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What's NEW in Guerrilla Marketing - Tony Robbins' Business Mastery London
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What's NEW in Guerrilla Marketing - Tony Robbins' Business Mastery London



International keynote speaker Orvel Ray Wilson, CSP presents a 3 hour session on "What's NEW in Guerrilla Marketing" at Tony Robbins' 2013 "Business Mastery"event in London.

International keynote speaker Orvel Ray Wilson, CSP presents a 3 hour session on "What's NEW in Guerrilla Marketing" at Tony Robbins' 2013 "Business Mastery"event in London.



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    What's NEW in Guerrilla Marketing - Tony Robbins' Business Mastery London What's NEW in Guerrilla Marketing - Tony Robbins' Business Mastery London Presentation Transcript

    • Guerrilla Marketing Orvel Ray Wilson, CSP Sr. Partner THE GUERRILLA GROUPinc Google me
    • “Thank you, Farnsworth. We get the picture.”
    • What do We Mean by “Guerrilla”?
    • Jay Conrad Levinson 1933 - 2013
    • The most successful marketing series in history:
    • The most successful marketing series in history:
    • What is Marketing? Everything that the world sees that represents you and your business.
    • Instead of brute force, we use. . . What Is Guerrilla Marketing?
    • The Guerrilla Group 34316 Gap Road Golden, CO 80403 “You like it? I borrowed it from Orvel Ray Wilson.”
    • Time 4 to 1 Golden Selling Hour Don’t waste a lunch One more stop
    • Energy –Eat Right –20 Minutes a Day –Time Out –Reward Yourself “. . .and thank you Jesus for my wonderful job.”
    • Imagination Think Big Think Small Visualize Success Idea-of-the-Week Book “Imagination is more important than intelligence.” -- Albert Einstein
    • Unusual stocking placement BBDO
    • Copenhagen
    • Alberta Ski Tourism
    • Swiss ad column reminds us not to drink and drive.
    • “Never, ever, think outside the box.”
    • If you’re going to be Tweeting: I’m in London listening to @OrvelRay Wilson speak about #Guerrilla Marketing and it’s excellent! (96 Characters)
    • If found, please do not return. My Next Generation Nissan Altima has Intelligent Key with Push Button Ignition, and I no longer need these.”
    • MONSTER TRUCKS ARE HERE Rogers Centre, Toronto Jan 21-22
    • Apple
    • Handled by Virgin Atlantic
    • National Museum, Washington D.C.
    • “Screever” Julian Beever
    • Sky HDTV, Waterloo Station, London
    • Greenville, SC
    • Altschul Orthodontics Crawfordsville, IN
    • FedEx Kinko’s, New York
    • Clean Graffiti
    • GreenGraffiti, Philadelphia, New York and LA
    • Paul “Moose” Curtis Broadway Tunnel, San Francisco
    • Will it Blend? Tom Dickson CEO K-Tek Corporation
    • “Keep your hands clean. Don’t give or take a bribe.” Vilnius, Lithuania
    • Alzheimer's Awareness, Hamberg
    • HSBC Bank Mumbai
    • Plastic Pollution Coalition Vancouver
    • Father Bob Maguire Foundation Sydney
    • Australian Childhood Foundation Melbourne
    • CALM, New Zealand
    • “To make a donation, Text CALM to 336”
    • Calgary, Alberta
    • Spar Seafood Restaurant Mumbai
    • “Looking for seafood? Spar Seafood Festival”
    • Elmex Toothpaste
    • “We also thought it might be a good time for a refresher on the do’s and don’ts of i-502”
    • Malaysia Airlines
    • Copenhagen Zoo
    • Foro Mundial de Marketing y Ventas, Monterrey
    • Alfa Romeo Brussels Car Fair
    • Sukle Advertising & Design
    • 14,080 gallons, 64,000 liters
    • Sushi Roll World Square Mall Sydney 35%
    • Pizza Kingdom, Beijing
    • Pizza Kingdom, Beijing
    • Superman, The Movie
    • Kill Bill
    • Gold’s Gym
    • Sabina Stobrawe, 2nd floor
    • Fiat Punto parking sensor
    • “Save the Pillars. Fiat Stilo with parking sensors.”
    • Vodafone Insurance, Romania
    • Makati City, Philippines
    • Somewhere in Minnesota
    • HBO
    • HBO
    • BMW, Moscow
    • Rentokil Initial, New Zealand
    • Labello Lip Balm, Paris
    • “McDonald’s serves shelter” Copenhagen adshell
    • Dulcolax Dusseldorf
    • 10 Guerrilla Strategies to Build Your Business
