Exhibitor Catalogue - Fruit Logistica 2011


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The SIPPO Pavilion presents countries in transition
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Ukraine
At Fruit Logistica 2011
Berlin, February 09 – 11, 2011
Hall 23 Booth D – 01, D – 02, E – 01

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Exhibitor Catalogue - Fruit Logistica 2011

  1. 1. The SIPPO Pavilion presents countries in transition Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Ukraine At Fruit Logistica 2011 Berlin, February 09 – 11, 2011 Hall 23 Booth D – 01, D – 02, E – 01 1
  2. 2. Contents. SIPPO 3 Bosnia and Herzegovina Agroimpex d.o.o. 4 Maocanka-Commerce DOO 5 PMG ViP PZ 6 Unaplod 7 Voce i povrce Krajine 8 Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia * USAID Macedonia AgBiZ Program 9 Agrolozar 10 Badzo Dooel 11 Turan Ivan Dooel export – import 12 Vivi Prom Vasil dooel Bogdanci 13 Ukraine Black Sea fruit company Ltd. 14 Dobra Gorodyna 15 Nashi Frukty TOV 16 Navigator-Agro TOV 17 Podillya STOV 18 General Plan Fruit Logistica 2011 19 * In this SIPPO brochure «Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia» always referred to as «Macedonia» 2
  3. 3. SIPPO Swiss Import Promotion Programme. SIPPO, the Swiss Import Promotion Programme, is a mandate of the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs, SECO, within the framework of its economic development cooperation. It is carried out by Osec, the official Swiss foreign trade promotion agency. The programme helps SMEs in developing and transition coun- tries to gain access to the Swiss and European markets by pro- viding information, training courses and other matchmaking services. SIPPO also assists importers from Switzerland and the European Union with finding suitable partners and high-quality products from selected developing and transition countries. The programme has five main goals: • To inform the Swiss and European import economy about new market sources • To strengthen trade institutions and business sector associa- tions in the trade promotion process • To increase the competitiveness of SMEs in selected partner countries • To develop the manufacturing and exporting skills of SMEs in selected partner countries • To establish qualified trade contacts between SMEs from emerging markets and markets in transition and the Swiss and European import economy Osec Swiss Import Promotion Programme Stampfenbachstrasse 85, P.O. Box 2407 CH-8021 Zurich, Switzerland Phone +41 44 365 52 68, Fax +41 44 365 52 02 ckostyal@osec.ch, www.sippo.ch 3
  4. 4. Bosnia and Herzegovina. Agroimpex d.o.o. Address: Dunavska 1c Phone +387 51 30 01 30 78000 Banja Luka Fax +387 51 30 01 56 Bosnia and Herzegovina agroimpex@teol.net www.agroimpexgroup.com Contact: Mrs. Ljiljana Vukelic, vukelic@prijedorcanka.com Products Fresh: Apples, pears, peaches, plums, cherries In 1959, many small orchards were grouped into the Social Enter- prise Plantations Gradiska. Ever since, the acreage of the orchards ranged between 600 to 882 hectares, whereas the maximum gross area is 1.460 ha. «Plantations Gradiska» used to have 7 working units. Annual yields ranged from 20 – 35 t per hectare of apples, 20 – 35 t per hectare of pears, 25 t per hectare of plums, and 25 t per hectare of peaches. It stood for the largest single orchard in Europe. During the war and post war period, Gradiska suffered major problems with maintenance and lost its market share, thus leading to a bankruptcy process in 2006. In November 2006, Agroimpex became the new owner of the three largest working units with a gross area of 700 ha, including 350 ha of orchards as follows: apples – 218 ha, pears – 100 ha, plums – 18 ha, cherries – 3 ha, and peaches – 12 ha. Today, the cooling system caters for a capacity of 3.200 tons. They plan to build one more with a capacity of 2.600t as well as a nursery covering an area of 10 ha. 4
