Understanding And participating In Your neighborhood caucus


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  • Refer to Voter Registration Forms
  • Refer to State Delegate Candidate Instructions
  • State Delegate Candidate Instructions
  • Refer to “Precinct Supporter Instructions” UTGOP Caucus Guidelines
  • Refer to “State Delegate Candidate Instructions”
  • Refer to “State Delegate Candidate Instructions”
  • Understanding And participating In Your neighborhood caucus

    1. 1. How to be Elected as a State Delegate What to do before during and after your caucus
    2. 2. Anyone who-- will be 18 years old on or beforeNovember 6, 2012, and-- lives in the precinct, and-- is a registered Republicanis qualified to run for any precinctor delegate office.
    3. 3. What to do Before Caucus1. To participate, run for office , or vote at the caucus you must be a registered RepublicanBe sure you, and your supporters, are registered.This can be done at your County Clerk’s Office or at www.vote.utah.govNOTE: Please sign in at Caucus with the name you useto register to vote!
    4. 4. What to do Before Caucus2. Learn your Precinct number andboundaries.Your precinct number is usually located on your voterregistration card. If you are unsure, call your County ClerkPrecinct maps are available at yourCounty Clerk’s officeThe Hatch Election Committeewill be happy to assist you.
    5. 5. What to do Before Caucus3. Make a list of your neighbors within yourprecinct whom you think will support you.Include phone numbers, addresses andemails. Visit or contact each one of themand ask for their support. Be sure theyknow when and where the Caucus will beheld4. Some precincts may elect more than onedelegate.If your district is one of these, urge otherfriends to run.
    6. 6. What to do Before Caucus5. Contact all supporters the day of thecaucus and remind them of the meeting.Arrange for rides if necessary6. Ask one supporter to nominate you forthe delegate position (at the Caucus)7. Prepare remarks (1-2 minutes) statingwhy you wish to serve as a State Delegate
    7. 7. What to do at the Caucus• Get there early. Greet people as they arrive, pass out fliers and ask those attending to vote for you.The Hatch Election Committee will be happyto help you design your flier.• Count your supporters who are present.Phone those who are absent andurge them to come.Ask a supporter to help you phone
    8. 8. What to do at the Caucus• Listen Closely and be sure the rules are followed.- Some may suggest that the State Delegatessimply be appointed or that those who haveserved in party offices should be named tothe delegate position. Remember, any personlegally qualified has a right to run for thedelegate position- Nominations should not be closed untileveryone who wishes to run has beennominated.
    9. 9. What to do After the CaucusPlease contact the Hatch Election Committeeimmediately after the caucus and let us know ifyou have won.http://www.orrinhatch.com/reportresults – Phone – Email – Text
    10. 10. What to do After the Caucus Report: - Precinct - Name of winner(s) - email - phonePlease report results immediately!
    11. 11. Attend the Utah Republican Party Nominating Convention Saturday, April 21, 2012 All Day Event! South Towne Exhibition Center, Sandy, Utah
    12. 12. Thank you for your support and GOOD LUCK!See you at the State Convention on Saturday, April 21, 2012