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  • Welcome to Solavei, my name is………. and it is my pleasure to get to share with you the information that EVERYONE wants to know and that is “how do people get paid with Solavei”!
  • The fundamental mission of Solavei is to simply make commerce less expensive and even PROFITABLE.
  • To many, Solavei is HOPE, some say it’s quality mobile services at a low price, some say it’s a social network, a REVOLUTION, and others say Solavei represents FREEDOM. Imagine being given the ability to take a simple phone in your hand and make it a profit center that links you with thousands of people and enough funding to pay for your necessities in life or even give the freedom to do the things you’ve only dreamed about. (illustration?)Solavei is about to change the way we do life and put its members back in a position of strength as the consumer voice, the advertiser, and the one who truly deserves a cut of the profits.Think about it today…Facebook works because of people, relationships. While we all post to our friends, families and colleagues, Facebook mines our information and sells it to advertisers, who in turn make money off us. Perhaps you’ve gone to Starbucks and “checked in” to tell your entire list that you are buying coffee. The problem is that while you are offering FREE advertising for Starbucks and your information is being sold by Facebook….YOU don’t make any profits while Facebook, Starbucks and the advertisers cash in.Imagine if a merger took place between T-mobile, Facebook and Google +. THAT’S SOLAVEI!Solavei is launching it’s social commerce network by creating a nationwide 4G mobile service that offers $49 Unlimited Voice/Text/Data with only a $49 Activation Fee and No contracts! Instead, the Solavei Compensation Plan will PAY you CASH to buy your phone of choice and give you monthly income as you share, post and invite people to join you.As one of our founding members and chosen leaders in the pre-launch of this revolution, YOU will have the opportunity to be the ones who take this network to the world around you. The more people you share it with, the bigger your network grows and the more you will get paid for your efforts. YOU are the marketing engine of Solavei and YOU will reap the rewards.
  • So how will members be paid? It’s VERY simple. Solavei has ONE basic building block to remember. It’s the one thing that starts a member on our pay cycle and could evolve into a profit center worth thousands of dollars.….and it’s called a trio. 100% of Solavei’s compensation plan is driven by creating trios.A Trio happens when 3 new members are enrolled by one individual.Similar to inviting 3 of your friends to a movie, a trio is as simple as 3 people being introduced to Solavei by YOU.As we go through power of the Solavei Compensation Plan there are two kinds of trios to remember.They are PERSONAL Network trios and EXTENDED Network trios.
  • When you introduce and enroll your first 3 people to Solavei, you have your first trio. Now in prelaunch and for those wanting to maximize the compensation plan, we encourage you to personally enroll 12 people which would be 4 trios into your network within your first 60 days. I’ll explain why later. For now let’s see what happens when you get 4 trios and they all go out and get in your

Solaveicompensationplan overview powerpoint Solaveicompensationplan overview powerpoint Presentation Transcript

  • June 18, 2012
  • Solavei’s Mission To make commerce less expensive and even profitableConfidential and Proprietary | Page SOLAVEI COMPENSATION PLAN 2
  • What Is Solavei? Solavei is a Social Commerce Network that provides a unique income-generating opportunity for members through its nation-wide 4G mobile service • $49/mo unlimited voice/text/data • $49 activation fee • No contractConfidential and Proprietary | Page SOLAVEI COMPENSATION PLAN 3 View slide
  • How Will Members Be Paid? Solavei has one basic building block It’s Called a Trio A Trio happens when you or someone in your network enrolls three new mobile service members to SolaveiConfidential and Proprietary | Page SOLAVEI COMPENSATION PLAN 4 View slide