  5. 5. Maocanka-Commerce DOO Address: Maoca BB Phone +387 49 52 07 80 76208 Maoca-Brcko Fax +387 49 52 07 81 Bosnia and Herzegovina info@maocanka.com www.maocanka.com Contact: Mr. Novalija Tursunovic, novalija.t@maocanka.com Products Fresh: Plums, herbs Certificates Global GAP Maocanka-Commerce was founded in 1991. It is located in the lower part of the fruit growing region of Majevica, in a place called Maoca. During its existence, Maocanka has affirmed its brand which is of recognizable high quality thanks to several products such as medicinal herbs and fresh Bosnian plums on a location of 230 ha. The company sells the goods from their production programme mostly within the European market based on many years of cooperation with their clients. Except for export trade, the company imports goods that cannot be found in their own country and which are needed for the pro- duction of their home-made tea. The company’s business is based on several important facts which ensure its development and future. Some of those facts are: Improved image and reputation in the surroundings; Market covered in the country; Good business relationship with the home and foreign contractors and buyers. 5
  6. 6. Bosnia and Herzegovina. PMG ViP PZ Address: Ul. Vl. Bataljona bb Phone +387 35 82 14 45 76250 Gradacac Fax +387 35 82 14 46 Bosnia and Herzegovina pmg-vip@bih.net.ba Contact: Mr. Salih Duric Products Fresh: Plums Certificates ISO, HACCP, Global GAP PMG – ViP, producing-marketing group of fruits and vegetables, was founded in October 2002 by agricultural producers in the north-east region of Bosnia, in Gradacac. Its traditional background and new technologies make this group unique for producing, packing and selling fresh fruits and veg- etables. The professional procedures in all working areas put the compa- ny in a position to deliver high quality products to its international clients. 6
  7. 7. Unaplod Address: Majora Milana Tepica 109 Phone +387 52 42 16 00 79240 Kozarska Dubica Fax +387 52 42 16 10 Bosnia and Herzegovina unaplod@teol.net www.unaplod.com Contact: Mr. Zoran Arsenic, azoran@ikomline.net Products Fresh: Apples, pears Certificates ISO 9001, ISO 22000, Global GAP Unaplod is a joint-stock company that deals with the production, purchasing, processing and sales of fruit and vegetables. Unaplod has newly built and modern ULO (ultra low oxygen) cold-storage plants with a controlled atmosphere and a capacity of 9.000 tons which enables a yearlong offer of fresh fruits. On an area of 8 hectares 25 % there is roofed handling space. By growing apples on an area of more than 200 hectares with the old (Idared, Golden Delicious, Granny smith etc.) as well as new varieties (Gala, Braeburn, Fuji Pinova, Sampion etc.), the most demanding markets shall be satisfied. Unaplod has a modern fruit sorting and packaging line so that it is able to offer a high level of uniformed products. Products can be packed into the cardboard and wooden containers ranging from 4 to 15 kg, onto plates protected by foil weighing from 0.5 to 1 kg, into PVC bags weighing from 1 to 3 kg and onto Jumbo Box palettes weighing 300 kg. 7
  8. 8. Bosnia and Herzegovina. Voce i povrce Krajine Address: Starog Vujadina bb Phone +387 51 53 06 86 78250 Laktasi Fax +387 51 53 55 77 Bosnia and Herzegovina vipkraj@teol.net www.vipkrajine.com Contact: Mrs. Dragana Kondic, dragana.kondic@yahoo.com Products Fresh: Apples, pears, potatoes, onions, paprikas Certificates Global GAP Cooperative has recorded an increase of customers since the be- ginning of operations in 2004. The major occupation of Coopera- tive is the sale of fruits and vegetables in BiH and abroad. Export comprises about 20 % of the total business. The major buyers in the domestic market are big shopping centres that have their own business units all over the territory of BiH. They have six employ- ees and a certain number of seasonal workers. Cooperative covers the north region of BIH (municipalities Banja Luka, Gradiska, Prijedor, Kozarska Dubica, Novi Grad, Kostajnica, Srbac and Laktasi). The agricultural products they sell are mainly apples, pears, potatoes, onions and sweet peppers. 8
