Orrville Brand Launch


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Orrville, OH: Where Progress and Tradition Meet. Presented at the Orrville Area Chamber of Commerce Banquet, April 5, 2011.

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Orrville Brand Launch

  1. 2. Marshall Goldsmith “ Global Communications & Communities of Choice”
  2. 3. November 2008 – February 2011 Approximately 28 meetings = About 38 hours or Almost a full 40 hour work week. Exploring the question: What are we doing to make Orrville a Community of Choice? The Chamber’s “Communities of Choice” Committee
  3. 4. 2009
  4. 5. “ Rebuilding Rural Communities with People Attraction” Attended by Orrville Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors Main Street Orrville Board of Directors Orrville Area Development Foundation Board of Directors On 5/20/2010 Craig Schroeder and Don Macke with the RUPRI Center for Rural Entrepreneurship  will be presenting information on an exciting new resource supporting people attraction as a development strategy. This Heartland Center/RUPRI webinar, People Count–Rebuilding Rural Communities with People Attraction Strategies , will present new research and strategy insights based on Kellogg Foundation funded work from last year.
  5. 6. David Jensen, Art Director Rick Worrell, General Sales Manager Joe Clifford Faust, PR Director also Chuck Bennell, Acct. Executive
  6. 8. The City of Diversified Industry
  7. 9. Small Town Living is Big Around Here Small Town Charm, Big Amenities Big City Business, Small Town Charm Safety, Comfort, Opportunities Good Neighbors, Good Places, Good Business America’s Hometown The Best of Middle America The Land of Milk and Jelly Small Town, Big Heart
  8. 10. Quite coincidentally look what we found: July 21, 1966 45 Years Ago
  9. 13. Judge Smith Orr
  10. 14. What is Tradition? How does it meet Progress? Let’s look at 5 local examples. Where Progress & Tradition Meet
  11. 15. The First Leg represents our customers. We all work to serve them. Without customers, none of us would be here. The Second Leg stands for our associates. To ensure that all of our associates treat our customers properly, we must create a satisfying and rewarding work environment. The Third Leg represents our owners. Our owners provide the capital necessary to operate our business. We must manage our operations profitably to keep our company healthy. The Seat It takes more than just three legs to provide a solid place to sit. The seat base tightly holds the legs together in just the right way. Without a solid seat as a foundation, the legs will not support anything. At Smith Dairy, this foundation is our commitment to treat everyone according to the example which Christ demonstrated to us. Where Progress & Tradition Meet
  12. 16. Whether the project is an entirely new organ, rebuild, restoration, or additions to an existing instrument, the same attention to detail and care in craftsmanship are hallmarks of our work. Schantz pipe organs, unabashedly American, do not copy the style or emulate one particular period or national school of organ building; nor are we slave to fad or current fashion. Rather, we are informed by the various styles, periods, and schools - as our goal is always to build pipe organs of the highest musical integrity and mechanical reliability - qualities that never go out of style. Where Progress & Tradition Meet The Schantz Organ Company, founded in 1873 by A.J. Tschantz, (later changed to Schantz) is the largest and oldest American pipe organ builder still under management of the founding family.
  13. 17. Our Basic Beliefs Our Basic Beliefs are the Company's values and principles that guide both strategic decisions and daily behavior. The Basic Beliefs are deeply rooted in the philosophy and heritage of the Company's founder. These Basic Beliefs regarding quality, people, ethics, growth , and independence have served as a strong foundation throughout our history and will continue to be the basis for future strategy, plans, and achievements. In 1897, the Smucker Company was formed by a dedicated, honest, forward-looking businessman, J. M. Smucker. Because he made a quality product, sold it at a fair price, and followed sound policies, the Company prospered. Where Progress & Tradition Meet
  14. 18. Our story spans nearly a century and weaves its way through several locations and a variety of products for various industries. Yet the underlying and unchanging theme of that story can be summed up in a single word: Excellence . Excellence achieved through individual ingenuity and resourcefulness gave the company its initial thrust and makes Will-Burt the extraordinary company it is today. Thus, the Will-Burt story continues. Highly skilled people personally motivated to provide superior products, equipment reflecting the most advanced technology, and stringent quality control inherent in broad, in-house capabilities are all elements of that story. The underlying theme, as always, is Excellence. Where Progress & Tradition Meet
  15. 19. Attention to detail is paramount at every stage of production at The Quality Castings Company. Charge materials and alloy additions are carefully weighed and recorded before being charged into one of the three coreless induction furnaces. These furnaces offer us the capability of switching from gray iron to ductile iron. An analysis of the melt is performed by The Quality Castings Company spectrometer. The Quality Castings Company is always conscious of our customers’ demand for quality. Where Progress & Tradition Meet
  16. 21. “ I think it is pretty special that after all the meetings that we had and the different ideas that were presented, we still all agreed on a slogan that came from a 45 year old Courier. It very neatly sums up what we were, what we are And what we will be. In Orrville, progress and tradition will always come as a package deal.” … Mayor Dave Handwerk
  17. 22. “ I was not surprised that the slogan that fit so perfectly in the 60’s still applies today. The beauty of Orrville is we are proud and comfortable with our identity. Our values and priorities are the same today as they were for our parents and grandparents.” … Steve Wheeler
  18. 23. “ Where Progress and Tradition meet reminds me of the saying, ‘History is a guidepost, not a hitching post.’  I am encouraged and excited that Orrville continues to explore what kind of community it can be, while holding on to the core values and traditions that have given the City its identity.” …Phil McFarren
  19. 24. “ I wondered how we would get consensus on a creative process like branding. However, there was definite goal congruence in the group, coupled with a common ground of pride and passion for the virtues of Orrville. We succeeded as a team with no dissenters.” … Bob Ellis
  20. 25. “ Future residents and business owners have many choices in front of them when they decide where to establish roots, so a community's brand is a vital first impression when reaching this audience.  As I interact with other communities across the state I recognize that Orrville is a front runner in developing its community brand.” …Darrin Wasniewski
  21. 26. “ The key moment for me was when I realized that there was a group of people within this community who choose to come together on a regular basis and acknowledge that we have a choice, that we must define what type of community we want to be in this emerging 21 st century.” … David Lehman
  22. 27. “ I couldn’t have anticipated the thrill of intense cooperation between residents, businesses, schools, government, the Chamber, and Main Street Orrville. It’s no wonder. Orrville has the best of everything: Progress, Tradition, A place to thrive.” … JB Bryant
  23. 28. “ Better branding is about attracting people to our community. But it has become very clear to me that many, many fine people have already chosen Orrville as a place to be, and they are making a positive difference here every single day.” … Jenni Reusser
  24. 29. The challenge to the work group shifted from how to become a community of choice to how to effectively articulate and communicate the “magic” that makes Orrville a choice community to people who have yet to know us. And I believe the product of our discussions and efforts does just that.” … Dr. Paulette Popovich
  25. 30. How will we put this new brand to work?
  26. 33. These will be in the table toppers at Heartland Point. Article in OrrViews April 8. Daily Record coverage April 6
  27. 34. Changing sign faces: April 6, 2011
  28. 36. Expanded Bloomin' Orrville! A Main Street Orrville Program
  29. 37. We love Orrville!
  30. 40. But wait! Let’s think big!
  31. 50. just kidding.. but seriously folks..
  32. 57. Meet a few of the most important people in our community.
  33. 59. This is only 180 of them. There are so many more!
  34. 63. Thank You to Our Banquet Sponsor
  35. 64. This is for all of us. Use it. Share it. Talk about it. Help us find ways to share our community brand. What are your ideas?