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Faster, better, smarter email: How to move the ROI needle In this session by dotmailer, we consider lessons learned from years of working with marketers and share the guiding principles to increase your ROI from email marketing automation. Even for that email campaign your customers loved. A quick-hitting strategy session for attendees.

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  • We know that most people tend to have on average 1.7 email addresses, and that all the digital channels can be connected by email address so we have the single view of customers that we have always wanted.

    Email is that digital key that allows you to unite your data. And has been for a long time! But as marketers we like shiny new stuff, we like to look at the new emerging channels, that might give us the edge, but.
  • Email is such a trusted medium because it’s the one that delivers a lot of key messages. Email drives better engagement than social because people are on social networks are there to be social!
  • So Email Is the preferred mode of marketing for consumers.

    This research is from the UK, but we have seen similar trends from research carried out in other countries.

    The key stat for me here is the Millennials… I keep hearing that they will not use email. However the stats prove otherwise…
    They are in fact the most prolific users of email on their smartphones. If your not considering the design of your emails for mobile, you have to start now.

    This stat is from Oct 2015, and the DMA will be updating this in March 2017.
  • This is another stat this time from eConsultancy

    It asked marketers which channel they felt gave them excellent to poor ROI. Email scores very highly. In fact you don’t event have to try that hard to get a good ROI through email because its so cost effective. However by doing it really well, you can get even better results. You have to question yourself, are you putting enough effort into getting you email and data strategy right.
  • Compared to other ways of digital marketing, email gives you control.

    It’s the only channel where marketers control the delivery

    Google could change the PPC algorithm which changes how your adverts show, facebook can change their algorithm which affects what stories are shown to users etc.

    Email owned by no one and everyone, its not a walled garden, and if you get it right, you will get optimum results.
  • So now we know that email is alive and well, lets look at how we can move the needle.
  • So now we know that email is alive and well, lets look at how we can move the needle.
  • We conducted a piece of research in collaboration with eConsultancy where we surveyed 450 end users of Marketing Technology to ask them what their biggest challenge was and what the biggest barrier that prevents them from doing their job.

    23% said time and 23% said resource.

    Having a marketing platform that does absolutely everything you could ever imagine doesn't help you here. You need something that helps you get what you need to fast.

    If you want to chop and onion, you use a knife, but if you need to chop 12 onions, then you use a food processor.

    This may be ironic as an Englishmen talking to you guys about cooking.
  • If you look at the lifecycle of getting an email marketing campaign out of the door, it could yield interesting results. Cut down on the repetive long running tasks. Automate your email marketing, free yourself up to concentrate on other aspects that will help drive ROI.

    Consider downstream automation, if then else, like automating workflow.

    Upstream automation, is about making tasks faster.
  • B2B customer journeys are actually similar to B2C customer journeys. In fact we believe they are converging.

    But they are not the same!

    B2B customers buying widgets want the speed and ease of on-line retail.
    B2b customers buying complex products and services want all of the information! But presented in a digestable form.
  • So this is an example B2B customer journey, you sign them up to a welcome program then invite them to an event…..

    How do you make your marketing not feel like marketing!

    It need to be relevant! You need to capture data about what your customers are interested in and segment!

    Content is also key! Don’t recycle content to someone if they have already seen it, segment from their browsing history.

  • So here is an example of a b2c journey. We think that b2b marketers need to look at aspects of these and consider implementing in their b2b programs.

    Consider someone's website browsing to gather implicit data of their interests. Or implement abandoned browse or basket campaigns.

    Use confirmation emails to show other marketing messages or potentials cross or upsells.

    Advocacy – People are so use to buying on reviews. Make sure that your not “invisible” in social networks and review sites. Garner positive feedback. 90% of Amazon buyers, will not purchase from a company with 3 stars or less!

    Inspiration – Great content delivered at the right time to the right person
  • So lets go through some examples.

    This is an event email.

    Triggered email from browse session or registration
    Pre event comms in emails, dietary requirements, agenda updates.
    On the day comms on mobile (sms on the morning of the event can help drive attendance)
    Post event comms and survey
    All automated
  • So this is a B2C example

    If you’re a B2b that doesn’t have stock, then imagine if it was someone registering for and event, they view the agenda, location and all other details but don’t book, that could trigger an email to them with offer or survey.
  • In this B2C example, we feel that b2b customers should get a similar level of service.
  • Alexandra plc reviews email:
    Doesn’t assume a positive experience – calls for reviews if it was positive but provides customer service details in case of any issues.
    Reviews can be used as User Generated Content going forward - something b2c are good at but b2b can do it too via reviews.
  • Remember that web browsing does not have to be anonymous! Once you have someones email address and you communicate with them, they are cookied, so future visits can be tracked and acted upon.
  • So now we know that email is alive and well, lets look at how we can move the needle.
  • Results

    After the implementation of the Pop Over on their website for 3 months the below results could be seen.