  9. 9. Macedonia. USAID/Macedonia AgBiz Program Address: Ivo Lola Ribar 57/3 Phone +389 71 38 69 07 1000 Skopje Fax +389 23 21 36 05 Macedonia iristevski@agbiz.com.mk www.agbiz.com.mk Contact: Mr. Lovre Ristevski Products Fresh fruits and vegetables; Processed vegetables; Wine The AgBiz Program is funded by the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by the ARD, Inc. It is a four-year program that launched Macedonian operations in March of 2007. Since then, AgBiz Program has provided a range of services to Macedonian agribusinesses to enhance their competitiveness in regional and global markets. The overall mission of AgBiz is to increase economic growth in Macedonia by means of expanded, sustainable production and sales of value-added agricultural products, achieved by enhancing the ability of producers and processors to compete regionally and globally. The goal of the program is to enable agribusinesses to identify, understand and sustainably enter export markets for value- added products; to enhance market linkages between produc- ers, processors and traders; improve business management, operations and competitiveness; to achieve greater incomes for agricultural producers and processors; and to create new em- ployment opportunities. 9
  10. 10. Macedonia. Agrolozar Address: S. Hamzali Phone +389 34 37 50 00 2400 Strumica Fax +389 34 37 50 00 Macedonia agrolozar@mt.net.mk Contact: Mr. Danailov Risto, delcobaltovski@agrolozar.com.mk Products Fresh: Seedless watermelons, table grapes, peaches Certificates Global GAP, SurepGAP Agrolozar is an agribusiness located in the Bosilovo-Strumica region of south-east Macedonia. There, the excellent climate per- mits high quality crops to grow in sound environmental conditions respecting nature. The private company was established in 1993 and employs 50 – 170 skilled workers. The enterprise has a good experience of exporting their high quality agricultural products to the region and to central Europe. Agrolozar’s top product is the seedless mini watermelon Bambolino. Besides that, the company produces table grapes and different varieties of peaches. Agrolo- zar also has a professional packing plant where their production is handled according to European norms combined with customer requirements. 10
  11. 11. Badzo dooel Address: Marshal Tito 2/5 Phone +389 34 22 18 37 1484 Bogdanci Fax +389 34 22 31 01 Macedonia info@badzo.com.mk www.badzo.com.mk Contact: Mr. Danailov Risto, risto.danailov@badzo.com.mk Products Fresh: Tomatoes, cabbage, cucumbers/gherkins, peppers, potatoes, onions, watermelons, grapes, plums, apples, peaches, nectarines Certificates Global GAP, HACCP «Badzo» Dooel – Bogdanci was founded in 1992 as a production, trade and service company by Mr. Tome Sapkarov. The company’s main activity is purchasing, production, packing, processing and distribution of agricultural products. Due to the seasonal nature of various agricultural products, the dominant activity of the company, depending on the period, is production, purchasing, processing and packing and distribution of particu- lar garden vegetables and fruits. Established as a private company, «Badzo» Dooel – Bogdanci is becoming one of the leading producers and exporters of agricul- tural products in the Republic of Macedonia. The company’s aim is to satisfy its customers requirements regarding sizes/packing/quality, hence ensuring that the correct product arrives at the markets in the best condition. 11
  12. 12. Macedonia. TURAN Ivan DOOEL export – import Address: Ivo Lola Ribar 4 Phone +389 34 22 31 63 1484 Bogdanci Fax +389 34 22 21 62 Macedonia kontakt@turan.com.mk www.turan.com.mk Contact: Mr. Viktor Turanov, viktor_turanov@yahoo.com Products Fresh: Tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, peppers, cabbages, broccolis, cauliflowers, grapes, paradise apples, watermelones The private company Turan-Ivan Dooel from Bogdanci is located in the southern region of Macedonia. It is recognized worldwide as a region with an ecologically clean environment, possessing high quality fruits and vegetables. The company works on the principle of participation in produc- tion of fruits and vegetables by supplying seeds, preventive material, advice on production, packing fruits and vegetables for transport and sale purposes. More than 90 % of production is for export. Quality production of fruits and vegetables is a main principle to comply with for all our employees. 12
