the PDAM Palopo service cove- 100 day program of the Indonesia about CLTS Bersatu Cabinet" should only read After reading Percik of October edi- rage as of 31 December 2004 is 67,96 per- cent or rounded up to 68 percent. "At this time the formulation of the tion on page 40 on the concept Commu- National Policy for Institutionally nity Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) we have We would like to inform you further Based Drinking Water Service a feeling that it has something valuable that pursuant to Law No 11/2002 on the Development which serves as an and useful for Sub-dinas Community formation of Kabupaten Mamasa and umbrella policy for PDAM manage- Health of the Dinas Kesehatan City of Kota Palopo, PDAM Kabupaten Luwu ment is in its final stage". Omit "and Palembang in its effort to support which is located within Kota Palopo has is one part of the initial 100 day pro- Indonesia Sehat 2010. We would appre- been transfered to PDAM Kota Palopo. gram of the Indonesia Bersatu ciate it if you could advise us where we Cabinet". Drs. H. Andi Nurlan Basalan, MM could obtain more information about the CEO of PDAM Kota Palopo 2 Percik December 2004
  4. 4. M AIN REPORT Kaleidoscope January Muddle within Bantar Gebang TPA Unearthed SOURCE: MERCYCORPS.OR.ID E arly 2004 it was the beginning of the problems connected to TPA (Tempat Pembuangan Akhir, terminal disposal site) of Bantar Gebang came to light. The city government of Jakarta that has been managing the 100 ha disposal site since 1999, now has to relinquish the facility back to the city go- vernment of Bekasi. This is because the deputy mayor of Bekasi, upon completion of the contract at the end of December 2003, unilaterally asked the city of Ja- karta pay a fee of Rp 85.000 per ton of solid waste material dumped into the site. This is unacceptable to Jakarta because in previous memorandum between the two governments states the fee is only Rp 50.000 per ton. In addition, the inhabitants of three villages, i.e. Sumur Batu, Cikiwul and such as Cilincing. As for the citizens of The increase poses heavy burden to Ciketing demand a compensation for the Bekasi, they want to see the "war" bet- most PAM customers. They see that the unpleasantness caused by a disposal site ween both governments end peacefully service up to now is short of their expec- in their neighbourhood. This demand is and they demand the problem of polluti- tation. Such as, smelly water, very small of course causing a headache to the go- on be solved in the best possible manner. flow, irregular service. Some consider vernment of Bekasi and to Jakarta at the Peace did come. The mayor of Bekasi this calculation is not transparent, illogi- same time. The population blocked the welcomes City government of Jakarta cal since it is intended to cover financial road leading to the site. Consequently no resume operation in Bantar Gebang. The loss. But, once again, no one can ever garbage truck dares to go near the site. mayors policy is in contradiction with stop an increase…. (MJ) The people will reopen the road only if that of his deputy. And the mayors inten- WSS News Index they are paid the compensation. There is tion will not proceed smoothly, either. no way for Bekasi city government but to Because now comes DPRDs turn to speak Cisadane river is polluted, PDAM agree. The city government promised a up. They said that the policy of the city Tangerang may cease to operate compensation of Rp 50.000 per month to government of Bekasi has been deviating (16/1) each of the 12.000 families living in the after the termination of contract between Jakarta inhabitants want more water hydrants (27/1) neighbourhood. It was proven right. But, Bekasi and Jakarta. Finally, months have BPPT and Pusri will develop a unfortunately, it was only once. And, the passed and this TPAs problem does not waste material processor in Jakarta blocking resumed and demanded that see any way out. (13/1) payment be made as promised. Tangerang is considering an elec- The crisis obviously causes difficulty Beside waste material problem, Ja- tric generator from waste material (24/1) to city government of Jakarta. While TPA karta population is surprised with the Jakarta is in first degree alert (6/1) Bantar Gebang is closed, Jakarta does not increase of water supply tariff by 30% Minister of Public Works: Jakarta have yet any replacement. It is not sur- effective from 1 January 2004. The Should Develop an Early Flood prising, as the TPA is closed for a single increase is intended to cover the Rp 900 Warning System (2/1) day, mountains of waste material are seen billion defisit of PAM Jaya partner and A Reservoir in Gadog is to prevent everywhere. The scavengers in the TPA PAM Jayas obligation to pay back the Rp against flood for Jakarta (3/1) Ciliwung overflows, Jakarta is were complaining about their livelihood. 1,7 trillion loan to the central govern- flooded (20/1). Some of them moved to another ground ment. Percik 3 December 2004
  5. 5. M AIN REPORT Kaleidoscope February-March-April Flood Swept Across Indonesia I n February 2004, the Agency for water. In Kabupaten Manggarai (NTT), Ngembar, Kecamatan Jambu. The for- Meteorology and Geophysics (AMG) death toll consisted of 3 and six others mat of the cooperation is STU develop reminded the Indonesia community were lost. Flood also occurred at Dong- and take over PDAM asset for the period about the forthcoming of tropical storm gala, Central Sulawesi, causing two per- of 27 years. Upon completion all the asset level III which was developing over the sons lost their lives. Sumatra and Sula- goes back to PDAM Ungaran. The new sea south of Java. The storm would cause wesi did not miss the flood. investment amounts to Rp 29,244 billion heavy widespread downpour all over the The government is considered too consisting of Rp 23,4 billion for deve- country. At that time AMG estimated weak in dealing with flood. This is evi- loping a drinking water installation and that February would be the peak rainfall. denced from flood keeps coming every the rest to construct instalation at the It was a good estimation. Flood swept year. Preventive measures were almost water source. almost all regions in Indonesia beginning unheard of, and post flood operation from February and went on through seems quite slow. Whereas, many have WSS News Index March. Flash flood hit Java. More than supplied input and suggestion about the just infrastructure damages, flood in East government should do in dealing with Scavengers Smile at TPA Bantar Java took the lives of 3 people and ano- flood. Gebang (2/2) ther one missing. This flood hit seven TPA Cipayung becomes a pilot TPA regions