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SEO Social Bookmarking Software
SEO Social Bookmarking Software
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SEO Social Bookmarking Software


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  • 1. SEO Social Bookmarking SoftwareWhy you need a social bookmarking software? Social bookmarking has become one of the mosteffective way to get traffic and high page rank backlinks to your website, however they are not aspowerful from SEO point of view as they used to be, but for link juice they are really good. Thereare thousands of social bookmarking sites such as Digg, Reddit etc. which are visited by millionsdaily. Using a Automated SEO Social Bookmarking Software will help to use these sites moreeffectively. But before showing this tool let me give you some tips how to bookmark moreeffectively.Tips for Effective Social BookmarkingHowever, the success of social bookmarking greatly depends on how we submit the sites. To getthe most for SEO, you should use the keyword or keyword phrase in the title. For the best resultalso use related keywords, keyword combinations and LSI keywords in your title. This way youcan get optimized backlinks, which is good for link juice. So it is a good link building technique.Another tip to bookmark more efficiently is that your title must be compelling. This way you getbetter click through rate which means more targeted traffic for free. There are many methods tocreate compelling titles, for example questions usually have better CTR and words like tips,suggestions, secret etc. also good to use.Another suggestion you should consider is not over-do bookmarking. I mean, do not submit alinks to hundreds of site on one day, since it is not natural for search engines. It is better to do lesson a day, but for longer time.Advantages of social bookmarking  Submitting is free = Free targeted traffic  We get backlinks from high pagerank websites (PR 8, PR 7)  Faster search engine indexing.  Simple way for SEO and for targeted trafficAny disadvantages  You have to submit you links manually which needs a lot of time if you bookmark day by day to tens of bookmarking sites.  You will submit your link with the same title, description which will decrease the effectiveness of social bookmarking as search engines will see them as duplicated content. However, by using a Automated SEO Social Bookmarking Software that supports spinning this problem can be solved
  • 2. Use Automated SEO Social Bookmarking Software for More TrafficThe bookmarking software I would like to show you will help you to do bookmarking not onlyfaster, but more effectively. Not just because you can easily make submissions to hundreds ofsites, but you can set it up to do it in given time and the amount of sites per running. Moreover, itallows you to add spun titles. This perfect software is Bookmarking DemonBMD has been developed to optimize this effective SEO and traffic method. It helps you tosubmit your links to more social websites automatically and on an optimized way. It is mentionedmany times by bloggers, internet marketers and SEO experts that is a must have tool.Check out what others think about BMDFeatures of BMD Social Bookmarking Software  You can create accounts simply and fast at 100 social bookmarking sites.  It is the only bookmarking software that comes with a visual scheduler to tweak submission  You can store multiple accounts at each bookmarking site to submit more times.  You can find thousands of social bookmarking sites using the bookmarking script such as Scuttle, ScuttlePlus, Pligg and PhpDug.  Add the full URL and it will automatically load the Meta Tags.  You can randomize titles, tags and description to avoid duplicated content.  It is also the only Automated SEO Social Bookmarking Software that simulate human submission speed to reduce the change of getting accounts banned.  You can also use the ping and RSS Crawler options for getting more traffic, too.To sum up, this amazing Automated SEO Social Bookmarking Software will help you to getmore traffic, sell more products, generate more income and have more time to concentrate onyour business. CLICK HERE FOR DEMO AND DOWNLOADOriginal Article: