SIPPO Exhibitor Brochure SEG 2014


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Reliable suppliers from Peru, Serbia and South Africa at SEG 2014.

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SIPPO Exhibitor Brochure SEG 2014

  1. 1. RELIABLE SUPPLIERS FROM PERU, SERBIA AND SOUTH AFRICA AT SEG 2014 Brussels, 6 – 8 May, 2014, Brussels Exhibition Centre SIPPO Pavilion: Hall 7 | Booth 7-1953 Peru Pavilion: Hall 7 | Booth 7-1749, 7-1849, 7-1853 OFFICIAL PROGRAMME Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) is Osec’s new name.
  2. 2. CONTENTS MAIN PRODUCT/SPECIES Anchovy 3 Flying fish roe 4 Giant squid 5 Mahi-mahi 6 Octopus 7 Peruvian pacific sardine 8 Pink prawn 9 Scallop 10 Scampi 11 Shrimp 12 Salmon (smoked) 13 Tuna (processed) 14 SIPPO PAVILION Peru Propesur 16 Serbia Squadra 17 Tunalux 18 South Africa Global Impex 19 PERU PAVILION Partner: Promperu 20 Aquacultivos del Pacífico 22 ATISA 23 Centro Mar 24 Cetus 25 Concorcio Industrial El Pacífico 26 Pezex 28 Seacorp 29 Langostinera Victoria 30 OUR FISH AND SEAFOOD PROGRAM 31 MAP OF FAIR GROUNDS 32
  3. 3. 3 SUPPLIED BY CETUS CONSORCIO INDUSTRIAL EL PACIFICO PROPESUR COUNTRY Peru SEASONALITY January to July November to December ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT Managed: The fishery is under a regulated management plan specific for the specie. ANCHOVY | ANCHOVETA. Anchovy (Engraulis ringens) are a marine and coastal species that lives mainly within 80 km of the coast (and as far as 160 km). The population depends on the plankton abundance, so availability for catches is reduced when warmer and less saline surface water extends during El Niño events.El Niño events.El Niño A new fisheries management system, introduced in 2008, appears to have stabilized the fishery. Peruvian anchovy has traditionally been only used by the fishmeal industry. Only recently it started to be utilised for products destined directly for human consumption (presently less than 1% of total capture). Presentation is frozen head and gutted (H&G), frozen for canning and salted vacuum-pack fillet. MAIN PRODUCT / SPECIES
  4. 4. MAIN PRODUCT / SPECIES SUPPLIED BY CENTRO MAR CONSORCIO INDUSTRIAL EL PACIFICO PROPESUR COUNTRY Peru SEASONALITY February to December ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT Managed: The fishery is under a regulated generic management plan. FLYING FISH ROE | TOBIKO. Tobiko is the Japanese word for the flying fish (Exocoetus peruvianus) roe. It is most widely known for its use in creating certain types of sushi. The eggs are small, ranging from 0.5 mm - 0.8 mm. Natural tobiko has a red-orange color, a mild smoky or salty taste, and a crunchy texture. Flying fish are members of the Exocetidae family, compromisingExocetidae family, compromisingExocetidae around 64 species with worldwide distribution. The fishery, while not deeply studied, seems to be sustainable as fishing effort is relatively low and catches are stable. Presentation of the frozen products are according to clients’ requirements.
  5. 5. 5 MAIN PRODUCT / SPECIES SUPPLIED BY CENTRO MAR CETUS CONSORCIO INDUSTRIAL EL PACIFICO PROPESUR COUNTRY Peru SEASONALITY All year round ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT Managed: The fishery is under a regulated management plan specific for the specie. GIANT SQUID | POTA. Giant squid or Pota (Humboldt squid - Dosidicus gigas) is one of the largest squid commercially caught in the world and especially abundant in the Peruvian coast. It is an oceanic and neritic species occurring from the surface to 500 m depth; adults are found in water temperatures below 28° C. In nearshore waters, it occurs near to the surface day and night. It feeds on larvae of pelagic fishes and on crustaceans. Cannibalism islarvae of pelagic fishes and on crustaceans. Cannibalism islarvae common. The catches are obtained by hand line fishing of fairly basic small boats crewed by three to six people. The individual weight of a giant squid can reach 100 kg, but the average weight is around 30 kg. The giant squid can be processed into several frozen products: tubes, rings, wings, tentacles, batons, etc. as well as pre-cooked frozen. Presentation can be in block or retail packaging.
