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High pressure

  1. 1. Medium-voltage AC Drive WIN-HV Series SHENZHEN WINNER S&T CO., LTD.
  2. 2. S H E N Z H E N • • W I N N E R • • S & T • • C O. , • • LT D.Trademark Definition1.•T he• pattern• represents• current;• W• is• the• initial• of• WINNER,which• simply,• vividly• and• intuitively• expresses• the• attributes• to• another• sine• wave.• The• beautiful• and• flowing• curve• of• W• signifies• the• vitality• of• the• company• and• the• progress• from• one• victory• to• another• victory.• It• inspires• the• employee• to• enhance• the• competition• of• the• company• and• stick• to• the• conception• of• harmony,• endeavour,• honesty,• win-win2.•T he• balance• of• the• soaraway• letter• W• with• the• ellipse• denotes• that• the• company• innovates• incessantly,• always• seeks• for• greater• perfection• in• quality,• and• the• company• will• take• off• through• strategy• of• brand• promotion.•3.• the• brand• is• obvious,• it• has• distinct• brand• conception.• •4.•5.•T he• color• mainly• adopts• red• and• dark• blue.• The• red• signifies• fervency,• solemnness• and• splendor.• Dark• blue• represents• broadness,• profundity• and• steadiness.
  3. 3. Harmony Endeavour Honesty Win-win
  4. 4. Technology Saves Energy Wisdom Creates Future ■ ■ http://www.winners.net.cn
  5. 5. SHENZHEN• WINNER• S&T• CO.,• LTD. SHENZHEN WINNER S&T CO., LTD. Governing unit of inverter branch of China Electric Equipment Industrial Association Shenzhen high and new technology enterprise Established in Mar., 2004, Shenzhen WINNER S&T Co.,LTD. is a High- New-technology enterprise titled by the government. It is the council member of the inverter branch of china electric appliance industrial association. All the company’s software and hardware were developed by itself, and all the products bears its own intellectual property. Occupying 5 floors of office and production area with 7000 square meters and anual production capacity of 50000 units, Shenzhen WINNER has become the mainstream of inverter suppliers in china and it is the first company which offers medium-voltage inverter in Shenzhen.4 Since established, WINNER successively launched a series first-class inverters with different control solution like, V/F control, Vector control; different operation modes, like the second quadrant operation, the fourth quadrant operation.; different mail-loop topology structure, like bi-level, tri-level, multi-level. Besides, the company brought out some energy- saving products which is based on inverting technology. Based on strong technology, strict production management, reliable product quality, winners product entered the field of power supply, iron and stell, metallurgy, mines, oil, chemistry, construction,etc. Stick to the principle of self-development and innovation, taking the route of brand building, by virtue of in-depth research of inverting technology and accurate judgment over the future of the industry, WINNER is kept developing fast and steadily . WINNERs Milestone □ Mar. 2004, Shenzhen WINNER was registered and established with its objective, to develop and manufacture inverters and energy-saving equipment with first-class technology and performance. □ June, 2004, WIN-9G series of inverters was launched and obtained wide approbate from customers □ June, 2005, WIN-9G series was approved by CE. □ July, 2005, WINNER HV Inverter project was started. □ Sep. 2005, WIN-9GF series was developed successfully. □ Nov. 2005, WIN-9GV was developed and launched. □ Aug., 2006, WINNER passed UKAS."ISO9001" □ 2006, WIN-9EV, WIN-9L, WIN-9U series inverters was developed successively, and the company fulfills the productsspecialization and diversification. □ Dec.2006, WINNERs Hi-voltage products successfully passed the strict test executed by electric drive design institute of Tianjin, and WINNERs became the first company in Shenzhen, which owns self- developed medium, commercial voltage inverters and other energy-saving products. □ Mar., 2007, Honored with the tile of "Shenzhen high-new technology enterprise" □ June.,2007,awarded with the certificate of "owning independent intellectual property" □ July, 2007, the factory moved to building 3, Antongda industry zone, and the operation area was expanded to be 7000 square meters. □ Aug., 2007, becoming the first council member of inverter branch of china electric appliance industry association. □ Sep. 2007, WIN-VA, WIN-VB, WIN-VC full series of vector control inverters were successfully developed, and it signifies winner smoothly achieved the products’ updating and upgrading. □ In the latter half of 2007, 17 units of hi-voltage products successively began to serve in coal steam-electric plant, steel plant, chemistry plant, cement plant. And winner became the mains supplier of inverter. □ Dec. 2007, winner’s developing strength and results are approbated by Shenzhen Science and Technology Bureau. And winner got a reward from the government. □ May, 2008, winner was titled with "one of the top 10 brands of hi-voltage inverter of 2007" by HC360. □ June, 2008, WINNER was elected as one of the top ten satisfactory brands in 2007 by ELECTRIC AGE. □ June,2009, WINNER R&D team has been greatly strengthened again. Since then, WINNER is able to compete with the top brands in the world from all sides.