of East Java. Muddy water ran In the midst of overflowing flood for Jabotabek area (3/2) across the southern part of Kabupaten water, the city governments of Batu and TPA causes pollution to fish pond Mojokerto. Up to 1-1,5 m deep. This mud Malang are in shortage of clean water. (9/2) flood is the first in 100 years. The total Both city governments have to hire scores Transfer Station at Cilincing is pro- loss for East Java is estimated at Rp 300 of water trucks in order to overcome ven to cause environmental pollu- billion. water crisis, because their distribution tion (10/2) In Central Java flood cut transport are badly affected by the flood. In Batu, BPPT Offers 5 Aspects for Solid connection between Semarang and 4.200 PAM customers have to buy water Waste Handling (16/2) Purwodadi of Kabupaten Grobogan. in jerry cans while in Malang 7.000 are Up to Rp 5 million Fine for Lit- tering (26/2) Hundreds of houses in Kabupaten Gro- without water supply. Banjir Kanal Barat optimalization bogan were under water causing a wave In the meantime, effective from this projet is completed in April (18/2) of refugees. month PDAM Tasikmalaya is increasing North coast road at Situbondo is In the northern coast West Java, flood its tariff by 50%. The increase does not covered with mud and rock (16/2) has cut the main transport link of the only relate to basic tariff but also tariff 31 kelurahan (villages) of Yogya- island. The flood span between Pa- classification to household that has karta are sensitive to flood and manukan (Subang) on the western end to changed function. The reason for in- landslide (5/2) Krangkeng (Indramayu) in the east. In crease, operational cost and the prices of Raw Water Supply Drops by 62% Indramayu the total loss is estimated at equipment and materials for PDAM (5/4) Rp.1,7 billion because 10.665 ha of rice operation have increased. Instantly the Polluted by Fuel Refilling Station, field may have to be replanted. increase causes strong reaction from the One Has Been Buying Mineral As usual, Jakarta is experiencing si- legislative. They have objection with the Water for 5 Years (13/4) milar fate. Hundreds from several loca- increase, because in reality PDAM is still West Java Government Hand Over tions had to look for temporary shelter. making profit, though small. Water Supply Management and Asset to PDAM (11/4) Traffic jams in 29 points. Tangerang and In Ungaran, the local PDAM can no Proposed Tegal PDAM tarif Bekasi were not too far different. The longer bear the burdens of operational increase almost 100% (27/4) condition of these areas was almost iden- costs and loan repayment. The company PAM water of West Bangka has tical with the prevalence of dengue fever. is in arrears amounting to Rp 33,8 billion. long been polluted (27/4) In Kabupaten Banjar, South Kali- To overcome this PDAM Ungaran invites Hundreds of Bojong population mantan, thousands of people had to take the cooperation of PT Sara Tirta Ungaran held demo to Police HQ (9/3). refugee because most of the area is under (STU) to manage the water source at 4 Percik December 2004
  6. 6. M AIN REPORT Kaleidoscope May Questioning Governments Responsibility F ollowing floods that swept material consisting of plastic, many parts of Indonesia, the SOURCE: DEPT. OF HEALTH empty bottles, cans, and so on. community begins questioning This condition causes a lot of nui- the governments performance in sance to the neigbourhood. They dealing with this disaster. Generally expect the city government would the people consider that the govern- build a fence around the reservoir. ment is incapable of anticipating the occurrence of flood and the conse- In the meantime, Bogor citi- quences it leaves behind. As a result, zens are surprised with the in- human lives and property always fall crease of PDAM Tirta Pakuans victim, and the amount is never small. 150% tariff increase. The increase The regional government of Jakar- is based on the increases of elec- ta, for example, is unable to cope with tricity at 60%, fuel at 50% and this problem, and has asked the cen- basic regional salary. The increase tral government to share the burden. which is effective since June has This is because flood is not the pro- invited objection from the con- blem of a single province but it entan- sumers. They consider the in- gles across administrative borders. may become a clean and hygienic city. crease is too high and incomparable with The bupati of Kabupaten Indramayu, In Padang, the citizens regret the the quality of PDAM service. Irianto Syafiudin, requests the provincial environmental destruction that has taken But, hush…. peoples voice is almost governments help to solve river siltation place in the region. In areas where flood always unheard. (MJ) problem in his region. Siltation rate in was historically unknown, now are begin- Kab. Indramayu is the highest in West ning to experience the disaster. The citi- WSS News Index Java because this region is the down- zens consider the city government lacks Bekasi City government breaks promi- stream area of rivers carrying mud from of care and interest to subject related to se, Bantar Gebang population closes Tasikmalaya, Garut, Sumedang, Subang, flood and environmental conservation as TPA (6/5) Majalengka and Kuningan areas. well as spatial planning. Waste Material of TPA Leuwigajah for In Bekasi, the population of Babelan The Minster of Environment, Nabiel electricity (8/5) requests the government to as soon as Makarim, stated that there are nine out of Container in place of informal transfer possible normalize Kali Balisasak. The 198 lakes (natural and man-made) in the station (10/5) Because of Waste material teachers river has undergone advanced siltation area of Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang threaten to strike from teaching (31/5) and aquatic vegetation cover and as such and Bekasi have been converted to other Many have to drink water not worthy it cannot function as normal waterway function and must be reverted to their for consumption (14/5) during peak flow. previous condition. According to him, re- PDAM Bogor raises tariff up to 150% In the city of Bogor, many roads turn version of the lakes in this region is an (21/5) Big annual decrease is dicharge rate in bad easily because of poor drainage sys- effort to control flood especially in the NTB (26/5) tem. resorption and water pocket areas. In Seminar of "Water Culture" (19/5) Therefore, several parties suggest that addition, he feels a deep apprehension And water pipe is hung on the tree the roads of the city should not be paved with the damages made to 134 lakes (13/5) with asphalt, but with concrete bloc (68%). Only 42 (20%) of the lakes are Need a regulation on relocation of instead. Additionally, the community re- considerd accepteble and 2 lakes have water use (14/5) Central Government is asked to help quests that the drainage is re-arranged totally disappeared. overcoming flood problem (8/5) properly considering Bogor is a rainy city. What was stated by Nabiel is right. Water discharge of Citanduy river Further the community requests re- The function of Rawa Badung reservoir in drops drastically (8/5) arrangement of waste material and street Jatinegara, East Jakarta is to hold water, The rivers of Jakarta serve as the vendor management. The population ex- but at the same time it is also a garbage longest toilet in the world (5/5). pects that this tourist destination city holder. Floating on surface is waste Percik 5 December 2004