  6. 6. MAIN PRODUCT / SPECIES SUPPLIED BY CENTRO MAR CETUS CONSORCIO INDUSTRIAL EL PACIFICO PROPESUR COUNTRY Peru SEASONALITY January to March October to December ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT Managed: The fishery is under a regulated management plan specific for the specie. MAHI-MAHI | DORADA. Mahi-mahi (Coryphaena hippurus) is a surface-dwelling ray-finned fish found in off-shore temperate, tropical and subtropical waters worldwide. Catches average 7 to 13 kg. Mahi-mahi are among the fastest-growing fish. They spawn in warm ocean currents throughout much of the year. The fishery is mostly artisanal longline based and some hand lining. It is not completely managed at the present, but a minimal size of 70 cm is required to land the product. Peru and Ecuador have been exploring opportunities for transnational management structure that could facilitate MSC certification, nevertheless this initiative still at its infancy. Presentation is frozen, skin-off and skin-on fillets.
  7. 7. 7 MAIN PRODUCT / SPECIES SUPPLIED BY CENTRO MAR CONSORCIO INDUSTRIAL EL PACIFICO COUNTRY Peru SEASONALITY All year round ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT Managed: The fishery is under a regulated management plan specific for the specie. OCTOPUS | PULPO. The Octopus (Octopus mimus) is a benthic, neritic species occurring from the coastline to the outer edge of the continental shelf (in depths from 0 to 200 m), where it is found in a variety of habitats, such as rocks, coral reefs, and grass beds. Throughout its distribution range, this species is known to undertake limited seasonal migrations, usually overwintering in deeper waters and occurring in shallower waters during summer. Its abundance shows large variations closely linked to environmental factors such as changes in productivity related to El Niño events. The fishery is completely artisanal, mainly by freediving and semi-autonomous diving (with air compressor). The fishery is managed by measures including minimal weight (1 kg) and two to three month closures on capture, transport, marketing, storage and processing. Presentation is frozen, ‘flower-shaped’ or gutted, without beak, and eyes.
  8. 8. MAIN PRODUCT / SPECIES SUPPLIED BY PEZEX COUNTRY Peru SEASONALITY All year round ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT Managed: The fishery is under a regulated management plan specific for the specie. PERUVIAN PACIFIC SARDINE. The Peruvian Pacific sardine (Sardinops sagax sagax) is a subspecies of the South American pilchard with an extensive in the eastern South Pacific. It is a coastal pelagic, caught down to depths of about 40 m. It forms large schools and feeds mainly on planktonic crustaceans. They grow up to about 40 cm standard length, usually around 30 cm. The purse seiners engaged to its capture are heterogeneous and operate mostly as a day fishery. The stock assessment of sardine is performed regularly by applying several methods. The main measures for the fishery management include seasonal closures and minimal sizes (26 cm) in the catches. The sardine resource is considered of great importance in the Peruvian fishery, alternating their dominance with anchovy. Presentation is canned.
  9. 9. 9 MAIN PRODUCT / SPECIES SUPPLIED BY GLOBAL IMPEX COUNTRY South Africa / Mozambique SEASONALITY All year round ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT Managed: The fishery is under a regulated generic management plan. PINK PRAWN. Deep-water prawns (Halipoirades triathrus) are endemic to the South West Indian Ocean (SWIO) region and make up with scampi the largest proportion of deep-water crustacean trawl catches in Mozambique and South Africa. The species occurs on the continental slope at depths of 300 to 800 m, but it is more commonly fished between 400 and 600 m. Females can achieve a maximum size of >60 mm carapace length and males >50 mm; total lengths of up to 150 mm have been reported. It is caught in association with the deep-water scampi Metane- phrops mozambicus, and although it is impacted upon by commercial fisheries within its wide distribution, this is not believed to be significantly impacting the global stock at the present time. Recent data suggests the population is stable. Presentation is frozen whole and tails.
