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Exhibitor catalogue - Hannover Messe 2011

Exhibitor catalogue - Hannover Messe 2011



The SIPPO Pavilion presents countries in transition: Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia, Indonesia, Serbia, Ukraine & Vietnam | Hannover Messe 2011 | April 4 – 8, 2011

The SIPPO Pavilion presents countries in transition: Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia, Indonesia, Serbia, Ukraine & Vietnam | Hannover Messe 2011 | April 4 – 8, 2011



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    Exhibitor catalogue - Hannover Messe 2011 Exhibitor catalogue - Hannover Messe 2011 Document Transcript

    • The SIPPO Pavilion presents countries in transitionBosnia & Herzegovina, MacedoniaIndonesia, Serbia, Ukraine & VietnamAt Hannover Messe 2011.Hannover, April 4 – 8, 2011Hall 4, Booths E58, F581
    • Contents. SIPPO 3 Bosnia & Herzegovina Pavilion BHEPA 4 Foreign Trade Chamber of B&H 5 Femetall 6 Inox Ajanovic 7 Metalna Industrija 8 Panaflex 9 Sirbegovic 10 Topling 11 TT Kabeli 12 Republic of Macedonia Laminati 13 Indonesia Alcorindo Sejahtera 14 Duta Laserindo Metal 15 Santoso Teknindo 16 Serbia IVA28 17 Perfom 18 RPC Pesovic 19 Termometal 20 Ukraine Electromechanics 21 Vietnam Ngoc Thanh 22 Tan Hiep Luc Engineering 232
    • SIPPO Swiss ImportPromotion Programme.SIPPO, the Swiss Import Promotion Programme, is a mandate ofthe State Secretariat for Economic Affairs, SECO, within theframework of its economic development cooperation. It is carriedout by Osec, the official Swiss foreign trade promotion agency.The programme helps SMEs in developing and transition countriesto gain access to the Swiss and European markets by providinginformation, training courses and other matchmaking services.SIPPO also assists importers from Switzerland and the EuropeanUnion with finding suitable partners and high-quality productsfrom selected developing and transition countries.The programme has five main goals:• To inform the Swiss and European import economy about new market sources• To strengthen trade institutions and business sector associa- tions in the trade promotion process• To increase the competitiveness of SMEs in selected partner countries• To develop the manufacturing and exporting skills of SMEs in selected partner countries• To establish qualified trade contacts between SMEs from emerging markets and markets in transition and the Swiss and European import economyOsecSIPPO Swiss Import Promotion ProgrammeStampfenbachstrasse 85, P.O. Box 2407CH-8021 Zurich, SwitzerlandPhone +41 44 365 53 65, Fax +41 44 365 52 02cbernet@osec.ch, www.sippo.ch 3
    • Bosnia and Herzegovina Pavilion. BHEPA – Bosnia and Herzegovina Export Promotion Agency Branislava Durdeva 10 Phone +387 33 566 263 71000 Sarajevo Fax +387 33 566 264 Bosnia and Herzegovina info@bhepa.ba www.bhepa.ba Contact: Mr. Amir Hujic Bosnia and Herzegovina Export Promotion Agency – BHEPA is a national agency operating within the Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Their primary role is to assist all B&H companies to develop and expand export markets by promoting products and capa-bilities of the country internationally. BHEPA’s clients are primarily individual enterprises that want to start, in- crease or diversify their export business.4
    • Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and HerzegovinaBranislava Durdeva 1071000 Sarajevo Phone +387 33 566 263Bosnia and Herzegovina Fax +387 33 566 264 amirh@komorabih.ba www.komorabih.baContact: Mr. Amir HujicThe mission of the Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herze-govina is to develop and upgrade foreign trade, customs and tariffpolicies of Bosnia and Herzegovina, international finance, interna-tional transport and communications, as well as to coordinate theactivities of the economic development of the country. FTCBH isan association of B&H companies, producers and service provid-ers of various business sectors, engaged in imports and exports.FTCBH is a member of ICC, Eurochambres, IRU and other inter-national trade organisations and initiatives. 5