  7. 7. M AIN REPORT Kaleidoscope June-July The community is in short of clean water A fter flood swept a number of ILLUSTRATION BY RUDI KOSASIH because of the minimum water resorption regions, Indonesia is now facing areas. And ground water condition of the another "law of nature" as a con- remaining areas is very poor. An obser- sequence of environmental degradation: vation made to water taken from the wells DROUGHT drought. This condition does not only of the community of 5 districts of Jakarta affect the people as individuals but also indicates that 90% of the samples have the clean water provider, PDAM. The re- been contaminated with coli bacteria gional public utility company is com- from human waste. If this condition pre- plaining about the difficulty in getting vails, according to Japan Indonesia raw water. Cooperation Agency (JICA) in 2010 The rivers of West Kalimantan drasti- Jakarta will face a serious water short- cally drop their water level. Water depth age. that was normally 3 metres now sinks to only one meter. In many parts of the rivers the people can freely wade across WSS News Index the banks. It is obvious that such a con- regional government distributes clean PDAM Indramayu increases tariff by dition is detrimental to raw water supply water to the population with the priority 66% (30/1) for several PDAMs such as the ones in given to the poor. Because of prolonged Waste materials heavily pollutes Siak Sanggau, Landak and Pontianak. The lo- dry season eleven kecamatan of this river, PDAM is suggested not to con- cal population has to buy drinking water kabupaten are suffering from water tinue processing raw water (3/7) at Rp 70.000 per tank containing 4.000 scarcity. In Kulonprogo, 8 from 12 keca- The population of 16 villages in Demak litres. Other people have to pay retail matan are in shortage of water. Even in is in short of clean water (8/7) price at Rp 1.000 per gallon (4 litres). four of them they have no clean water at Regarded as legally defective, 16 NGOs Worst of all, the poor who cannot afford all for almost two months. file suit against Law on Water Resour- to buy water, have to go to the river to Sutrisno, head of Pemali Jatrun wa- ces to Constitution Court (14/7) take water, let it settle overnight and use tershed management, in Central Java, Salt water intrusion has reached mid- it the next morning. Some even have to said that approximately 430.000 ha of fo- town area (20/7) use it directly. rest lands in 16 kabupatens are in critical Blue Oasis City is built on a water re- sorption area (28/7) In Banjarmasin, the local PDAM also condition and must be seriously taken Judicial Review of Law on Water Reso- experience a supply shortage. One of its care of otherwise they may cause disas- urces is submitted to Constitution 500 l/sec capacity raw water intakes can- ters to the surrounding areas. Of the to- Court (29/7) not be used any more. Beside drought tal, 238.000 ha are located outside of the Proportional Water Sharing to prevent problem, salt water intrusion has reached forest areas. Absolute Water Spring (22/7) above tolerance level. Water scarcity In NTT, the local government has to Extension of TPA Bantar Gebang brings detrimental effects to the popula- discontinue water supply to the barracks approved (10/6) tion. Diarrhea diseases are beginning to of ex Timor Timur refugees. The reason Local population maintains rejection attack the people living near the river, is because the local government is in against disposal site for Jakarta garba- especially the poor who are living in short of fund to support the operation. ge (23/7) thickly populated quarters. The ex refugees respond sharply. They Integrated Waste Disposal at Bojong is In Serang, approximately 10.000 say the government has treated them guaranteed environmentally safe PDAM customers are unable to enjoy inhumanly because they have no more (29/7) clean water service. The director of local drinking water in their camp. Number of Lakes in Bekasi decreases continuously (8/6) PDAM says that the main conveyance Beside in the regions, water crisis also Rp. 100 billion for BKT land procure- pipe in Tamansari, Baros is closed down threatens Jakarta. And this is an inter- ment (24/6) by the local population because of a nag- mittent annual disaster agenda for Ja- Mookervaart river, your story today ging problem of land compensation. karta. The heavy rainfall cannot find (28/7). In Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta, the enough entry to underground aquifer 6 Percik December 2004
  8. 8. M AIN REPORT Kaleidoscope August Looking for Alternative Water Source P rolonged drought that review the design of Jatigede levee ILLUSTRATION BY RUDI KOSASIH spread across vast areas and dam construction. Department of of Indonesia has com- Calm down..... Regional Infrastructure and Setlle- pelled the government to look for we will provide ment Systems (Public Works) is going alternative water sources or ways Artesian well to bring head of water level lower so how to maintain the existing Need that the area of inundation will be reserves. The government, thro- INUL’s help? reduced. This change means the vol- ugh the Minister of Research and ume of the dam will be less and the Technology, Hatta Rajasa, is de- service area will also be smaller. termined to look for alternative water sources for fulfilling clean The seed of community threats to water requirement. One exam- close down the Integrated Water ple is construction of undergo- Treatment facility is growing. The und reservoir at Goa Bribin, population from 6 villages of Gunung Kidul. Pumping up wa- Kecamatan Kelapanunggal asks the ter from Goa Bribin can satisfy the need equipment which costs Rp 350 million is DPRD Bogor to cancel the Bupati Bogor for 175 thousand of Gunung Kidul popu- capable of producing 170 gallons