  10. 10. MAIN PRODUCT / SPECIES SUPPLIED BY AQUACULTIVOS DEL PACIFICO SEACORP COUNTRY Peru SEASONALITY All year round ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT Managed: Scallops are grown in controlled areas, growth operations have minimal impact on production areas on other marine species. SCALLOP | CONCHA DE ABANICO. These peruvian scallops (Argopecten purpuratus) are cultured. Initial culture stage goes from scallop larvae collection in natural environment, or from seed from hatcheries. The growing process occurs in coastal bays, through different split- tings by size, holding them at different densities up to reaching commercial size. In addition to the preservation of the seafood resource, marine culture offers advantages by following the natural processes of scallop’s development, without altering them, thus obtaining both biological and economical benefits. Presentation is frozen, in half-shell roe-on, half-shell roe-off, roe-on and roe-off scallops as well as canned.
  11. 11. 11 SUPPLIED BY GLOBAL IMPEX COUNTRY South Africa / Mozambique SEASONALITY All year round ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT Managed: The fishery is under a regulated generic management plan. MAIN PRODUCT / SPECIES SCAMPI. Deep-water scampi or langoustines (Metanephrops mozambicus) are endemic to the South West Indian Ocean (SWIO) region and make up the largest proportion of deep-water crustacean trawl catches in Mozambique and South Africa. The species inhabits the continental shelf and slope at depths of 200 to 750 m (mostly 400 to 500 m). It settles in areas of sticky mud, in which it burrows. Males become slightly larger than females (88 mm versus 83 mm) with a maximum total length of 205 mm. Although it is impacted upon by commercial fisheries within its wide distribution, this is not believed to be significantly impacting the global population at the present time. Recent data suggests the population is stable. Presentation is frozen whole and tails.
  12. 12. SUPPLIED BY ATISA LANGOSTINERA VICTORIA COUNTRY Peru SEASONALITY All year round ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT Managed: Feeds are still based on fish meal, but increasingly using other protein sources. Controls over effluent water are in place under national legislation. MAIN PRODUCT / SPECIES SHRIMP | CAMARON. Shrimp (Penaeus vannamei) aquaculture takes place along the Northern coastline of Peru using intensive and semi-intensive production systems. The climate in the north is suitable for this shrimp species, which thrives in warm temperature zones. Furthermore land prices have been low, as there have been little competing uses for it and, as a result, made entry easier and low conflict with traditional owners. The ponds are usually located close to the sea shore, this lowers the impact of pumping seawater to the ponds. Presentation is frozen, raw peeled, head-on shell-on, shell-on, headless shell-on and shell-off, in blocks or semi IQF.
  13. 13. 13 MAIN PRODUCT / SPECIES SUPPLIED BY TUNALUX SQUADRA COUNTRY Serbia SEASONALITY All year round SALMON (SMOKED). Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) is –by far– the species most often chosen for farming. It is easy to handle, it grows well in sea cages, commands a high market value and it adapts well to being farmed away from its native habitats. In salmon farming, the eggs hatch in fresh water tanks on land. The fry will usually spend 8-18 months in fresh water tanks before it is ready for smoltification and transfer to net pens in the sea. The smolt usually weighs approximately 100 g when it is moved to the sea, but in 12-18 months it will have reached a weight of 3-6 kg and be ready for slaughter. The salmon is fed pellets which contain a high concentration of proteins and fat. In addition to feed, the growth rate of salmon depends on water temperature, health conditions etc. The production of smoked salmon has developed from a very simple process with few possibilities for adjustments to a number of high-technology unit operations with several control options that are able to produce different flavourings and presentations. The processing takes place in Serbia.
  14. 14. MAIN PRODUCT / SPECIES SUPPLIED BY TUNALUX COUNTRY Serbia SEASONALITY All year round TUNA (PROCESSED). Processed tuna products are aimed at fully utilising all parts of tuna through original and innovative processing techniques. Processed ham of tuna has a shelf life of up to 90 days and is protected by a polyamide casing. This product can be delivered in different types of final presentations (i.e. sausages) at the request of the client. The tuna cuts utilised in the preparation originate from long standing tuna fishing countries such as Sri Lanka and Indonesia. The processing takes place in Serbia.
