Designer jewellery from Peru.It is certainly possible to buy unusual hand-crafted silver jewellery from Peru in Switzerlan...
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Designer jewellery from Peru


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Designer jewellery from Peru

  1. 1. Designer jewellery from Peru.It is certainly possible to buy unusual hand-crafted silver jewellery from Peru in Switzerland. «Our new presence in the market and opening our own shop increased our sales by 50 %.» José Alberto Christiansen, Director, J.A. Christiansen Joyas & Arte The first steps taken to enter the European market are proving effective and have brought a significant increase in sales for the programme participants as early as the first year. Peruvian silver jewellery producers are extremely interested in the SIPPO programme. Sixteen manufacturers out of a total of over 30 applicants were invited to take part in an advisory workshop. After a product evaluation and careful verification of the products’ ori- gin by the SIPPO team of experts, a road-map and milestones were developed for each company’s approach to the European market. As the products were already well advanced in their development and as they were in line with European tastes, excellent opportunities exist to create an entry into new markets for these companies. The next step was to prepare the producers for the exhibition in Lima; they were also urged to intensify their presence in the local market. As part of the programme, four companies exhibited at trade fairs in Europe and were able to find outlets for their collections. An agent has recently been appointed to market the jewellery in Switzerland. At an interim evaluation of the companies, the SIPPO team were overwhelmed with posi- tive feedback, «We have done exactly as we were advised» or «We have been thinking about you the whole year» were just some of the encouraging statements indicating that the work of the SIPPO team not only met the needs of the companies that were being pro­ moted but was also valued and appreciated. Success has been achieved in the first year. Two thirds of all producers who received ad- vice last year recorded a 40 % or more increase in sales. It was therefore no wonder that just as many new companies applied for the SIPPO jewellery programme this year. «The SIPPO programme provided us with ideal preparation for the fair and we are now working on the first orders.»December 2008 Elizabeth Campodonico Quintanilla, General Manager, aq 950, ayojacni qulquiSIPPOPhone +41 44 365 53 91,