    • Bosnia and Herzegovina. Femetall d.o.o. Zmaja od Bosne bb Poslovna zona 1 Phone +387 32 445 770 72000 Zenica Fax +387 32 445 770 Bosnia and Herzegovina emira@femetall.ba www.femetall.ba Contact: Mr. Sahmanija Fahrudin Femetall manufactures and installs stainless steel products. We guarantee the quality of our services and are proud owners of many certificates and awards, among them “Entrepreneur of the Year” Award 2008, “Manager of the Year” Award 2009, and trade fair ZEPS Intermetal Award for our Professional Stainless Steel Kitchen in 2008. Products: Catering equipment: professional kitchens for hotels, open-closed work tables, open-closed sinks, shelves, hanging lockers, barbecues, inox nape, inox cart wheel, tables, chairs, bars. All types of fences, handrails, entry gates, towel bars, carri- ers. Medical equipment: SS trolleys for instruments, gynecology beds, infusion stands. Parts for yachts. Personnel: 20 Customer: Catering industry, food industry, medical facilities. Konzum Sarajevo, Ministry of Transportation Sarajevo, Shopping center Dzananovic Zenica, various Hotels, Zmajevac Zenica (meat industry), Cinema Ekran.6
    • SZR Inox AjanovicAdem Prnjavorac74260 Tesanj Phone +387 32 650 678Bosnia and Herzegovina Fax +387 32 650 678 info@inox.ba www.inox.baContact: Mr. Ajanovic Dzenan, Mr. Hamzic RamadanOur company offers a wide range of products made of inox stain-less steel combined with various kinds of high quality wood,stone, glass and other compatible materials. We offer unique andaffordable solutions from project sketches to installation that giveindividual looks and functions to the product you choose.Products: Products made of stainless steel combined with variouskinds of high quality wood, stone, glass and other types of material.SS products for interiors and exteriors, restaurant equipment,pharmaceutical and medical supplies, equipment for chemical andpharmaceutical industries, tanks, vessel components, parts foryachts.Personnel: 40Customers: Food industry, chemical, pharmaceutical and medi-cal industry, manufacturing and service companies, construction,private sector. 7
    • Bosnia and Herzegovina. Metalna Industrija Rudnicka bb 79101 Prijedor Phone +387 52 232 511 Bosnia and Herzegovina Fax +387 52 215 811 office@mip.rs.ba www.mip.rs.ba Contact: Ms. Vesna Mutic, Mr. Boro Babic Metalna Industrija fabricates welded steel assemblies and struc- tures for a variety of industrial applications and to customer specifications. Our scope of services in the manufacturing process includes procurement of materials, sandblasting, cutting, plastic deformation, welding, machining, corrosion protection Products: Production of custom welded steel assemblies and structures for various industrial applications. Steel structures for industrial halls, steel bridges, housings, pressure vessels, ship rudder blades, constructions for handling equipment (cranes, conveyors, etc.). Certifications: ISO 9001:2008, EN ISO 3834-2, AD HP0, DIN 18800-7 E classes and approved for welding of ship rudders and ship components. Personnel: 110 Customers: Civil engineering, power-, machine building- , ship building and handling equipment industry. Mack Project Engineer- ing Group (CH), Blohm + Voss Industries (D), Sam GmbH (D), Kartner Maschinen (A), Siderimpes (I), Van Der Vel (NL) etc.8