  15. 15. 15 BUYER MISSION FOR CARRAGEENAN & AGAR Your opportunity to find reliable suppliers in Indonesia: SIPPO Buyer Mission for Carrageenan & Agar from 27–30 May 2014 Swiss and European importers will be offered the excellent opportunity to network and form business partnerships within Indonesia’s seaweed sector. The European delegation will experience an exclusive first-hand insight into the Indonesian business environment, including tailor-made company visits with Indonesian suppliers of carrageenan and agar. In addition, the participants will visit seaweed farms in order to learn more about the supply chain. See you there! FURTHER EVENT
  16. 16. PROPESUR | PRODUCTOS PESQUEROS DEL SUR S.A. SIPPO PAVILION: HALL 7 | BOOTH 7-1953 Facts & Figures Productos Pesqueros del Sur S.A. (PROPESUR) is a family owned fish and seafood processing business established in 1980 in Tacna, Southern PERU. With his 200 employees and the close association with artisanal fisheries for over 34 years without interruption, has earned authorizations for export to mainly markets in the world (EU, Russian Federation, China, Japan, Korea, US, and all the Latin American countries). Products & Services PROPESUR has focused mainly on developing the processing of giant squid (frozen, cooked, rings, steaks, etc.), mahi-mahi (frozen portions, fletchers, etc.), anchovy (salted, frozen, etc.), and flying fish roe or tobiko (frozen). Mission & Vision PROPESUR is looking to offer excellent quality seafood with increasingly added value, meeting the quality standards required by the international market, maintaining a close link with his suppliers (artisanal fisheries) and having fidelity in time with his customers. Productos Pesqueros Del Sur S.A. Av. Circunvalación MZ A, Lote 2 Parque Industrial Tacna, Peru CONTACT Mr Hugo Vera Phone +51 5 224 83 33 Mobile +51 952 29 46 41 PRODUCTS Main product: Frozen giant squid Other products: Flying fish roe, mahi-mahi, anchovy PERU
  17. 17. 17 SQUADRA D.O.O. SIPPO PAVILION: HALL 7 | BOOTH 7-1953 Facts & Figures Squadra d.o.o. Belgrade is dedicated to importing, processing and distributing frozen, fresh and alive fish and seafood. Established in 1999, and now with 124 employees, Squadra is one of the leaders in the Serbian market. It also has a recognised presence in Yugoslavia, Greece and Croatia. The company has an annual turnover of 6.2 million EUR. Products & Services Although the production program comprises smoked fish, fish specialties and sea food, Squadra’s main product is Smoked Salmon (hot and cold). These are packed in DARFRESH and MAP and are available throughout the year. Secondary products include octopus salad and smoked salmon pate in casing. Vision & Mission The company pride themselves to conduct business with the highest of standards and their goal is to keep on increasing the exports of smoked fish and seafood products of the most supreme quality in Europe and worldwide. Squadra d.o.o Ugrinovacka 258 b 1272/Dobanovci Serbia CONTACT Anna Milicevic Phone +381 11 3109 200 Mobile +381 63 442 419 PRODUCTS Main product: Smoked salmon (hot and cold) Secondary products: Octopus salad, smoked salmon pate CERTIFICATION ISO 22 000 and in the process of implementing FSSC 22000 Food Safety Standard SERBIA
  18. 18. TUNALUX D.O.O. SIPPO PAVILION: HALL 7 | BOOTH 7-1953 Facts & Figures Tunalux and Kristal are two young companies located near Belgrade (Serbia) that have joined forces to produce an innovative and healthy range of processed seafood products. Products & Services Tunalux main product is processed tuna ham, presented as sausages (hot dogs). All products are made only using premium quality raw material, without any flavour enhancers, phosphates and are thouroughly tested and analyzed for human consumption. Tunalux –in its association with Kristal– also offers smoked salmon. Vision & Mission The company has a clear vision of offering unique and healthy processed seafood products. The goal is to continue innovating and to grow their markets, acquiring customers around the world. Tunalux D.O.O. Belgrade str. Ismeta Mujezinovica 19/20 11070 Belgrade, Serbia CONTACT Mr Vojo Zivojnovic Phone +38 1 11 7489 011 Mobile +38 1 62 234 917 PRODUCTS Main products: Processed tuna sausages Other products: Other processed tuna products, smoked salmon SERBIA