  6. 6. Technology Saves Energy Wisdom Creates FutureWINNER ConceptionBusiness Principle Market PrincipleTo attract customers by credit, to win customers by quality, to To strictly execute the regulation of customer notification andserve customs by products. registration, and protect the interest of our distributors and agents. To periodically hold technical training activities for ourR&D Principle distributors and agents. 5Seeking increasing perfection and catching up the world’slatest technology. To periodically hold partner talkfest, and establish sound and close cooperating relationship.Quality Principle Value ConceptionTo improve quality by advance management, to satisfycustomers by aesthetic ideology. To naturalize the earth, to save energy for motherland, to deepen the welfare for employees, to seek development opportunities for the enterprise.Service PrincipleTo feedback to the customers by high efficiency/to influencethe customers by professional competence, To impress thecustomer by sincerity, to move the customer by satisfaction. ■• http://www.winners.net.cn
  7. 7. SHENZHEN• WINNER• S&T• CO.,• LTD. Technology Saves Energy Wisdom Creates Future WIN-HV Series WINNER Medium-Voltage Products Prominent Feature6 Full Range Of LV And MV Frequency Inverter In WINNER.
  8. 8. Technology Saves Energy Wisdom Creates FutureWIN-HV Series Medium-Voltage Frequency Inverter WIN-HV T30 3000V 315~1250kW WIN-HV T60 6000V 315~5000kW WIN-HV T100 10000V 315~8000kW 7WINNER Medium-Voltage Products Prominent Feature:□ Years of large current-driving technologies enable the company to offer the products with power up to 8000 kW□ Unique low inductance bus structure ensures more stable operation of power unit□ The distinctive design of the ventilation and cooling components layout provide the inverter with more reliable operation□ Non-disturbance two-way switching capability between gird and inverted frequency ensures the equipment’s continuous operation□ The control cabinet at the low potential end of the host machine maximally distinguishes electromagnetic interference□ Outstanding low harmonic content level protect the grid from pollution. ■• http://www.winners.net.cn
  9. 9. SHENZHEN• WINNER• S&T• CO.,• LTD. Products Introduction The WINNER WIN-HV series medium-voltage frequency inverter designed and manufactured by Shenzhen Winner has prominent performance and high reliability. It is of AC-DC-AC voltage type inverter with main circuit of multi-level topology circuit. The control mode adopts SPWM technology. And the input uses isolated transformer of multiple technology, while the output is fulfilled by the solution of phase-shifting tandem multi-unit and medium-voltage to medium-voltage direct conversion. Many years of technical experience enabled WINNER and its staff to have developed inverters with low harmonic content, which is in a leading level in domestic. Perfect output voltage sine wave provides the inverter with stability of motor’s operation during the whole speed regulation range. The low input current harmonics almost has no any disturbance to the grid and this ensures the operation reliability of the surrounding electric equipments. This series inverter can drive and regulate the medium-voltage motor in almost all kinds of application area. The speed regulation is smooth, and the efficiency and power factor is enviable. In particular, nowadays the world is in short of energy. WINNER inverter can bring great economic effect when used for blowers and pumps.8 This series inverter consists of three main parts, transformer cabinet is on the left, and power unit cabinet is in the middle, while control cabinet is on the right. To improve the stability of the control circuit and to make the debugging more convenient, the control cabinet door was put on the right of the machine. This series product adopts cabinet structure with forced air cooling. And the big capacity machine adopts the cooling mode of water-cooled, air-closed circulation. The wiring terminal of input and output of the complete machine was placed on the lower left back. It is easy for connection It is commonly recognized that market develops based on good service system. In addition to trusting in such conception, Shenzhen Winner S&T Co., Ltd adheres to focus on R&D of frequency conversion technique, with an aim of producing high quality inverters and bringing more benefits to its clients.