  • Extended Network Personal Personal Extended Network Network Get 12 Who get 12 Creating 100’s of Mobile Service Trios over time MembersConfidential and Proprietary | Page SOLAVEI COMPENSATION PLAN 5
  • 4 Ways Solavei Pays FAB Fast Action Bonus: Trios you directly enroll within 60 days Trio Pay $20/mo. for each Trio in your Personal Network Path Pay $50-$20,000 paid monthly based on your overall Network 1x Bonuses $500-$20,000 paid based on your overall NetworkConfidential and Proprietary | Page SOLAVEI COMPENSATION PLAN 6
  • Fast Action Bonuses Based on Trios you directly enroll within 60 days Personal 1x FAB Trio Pay Path Pay Trios Bonuses 1 $50 2 + $100 3 + $200 4 + $300 $650 4 Direct Trios in your first 60 days = $650 FABConfidential and Proprietary | Page SOLAVEI COMPENSATION PLAN 7
  • Trio Pay Based on Personal Trios Personal 1x FAB Trio Pay Path Pay Trios Bonuses 1 $20/mo 2 $40/mo With only 3 Trios, 3 $60/mo you earn enough to pay for your 4 $80/mo mobile service 20 $400/mo 3 = FREE And there is $20/mo for the amount you can earn with Trio Pay Get paid NO limit to each trio in your Personal NetworkConfidential and Proprietary | Page SOLAVEI COMPENSATION PLAN 8
  • Monthly Pay Based on your Network Trios 1x Network Trios FAB Trio Pay Path Pay Bonuses 4 $50/mo 12 $200/mo 20 $1000/mo 100 $2000/mo 800 $5000/mo 1500 $10,000/mo 2000 $20,000/mo Earn from $50 to more than $20,000 per monthConfidential and Proprietary | Page SOLAVEI COMPENSATION PLAN 9
  • 1x Bonuses 1x Network Trios FAB Trio Pay Path Pay Bonuses 12 $500 100 $2000 800 $5000 1500 $10,000 2000 $20,000 You can earn a total of $37,500 in 1x bonusesConfidential and Proprietary | Page SOLAVEI COMPENSATION PLAN 10
  • Income Scenario: Get 12, who get 12, who get 12 Bonus Monthly Recurring Total Mobile 1x Trio Path Service FAB Total Bonuses Pay Pay Members $130/mo. + 12 $650 - $80/mo. $50/mo. $650 bonus $2,040/mo. + 144 - $500 $1,040/mo. $1,000/mo. $500 bonus $5,040/mo. + 1728 - $2,000 $1,040/mo. $4,000/mo. $2,000 bonus Total 1x Bonuses = $3,150 Total Monthly Recurring Earnings = $5,040Confidential and Proprietary | Page SOLAVEI COMPENSATION PLAN 11
  • The Bigger Your Network… The more you get paid! Bonus Monthly Recurring 1x Trio Path Network Trios FAB Bonuses Pay Pay 12 Up to $650 $500 Unlimited $200/mo 16 Unlimited $400/mo 20 Unlimited $1000/mo 100 $2000 Unlimited $2000/mo 800 $5000 Unlimited $5000/mo 1500 $10,000 Unlimited $10,000/mo 2000 Up to $650 $20,000 Unlimited $20,000/moConfidential and Proprietary | Page SOLAVEI COMPENSATION PLAN 12
  • Key Highlights First company to create an economic exchange between mobile and social for the financial benefit of consumers Solavei will create millions of thousandaires Redefining success by putting billions of dollars back into the hands of the people for doing what they already do everydayConfidential and Proprietary | Page SOLAVEI COMPENSATION PLAN 13
  • It all starts with one Trio!Confidential and Proprietary | Page SOLAVEI COMPENSATION PLAN 14
  • SOLAVEI COMPENSATION PLAN June 18, 2012 Thank you This Solavei, LLC Presentation (this “Summary”) is the confidential information of Solavei, LLC, a Delaware corporation (“Solavei”). By accepting a copy of this Summary the recipient agrees (1) to hold this presentation and all information set forth in this Summary strictly confidential; (2) not to copy or disclose this Summary or any information set forth in this Summary to any third party without the prior written consent of Solavei; and (3) to return to Solavei this Summary and all copies, if any, in the recipient’s possession promptly upon the request of Solavei. The following are trademarks of Solavei: Solavei, the “Powered by Relationships” tagline, and the Solavei logo. All discussion of earnings potential is for illustrative purposes only and cannot be relied upon. Any ability to generate revenue is 100% based on your own skills, abilities, and efforts.Confidential and Proprietary | Page 15