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SIPPO exhibitor brochure - ESE 2012

  1. 1. SIPPO presents companies fromAlbania & PeruAt European Seafood Exposition 2012.Brussels, 24 – 26 April, 2012SIPPO Pavilion Hall 7, booth 1929Peru Pavilion Hall 7, booth 1749 & 18491
  2. 2. Contents. Product Finder 3 Swiss Import Promotion Programme 4 Albania Konservimi Adriatik 5 Peru PromPerú 6 Peru Pavilion 7 Acuacultura Técnica Integrada del Perú S.A. 8 Aquacultivos del Pacifico S.A.C. 9 Piscifactoria Peña S.A.C. 10 Productos Pesqueros del Sur S.A. 12 Seacorp Peru S.A.C. 13 General plan 152
  3. 3. Product Finder. Product Page Anchovies 5, 12 Flying fish roe 12 Mackerel 5 Mussels 5 Rainbow trout 10 Sardines 5 Scallops 9, 13 Sea urchin 12 Shrimps 8 Squid 12 Tuna 5 3
  4. 4. SIPPO Swiss ImportPromotion Programme. SIPPO, the Swiss Import Promotion Programme, is a mandate of the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs, SECO, within the framework of its economic development cooperation. It is carried out by Osec, the official Swiss foreign trade promotion agency. The programme helps SMEs in developing and transition countries to gain access to the Swiss and European markets by providing information, training courses and other matchmaking services. SIPPO also assists importers from Switzerland and the European Union with finding suitable partners and high-quality products from selected developing and transition countries. The programme has five main goals: • To inform the Swiss and European import economy about new market sources • To strengthen trade institutions and business sector associa- tions in the trade promotion process • To increase the competitiveness of SMEs in selected partner countries • To develop the manufacturing and exporting skills of SMEs in selected partner countries • To establish qualified trade contacts between SMEs from emerging markets and markets in transition and the Swiss and European import economy Osec Swiss Import Promotion Programme Stampfenbachstrasse 85 CH-8006 Zurich, Switzerland Phone +41 44 365 54 89, Fax +41 44 365 52 02, www.sippo.ch4
  5. 5. Albania.Konservimi AdriatikLagia 15, Rruga Aleksander Goga Phone +355 522 355 15Spitalle, Durres 2000 Mobile +355 673 113 209Albania Fax +355 522 355 16 www.konservimi-adriatik.comContact: Mr. Artur Mata, konservimadriatik@yahoo.comKonservimi Adriatik is one of Albania’s largest fish conservationcompanies, serving customers in the domestic and internationalmarkets. The factory is located near the port of Durres in a22.000 m2 building. Anchovies and sardines are the speciality, butthe product range extends to other species, including mackereland tuna.The factory was built in 1988. It produces basically canned an-chovies and employs 115 people. Its current markets are Spain,Croatia and Italy. The company is presently expanding into otherEuropean markets in order to increase both its client base and itsproduct range.The production capacity is growing with an average production of1 ton filet anchovies per day and about 250 tons per year. An-chovies and other products can be offered in different packagingoptions such as glass, plastic or metal. The processing facilitiesensure that quality and service are the company`s number onepriorities.Products Anchovies, mackerel, mussels, sardines, tunaPersonnel 115Export Croatia, Italy, Spain 5