  10. 10. Technology Saves Energy Wisdom Creates FutureMain Features of WIN-HV Series Inverter□ Based on the SPWM technology, transformer isolation □ No particular requirement on the motor to be driven. design and solution of power unit connection in series, □ Total system efficiency hits as high as 96%. WIN-HV series inverter (hereafter refered as the inverter) can realize direct conversion from medium voltage input to □ Friendly user interface: The inverter has Windows 2000 medium voltage output. operation system, large-sized true color LCD and expedite touch screen, which makes operation more convenient. What’s more, the inverter can store more than 20 suits of parameter settings, and automatically memorize all the User inter face Unit W1 Unit V1 Unit U1 operating information for any real-time reference. Unit W2 Unit V2 □ Flexible control mode: local control by touch screen; MCB Unit U2 DCS remote control by I/O of built-in PLC, and host control by System Unit Wn connection between RS485 and DCS system. Unit Vn Analog signal 9 PLC Unit Un external □ The pre-charged circuit of the high-power inverter control signal eliminates surge current at start. It is suitable to all the low- Signal panel capacity grid and peripheral devices. □ Two-way control power supply ensures the system’s normal operation. WIN-HV speed control system diagram□ Less harmonic content. The input terminal of the inverter □ Perfect self-analysis system can online monitor the adopts the phase –shifting transformer superposition inverter’s operating status. It can automatically introduce technology, which can efficiently suppress harmonic content protective measures and record the operating parameters in of input current. And the output terminal adopts the power the event of fault. unit (n=3~9 units) connection in series technology, which □ Various protective measures to the input terminal, output guarantees the output waveform more close to the sine terminal, voltage ,current and temperature provide the wave. inverter with perfect self-analysis function and strong□ At the line side, the system is of uncontrolled mode processing capability. rectifying input with 6n pulse, i.e. 18 (T30), 36 □ Automatic bypass function can online cut off the faulty pulse(T60),54 pulse(T100). While at the load side, power unit and ensure three- phase voltage output remains the system is of (2n+1) levels, i.e,7 levels(T30), 13 symmetrical and current output maintains balanced, so as to levels(T60),19 levels(T100). Both the input and output maximumly reduce the probability of outage. waveform approach sine wave. □ Optional non-interference automatic bypass function can perform automatic switch between the industrial frequency and inverted frequency. In case that the inverter breaks down, the bypass system will automatically switch the motor to mains supply, to guarantee the system maintains Input current waveform sketch Output voltage waveform sketch Output current waveform sketch normal operation.□ No need to install noise filter. The input and output harmonic content can both meet the requirements of IEC 61800-4:2002□ No need to install power factor compensation device. The power factor exceeds 0.97 at rated load in the range of normal speed regulation. Power unit circuit elementary diagram ■• http://www.winners.net.cn
  11. 11. SHENZHEN• WINNER• S&T• CO.,• LTD. System constitution Power unit □ Each phase output consists of several serially-connected power units. The number of power units varies according to different output voltage. Please refer to the fig. below. Inverter No. of serially- Rated voltage of Output phase Level no. per Output voltage Level no. per rated connected power power unit (V) voltage (V) phase voltage (kV) output voltage voltage units (n) T30 5 350 1730 11 3 21 T60 6 600 3480 13 6 2510 T100 9 660 5760 19 9 27 Different cooling modes of power unit
  12. 12. Technology Saves Energy Wisdom Creates Future□ The power unit can be also called a typical single-phase inverter with three-phase input and single-phase output based on sine wave PWM. Q1 Q2 Or K Q3 Q4 11 L1 L2 Rectifying Circuit Filter Inverting Circuit Bypass Circuit sketch map of power unit Radiator Serially-connected copper bar Set screw Fast fuse Three-phase input cable Communication fibre ■• http://www.winners.net.cn