  19. 19. 19 GLOBAL IMPEX S.A. SIPPO PAVILION: HALL 7 | BOOTH 7-1953 Facts & Figures Global Impex S.A. is a South African supplier of superior quality seafood products. Since its beginnings in 2004 – as an international trading house – the company has now evolved to develop their own seafood brand ‘Nautical Blu’. Global Impex controls the raw material, ensuring a better quality end product through exclusive rights to the processing facility, Futurama 135 cc. This plant processes all their products exported to Europe. Products & Services Nautical Blu’s main export product is Wild scampi/Langoustine (Metanephrops andamanicus/ mozambicus) that is caught in the deep waters of the Mozambique channel. It is then frozen on board in head-on form and transported to the processing factory where it is processed into scampi tails. There it is graded, blast frozen and packed ready for export into Europe. The secondary product is Pink prawn/shrimp (Halipoirades triathrus). The availability of both products is year round (fishing and weather conditions dependant). Product presentations and packaging/labelling could be tailored to meet customers’ requirement and made fit for export anywhere in the world. Vision & Mission The company’s goal is to be the number one supplier of high value, fresh and frozen seafood products in Africa while also offering an unforgettable buying experience. By maintaining control of the supply chain Global Impex can ensure consistency, sustainability and traceability in all their product offerings. SOUTH AFRICA Global Impex S.A. 17 Meriel road, Uvongo 4270, K.Z.N, South Africa CONTACT Mr Billy Lorenzo Phone +27 (0)39 31 55 66 1 Mobile +27 (0)82 928 06 30 PRODUCTS Main product: Wild scampi Secondary product: Pink prawn
  20. 20. PARTNER: PROMPERÚ PERU PAVILION: HALL 7 | BOOTHS 7-1749, 7-1849 & 7-1853 PROMPERU, Peru’s Export and Tourism Promotion Board, is an official agency connecting public and private initiatives to promote an integrated and attractive image of Perú. The objective is to create and promote a competitive and diversified offer of products and services with the highest quality standards suitable for the international markets. PROMPERU carries out a wide range of activities related to trade and tourism. They focus on those linked to the expansion of businesses in foreign markets to generate more job opportunities and to spread the image of Perú, as an exporting country and an attractive tourist destination. Regarding fish and seafood products, these are the following four concepts that supports the Peruvian offer: • Diversity: Wide variety of marine and fresh water species. • Sustainability: Peruvian regulations comply with the most demanding international standards. • Food Safety and Health: strict sanitary and hygienic conditions guarantee the safety and quality of the products. • Technology and Quality: meeting the requirements of the world’s most demanding markets. For more information, please contact us at the following email: Perú, pleasant to the palate PERU © Enrique Castro-Mendívil / Promperú
  22. 22. Aquacultivos del Pacifico S.A.C. Av. Paseo de la República 4044 Miraflores Lima 18 Peru CONTACT Mr Raúl Soriano Phone +51 1 319 48 00 Mobile +51 998 13 39 56 PRODUCTS Frozen scallops (roe-on and half-shell roe-on) AQUACULTIVOS DEL PACIFICO S.A.C. PERU PAVILION: HALL 7 | BOOTH 7-1849 Facts & Figures Aquacultivos del Pacifico is an aquaculture scallop farming company, that bases its operation in suspended systems, from hatchery production to its harvest. The pureness of their sea areas localized in the central part of Peru comply with European Union (EU) regulations, ensuring full traceability and total quality of our products. Products & Services Their main product is scallops, which are processed, frozen or canned, in EU approved plants. The company offers products in IQF, roe-on, roe-off, half-shell and zamburiña presentations to markets all over the world. Mission & Vision Aquacultivos del Pacifico respects technical, responsible, sustainable and environmentally friendly processes, in order to fulfill all necessary quality standards to sell and export high-quality and reliable products to the most demanding and sophisticated international markets. PERU