of drink- letter of decision that grants permit for lation. able water for every 8 hours of operation. the construction of the facility. PT. Wira Exploitation underground water is Water is sold at Rp 3.000 - 5.000 per gal- Guna Sejahtera, the company to operate also done in Duwet hamlet of Suci village, lon. the facility keeps convincing the people some 40 km south of Wonogiri, Central In the meantime, to prevent river se- that the solid waste treatment facility is Java. A deep well pump was sunk 160 m dimentation, the Governor of Jakarta, environmentally safe. (MJ) below ground and water is pumped up to pleads that the inhabitants of Jakarta not satisfy water requirement of 500 families to throw any waste into the 13 rivers of WSS News Index in the village. With the well operating the the city. Besides, the city government will villagers do not have to walk 7 km to keca- move all the settlement houses built on Looking for Water Sources is matan capital to buy water, or to wait for the riverbanks. The governor promises Continuing (3/8) Unable to Solve Consumers com- water tank on the main road which is 1 the legal city inhabitant with Jakarta plain, Palyja may face sanction km from the village. identication a low priced living quarter in (3/8) The effort to look for new water a flat. One of the rivers that shows Deep well overcomes scarcity of source is also done through competition. improvement is kali Angke, but a home clean water (5/8) Arie Herlambang, a researcher from the work still remains undone, i.e. changing Drought in 4 kabupaten of Agency for Technological Study and the water colour from black into clear. Banyumas (10/8) Water Treatment of Peaty Soils Application, won Innovative Technology While for flood protection, the go- Won Innovation Competition competition 2004. He was named the vernment is determined to finalise con- (20/8) best out of seven finalists with an innova- struction the Banjir Kanal Timur (BKT) Freedom Yes Freedom, But tion called "Technical Application for the drainage system by 2007. A budget of Water Scarcity is Water Scarcity Treatment of Brackish Water of Peat Soils almost Rp 2 trillion is allocated for the (23/8) Water Level in 3 lakes is receding, into Drinking Water." The inovation is construction. The most difficult process Cirebon population is threatened not just theoretical, it has been success- is land procurement because it involves with dryness (24/8) fully applied in a transmigration area of relatively large pieces of land, about 263 Three Primary Schools Which Are Central Kalimantan which is always in ha in total, all belonging to the communi- Polluted With Garbage have Not shortage of clean water. Basically this ty. With the functioning of BKT, it is been Moved (2/8) Govt. of Jakarta will proceed with equipment consists of a series of filtration expected Jakarta will be more manage- Bojong garbage treatment facility process much longer than the one used in able and reducing inundation of 13 locali- (10/8) water supply provider in the cities, and is ties. Self Reliant Garbage Treatment, combined with desalination unit. The In Sumedang, the government will Not Impossible (31/8). Percik 7 December 2004
  9. 9. M AIN REPORT Kaleidoscope September Refillable Bottled Water under Spotlight P DAMs short of capacity to pro- ILLUSTRATION BY RUDI KOSASIH In the meantime, Medan and its sur- vide service has encouraged the rounding are under big flood. Rain con- growth of refillable bottled water tinued falling for several days. Hundreds business. The household scale business is NAUGHT of homes are under water. This big flood = available in almost every street corner. per CLOSED DOWN is a combination of the heavy rainfall and mit They sell drinking water at a relatively overflowing from other regions. cheap price, Rp 2.500 per 4 gallon con- tainer. This price is much lower than that REFILL Bantar Gebang case flips open again, of the branded bottled water, which may after the common agreement between the be twice as much. The growth of refillable governments of DKI Jakarta and Bekasi water depot causes deep concerns to the was signed last July. The reason is, the branded water companies. Besides, there TPA (final disposal ground) is neglected. are many who question about hygienic The leachate from the mountain of level of this refillable water. garbage overflows the ditches into the In mass media articles were written community settlement. The company about the facts that some of the water appointed to manage it seems not ready depots contain e-coli bacteria and may Trade). The Letter of Decision poses to do its job. The government of Bekasi cause kidney disorder if consumed for a sanction to businessman who violates the demands that DKI Jakarta take care of long duration. This of course makes the regulation, beginning from written notice the problem. (MJ) depot owners feel unhappy. Through up to revocation of the operational per- their business association (APDAMIN- mit. Apdamindo hailed happily the Letter WSS News Index DO, association of drinking water suppli- of Decision. The say with the Letter of Investment of PDAM Partner is er and distribution business), they deny Decision there is a guarantee for the busi- Limited.(1/9) the statement and consider it too tenden- ness as well as for the community. PAM Jaya Tariff will automaticly tious and contains some sort of slander. increase every 6 months.(1/9) They demand that the statements be cla- PDAM Tirta Kerta Raharja of Tange- Bandung Basin in Water Crisis rified otherwise the refillable business rang promises clean water supply for Due to Changes in Land Use, may suffer defamation. communities with water shortage. It (3/9) The small scale water businessmen made ready 6 water trucks each with PAM Banjarmasin Relies on Ta- admit that they should be developed 5.000 l capacity. Based on the existing buk.(21/9) given the necessary education about the data, there were 25 villages that were in Clean Water Costs Rp 2.000 per importance of hygiene. Therefore, they shortage of clean water. But not a single jerry can.(24/9) must be developed and assisted, rather RT/RW requested for any help. Inhabitants of Mahakam Ri- than being killed instead through herding The same step was taken by PDAM verbanks are in shortage of clean of community opinion to a negative Indramayu. To overcome water shortage, water.(30/9) effect. with 8 trucks in operation, PDAM distrib- Bulak Sindon water Source May The government of DKI Jakarta uted clean water free to villages upon Be Exploited for Business.(30/9) issued a Governors Letter of Decision No request from the respective village head- DKI Jakarta has not sumbmitted 13 /2004 on the requirement of health man. What the villages need is to prepare TPA Management system.(7/9) certificate for a drinking water depot. a water reservoir. Each village was sup- 2005, TPA Cikundul Ceases The certificate describes the procedure of plied with 4 trucks of water each with Functioning.(14/9)· issuance, recommendation for permit, 4.000 l capacity. Flood Swept North Sumatra, and supervision of refillable water busi- Drought still continues in some other Hundreds of homes under ness. The certificate is the precondition areas. The communities are still in short water.(21/9) for obtaining operational permit from of clean water. This is in Kalimantan, Deperindag (Dept. of Industry and some parts of Jawa, and Nusa Tenggara. 8 Percik December 2004