  13. 13. SHENZHEN• WINNER• S&T• CO.,• LTD. Prominent main circuit arrangement □ WIN-HV inverter consists of three separated cabinets: transformer cabinet, power unit cabinet and control cabinet, and all the strong current circuit, week current circuit, main circuit and control circuit are arranged in a separated cabinet. That efficiently suppresses interference and guarantees stable operation of the inverter. □ Reasonable deployment of transformers and cooling fans, and directly-visible temperature indication □ The precharging device eliminates surge current at start □ Interchangeable power units. That makes maintenance and repair more convenient. □ The cooling fans are designed to lie on the top of the cabinets, simplifying air pipeline connection. □ Able to provide large-capacity load with hermetically water-circulating cooling mode. No need to change the filter net, and greatly improve reliability of the inverter. □ Automatic bypass function can online cut off the faulty power unit and the inverter will not stop but go on running with a decreased12 frequency. That enhances the reliability of the system. Transformer cabinet Power unit cabinet
  14. 14. Technology Saves Energy Wisdom Creates FutureControl cabinet□ The control cabinet lies at the side of the inverter’s low potential, which can efficiently suppress electromagnetic interference.□ Optoelectronic isolation□ The built-in PLC can satisfy various digital and analog signal processing requirements.□ High quality components and well-designed wiring guarantee stability and reliability of the inverter 13Ventilation and Heat Dissipation Layout□ The transformer cabinet and the power unit cabinet both have forced cooling fans and unattached ventilation tunnels, ensuring stability of the inverter.□ Adopts German EBM fan heat dissipation system, efficiently preventing temperature soaring 电源指示 运行指示 故障显示 远程/本地 工频投切 系统复位 高压分断 非专业人员 严禁触碰操作触摸屏 ■• http://www.winners.net.cn
  15. 15. SHENZHEN• WINNER• S&T• CO.,• LTD. Power Unit Bypass Function □ This function efficiently guarantees continuous operation of the motor. □ On condition that any power unit breaks down, the system will automatically bypass this unit and meanwhile, bypass another two power units with the same level. The system will maintain operation but with a lower rated frequency. □ The system can keep operation even when three power units have been bypassed at the same time. □ No influence on the system if it previously runs with a frequency that is lower than the declined rated frequency. □ The system can enable automatically the bypass function the number of serially-connected declined margin when one power Max. operating frequency on the Rated voltage of the inverter power unit in each phase unit breaks down bypass condition T30 5 0.2 40 HZ14 T60 6 0.167 41.65 HZ T100 9 0.111 44.5 HZ Inverter Bypass Function Principle of manual bypass □ QS2, QS3 mechanical interlock. □ The bypass system is recommended to be added to guarantee continuous operation of the motor. □ When switching to mains supply, please pay attention to the grid capacity and start mode, so as to suppress inrush current. □ Please start the speed tracking function when switching to mains supply QS3 MV Power Supply QF1 WIN-HV M HV Inverter QS1 QS2 MV Motor Manual bypass diagram Principle of automatic bypass □ KM2 , KM3 electrical interlock, please refer to the fig. below. KM3 FM MV Power Supply QF1 KM1 WIN-HV KM2 M HV Inverter QS1 QS2 MV Motor DXN1 Automatic bypass diagram
  16. 16. Technology Saves Energy Wisdom Creates FutureOperation interface□ 12-inch true color LCD touch screen and Windows 2000 □ Parameter setting mainly involves the inverter-related operation system provide visualized parameter display and operating parameters such as voltage, current, frequency, convenient operation. time, bypass levels, and the motor-related parameters such as motor speed, power output, voltage, current, overload□ The operating parameters including frequency setting, level. In this sub-interface, users can perform parameter frequency output, output voltage, output current, speed, copy & use, and change the initial settings at factory. Please output pressure, etc. are all displayed in the user interface, refer to the pictures right. which makes the user to browse more easily. And the RUN/STOP operation becomes more convenient.