  6. 6. PromPerú.Hall 7, Booth 1749 & 1849. PromPerú PromPerú is Peru’s Export and Tourism Promotion Board. The agency’s institutional promotion role related to the Peruvian Fishing and Aquaculture Sector rests upon four basic concepts: Diversity Peru is one of the world’s largest fisheries. 3,080 km coast line, almost 900,000 km2 of territorial waters, numerous lagoons, lakes and rivers offer a great variety of marine and fresh water species. Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture Peruvian fishing and environmental regulations are in compliance with the most demanding international standards. They ensure kind extraction and interaction with the environment, and the sus- tainable use of the country`s resources. Food Safety and Health Peru’s food administration ensures fish farming, extraction and processing take place under strict hygiene conditions to guarantee their safety and quality of fish food products. Quality and Technology Peru is making important investments in freezing, canning and cur- ing technology to preserve the original quality of the resources, and to fulfill the requirements of the world’s most demanding markets. PromPerú República de Panamá 3647, San Isidro, Lima 27 Phone +511 616 74 00, Contact: Mr. Francisco Via, fvia@promperu.gob.pe6
  7. 7. Peru Pavilion.Hall 7, Booth 1749 & 1849.Acuacultura Técnica Pesquera Diamante SA. Propesur S.A.Integrade del Perú S.A. Mackerel, canned fish, mahi Anchovy, mahi mahi, octopus,Shrimps mahi, squid squid, flying fish roeAgropesca del Perú S.A.C. Pesquera Exalmar S.A.A. Fisholg & Hijos S.A.C.Víctor Quillay Mackerel, mahi mahi Squid, mahi mahi, scallops Mahi mahi, squid, scallops, anchovyAndina de Desarrollo S.A. Pesquera Hayduk S.A. Sea Protein fish Canned and frozen seafood ScallopsAquacultivos del Pacifico S.A.C. Piscifactoría Peña SAC. Seacorp Peru www.seacorperu.comScallops Eric Hanschke Rainbow trout ScallopsAustral Group S.A.A. Piscifactoria de los Andes S.A. Seafrost, sardines, tuna Rainbow trout Scallops, mahi mahi, squid, mackerel, sardines, tuna, dried filletsCorporación Proanco S.R.L. TASA S.A.Refrigerados INY S.A. Squid, mahi mahi, scallops, Frozen & canned fish, mishmeal,Scallops, shrimps, squid, mahi silver smelt, octopus, squid fishoilmahi, frozen seafood 7
  8. 8. Peru. Acuacultura Técnica Integrada del Perú S.A. Km 2.2 Carretera Puerto Pizarro Phone +51 1 430 05 98 Tumbes Mobile +51 996 30 00 01 Peru Contact: Mrs Patricia Matto, Acuacultura Técnica Integrada del Perú (ATISA), founded in 1997, is a well-established producer and exporter of shrimps. Located in Tumbes, the company`s main product is frozen white shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei), well known for its high protein and fatty acids content. The company complies with all environmental and sanitary requirements instituted by the Peruvian authorities and it has apparently forged strong ties with the local community in order to employ local people in their farming activities. In 2010, ATISA launched its COOL! brand, which stands for high quality and customer satisfaction. ATISA exports to many different countries all around the world and is well known for the timeliness and reliability of its deliveries and the traceability of its products. ATISA’s vision is to become the leading export company of high quality shrimps. Products White shrimps Personnel 35 Export Chile, Spain, USA8
  9. 9. Aquacultivos del Pacifico S.A.C.Av. Paseo de la República 4044 Phone +51 1 319 48 00Miraflores – Lima 18 Mobile +51 998 13 39 56Peru Fax +51 1 440 03 33 Mr Raul Soriano, del Pacifico is a Peruvian company established in2004, dedicated to sea farming of scallops (Argopecten Purpura-tus), which are mainly exported to France. The company employsmore than 65 workers reaching an average production of over240 tons per year.Aquacultivos del Pacifico operates over 140 ha of sea surfacenear the coast line, 400 km north of Lima, in a bay known asLa Boquita de Samanco (Santa province, Ancash department).The most important characteristic of this area is its sea waterquality, with very high levels of oxygen, sea plankton and welldefined sea currents that provide an excellent environment forfarming and obtaining a high quality product.Products Frozen scallopsPersonnel 65Export France 9