  23. 23. 23 Acuacultura Técnica Integrada del Peru S.A. Km 2.2 Carretera Puerto Pizarro Tumbes Peru CONTACT Mrs Patricia Matto Phone +51 1 430 05 98 Mobile +51 996 30 00 01 PRODUCTS Frozen shrimps CERTIFICATION In the process of implementing GLOBALG.A.P. ATISA | ACUACULTURA TECNICA INTEGRADA DEL PERU S.A. PERU PAVILION: HALL 7 | BOOTH 7-1849 Facts & Figures Acuacultura Técnica Integrada del Peru (ATISA) was founded in 1997 and is now a well-established producer and exporter of shrimp (Penaeus vannamei). The company also complies with all environmental and sanitary requirements imposed by the Peruvian authorities and exports to many countries around the world. Products & Services ATISA’s main product is fresh-frozen white shrimp, a product well known because of its great flavour, fresh texture and premium quality. It is commercialised as head-on, head-off and peeled. Mission & Vision ATISA has allegedly forged strong linkages with the local community in order to employ local people in their farming activities and its social responsibility program. The company’s mission is to keep on buidling on their reputation as having a great product, being punctual, reliable and providing traceability of their products. PERU
  24. 24. Centro Mar S.A. Calle El Palomar 109, Arequipa Arequipa Peru CONTACT Gustavo Amado Carpio Phone +51 54 285 788 Mobile +51 54 981205354 PRODUCTS Main product: Frozen giant squid Other products: Mahi-mahi, flying fish roe, octopus CENTRO MAR S.A. PERU PAVILION: HALL 7 | BOOTH 7-1849 Facts & Figures Centro Mar S.A. is a company located in Arequipa (southern Peru). It began its operations in 2007, dedicated to process hydro-biologi- cal products for human consumption for domestic and interna- tional market. Although its initial markets were mostly domestic and Spain and Italy, now – due to its products’ success and acceptance – it has expanded to other countries such as Russia, Korea, Netherlands, China, Japan, Philippines, Portugal, Thailand, Ukraine, USA and Mexico. Products & Services Centro Mar S.A. has a modern infrastructure which allows them to process products efficiently with all health and technological warranties. Its main product is the giant squid (Dosidicus gigas) and it is marketed as: rings, strips, fillet, tube, steak, tentacles and wing. Other products are mahi-mahi (Coryphaena hippurus) in the following presentations: Mahi-mahi GG, fillet skin on, fillet skinless, fletchers, portions and medallions, and also flying fish roe (Exocoetus volitans) and octopus (Octopus mimus). Mission & Vision Its mission is to deliver nutritional products with the most extensive quality control. Its vision is to be a processor and exporter of high quality products becoming a company with a great leadership in the domestic and international market. The company is characterized by providing its employees with a supportive work environment. PERU
  25. 25. 25 EXPORTADORA CETUS SAC PERU PAVILION: HALL 7 | BOOTH 7-1849 Facts & Figures Exportadora Cetus was created in 2007 to produce and market products sourced from artisanal fisheries in order to increase their variety and freshness. The company processes 35 different marine species with diverse equipment (static tunnel, IQF, plate freezers, vacuum sealers, etc.) which makes possible to meet their customers’ needs on time. Cetus exports to markets such as Spain, USA, Japan, China, Thailand, Mexico, among others. Cetus is formed by a team of professionals committed to achieving excellence in processing, presentation, and exporting their products; guaranteeing international standards of quality.    Products & Services The company main product is the frozen giant squid (fresh orThe company main product is the frozen giant squid (fresh orThe company precooked / I.Q.F. or blocks, presented as rings, buttons, strips, and tentacles). Other products include frozen scallop (roe on/off), frozen squid (fresh or precooked / I.Q.F. or blocks), frozen anchovy (Entire, HG, HGT), frozen mahi-mahi (Entire, HG, HGT, fillets skin on or skin off, fletches I.Q.F, slices I.Q.F). Mission & Vision Cetus mission is to meet the needs and expectations of customers by providing a diversity of high quality products and services that also take into account the preservation of the environment. Their vision is to be recognized for the quality of their products and services and for supporting the development of the artisanal fisherman (contributing to the sustainability of the marine life in the Pacific).  PERU Exportadora Cetus S.A.C. Av. Los Diamantes Mz “C” Lote 7 Zona Industrial II Etapa. Paita, Piura, 20801 Peru CONTACT Gustavo Alburquerque Phone +51 73 511873 Mobile +51 1 99822*3856 PRODUCTS Main product: Frozen giant squid Other products: Frozen scallop roe on/off, frozen squid, frozen anchovy, frozen mahi-mahi