  13. 13. VIVI PROM Vasil dooel Bogdanci Address: Zaobikolen pat bb Phone +389 34 22 26 78 1484 Bogdanci Fax +389 34 22 33 78 Macedonia viviprom@t-home.mk Contact: Mr. Dragan Kostadinov Products Fresh: Tomatos, red peppers, potatoes, table grapes, watermel- ons, onions, cabbages, cucumber, apples, peaches Certificates Global GAP Vivi Prom belongs to the domestic companies in the agriculture sector. It deals with production and trade of agricultural prod- ucts, characteristics for the southern areas of the Republic of Macedonia. The warm southern climate and production under foils facilitate continuous cropping and trade throughout the whole year. Vivi Prom began its production 15 years ago, in 1991. Today, the number of suppliers has reached 600. Regarding export, Vivi Prom puts more than 9.000 t of agricultural products on the market every year. Almost 95 % reaches the foreign markets. This large success in attracting suppliers and clients into trade is based on the justified trust in the company, proved many times by specific cooperation and realisation of contracts. Vivi Prom went into business with the company’s own resources. Until now, it has 11 full-time employees. 13
  14. 14. Ukraine. BLACK SEA fruit company Ltd. Address: O. Nevskiy Phone +380 61 926 10 07 72312 Melitopol Fax +380 61 926 10 07 Ukraine blackseafruit@inbox.ru Contact: Mrs. Anna Mikulina, anna.mikulina@yahoo.de Products Fresh: Apples, sweet cherry Nursery trees: Apples Black Sea Fruit Company Ltd. is located in the south of Ukraine. The company has powerful possibilities regarding the production of fruit with high taste and productive indexes. During the 12 years of existence, the company has been engaged in growing fruit. The company grew into a professionally computer-integrated enterprise with a young collective of specialists. Black Sea Fruit Company Ltd. organises the industrial produc- tion of fruit cultures, in particular sweet cherries, apple trees and strawberries on the basis of German technology using drip irriga- tion on all fruit planting areas. In 2009, the latest project was in vitro plant breeding of strawber- ries and non-virus material: engrafted apple trees (M-9), peach trees, pears and rootstocks. Black Sea Fruit Company Ltd. also has the necessary tools for cooling, maintenance, and transportation of their products. 14
  15. 15. Dobra Gorodyna Address: Gagarina 28 Phone +380 48 502 49 50 67654 Odessa Fax +380 48 502 20 21 Ukraine gaguzarov@gmail.com Contact: Mr. George Aguzarov Products Fresh: Onions, carrots, peaches Certificates Global GAP Dobra Gorodyna was established in 2005. The company’s main advantage is the fact that it uses the latest vegetable growing technologies (carrots, onions), mechanical harvesting, process- ing, storing and packing. The area of cultivating land is 20 ha for onions and 10 ha for carrots. Drip irrigation is used on all areas. Dobra Gorodyna was the first company in Ukraine to start using mechanical harvesting of onions and carrots. In 2006, modern solutions for storing 700 tons of onions and 300 tons of carrots were implemented. All vegetables are kept in special containers. The second storage solution for 1.000 tons will be built in the near future. In 2007, the technology for growing vegetables using ecologically clean production was developed in collaboration with Dutch agronomists which then enabled Dobra Gorodyna to acquire the GlobalGAP certificate. The company has the oppor- tunity to extend the area of cultivating land for fruit and vegetable production. 15
