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Desconectados - Apresentação - 9/5/2011
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Desconectados - Apresentação - 9/5/2011



Apresentação feita pelo grupo "Os Desconectados" da Escola Secundária de Serpa aos intervenientes do projecto Comenius, no dia 9 de Maio de 2011.

Apresentação feita pelo grupo "Os Desconectados" da Escola Secundária de Serpa aos intervenientes do projecto Comenius, no dia 9 de Maio de 2011.



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    Desconectados - Apresentação - 9/5/2011 Desconectados - Apresentação - 9/5/2011 Presentation Transcript

    • 1WASTE of ELECTRICAL andELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT Comeniuns Project 9th May 2011
    • Why did we choose this matter?2
    • Goals3 To aware the whole community in the global effort of recycling and recovery through the collection and proper routing of WEEE: To (In) form about the features of the WEEE and some concepts; To encourage the disposal of WEEE as well as the participation in school events, developed by us.
    • WEEE Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment4
    • Concept…5 WEEE WEEE are all kind of waste of devices and appliances that need an external power source to be operational.
    • Examples…6 2. Cooling 3. Tv’s 1. Big Appliances 4. Lamps 5. Others
    • Data…7 WEEE must be managed by the systems of waste management, anually. In 2008 were generated about 9.8 million tons of WEEE in Portugal that would increase to 13.3 million tons in 2020. The increase of the consumption of EEEs is generating high tons of WEEEs.
    • Constitution…8 Iron and steel Plastic (47%) (15.5 %) Copper (7%) WEEE average constitution
    • Weight…9
    • Life Cycle10
    • Average length of life…11 Corresponds to the period between purchase and end of life, during which the equipment is in operation.
    • Possible ways…12 Delivery Centers Placing on Depositrão Replacing the old with Ecocentro de Pias, or Ponto Electrão the new (shops) Resialentejo, Parque Worten Ambiental da Amalga de Beja. (Beja).
    • Developed Activities13 Environmental Escola Electrão Project Eco-Escolas Social (In)formative Fundação Gil AMI Promotions Products IPO Others
    • Escola Electrão Project14 Amb3E ( Waste Management Portuguese Association) project. To aware the whole community in the global effort of recycling and recovery through the collection and proper routing of WEEE. Integrates an educational, informative and interventional components.
    • Escola Electrão Project15 Letters; Canvas; WEEE Collection; Posters, leaflets, books; Photos and videos Serpa Energies Conference Electrão Day Cheese Fair
    • Escola Electrão Project 2010/201116
    • Escola Electrão Project 2010/201117
    • 18
    • 19
    • 20
    • 21
    • 22
    • 23
    • 24
    • Eco-Escolas25 Programme for Sustainable Development promoted in Portugal for the European Blue Flag Association (ABAE). Is developed since 1996,and is implemented in over 1000 schools throughout the country, covering all levels of education. Aims to encourage, recognize and reward the work of the school in improving their environmental performance and awareness of the need to adopt more sustainable behaviors.
    • Eco-Escolas26 Photo Challenge Eco-Escolas meeting Electrodus Rap Video WEEE painting. Serpa Energies Cheese Fair
    • 27
    • 28
    • 29
    • 30
    • 31
    •  AMI32 Collection and recycling of ink cartridges and toners. Intends to approach Portugal to other European countries on this matter, and this project contributes for the recycling of 200,000 tonners per year ..
    • Fundação Gil33 Promotes since 2004 a Collection Campaign of used Ink & Toner with businesses, public agencies and other entities. This campaign is a way of raising funds for the development and expansion of its projects and activities with the help of the participating entities At one time we help more children, young people and also the environment.
    • Não se esteja nas tintas!34  Deposite os seus tinteiros nos contentores da nossa escola!
    • Não se esteja nas tintas!35
    • Eco-Pilhas - IPO36 Ecopilhas is a nonprofit corporation formed by the major producers of batteries and accumulators that operate in the Portuguese market. Does the management of a set of operations that ensure the collection, temporary storage, sorting and recycling of batteries and accumulators.
    • To Collect37
    • To Record and to Show38
    • Serpa Energies39  Powerpoint;  Videos;  Posters T.A. 2D/3D;  Stickers;  Photos.
    • Serpa Energies40
    • Serpa Energias41
    • Serpa Energias42
    • Serpa Energias43
    • Serpa Energias44
    • 45
    • 46
    • Xth Cheese Fair47  Ponto electrão;  Recipients for toners and  bateries;  Electrodus;  Pins;  T-shirts;  Leaflets and books;  Videos;
    • 48
    • 49
    • 50
    • 51
    • 52
    • Others53  Escola Secundária de Serpa’s Carnival;
    • Products54  Logo;  Posters;  T-shirts;  Canvas;  Videos;  Pins;  Stamp;  Powerpoints;  Electrodus.
    • Developing Activities55 Vertente Ambiental Projecto Escola Electrão Eco-Escolas Vertente Social Vertente (In)formativa Fundação Gil AMI Divulgações Produtos IPO Outros
    • Projecto Escola Electrão56 Advertising WEEE Unit of Treatment and Recovery visit. Statistical survey Photos and videos Switch Off Session (1st, 2nd or 3rd place)
    • Eco-Escolas57 Sending Electrodus video Ride to the Vareta dam Report – Young Reporters for the Environment
    • Others58  Advertising;
    • Products59  Report;  Videos;  Photos;  Documentary;  Site;  …
    • 60 www.desconectados.pt.vu