  26. 26. CONTENTS
  27. 27. 27 Consorcio Industrial El Pacífico S.A.C. Av. Abancay 235, Of. 902 Lima 1 Peru CONTACT Susana Ballón Chirinos Phone +51 54 22-3254 Phone Tacna +51 52 24-4802 Mobile +51 9891-97290 PRODUCTS Main Product: Frozen giant squid Other products: Anchovy, mahi-mahi, trout, flying fish roe, octopus CONSORCIO INDUSTRIAL EL PACIFICO S.A.C. PERU PAVILION: HALL 7 | BOOTH 7-1849 Facts & Figures Consorcio Industrial El Pacífico S.A.C. started in the late 90’s, specializing in the processing of hydro-biological, frozen products. The factory have a production capacity of 43 tons of frozen hidro-biological products per day. This is achieved with help of the 5 latest generation freezing tunnels – each of which is fully functional and in constant maintenance. This allows to obtain the batch of 8-10 hours and to reach the 43 tons of finished product per day. The storage capabilities is of 500 tons in the plant cold chambers with electronically controlled temperature system. This allows to detect automatically any temperature change inside the chambers. Products & Services The factory has HACCP for the products that elaborates. The processes are controlled every day by qualified technical personnel which – at the same time – are monitored constantly by the sanitary authority in the country. The company also have GMP for all the process assuring optimal results for the products. Mission & Vision Since the beginning of their activities the company elaborated high quality products with the main objective to reach the most demanding markets in the world. This is the reason why today their products are reaching the high-end markets like the EU, United States, Japan, Corea and Brasil, among others. PERU
  28. 28. PEZEX | PEZ DE EXPORTACION S.A.C. PERU PAVILION: HALL 7 | BOOTH 7-1849 Facts & Figures Pez de Exportación S.A.C. (PEZEX) is located in Paracas, in the Department of Ica, 250 km south of the Peruvian capital. This young company started in 2012 and in a very short time has managed to consolidate its position as the largest producer of canned fish in format ¼ club (RR-125), working species such as Peruvian Sardine (Engraulis ringens) and Sardines (Sardinella longiceps, Aurita, etc.) for different markets. PEZEX has a great production capacity: more than 75 millions of cans per year. This has been made possible by implementing modern equipment that made the production line a fully-automated process. Products & Services PEZEX offers products in a variety of presentations: RR-125 (net weight 125 gr.), RR-90 (net weight 90 gr.), sardine in vegetal oil, in sunfl ower oil, in tomato sauce, in brine as well as peruvian sardine in vegetal oil, in sunflower oil, in olive oil, in tomato sauce, in hot tomato sauce, in brine. Other sauces are could be made available on requirement. Mission & Vision PEZEX believes the peruvian sardine is the basis of the wealth of the Peruvian sea as well as an extraordinary nutrient source for human consumption. PEZEX do not engage in the production of fishmeal out of these resources and only source raw materials from the artisanal and semi industrial local fleet, valuing catch’s quality over just pure volumes. The company plays an important role in the local community by providing gender balanced employment. PERU Pez de Exportación S.A.C. Av. Manuel Olguín 501 Ofic. 902B Santiago de Surco Lima Peru CONTACT Gerardo Garland Phone +51 1 437-8107 / 434-0566 PRODUCTS Main product: Sardine, peruvian sardine