  10. 10. M AIN REPORT Kaleidoscope October Even Ditch and Wallowing Pond Are Sources for Consumption Water T he long dry season that swept vast Water shortage is also experience in se remains a promise, and reality is some- areas of Indonesia has left misery Kupang, the capital city of NTT. As many thing different. to many people. Critical water as 550 people have no access to clean In Jakarta, PT. Palyja the water sup- shortage in many areas. The community water. Dug wells are drying. The Oepura ply management, complains about deficit of Wanareja, Garut, has no choice but to water source, the biggest waste source in raw water supply. The normal supply use ditch water for consumption. Later it for the city where PDAM also takes it should stand at 6,2 m3/sec is now down was found that the water contains a high water, is also drying up. Long queues are to only 5,2 m3/sec. Whereas the average number of bacteria. It is not worthy for seen everywhere for 5 litres of water. This requirement is 5,4 m3/sec. Beside the drinking even after boiling. It might be condition is made worse because of da- insufficient amount, the PAM Jaya part- tolerable for handwashing purpose. mage in PDAM distribution pipes. ner company also complains about water The local agency for health has Similar fate is also experienced by the quality. It is always turbid. (MJ) reminded the people. But what could citizens of Cirebon. It is slightly better, they do, clean water supply never comes though. At least the citizens still have the WSS News Index by. The only way is to recommend the benefit of water flow, though they have to people to treat the water with clorine take turn. This is the step PDAM takes so Water Crisis in Kupang still before consumption. The regional go- that no citizen is left out. unsolved. (4/10) vernment of Garut helps them with a Service rotation is also done in Su- To irrigate agricultutral land, water filtration device made by ITB. The medang, West Java. Water source in Kuningan farmers broke Rp 40 million device is hired for two Cipanteneun Cimalaka where PDAM gets PDAM distribution pipe. months. Actually, Cigaruhguy water so- its raw water, is going down. The diffe- (7/10) urce is located in the same area, but based rence from Cirebon is that not all of cus- For 4 months thousands of on local adat law the source can only be tomers can get a service. Some home peak area community depend used by two hamlets. The other nine connections get no water except the on wallowing pond for water. hamlets can only bite their fingers. sound of air flow as you turn the tap open. (9/10) In Martapura, South Kalimantan, This condition made it necessary for According to Sucofindo, Su- the community of Kecamatan Gambut PDAM to operate water tanks. rabaya water is good for who live along handils (manmade In Cimahi, the community of Cibeber drinking. (11/10) drainage dithches specific of South of Kecamatan Cimahi Selatan demands Integrated Tourism Project Kalimantan) have for 4 months made use that the Cimahi city government put an Threatens Water Conser- water from wallowing ponds for their end to water exploitation of Lake vation. (13/10) daily consumption. The 2 meter deep Ciseupan; it is sold to industrial compa- PDAM Raw Water Supply Drops By 200 l/sec. (25/10) ponds were dug near the handil. Each nies. This complaint is caused from the Population of South Su- pond may produce several pails of yellow- fact that the Ciseupan area is drying up. kabumi Is Crying for Water. ish and turbid water. Some of the ponds Water table in wells drops by 2-3 metres. (25/10) are located close to a toilet with its nause- No far from that the community of Population of North Bekasi ating odour. The yellowish water is let to Braga, city of Bandung file a protest Requests Subsidy for Dug settle and filtered before use. against the construction of Braga City Wells. (27/10) In Serang, Banten, scores of Suka- Walk (BCW). The community considers Population of Wanaraja Still wana and Trondol villages are conta- the project disturbs the environment. Depends on Drainage Water. minated with diarrhoeal disease. They They are complaining about the decrease (27/10) are sick because they consumed water in groundwater table. The company that Polluted, Water from Musi from Bedeng river which is used as builds the project once promised to com- river is not worthy for drink- MCK (bath, wash and defecate) and for pensate the communitty with a water ing. (29/10) animal washing. supply network for them. But the promi- 9 Percik December 2004
  11. 11. M AIN REPORT Kaleidoscope November-December Flares at TSPT Bojong E nd of November 2004 was the nity Empowerment IPB sees the Bojong Poor drainage has resulted in flooding of culmination of cases with TPST case as an iceberg of garbage handling many areas. Jakarta has prepared itself (Integrated Garbage Disposal problem in Indonesia. The problem boils to face it, including preventing of diar- Site) at Bojong, Kecamatan Kelapanung- down to the fact that garbage handling of rhoeal disease which comes together with gal, Kabupaten Bogor. The local people Jakarta and other cities of Indonesia is rainy season. But because of poor quality held demonstration which ended up with nailed firmly on the old paradigm. The in drainage construction, many roads are clashes with police force from Bogor new paradigm in waste material handling turning bad due to erosion. Resort Police. Five demonstrators were starts with the of development of policy shot and others were fleeing (hiding). and practices that reflect community WSS News Index The actions were already done several based waste material handling through times. There were even rumours that a active involvement of the whole commu- Distamben (Agency of Mining certain party is behind them. But what is nity, private sector and the scavengers. and Energy) West Java Built obvious from field observation, the local The