□ Enter the sub-interface through the main interface to perform function setting, parameters setting, copy& use, operation record and fault record browse. Simplify fault monitoring and analysis. 15□ Function setting includes control status (adjustment/ operation), operation mode (closed-loop /open-loop), system bypass, interface lock-up, given mode, and host control, etc. Main circuit power supply AC 3Ф A U 50~60Hz B V M High-voltage AC motor 380V~10000V C W C1 BOFF Operation RUN High-voltage analysis BEN Stop STOP WIN-HV BON C2 Bypass permission F/R C3 Bypass switch Forward/reverse LO RST Fault rest. Multi-function relay output terminal ERR Exterior fault TA1 Operation BO bypass• switch TA2 minor• fault X1~X3 TA3 Multi-step speed X4~X7 Stop TA4 Use definition X8 Fault TA5 Manual/automatic P24 Remote/local TA6 High-voltage power-up Exterior analog frequency TA7 COM 0~5V set value VG 4~20mA set value Programmable analog output terminal IG FM0 0~10V Analog voltage feedback VF FM1 4~20mA } Alternative Analog voltage feedback IF Human-machine VM0 0~10V A nalog common terminal GND • interface VM1 4~20mA } Alternative IM0 0~10V IM1 4~20mA } Alternative G GM SG+ RS-485 To connect host machine. SG- ■• http://www.winners.net.cn
  17. 17. SHENZHEN• WINNER• S&T• CO.,• LTD. □ The inverter will be produced with input current rating & system or other remote control station. input voltage rating at the request of users. □ Through RS-485 communicate port, can realize □ There are two buttons and two switches on the front panel communication with host machine or control system. It of the control cabinet. The button of “switching to mains conforms to MODBUS Protocol. supply” is used when the inverter breaks down. It can □ Frequency given mode: (1) manual given mode through perform industrial frequency power supply/automatic user interface, (2) terminal analog given mode. industrial frequency bypass switch by pressing the button. □ In the mode of terminal analog given, VG and IG □ The button of “System reset” is used for parameter setting correspond to voltage given signal and current given signal or to reset the system at non-essential fault occurring. On respectively. condition of emergency stop required, press the button of “Medium voltage disconnection” to cut off output, then the □ Through its noninterference bypass function, the inverter16 inverter will coast to stop. The bottom of “Remote/Local” can be automatically self-bypassed on condition of major can perform remote control and local control switch. In fault occurring, and switch the motor to the mains supply, the mode of local control, users can perform inverter speed which guarantees normal operation of the system. control, frequency up and down, stop, reset, etc. on the □ It can realize manual bypass through the three output touch screen of the inverter. While in the mode of remote terminals “medium voltage disconnection”, “bypass control, users can control the inverter through the DCS permit” and “bypass connection”. Model definition WIN-HV - T - System category Application code-heavy load, pumps, etc Three-phase rated output voltage (kV /10) Rated output current (A) Series No. of WINNER-branded medium voltage inverter
  18. 18. Technology Saves Energy Wisdom Creates FutureBasic parameters Classification Parameters Range Unit Increment Factory default Reference frequency 40.0~50.0 Hz 0.1Hz 50 Reference voltage 1500~10000 V 1V variable Maximum frequency 0~60 Hz 0.1Hz 50 upper limit frequency 0~60 Hz 0.1Hz 51 lower limit frequency 0~60 Hz 0.1Hz 3.0 Starting frequency 0~5 Hz 0.1Hz 0.5Drive parameters acceleration time 1~255 4s 1 15 deceleration time 1~255 4s 1 15 torque boost 0~15 1 1 1 17 Overload multiple 10~150 % 1 150 unit bypass level 0~2 1 1 frequency inverter address 0~31 1 2 host input selection With, without without host control selection with,without without control status open loop or closed loop open loopFunction operating mode Local or remote localparameters input mode digital,analog,multi-step speed digital analog input option 0~5V/0~20mA V/mA 0~5V Analog output option(3 ways) As per manual Bypass option with,without without Motor rated power 0~8000 kW 1kW As per specification motor rated current 0~600 A 0.1A As per specification parameters Motor over load multiple 120~150 % 1 150 Number of motor poles 2~10 1 4 Motor rated speed 180~3600 Rpm 1 1480 Input frequency 0~50 Hz 0.1Hz operation speed Rpm Operating frequency 0~51 Hz 0.1Hzstatus parameters output current A 0.1A Output voltage V Output power kW Continuous operating time h 0.1h ■• http://www.winners.net.cn