    • AD PanaflexSremska 276300 Bijeljina Phone +387 55 244 500Bosnia and Herzegovina Fax +387 55 244 200 panaflex@telrad.net www.panaflex-mv.comContact: Mr. Milorad VukovicPanaflex offers a broad assortment of flexible pipes and hoses thathave a wide range of usage in all fields of industry. Our use of mod-ern and up-to-date technology is reflected in the high quality of ourproducts which are competitive on the European and world market.Products: Flexible corrugated metal pipes, flexible strip woundmetal pipes, flexible pipes and ducts for ventilation, air condition-ing and chimney, copper plates for cable, compensators, flexiblemetal pipes for gas installations, flexible hoses for speedometersand speed graphs for vehicles, flexible flocked hoses for vehicleglass lifters, push-pull cables, devices for boiler cleaning, devicesfor grinding and polishing with single- and multi-speed, flexiblepipes used in the exhaust system of cars, trucks and buses.Certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 14001Personnel: 60Customers: Customers in Germany, France, Greece, Finland,Czech Republic, Slovakia, Netherlands, Egypt, Serbia, Croatia,Slovenia, Macedonia, Montenegro. 9
    • Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sirbegovic d.o.o. Patriotske lige bb 75320 Gracanica Phone +387 35 700 000 Bosnia and Herzegovina Fax +387 35 703 158 info@sirbegovic.com www.sirbegovic.com Contact: Mr. Sefket Hadzibegovic, Ms. Duska Hadzibegovic Headquartered in Gracanica, Bosnia and Herzegovina, The Sirbe- govic Group has subsidiaries in Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Libya and Saudi Arabia, and representative companies in Germany, Italy, Sweden and Norway. We offer turn-key solutions in the design, engineering and execution of all types of construction works. We have the know-how, capacity and resources to build your idea FAST, SAFE and with QUALITY. Products: Production, transportation and assembly of pre-cast concrete structures, steel structures, aluminum & PVC joinery, project design, engineering, construction project management, real estate development investments and consulting. Certifications: ISO 9001-2008, EN 1168, EN 206-1, EN 12 620, DIN EN ISO 3834-3, DIN EN ISO 18800-7 SLV, DIN EN ISO 18800- 7 Klasse E Personnel: 60010
    • Topling d.o.o.Magistralni put bb78430 Prnjavor Phone +387 51 645 100Bosnia and Herzegovina Fax +387 51 645 200 toppling@blic.net www.topling.comContact: Mr. Zdravko Dukic, Mr. Goran MrazicTopling manufactures hot water boilers and low pressure steamboilers. Planning and implementation of central heating, air con-ditioning and ventilation systems. The company’s focus is on theproduction of boilers that run on renewable energy, i.e. biomasssuch as pellets, saw dust, straw, etc. Boilers for manual heatingwith rigid fuel, electrical boilers, and boilers running on liquid andgas fuels. Boiler range 15kW to 2000kW for all kinds of buildings.Standardized in accordance with the European directives andnorms and bear the CE seal.Products: Heating boilers that run on biomass: “Biotopling” pel-let boiler (up to 300kW). “SASP’’ Boiler – runs on saw dust andwooden chips (100-2000kW). Low pressure steam boilers (up to750kW), certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001, C markfor all productsPersonnel: 128Customers: Households, hotels, restaurants, wood drying, steamchamber for timber. Dryer Wood Italy, Chatild France, ScierieEymard France, Ripert France, New Energy Group Italy 11
    • Bosnia and Herzegovina. TT Kabeli d.o.o. AKnespolje p.p. 88220 Siroki Brijeg Phone +387 39 702 110 Bosnia and Herzegovina Fax +387 39 702 111 info@ttkabeli.com www.ttkabeli.com Contact: Mr. Dario Tomic, Mr. Tomislav Kvesic TT Kabeli’s main activity is the production of PVC and XLPE power cables up to 1kV voltage. After establishing itself in the Bosnia and Herzegovina market, the company has expanded its sales and marketing operations to the regional market and is positioning itself to start selling its products internationally. Products: Development, design and production of electric power cables up to 1kV. Personnel: 43 Customers: Electric power service providers. Zikas Slovenia, Ramel Montenegro, Nin Elektrocommerce Croatia, Bojan Mihajlovic Austria.12