    We have compared it to the 3 months before the go live date and the results are in:

    15th July to 15 October = 1,222
    15th October to 15th January  = 20,373
    This is 16.7 times more effective than before (a 1670%  lift in acquisition of emails on their website) 
  • This is not anything new. Part of any successful campaign is getting “who you are sending from” right..

    Marketers have been experimenting with sending from the brand, the parent company, a named individual and many more..

    Whatever you try, remember how your customer knows you and send accordingly.

    80% of the battle on mobile is getting the swipe to the right!
  • With the increased crowding of people’s inboxes, it’s becoming more and more important for communications to stand out.*

    Win the war, not the battle means if you game the open rate, but then the content doesn’t reflect ityou’ve created a vanity metric that is only good for you

    Think about the different ways you can tell people what’s in your email

    You should treat every split test like a clinical trial. Would you take a pharmaceutical if it hadn’t undergone rigorous clinical trials? I sure hope not…”

  • For the best email experience there is a lot to consider, don’t just assume things will look right, especially in a mobile inbox.
  • And even phones come in different sizes

    It looks good on my device. Fact point: more mobile than desktop email. Think email first
  • Next we have the call to action…
    Mobile call to actions need to be a minimum of 32px … Why…
    because of fat finger people like me. But also its easier for your recipient.
    The goal of any campaign is to drive someone to purchase, this can not be acieved in an email and therefore a CTA is their to get them to where we want with the information they need

    Ellisons – a large salon supplier who stock 1000’s of products. They use a gif and clear CTA ‘shop now’ in their replenishment emails (they know you need it so don’t need to convince you to buy).

    Asana – a software provider. Uses a clean design and the email only has one aim (focus on one feature) which is to get the recipient to login and use the taskmanager. The CTA is specific - ‘add my 3 tasks’.

  • Microsites are essential for b2b marketers as the constant updating of product or service collateral can sometimes cause delays in some content/product management platforms.
  • So now we know that email is alive and well, lets look at how we can move the needle.
  • You need to pick the success criteria that makes sense for your business.

    It might not just be sales at the end of the day, it could be driving awareness, enagement, new accounts, demos, moving leads though the funnel.

    You success may differ between departments across your business. We would say a b2c environment is simpler here.
  • Which of these are you going to focus on to make you smarter?

    Well ultimately all of them! But you need to align these initiatives to your success criteria.

    Some will obviously be easier to implement than others.
  • The question we get asked when should we send emails. If you want to be Smart, Let your users tell you, use Send Time Optimisation.

    This is actually a form of automation!
  • World-class integrations & connections make it fast and easy for your data to be pulled into dotmailer

    We can’t highlight enough, its all about data.
  • Email is the digital key - dotmailer, Oro MeetUp, Paris