Bojong case seems to tell all the an Artesian Well at Leulosa inhabitants question about the negative stakeholders related to waste material (1/11). impact the TSPT will produce to the envi- handling to voice out their ideas. Some of ronment and the placement of the TSPST them suggest that the 6 thousand tonnes Raw Water for Drinking Must is against the spatial planning in which of daily Jakarta waste production be Not Be Taken From Polluted the area is alloted for housing and settle- processed into compost. Some even sug- River. (5/11)· ment. Each time there is a trial the inha- gest that an incinerator is built in each Water Crisis is Threatening bitants would come and place barricades divisional region in order to minimize the Jakarta. (22/11) to prevent garbage carrying trucks to en- burden of TPST. Others strongly defend PDAM Must Pay Compen- ter. Once, the people even drove out the using sophisticated technology on ground sation for Days without Ser- police chief who tried to make a speech. that availability of land area is quite li- vice. (23/11) They cut trees and place logs and other mited. Which one is the best? Each has heavy materials on the road leading to the its argumentation. What is certain is that Automatic Water Tariff will be site. It all culminated on 22 November for Indonesia, the ideas have never been reviewed. (29/11) shortly before noon. The mass attacked tested as 100% suitable. Therefore, it Local Population Supports TPST Bojong and inflicted damages and should at this point we think seriously to TPST Bojong. (1/11) put fire on some of the asset belonging to find the best solution. To prevent the Garbage for Compost. (4/11). PT, Wira Guna Sejahtera, the managing Bojong case re-occur and more victims Investor is Eyeing Surabaya company. falling down. Solid waste handling. (9/11)· The Minister of Environment, Rachmat In the meantime, Tangerang govern- Mountains of Garbage in the Witoelar, could understand the fear the ment frankly refuses any Jakarta plan to inhabitants have. But what he regreted was dump their waste material into its place. streets of Jakarta and Tange- the community action that caused damages As we know, Jakarta has no more land to rang. (18/11)· to the asset while the opportunity for nego- dispose of its waste material. This case Riot in TPST Bojong, 5 tiation might still be sought for. According makes us realize that waste material han- demonstrators were shot. to him, socialization activity must be dling requires inter-regional coordination (23/11)· undertaken more extensively. based on a thorough consideration and Canals are still being used as As a result of what has happened ma- the principle of mutual benefit, including garbage dump. (21/11)· ny parties suggest that TPST Bojong be benefit to the neighbouring community. East Jakarta government fears temporarily closed. Jakarta’s governor And what is more important, at no time emphasized that TPST Bojong will opera- environmental impact analysis may be BKT land procurement be te, but it has to wait till the conditon is neglected. Otherwise, the local popula- taken over. (10/11)· conducive. tion will be victimized. Be careful with diseases dur- The Environmental Research Centre The end of 2004 is coloured with ing the rainy season. (12/11) of the Institute for Research and Commu- heavy rains falling all over the country. 10 Percik December 2004
  12. 12. M AIN REPORT Kaleidoscope National Policy for the Development of Institutionally Based Water Supply And Environmental Sanitation, An Egg About To Hatch FOTO:OSWAR MUNGKASA T he National Policy for the Development of Water Supply and Environmental Sanitation is using two approaches, community based and institutionally based. The communi- ty based has reached the stage of field implementation in 2004. Its sister, the institutionally based is in the stage of deliberation. Early 2005 the sister policy is scheduled to be finalised and is ready for dissemination. Looking into their formulation, the institutionally based in faster than the community based. The workshop on the draft of theis policy was conducted in September and the process up to final for- mulation in December 2004. The com- pletion process is considered an impor- tant momentum, because it will reflect consistence and decisive character of the overall WSS development policy frame- And there are also sub-teams dealing tors. The draft is always updated by the work. To this end, 4 teams were formed, with environmental, financial, institu- consultant under the supervision of each is given a responsibility to deal with tional, and social aspects. All these work WASPOLA Secretariat and direction of one sub-sector: teams make up the core work team for the the Working Group until the completion Drinking Water Team institutionally based policy formulation, of draft #3 which is expected to be the Wastewater Team which is responsible not only for revising Solid Waste Team the existing draft but also to enrich it with Drainage Team environmental sanitation component in Drinking Water Sector Policy order to have a balanced treatment 1. Increase service coverage and quality National Policy for Institutionally among the sub-sectors. level gradually from clean water to Based WSS Development Since the September workshop in drinking water 1. Expansion of service coverage with Bogor, the Working Group has been con- 2. Improve access to drinking water faci- priority given to poor families (pro ducting a series of meetings for the com- lity with priority given to the poor fa- milies and low access areas poor) pletion of the Institutional Policy draft. 3. Community empowerment in taking 2. Maintain balance between the demand Discussion took place in either sector benefit from drinking water, in a rea- for WSS development and the environ- team or in plenum. sonable manner mental carrying capacity (eco-link) At the same time there happens syn- 4. Control to drinking water consumption 3. Impove involvement of all stakehol- chronization of policies produced by through tariff and regulation instru- ders in WSS development (all out) other planning agencies such Public ment 4. Optimizing the principle of proper 5. Increase the role of government, com- Works and the Ministry of Environment management with cost recovery (good munity, and private sector in raw water (KLH). Public Works has produced management corporate governance) National Action Plan for drinking water, 6. Application of the principle of entre- 5. Enforce law effectively (law enforce- waste water and solid waste. While KLH preneurship and cost recovery in the ment) has produced a national polcy for solid management of drinking water in gua- 6. Develop inter-regional and inter- ranteeing the basic human need waste management. agency coordination in WSS develop- 7. Increase investment opportunity for Workshops I and II were conducted ment (regionalization) the provision of drinking water service in seriatim involving all the related sec- Percik 11 December 2004