    • Republic of Macedonia.Laminati kom d.o.o.Mosa Pijade bb, p.o.b 1637500 Prilep Phone +389 48 424 494Republic of Macedonia Fax +389 48 424 494 petar.vasileski@laminati.com.mk www.laminati.com.mkContact: Mr. Petar Vasileski, Mr. Tomo GjorgieskiOur business is the production, manufacture and trade of techni-cal materials for electrical insulation. We produce phenol andcotton based technical laminates, phenol and paper, epoxy resinsand glass fibre, in the form of plates, tubes and rods in accord-ance with DIN 7735. We fabricate parts according to customers’technical requirements. While also used as original building com-ponents, our products are most often used as spare parts in theelectrical industry, for the periodic remounting of electrical stovesin metallurgy and of generators in hydroelectric power stations andsteam power plants.Products: Electrical insulation. Technical laminates: paper phe-nol, cotton phenol, epoxy glass and finished products made fromthese materials.Personnel: 25Customers: Electrical industry, railways, metallurgy. Customers inSpain, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey,Albania, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Croatia. 13
    • Indonesia. Alcorindo Sejahtera PT. Jl. Raya PLP Curug KM 6,2, Serdang Wetan, Legok Tangerang Phone +62 21 598 1141 15820 Banten Fax +62 21 598 1140 Indonesia alco@cbn.net.id www.alcorin.com Contact: Mr. Erwin Harjadi Products: Casting products for foundries and machining Casting: Grey cast iron, ductile cast iron, cast steel, special alloy steel Machineries: Foundry machines, sanitary and ceramic MC, roll forming MC, dust collector, special machine and spare parts, flens, strainer, valve body Steel structure, welded H-beam, welded pipe and oil/water tanks. Certifications: ISO 9001:2011, ISO 18001 (in process) Production line complete with quality control equipment Personnel: 220 Customers: Automotive industry, sanitary ware industry, foundry industry, engineering14
    • Duta Laserindo Metal PTJl Meranti 2 No 1617750 Lemah Abang-Bekasi Phone +62 21 8990 6285Indonesia Fax +62 21 8990 tiwan.liutama@gae.co.id www.dlm.co.idContact: Mr. Tiwan Liutama, Mr. Sugiono AliDuta Laserindo Metal (DLM) is Indonesia’s leading sheet metalfabricater and contract assembly manufacturer with ISO 9000accreditation. Using state of the art CAD/CAM,CNC machines forlaser cutting, punching and bending, the company specializes inlow and medium batch sizes of high tech sheet metal parts. DLMoffers the complete sheet metal manufacturing solution, fromsingle part or sub-assembly manufacture to turn-key solutions formechanical and electrical assemblies. With more than 12 yearsmanufacturing experience, DLM is committed to forming interna-tional partnerships with overseas business partners.Products: Sheet metal fabrication, sub assembly manufacturing.Switch gear cubicle, welded sheet metal component, self serviceterminals.Certification: ISO 9000Personnel: 200Customers: Electrical apparatus and heavy equipment manufac-turers, telecommunication, machine builders. Trumpf Werkzeug-maschinen Germany, Caterpillar Indonesia, Schneider ElectricIndonesia, Sakai Japan, Hitachi Electric. 15
    • Indonesia. PT. Santoso Teknindo Jl. Gatot Subroto Km. 8 Tangerang 15136 Phone +62 21 591 8556 Indonesia Fax +62 21 591 2155 anton.santoso@sti-precision.com www.sti-precision.com Contact: Mr. Anton Santoso, Mr. Andi Santoso Santoso is known for the quality and value of their products. It has been our policy to manufacture each product in our facilities to ensure process control and high quality standard. We specialize in the manufacture of custom made mechanical components and special cutting tools that serve a broad range of industries. Today we have grown to become a national leader in precision machin- ing in Indonesia. Products: Made to order precision mechanical components and special cutting tools, carbide cutting tools, special tool holder, PCD and PCBN cutting tools, inspection gauge. Personnel: 135 Customers: Bearing industry, food & beverage industry, automo- tive industry, mass production machining, medical industry, aero- space maintenance industry. (Indonesia) NSK Bearing Mfg, Honda Precision Parts Mfg, Suzuki, Astra Daihatsu, Denso, Toyota Motor Mfg, Kayaba, Mitsubishi Kramayudha Motor & Mfg, Coca Cola Bottling, Asia Health Energy Beverages (Red Bull), Garuda Mainte- nance Facility Aero Asia16