  16. 16. Ukraine. TOV Nashi Frukty Address: 8, Zhovtnya str. Phone +380 43 552 45 33 Stroyintis, Tyvriv region Fax +380 43 552 45 33 23340 Vinnytsya ourfruit@mail.ru Ukraine Contact: Mrs. Iryna Gutsol Products Fresh: Apples, strawberries, currants, raspberries, plums Row material for processing industry: Apples, aronia, elderberry, apples of re-sorts (resistant varieties) Certificates Organic Agricultural Production (apples, aronia) IMO, Global GAP Nashi Frukty Ltd. (Our Fruits) was founded in August 2010 by three leading fruit farms in the largest fruit growing region of Ukraine. The company was founded by growers with the aim to unite their efforts in fruit trading, logistics and marketing. Unique climate conditions create the possibility to grow fruits and berries which meet the highest quality and safety standards. The company is one of the region’s leaders in production of fruits and berries for the processing industry as well as for the fresh market. The company is open for co-operation with prospective partners with the aim to expand the markets. They are willing to consider proposals concerning innovative ideas connected to the marketing of fruits and berries and investments in post-harvest handling. 16
  17. 17. TOV Navigator-Agro Address: Ordzhonikidze str. 32 Phone +380 55 242 13 99 73025 Kherson Fax +380 55 242 52 38 Ukraine watermelon@meta.ua Contact: Mr. Zozulia Oleksandr Products Fresh: Watermelons, seedless watermelons, melons The company was established in 1999. Navigator-Agro Ltd. is engaged in growing watermelons and trading of vegetables and fruits for the wholesale market. For several years, the company has been the largest exporter of watermelon and melons from Ukraine. The production is carried out according to EU standards. Since 2008, the company has been growing and exporting seedless watermelons. 17
  18. 18. Ukraine. STOV Podillya Address: 8, Zhovtnya str. Phone +380 43 257 58 92 Stroyintis, Tyvriv region Fax +380 43 552 45 33 23340 Vinnytsya stovpodillya@gmail.com Ukraine www.stovpodillya.vn.ua Contact: Mr. Andrii Slobodianiuk Products Fresh: Apples, pears, plums, strawberries, aronia, blueberries, raspberries Row material for processing industry: Aronia, elderberries, ap- ples of Re-varieties (resistant) Produce of own manufacturing: Apple chips, aronia in chocolate, aronia in sugar Certificates Organic Agricultural Production (apples, aronia) (IMO) Podillya Ltd. is located in the very heart of Ukraine in the pictur- esque region of Podillya which has strong traditions in horticulture. The unique climate condition creates the possibility to grow fruits and berries which are in line with highest quality and safety standards. The company is one of the region’s leaders in production of fruit and berries for needs of the processing industry as well as for fresh market supply. The company is developing dynamically. At the moment, the acreage of fruit and berry crops is 617 ha including 523 ha of apples, 35 ha of plums and 59 ha of berries. 18
  19. 19. General Plan. Taxi Hallen Forum Taxi Hallen Forum Geländeplan Ein g FRUIT LOGISTICA Geländeplan No ang r  Ein d Frische Forum 9. - 11. Februar 2011 gan FRUIT LOGISTICA No rd g Ho tel Frische Forum 9. - 11. Februar 2011 Ho tel Tickets Tickets Aussteller Forum Aussteller Forum FRUIT LOGISTICA 2011 Amerika FRUIT LOGISTICA 2011 International / Afrika / Asien Amerika Taxi Mittelmeerländer International / Afrika / Asien Mittel- & Nordeuropa Taxi Mittelmeerländer Maschinen Mittel- & Nordeuropa Ein FRESHCONEX 2011 g Süd ang Taxi Maschinen Rahmenprogramm Ein FRE Einga FRESHCONEX 2011 gan SH ng Süd g Ho Taxi CO Shuttle Service Airport Schönefeld / Tegel tel N Rahmenprogramm FRE Einga EX Tickets SH ng Shuttle Bus Shuttle Hotel Service Airport Schönefeld / Tegel Hotel Ho CO tel NE X Geländeshuttle Tickets Hotel Hotel Bus Shuttle Eingang Nord: Hallen 8 - 24 Geländeshuttle Eingang Süd: Hallen 1 - 6, 25 Eingang Nord: Hallen 8 - 24 Stand: 01.10.2010 Eingang Hall 23 Booth -D-01, D-02, E-01 SIPPO, Süd: Hallen 1 6, 25 Messe Berlin GmbH · Messedamm 22 · 14055 Berlin · Germany Stand: 01.10.2010 Telefon +49(0)30 / 3038-0 · Fax +49(0)30 / 3038-2020 www.fruitlogistica.com · fruitlogistica@messe-berlin.de Messe Berlin GmbH · Messedamm 22 · 14055 Berlin · Germany Telefon +49(0)30 / 3038-0 · Fax +49(0)30 / 3038-2020 www.fruitlogistica.com · fruitlogistica@messe-berlin.de 19
  20. 20. www.sippo.ch/flickr www.sippo.ch/youtube Osec www.sippo.ch/slideshare Swiss Import Promotion Programme Stampfenbachstrasse 85 www.sippo.ch/twitter P.O. Box 2407 www.sippo.ch/facebook CH-8021 Zurich Phone +41 44 365 51 51 Fax +41 44 365 52 02 www.sippo.ch/xing sippo@osec.ch www.sippo.ch/linkedin Hotline: +41 44 365 53 91 Copyright © Osec January 2011. All rights reserved. www.sippo.ch