  13. 13. M AIN REPORT Kaleidoscope SOURCE:OSWAR MUNGKASA Policy Related to Drainage Sector 1. Management of drainage system is un- dertaken by the government, private sector, and community based on the hierarchy of the drainage system 2. Drainage system is developed to sup- port balance in water system 3. Drainage management is based on the priority of population density and poverty final draft. This draft will be submitted to Central Project Committee (CPC) meeting for approval. Though it has come to draft #3, it does not mean that the activities related to the policy formulation have come to an end. There are several support activities that have not taken place, they are: Study on laws and regulations related to water supply and environmental Working Group. These support activities Supply and Environmental Sanitation is sanitation, such Law on Water Reso- are actually independent activities for the going to hatch. However, revision and urces, Government Regulation on purpose of providing input and reference improvement can be neglected. Well Drinking Water, Law on Decentra- for the working teams, therefore the acti- wait. (MJ) lization, Law of Public Company, etc. vities are still relevant while the Enrichment of insight on the subject Institutional Policy formulation is still on- Policy Related to Solid Waste of public policy. going. It is almost certain that the egg The above activities could not take called National Policy for the De- 1. Reducing the amount of waste as place due to the hectic schedule of the velopment of Institutionally Based Water much as possible beginning from its source Policy Related to Wastewater 2. Encourage the role and active partici- 1. Encourage integration drinking water sector with wastewater sector pation of the community as partner in 2. Wastewater management is conducted in consideration of environmental conservation waste material management 3. The community must have access to an acceptable drainage facility and infrastructure 3. Strengthening the capacity of solid 4. Priority in placed on provision of access to poor community waste management institution 4. Develop partnership with private sec- 5. Wastewater management is undertaken by an institution specially assigned to do this tor in solid waste management service 5. Improve level of service to gradually 6. Increase the role of government, private sector and community in wastewater mana- achieve the national target gement 6. Application, step by step, the principle 7. Application, step by step, the principle of cost recovery in wastewater management of cost recovery 8. Effective law enforcement in order to prevent pollution of water source 7. Effective law enforcement 12 Percik December 2004
  14. 14. M AIN REPORT Kaleidoscope 2004, the Year of Implementation of National Policy for the Development of Community Based Water Supply and Environmental Sanitation J une 2003. The National Policy for national policy for the community based NATIONAL POLICY FOR THE DEVELOPMENT the Development of Community WSS development. This workshop pro- OF COMMUNITY BASED WATER SUPPLY AND Based Water Supply and Environ- duced criteria for site selection and the ENVIRONMENTAL SANITATION metal Sanitation (WSS) was born. The related instruments needed. Besides, the 1. Water is a social good and an eco- policy was approved by 6 echelon I offi- participants also agreed to develop a de- nomic good cials of 5 government departments. Tho- tail implementation plan for 2004. The 2. Informed choice as basis for demand se who signed the document were Ir. Su- agreed activities were directed towards responsive approach yono Dikun, PhD, (Deputy Minister for marketing/promotion, advocacy, facilita- 3. Environmentally sensitive develop- Infrastructure and Facility Development, tion, consultation, and implementation. ment Bappenas), Prof. Dr. Umar Fahmi Ach- In early 2004 the WSS Working 4. Hygiene behaviour education madi, MPH, PhD (Director General for Group sent offering letter to provincial 5. Pro poor development Contagious Diseases and Environmental and kabupaten/kota governments. There Sanitation, Dept. of Health), Ir. Budiman were 14 kabupaten and 13 provinces 6. Role of women in decision making Arief, (Director General for Urban Plan- expressed their interest. The Working 7. Accountability in development ning and Rural Planning, Dept of Public Group then made selection based on the process Works), Drs. Seman Widjojo, Msi. letter of interest and regional commit- 8. Government role as facilitator (Director General for Regional Develop- ment. Approval was given to seven pro- 9. Active community participation ment, Dept. of Home Affairs), Dr. Ardi vinces, namely West Sumatera, Bangka 10. Optimum service and right target Partadinata, Msi (Director General for Belitung, Banten, Central Java, South Su- 11. Application of cost recovery princi- Village and Community Empowerment, lawesi, Gorontalo, Nusa Tenggara Barat ple Dept. of Home Affairs ), and Dr. Machfud (NTB), and seven kabupaten: Sijunjung, Siddik, MSc. (Director General for Ba- South Bangka, Lebak, Kebumen, Pang- lance in Central and Regional Finacing, kajene, Gorontalo, and West Lombok. on facilitation of national policy for the Dept. of Finance). Before the policy was brought to the community based WSS development Before the signing, the policy which field for a real application, several pre- began rolling in the participating regions. was formulated by Water Supply and paratory activities were made. One of One by one of the facilitators were mobi- Environmental Sanitation (WSS) Wor- them was conducting a worskhop at the lized to their respected home bases. One king Group has undergone several field end of May on the understanding of the facilitator was placed in each province to trials. The regions selected for the trial national policy and the process of imple- cover the job in the provice and the were Kabupaten Solok (West Sumatera), mentation facilitation at the regional respected kabupaten. There were seven Kabupaten Musi Banyuasin (South level. This workshop was aimed to shed a of them in all. They were supported and Sumatera), Kabupaten Subang (West light on the regional facilitator candidates were under the coordination of WASPO- Java), and Kabupaten East Sumba what the policy is all about and at the LA secretariat and the WSS Working (Nusa