  10. 10. Peru. Piscifactoría Peña S.A.C. – Andean Trout Centro Empresarial Real Phone +51 1 712 27 18 Av. Víctor A. Belaúnde 147, Fax +51 1 211 25 26 Vía Principal 140 Torre Real Seis, Pisos 6 y 7 Lima 27, Peru Contact: Mr Daniel Valdivia, Piscifactoría Peña SAC (PIPESAC) was founded in 2002 as a rain- bow trout farming business in Cajamarca. PIPESAC is the most important trout farming company in northern Peru and is dedi- cated to the production and commercialization of rainbow trout complying with the highest quality standards. With a production of 300 tons per year, PIPESAC is the third most important trout aquaculture company in Peru. PIPESAC is focused on ‘pan size’ rainbow trout farming and is planning to increase its production in order to start exporting in early 2013. PIPESAC is also leading the process of creating the Peruvian Andean Trout Consortium. This association initiative has joined together the most relevant mid-sized trout farmers around a col- lective national goal: a sustainable trout supply for global markets. Products Rainbow trout Personnel 3210
  11. 11. Peru. Productos Pesqueros del Sur S.A. Av. Circunvalación MZ A, Lote 2 Phone +51 5 224 83 33 Parque Industrial Mobile +51 952 29 46 41 Tacna Peru Contact: Mr Hugo Vera, Productos Pesqueros del Sur S.A. (Propesur) is a family-owned fish and seafood processing business established in 1980 in Tacna, southern Peru. The company owns one of the major processing plants of fresh, cooked and frozen seafood of excellent qual- ity. Since 1989, Propesur has focused mainly on developing the processing of sea urchin (fresh and frozen), flying fish roe or tobiko (frozen), salted anchovy fillets (vacuum packed) and giant squid (cooked, rings, steaks, etc.). The company runs an efficient produc- tion process. Its facility has been EU approved for exports and also owns the HACCP certification. Propesur has been present in the region for more than 30 years and has forged strong ties with the local fishing communities. Its loyal workforce includes some staff members that have worked all their lives at the premises. The company complies with all sanitary and environmental requirements instituted by the Peruvian authorities (including an environmental management system). Products Anchovies, flying fish roe, sea urchin, squid and other fish and seafood products Personnel 16012
  12. 12. Seacorp Peru S.A.C. Calle Alfredo Salazar 291 Phone +51 1 441 72 90Oficina 804 Mobile +51 981 05 75 02Miraflores – Lima 18 Fax +51 1 441 72 90Peru www.seacorperu.comContact: Mr Eric Hanschke, ehanschke@seacorperu.comSeacorp, a family-owned company established in 2003, is an aqua-culture farm producing and exporting 200 MT of frozen scallops(Argopecten purpuratus) per year. The company is specialized infrozen IQF scallops in large sizes (10/20, 20/30 and 30/40 pcs/lb)with all-year round availability. The whole production is farm-raisedunder permanent HACCP and BRC certification systems guarantee-ing 100 % traceability in each shipment. The company`s sea farmsare located in Piura, northern Peru, where the areas are monitoredand have been classified as type A by the National Sanitary Author-ity and internationally certified private laboratories.Seacorp has well-defined values and aims for long-term relation-ships with business partners, seeking and appreciating customersatisfaction by offering top quality products and trustworthy marketadvice.In 2012, Seacorp will introduce its private scallop brand calledFERME BLEUE, using a value-added presentation aimed for theretail market.Products Frozen scallopsPersonnel 25Export France, Europe, USA, Australia 13
  13. 13. Notes.14
  14. 14. General plan. SIPPO Pavilion. Peru Pavilion. Hall 7, Booth 1929 Hall 7, Booth 1749 & 1849 Europea Seafood Exposition ESE 2012 Brussels Exhibition Centre Parc des Expositions de Bruxelles 1020 Brussels Belgium Phone +32 2 474 82 63 15
  15. 15. OsecSwiss Import Promotion Programme Follow us.Stampfenbachstrasse 85CH-8006 Zurich www.sippo.chPhone +41 44 365 51 51 +41 44 365 52 © OsecMarch 2012. All rights reserved.