    • 1. Investment The Law of The Slight Edge: “The difference between a champion and an also-ran, more often than not, is a very slim margin.”
    • 1. Investment People Technology Yourself Your Community
    • Invest in People Hire first for Attitude –“Help Wanted” –Jack Welsh 20/70/10 Train Constantly Resource Center Outside Expertise
    • Invest in Technology 4 Big Trends Affecting Sales: –Tablets –Mobile –Big Data –Social Media
    • Invest in Yourself Join Professional Groups Master Mind Get an accountability coach Build your library.
    • Invest in Your Community Volunteer and network Sponsor the local sports team Raise funds for your Fire Department, Charity, Service Clubs Special events draw a lot of press attention
    • “This billboard absorbs air pollution” Coke/WWF Manilla
    • 2. Consistent “Poor marketing done consistently will be more effective than great marketing done sporadically.” Consistency is interpreted as longevity, credibility, and trust. –Burbank Russet
    • Why Customers Quit: 15% quit for quality - found better product 15% quit for price - found cheaper product 20% quit for lack of contact or individual attention 49% quit because contact was poor and inconsistent. Forum Corporation study of commercial customers lost by 14 major manufacturing and service companies.
    • “He’s on another line at the moment, would you like to hold?”
    • 3. Confident “Guerrillas believe in their products and their people.”
    • Why Customers Buy: 1. Confidence 2. Quality 3. Service 4. Selection 5. Price
    • “I’ll tell you why I don’t trust him. It’s that damn sheepskin vest.”
    • 3. Confident Expect the Sale Collect Testimonials Defend your prices and margins –The Gradient
    • 3. Confident Guarantee Everything –No longer a differentiator –Sunshine Trash Service Double your Price
    • “Mr. Colton, do we stand behind our products?”
    • 4. Patient Fine-tuning your knowledge and skills takes time.
    • Number of Impressions Total Apathy Purchase Readiness Prospect Learning Curve
    • Don’t Quit 48% quit after the first contact 20% quit after the second contact 7% quit after the third contact 5% quit after the fourth contact 4% quit after the fifth contact Yet 80% close AFTER the sixth call
    • 5. Assortment “The old days when Henry Ford could get by with,‘Any color you want - as long as it’s black’ are long gone.” –“But Dad?
    • Path of Least Resistance Customers Products New New Old Current Easiest Most Profitable Harder Less Profit Harder Some Profit Very Hard No Profit
    • Move Them Up the Curve –Fill the Curve –Show the Best First –Opportunities to Upgrade
    • 6. Subsequent “Guerrillas wage their marketing campaign simultaneously on three fronts.”
    • Lifetime Customer Value It takes AT LEAST nine impressions to create a new customer. Average cost of an industrial sales call = €1,200 Calls needed to close an industrial sale = 4.3 Average cost per sale = €5,160 McGraw Hill, Laboratory of Advertising Performance Report #8051
    • 6. Subsequent “It takes 11 positive impressions to overcome a single negative impression.” –Repetition, Repetition, Repetition –You Oughta’Be In Pictures
    • Dear Tony, THANK YOU for the opportunity to come to London. What a FANTASTIC SEMINAR! We had a GREAT time! OrvelRay From the desk of Orvel Ray Wilson 34316 Gap Road, Golden, CO 80403 800-247-9145
    • Show Up “80% of sex is showing up.” -- Woody Allen
    • René Neuman
    • Show Up “Happy Easter” Park Yourself
    • 7. Convenient “Guerrillas are user friendly. They are in touch, easy to reach, and they do everything immediately.” –Customer Expectations –Message in a bottle
    • 8. Measurement “What you measure is what you get. Inspect what you expect.” – Tom Peters –“28 great years.”
    • Total Sales Volume Number of Transactions Gross Margin % Jeannie $16,550.00 25 31.1% Cindy $20,196.00 26 30.2% Kathy $24,952.00 30 29.3% Chris $19,252.00 32 32.1% Pat $22,532.00 31 34.9% Michelle $21,036.00 25 26.0% Ryan $26,382.00 19 31.0% Average $21,557.14 26.86 30.7% Monthly Sales Performance
    • 9. Excitement
    • 9. Excitement Greet them with a “10” A Good Word for Everyone Never Complain.
    • 10. Commitment Isolate the “Trigger Event" Put your customers second Keep your Promises Build it now