Tenggara Timur, NTT). These tri- same time also developing a detailed Group. als gave a clear indication that the regions work plan for the regional level imple- Up to July 2004 the activities in the are willing and capable of adopting the mentation facilitation activity. Before regions consisted of: coordination in the policy. this the facilitator candidates have also preparatory activity towards the policy And it was timely in 2004 for putting attended an orientation course on implementation, and public presentation the policy into real operation. Consi- Methodology for Participatory Assess- of the program in each province and dering the limitation in the part of the ments (MPA), a methodology for commu- kabupaten. The activities were conducted central government, however, the policy nity approach based on the principle of by each of the regional government and cannot be implemented all at once demand responsiveness. This is the me- were facilitated by the respective facili- throughout the country. There needs to thodology to be adopted in the national tators. have a stepwise process. Then in January policy for the community based WSS The preparatory activity was preceded 2004 a workshop was organized to deve- development. with inter-agency coordination consisting lop a strategy for the implementation of In mid June 2004, the implementati- of Bappeda, Agency for Health, Kimpras- Percik 13 December 2004
  15. 15. M AIN REPORT Kaleidoscope wil/Public Works, Community Empower- were initially told to do. Two participants ment Agency, for the purpose of intro- ducing and further clarification of the W ater Supply and Environmental Sanitation Policy Formulation and Action Planning (WASPOLA) from Bangka Belitung failed to show up for transport reason. program planning. In general all the re- In general, the participants were en- Project was implemented under the gions were supporting eagerly and each of thusiastic in following the training. They leadership of the Indonesian govern- them prepared their own facilitators and also prepared their own planning for the ment through an inter-departmental the necessary support equipment. All ex- (Bappenas, Dept. Home Affairs, policy implementation for further discus- cept in one Kabupaten of the facilitatrors Dept. Settlemnet and Regional sion with their own superiors. are housed in the office of Bappeda. The Infrastructures, Dept. Health, and latter was placed in the office of Public Dept. Finance) working group Regional level workshops Works. chaired by Bappenas, with a majori- Workshop after workshop took place Beside the abovementioned support, ty grant fund provided by the Aus- in the seven provinces and seven kabu- the regional government also allocated tralian government through AusAID patens. The purpose was to help the fund for the policy implementation. and a direct support from Water and regions to work out a regional policy However, in the majority of the regions Sanitation Program for East Asia and famework and action plan for WSS sector the Pacific (WSP-EAP) on behalf of the fund was not yet made available, the- development. This activity included: AusAID and the World Bank refore it had to be found from the annual Review of the national policy for commu- budget. The regions that had allocated nity based WSS development by the re- some fund from the very beginning were participating regions gave a positive gions kabupatens Sijunjung, Gorontalo, Bangka response to the work plan and began to Identification of issues and problems Selatan and West Lombok. understand that sustainable WSS deve- related to said development Meanwhile, the facilitator identified the lopment is an important issue and deser- Study on the factors rensponsible for suc- agencies and NGOs related to WSS develop- ves serious attention. The short term cess and failure of WSS development in ment. The identification produced a list of agenda consisted of among others esta- each region names for participation in Orientation TOT blishment of a working team, selection of Policy dialogues for the purpose of buil- on MPA and Policy Implementation participants for Orientation TOT in MPA ding interest and care within the various organinized by WSS Working Group at and Policy Implementation. parties for the effort in overcoming the Cisarua, Bogor, on 13-16 July 2004. Other matters that called for clarifica- issues and poblems related to WSS deve- The regional facilitators and stake- tion from the facilitors were: lopment holders also collected data on water sup- There was some sort of misunderstan- Preparation regional level action plan ply and environmental sanitation. These ding that this program would be fol- Disemination of the policy to all kabu- data were used for discussion material in lowed with a physical project. This patens conducted by the province. the regional workshop for the formulation understanding was based on the tra- Up to this point all the participating of WSS development plan. All the regions dition that each program was always provinces and kabupatens have conduct- came to realize about the problem of data identical with physical project. ed the review of the policy principles insufficiency. That is why, data prepara- The absence of DPRD (legislative) repre- involving a wide range of stakeholders, tion should be given a sufficient time sentatives. Whereas this office plays an through regional workshops, and were frame. utmost important role in supporting and summarized into a common perception, following up the WSS activities. challenges and efforts to be undertaken. Program presentation Uncertainty in fund allocation in seve- Visits were also made to projects which The presentation agenda consisted of: ral regions such as Central Java, West are considerd successful as also to those (i) general picture of policy formulation Sumatera, NTB, Gorontalo and South which met with a failure in order to find out program; (ii) the basic principles underly- Sulawesi. what are the factors behind each of them and ing the national policy for community to learn a lesson from them for a sustainable based WSS development; (iii) policy MPA Orientation TOT and Policy development in the future. What is more implementation facilitation process at the Implementation important is several regions have started to regional level; (iv) discussion and clarifi- All participating regions sent partici- ponder on WSS program for 2005. Will the cation; and (v) common agreement for a pants, Banten even sent one and Goron- policy be really put to practice? Well wait short term work plan. In general all the talo two additional participants than they till next year. (MJ) 14 Percik December 2004