Employment of woman in ksa


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Issued by Decree M/51, dated 23/8/1426 H (2005)

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Employment of woman in ksa

  1. 1. Employment ofwoman in Saudi Arabia
  2. 2. Employment of woman SAUDI LABOR LAWIssued by Decree M/51, dated 23/8/1426 H
  3. 3. Employment of woman Definitions and general provisionsMinistry: Ministry of Labor.Minister: Minister of Labor.Article 4: In the implementation of the provisions of this law, both theemployer and workman shall comply with the dictates of IslamicShari’ah.
  4. 4. Employment of womanPart IX: Employment of womenArticle 149:With due regard to the provisions of Article 4 hereof, women shall beemployed in all fields that are considered compatible with their nature. Itshall be prohibited to employ women in hazardous operations or harmfulindustries. A Minister’s decision shall identify the jobs that are exposewomen to specific risks.Article 150:It is prohibited to allow women to work during the night time.
  5. 5. Employment of womanArticle 151:A working woman shall be entitled to a maternity leave covering the fourweeks immediately preceding the expected date of delivery and thesubsequent six weeks.Article 152:During her absence on maternity leave, the working woman shall be entitledto half pay if she has a service period of one year or more and to full pay ifshe has a service period of three years or more.Article 153:The employer shall provide medical care for the working women duringpregnancy and delivery.
  6. 6. Employment of womanArticle 154:When the working woman returns to work following her maternity leave sheshall be entitled, over and above the rest periods granted to all workmen, toa rest period(s) whose total shall not exceed one hour per day to nurse hernewborn child.Article 155:The employer shall not terminate or threaten the working woman withtermination while she is on maternity leave.
  7. 7. Employment of womanArticle 156:The employer shall not terminate the working woman during her illnesssecondary to pregnancy or delivery. Such illness shall be substantiated by anapproved medical certificate, and on the proviso that the period of herabsence shall not exceed one hundred and eighty days.Article 157:The working woman shall forfeit her entitlements under the provisions of thisChapter if it is established that she has worked for another employer duringher authorized leave. In such event, the original employer may deprive her ofpay for the duration of the leave or else recover any payments made to her.
  8. 8. Employment of womanArticle 158:In all places and in all occupations where women are employed, the employershall provide them with seats to assure their comfort.Article 159:1- An employer who employs fifty working women and more shall providethem with a suitable place with adequate number of nannies to look after thechildren under the age of six years, if the number of children reaches ten andabove.2- The Minister may require the employer who employs a hundred womenand above in a single city to set up a nursery, either solo or in participationwith other employers in the same city, or alternatively to contract with anexisting nursery to care for the children of the working women who are undersix years of age during the work periods.
  9. 9. Employment of womanArticle 160:A working woman whose husband passes away shall be entitled to a fullypaid leave for a minimum period of 15 days as of the date of death.
  10. 10. Employment of woman
  11. 11. Employment of woman
  12. 12. Employment of womanDone by: Osama Albarrak: osabbr@gmail.comSupervision by: Dr.Nasar Nalband