  29. 29. 29 SEACORP PERU S.A.C. PERU PAVILION: HALL 7 | BOOTH 7-1849 Facts & Figures Seacorp is a family-owned aquaculture farm producing and exporting frozen scallops (Argopecten purpuratus) in customized presentations to countries such as France, Spain, USA, Belgium, Austria and Australia. The company’s sea farms are located in Piura, northern Peru; in areas monitored and classified as type A by the National Sanitary Authority and internationally certified private laboratories. Products & Services Ever since it was established in 2003, the commitment has been to preserve the unique freshness and texture of the scallops thanks to their farming and processing technology. The range of products include frozen scallops on the half shell and roe on/roe off IQF presentations with all-year round availability. The total production is farm-raised under BRC certification, guaranteeing 100% traceability in each shipment. Mission & Vision Seacorp has well defined family values and aims for long-term relationships with business partners, appreciating customer satisfaction by offering top quality products and a trustful market advice. This year Seacorp announces the expansion of its scallop hatchery located in the Sechura Bay, providing traceable seed and sustainability to the company’s growth plans. PERU Seacorp Peru S.A.C. Calle Alfredo Salazar 291 Oficina 804 Miraflores, Lima 18 Peru CONTACT Mr Ian Hanschke Phone +51 1 441 72 90 Mobile +51 981 05 75 02 PRODUCTS Frozen scallops CERTIFICATION BRC, HACCP, BASC
  30. 30. LANGOSTINERA VICTORIA S.R.L. PERU PAVILION: HALL 7 | BOOTH 7-1849 Facts & Figures Langostinera Victoria S.R.L is a 100% Peruvian company, dedicated since 1980 to the production and commerce of white shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei), pioneers in the aquaculture sector located in Zarumilla, Tumbes, Peru. They have over 494 acres exclusively dedicated to shrimp cultivation and appropriate facilities for their production. The team consists of a group of engineers and operational staff that ensure optimal quality standards. Products & Services Langostinera Victoria currently have an average annual production of 600 tons and the ability to develop any service or added value that customers ask for. They cultivate and export products to major countries in Europe and United States. All products come with health records in Peru, FDA and EEC. Mission & Vision The company cares about the ecosystem, therefore, all cultivations are managed organically and have all the appropriate security measures in order to have the lowest environmental impact. In addition, Langostinera Victoria engages in Social Responsibility policies. The use of domestic supplies generates over 120 direct jobs and more than 400 indirectly jobs, all this in effort to socially engage with people of limited resources of a poor area of Peru. Furthermore, the company is part of several social partnership programs. Langostinera Victoria S.R.L. Calle General Vivanco 204 Tumbes Peru CONTACT Ernesto Quiróz Phone +51 072 526 729 Mobile +51 972 609860 PRODUCTS Shrimps PERU
  31. 31. 31 YOUR CONTACT ABOUT US PIRMIN AREGGER Direct +41 44 365 54 89 Switzerland Global Enterprise Bleicherweg 10 CH-8002 Zürich IMPORT PROMOTION Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) works on behalf of the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO to connect importers in Switzerland and Europe with reliable suppliers in selected partner countries. We connect The Swiss Import Promotion Programme SIPPO provides you with access to numerous markets and new market opportu- nities in Africa, Asia, Europe and South America. We offer vast industry expertise and an extensive partner network. We build trust We carefully select the suppliers we work with. It is only after a thorough application process that they are admitted to the programme. They fulfill Swiss and EU standards, and their products are of high quality. Through our matchmaking services at trade fairs, during buyer missions or on study tours, you can get in direct touch with these potential business partners. FISH AND SEAFOOD The Swiss Import Promotion Programme is active in a wide range of sectors, among them Fish and Seafood. In this sector, we collaborate with export-oriented SMEs from Indonesia, Peru, Serbia and South Africa. OFFICIAL PROGRAMME
  32. 32. Place of event Brussels Exhibition Centre Parc des Expositions de Bruxelles 1020 Brussels Belgium Phone +32 2 474 82 63 MAP OF TRADE FAIR GROUNDS
  33. 33. SIPPO Pavilion Hall 7, booth 7-1953 Peru Pavilion Hall 7, booth 7-1749, 7-1849 & 7-1853 Dates and opening hours 6-8 May Tuesday: 10.00-18.00 Wednesday: 10.00-18.00 Thursday: 10.00-16.00 MAP OF PAVILIONS
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