    1. 1. 1 | How to create stunning emails. Email is the digital key
    2. 2. 2 | Achieve faster, smarter email marketing That’s trusted to deliver key messages Such as Ecommerce Order Confirmations, Forgotten passwords and when you’re mentioned on social channels etc Email is the digital key…
    3. 3. 3 | Achieve faster, smarter email marketing That reaches all audiences According to official DMA research, email is the preferred mode of brand marketing for consumers in every bracket Email is the digital key…
    4. 4. 4 | Achieve faster, smarter email marketing That unlocks value & ROI A poll from econsultancy asked marketers to rate channels in terms of return on investment Email scored top for ROI It’s always true, but especially when compared to paid for online marketing on Google, Facebook etc Email is the digital key…
    5. 5. 5 | Achieve faster, smarter email marketing That gives you control If you ask a marketer to increase SEM organic traffic, Social shares, sign ups or they cannot guarantee results. Ask them to increase the cadence of newsletters and they can. Email is the digital key…
    6. 6. 6 | Achieve faster, smarter email marketing Move the needle on your email marketing
    7. 7. 7 | Achieve faster, smarter email marketing Faster
    8. 8. 8 | Achieve faster, smarter email marketing #1 Start small, scale quickly Digital marketers are time poor Stats from the ‘2016 Marketing Technology Adoption Survey of 450 digital marketers* we saw (yet again) the biggest challenge faced in the industry was lack of time. The biggest challenge faced in the industry is lack of time. Closely followed by inadequate tools.
    9. 9. 9 | Achieve faster, smarter email marketing #1 Start small, scale quickly Make time to save time Try adding some automation to your email campaigns Allows you to work on the business. Not in the business. Work on a better strategy Work on a better creative Plus marketing automation typically yields a 60% higher conversion rate than email marketing.
    10. 10. 10 | Achieve faster, smarter email marketing
    11. 11. 11 | Achieve faster, smarter email marketing B2B customers benefit from the human conversations at scale delivered via automation Welcome Events Re-engagement Complaints Lead scoring Make your marketing, not feel like marketing Example B2B journey
    12. 12. 12 | Achieve faster, smarter email marketing Marketing automation can create positive B2C customer journeys and experiences. Browsing Confirmation Loyalty Inspiration Advocacy Post purchase Make your marketing, not feel like marketing Example B2C journey
    13. 13. 13 | Achieve faster, smarter email marketing Events SCENARIO: Customer is interested in an business event and enquires for further information SOLUTION: Multichannel event automation campaign engage gala attendees before, during and after the event. Time saving for event organiser. Delegate acquisition maximised.
    14. 14. 14 | Achieve faster, smarter email marketing SCENARIO: Customer looks at a dress online. They can’t find the color they want and leaves the site. SOLUTION: Abandoned Browse insight tool pushes the data into their profile which automatically sends a product notification when new stock arrives. Browsing Positive CX because they have been notified about what they want with no effort. Browsing
    15. 15. 15 | Achieve faster, smarter email marketing Lead scoring SCENARIO: You want to prioritise and profile your leads generated from marketing activity for your sales team. SOLUTION: Set rule scores based on email opens, clicks, page views, downloads, completions, purchase history etc Tailor your marketing campaigns based on your prospect lead score.
    16. 16. 16 | Achieve faster, smarter email marketing SCENARIO: Customer orders the item and it gets delivered to a local store. SOLUTION: The customer gets a confirmation email of the delivery. And also a SMS notification when it’s been delivered to the store. Confirmation Effective digital communications have saved the customer time and effort plus increased their sense of control. Confirmation
    17. 17. 17 | Achieve faster, smarter email marketing SCENARIO: The customer receives the item, on time and the item is as expected SOLUTION: A few days after purchase the customer is sent a feedback survey Advocacy The customer feels like their opinion matters. Increased sense of control and brand interaction. Advocacy
    18. 18. 18 | Achieve faster, smarter email marketing SCENARIO: A large percentage of customers were visiting the FAQ section of the site, rather than transactional pages. SOLUTION: Used automation to reach out to clients proactively to ensure questions were answered. Complaints Huge gains in customer satisfaction. Within weeks generated additional turnover running into five figures. Complaints
    19. 19. 19 | Achieve faster, smarter email marketing Better
    20. 20. Today I’ll Introduce you to: List growth before pop over 1,500 (for 3 months) List growth post Pop over 20,500 (for 3 months)
    21. 21. 21 | Achieve faster, smarter email marketing From name….. make it clear • Send from the brand name is often the best and safest option. • From a person works can work, e.g. it is a personal opinion or relationship building • Never send from a ‘noreply@’
    22. 22. 22 | Achieve faster, smarter email marketing Subject lines • Be sure to win the war, not just the battle • Over 70% of email marketers only email split test once in a while. • Most people test to re-confirm their own bias, instead of challenging them. • Expand your ideas on the different ways you can tell people what’s in your email • Humour • Emotional • Discount led • Personalized • Functional
    23. 23. 23 | Achieve faster, smarter email marketing Use the pre header text to tell a fuller story This is why most emails have this but at the top. • Try not to repeat the subject line • Try not to repeat the brand name • Try not to repeat the main proposition Compliment and reinforce your message and action you want them to take
    24. 24. 24 | Achieve faster, smarter email marketing Inboxes are more mobile than ever before 55% of email is now opened on a mobile device
    25. 25. 25 | Achieve faster, smarter email marketing Top tips for great email design The widths of email for the inbox System safe fonts, image fonts Responsive & optimised layout Animations do not work in all Backgrounds do not work in all Navigation menus Pre-header text supports subject Prime real-estate above fold Standard links and mobile links Careful of spam triggers Samsung vs iPhone stacking QA & test
    26. 26. 26 | Achieve faster, smarter email marketing Call to actions • Prominent • Consistent • Make at least 32px • Stand out • Politeness won’t get you sales
    27. 27. 27 | Achieve faster, smarter email marketing The different types of landing page FocusedEducational Other use cases • For when your normal site won’t do it • Homepage takeover • Protect your site from traffic • One off event registration • Client/customer portals • Credit / account upgrades • International version of homepage with different languages • Product/program promos
    28. 28. 28 | Achieve faster, smarter email marketing Smarter
    29. 29. 29 | Achieve faster, smarter email marketing There is no silver bullet that guarantees success Define your own success criteria
    30. 30. 30 | Achieve faster, smarter email marketing Make it look better? Read better? A fast one to create! That gets opened lots? That gets delivered? Lower unsubscribes? Delivered more timely? Multichannel?Integrated And many other metrics…
    31. 31. 31 | Achieve faster, smarter email marketing Put all of your data to work Email usage data • Send time optimisation • Target by geography • Triggered sends
    32. 32. 32 | Achieve faster, smarter email marketing CRM dataecom data ContentSocial data Other Systems Put all of your data to work The more data the better And any other data that’s relevant!
    33. 33. 33 | Achieve faster, smarter email marketing So to recap…
    34. 34. 34 | Achieve faster, smarter email marketing Pathway to marketing automation success Make your marketing not feel like marketing. Start small, scale quickly. Put all of your data to work.