    • Serbia.IVA28 d.o.o.Jurija Gagarina 231/32211070 Novi Beograd Phone +381 11 30 15 640Serbia Fax +381 11 30 15 635 office@iva28.rs www.iva28.rs M E T A L W O R K I N GContact: Mr. Miloje ErcevicIVA 28 is a family owned company founded in 1993 in Belgrade,Serbia. We are specialized in the production of machine partsfor turning, milling and grinding machines. Our engineers use alladvanced methods, i.e. CAD modeling, CAM programming, CMMprogramming, Gant Chart tracking. Our production is organisedaround information and knowledge data banks and standardiza-tion of all production processes. We offer all from one hand: woodpatterns, castings, machining, control and delivery. We take thedrawing and deliver the part.Products: Precision machining of machine partsParts for turning, milling and grinding machines: slides, gearboxes, tailstocks, main plates, etc.Personnel: 12Customers: Turning, grinding and milling machine manufacturersMAG-IAS Germany, MAG-IAS Switzerland 17
    • Serbia. Perfom Ltd. Knjaza Milosa 165 31210 Pozega Phone +381 31 3816 656 Serbia Fax +381 31 714 380 office@perfom.rs www.perfom.rs Contact: Mr. Milos Jankovic, Ms. Nevena Jankovic Perfom is small family owned company with 70 years of experi- ence in metal sheet processing. We produce perforated metal sheets and products, standard and custom. We also do punching, shearing, bending, welding. Products: Perforated metal sheets, embossed and perforated antiskid (antislip) metal sheets, perforated screens, gratings, custom perforated metal sheets and products, bins, baking trays. Certification: ISO 9001 Personnel: 12 Customers: Processing industry, food processing industry, mining, metal industry, building industry, transport, shipyards, baking industry.18
    • RPC Pesovic, s.z.r.Golubinacka 87-8922310 Simanovci Phone +381 22 480 779Serbia Fax +381 22 480 279 info@peshovich.com www.peshovich.comContact: Mr. Vojin PeshovichWe make people pleasing water conservation products for effort-less water and energy savings. We use primarily recycled materi-als and our green production process is designed to minimizeecological footprint in every stage of the lifecycle production, useand disposal. Our products are made using advanced materialswith global approvals. Our unique, patented products offer bestprice-performance ratio in the industry. Attractively designed andpriced to move off the store shelves quickly, our brand offersunparalleled business opportunity.Products: Water heaters (instant, tankless), sanitary fittings andaccessories, i.e. faucets and mixers, arena and stadium seating,molds and molding of commodity and technical polymers; moldsfor injection molding, blow molding and metal casting, new prod-uct development.Personnel: 38Customers: Sanitary fittings wholesalers, stadia/arenas, officefurniture. Customers in Italy, England, Hungary, Spain, Denmark,former Yugoslavia, RSA. 19
    • Serbia.Termometal d.o.o.29. Novembar Street No. 1324430 Ada Phone +381 24 853 030Serbia Fax +381 24 853 375 info@termometal-ada.com www.termometal-ada.comContact: Mr. Aleksandar Savuljic, Mr. Silvester Kispeter Termometal is today a well-known name in the market of manu- facture of metal components and sub-assemblies for the needs of various industries. By offering full-cycle production services from the technical drawing to the finished components, using modern metal processing methods and combining different technological processes, we are able to manufacture many different and very complex metal parts according to our customers’ needs. Products: Manufacture of separate and small-series metal parts, components and sub-assemblies for various industries. Mechani- cal and heat processing of metals. Certification: ISO 9001:2001 Personnel: 196 Customers: Automotive industry, metal industry, agricultural industry. (Germany) Schaeffler Technologies KG, Tischer Technik Vertriebs, PMS 724, Porbas Consulting, P.C.E.M. Sommer, Robert Bosch, Franke Stahlprodukte, Remech Systemtechnik, EMCO Maier, Böhler Edelstahl, Magro Verbindungselemente, (Italy) CD Tecnologie, (Sweden) FMT Aircraft Gate Support System, (UK) Tentec,etc.20
    • Ukraine.Electromechanics Ukraine LLCFrounze str. 8604080 Kiew Phone +380 44 220 06 67Ukraine Fax +380 44 220 06 68 sergemtx@gmail.com www.emech.com.uaContact: Mr. Serhiy Prokhorov, Mr. Iurii IsaievElectromechanics Ukraine is a new company that manufacturesLED lighting. We offer solutions with the highest efficiency factorfor indoor and outdoor lighting, RGB lighting for special applica-tions and everyday use, media walls for HD video, and LED bulbsfor your house. All solutions have a wide range of use and can bedeveloped for your special needs.Products: LED lighting solutions: Interior and exterior RGB LEDlighting, DMX controllers, LED video screens, media walls.Ukrainian certification UKRSEPROPersonnel: 5Customers: Green energy, design, advertisingCustomers in Ukraine and Switzerland. 21
    • Vietnam.Ngoc Thanh Co., Ltd.762 Kha Van Can streetLinh Dong Ward, Thu Duc District Phone +84 08 6282 4840Ho Chi Minh City Fax +84 08 3720 4282Vietnam cokhingocthanh@hcm.fpt.vnContact: Mr. Tran Cao Nguyen Established in 2000, Ngoc Thanh stands for on-time production, continuous improvement and practical solutions in meeting the different and often complex needs of its clients. Products: Die cutter grinding Metal frame structures for x-ray scanners, conveyor systems, enclosures, concrete pumps, boom pumps, poster advertising Fabrication of sheet metal, machinery parts, parts for cosmetic assembly lines Mechanics installation Personnel: 50 Customers: Kimberly Clark Vietnam, Kimberly Clark Asia Pacific Singapore, Ipe Automation Malaysia, Demill International Develop- ments Australia, Vinacrete Pumping System Vietnam, Procter & Gamble Vietnam, Achinet Vina Vietnam.22
    • Tan Hiep Luc Engineering Co., Ltd186 Duong Tu Giang StreetWard 4, District 11 Phone +84 08 3855 8061Ho Chi Minh City Fax +84 08 3955 3216Vietnam tanhiepluc@hcm.vnn.vn www.tanhiepluc.comContact: Mr. Phong Dang, Ms. Thi Kim Loan NguyenEstablished in 2000, Tan Hiep Luc produces high-tech mechanicalmachines combining hydraulic, electrical, electronic and automa-tion technologies. We are specialized in designing and produc-ing 1) special hydraulic equipment using automation systems forshoe-making and 2) precision moulds for the rubber and plasticindustries. We attach special importance to training the next gen-eration of technical personnel. We have signed technology transfercontracts with universities. Many scientists from our main indus-tries of activity have cooperated with us and helped us upgradeour technical know-how. The combination of simple mechanismswith modern technologies and our skilled labor make our productsvery reliable.Products: Industrial casting, hydraulic machinery, shoe-makingmachineries, manufacturing, production of precision mold forrubber and plastics industries, splitting band knives for leatherindustry.Personnel: 60Customers: Rudolf Alber Germany 23
    • www.sippo.ch/flickr www.sippo.ch/youtubeOsec www.sippo.ch/slideshareSwiss Import Promotion ProgrammeStampfenbachstrasse 85 www.sippo.ch/twitterP.O. Box 2407 www.sippo.ch/facebookCH-8021 ZurichPhone +41 44 365 51 51Fax +41 44 365 52 02 www.sippo.ch/xingsippo@osec.ch www.sippo.ch/linkedinCopyright © OsecFebruary 2011. All rights reserved. www.sippo.ch