  19. 19. SHENZHEN• WINNER• S&T• CO.,• LTD. Technical Specification and installation dimension Specifi- WIN-HV_T30 077 096 120 154 192 240 290 cations Capacity of drive (kVA) 400 500 630 800 1000 1250 1600 Power of adaptive motor (kW) 315 400 500 630 800 1000 1250 Rated output current (A) 077 096 120 154 192 240 308 Output Number of serial units per phase 5 Outline dimensions (W×H×D) 3700×2350 ×1100 4200×2450 ×1200 6400×2750 ×1300 Weight (Kg) 3500~4200 4000~6000 6000~8550 Specifi- WIN-HV_T60 39 48 61 77 96 120 154 173 192 220 240 304 384 480 540 600 cations Capacity of drive (kVA) 400 500 630 800 1000 1250 1600 1800 2000 2250 2500 3150 4000 5000 5600 6250 Power of adaptive motor (kW) 315 400 500 630 800 1000 1250 1400 1600 1800 2000 2500 3150 4000 4500 5000 Rated output current (A) 39 48 61 77 96 120 154 173 192 220 240 304 384 480 540 600 Output Number of serial units per 6 phase18 Outline dimensions (W×H×D) 3350×2350 ×1100 3700×2350 ×1100 4200×2450 ×1200 6400×2750 ×1300 6500×3300 ×2100 Weight (Kg) 2500~2800 3050~3850 4400~4850 6500~9050 12300~14400 Specifi- WIN-HV_T100 23 29 36 46 58 72 92 104 115 130 144 182 230 290 323 360 433 580 cations Capacity of drive (kVA) 400 500 630 800 1000 1250 1600 1800 2000 2250 2500 3150 4000 5000 5600 6250 7500 10000 Power of adaptive motor (kW) 315 400 500 630 800 1000 1250 1400 1600 1800 2000 2500 3150 4000 4500 5000 6000 8000 Rated output current (A) 23 29 36 46 58 72 92 104 115 130 144 182 230 290 323 360 433 580 Output Outline dimensions (W×H×D) 4300×2350 ×1100 4750×2350 ×1200 5600×2750 ×1200 8500×2750 ×1300 8200×3300 ×2100 Weight (kg) 3000~3850 4250~5300 6150~7950 10200~12800 16000~22300 Number of serial units per phase 9 Input frequency 50/60Hz+3% Input voltage T30: 3kV, T60: 6kV, T100: 10kV(-20% ~ +15%) Power Allowed power failure time 100ms supply Input power factor > 0.97 (under a rated load) Efficiency > 96% (under a rated load); > 98% for the drive part PWM, phase-shifting, wave-overlaping, power cells in serial connection,AC-DC-AC,direct medium voltage Control mode output,. Output frequency 0 ~ 50Hz Precision of output frequency 0.1Hz 120% (1 minute), 150% (2s), 160% (immediate protection); heavy-load model: 150% (1 minute), 180% (2s), Overload capability 200% (immediate protection) Control features Acceleration and deceleration time 4 ~ 1200s Analog input 0~5V, 0~20mA, 4~20mA (2 ports) Analog output 0~10V, 4~20mA voltage, current and frequency optional (3 channels) output is for 5 variables Analog feedback 0~5V, 4~20mA (2 ports) Host communication Isolation RS485 interface Boolean input/output 14-channel/10-channel Overcurrent, overload, short-circuit, 3-phase current imbalance, 电源指示 运行指示 故障显示 transient power failure, input/output phase loss, overvoltage, Protection function undervoltage, body overheat, shutdown caused by external 远程/本地 工频投切 系统复位 高压分析 H fault, automatic bypass of power unit Operation environment 0°C ~ + 40°C temperature Storage and transport -40°C ~ +70°C temperature W Enviro- nment Cooling mode Compulsory air cooling Environment humidity < 90% (no condensate) D Altitude < 1,000m Protection grade IP30
  20. 20. Technology Saves Energy Wisdom Creates FutureWIN-HV inverter speed adjustment principle and applicationsThe load characteristics of the vane-type pump, fan andcompressor are all of square torque type, which means thetorque on the axis is proportional to the square of the motorspeed. The pump and fan conform to the similarity theoremon condition of geometric similarity, movement similarity andpower similarity. Taking a fan (or pump) as an example, if itsspeed is to be adjusted while the consistency of the transmittedliquid remains constant, its performance parameters willchange following the proportion theorem, the flow quantity isproportional to the speed; the pumping head is proportional tothe square of the speed; and the axis power is proportional tothe cube of the speed. But in actual operation, it is inaccurate tocompute the speed control range and energy saving efficiency 19simply by the said proportion theorem due to different systemparameters and operating status. 2. Energy saving principle of pumps: Different from fans, the static pumping head of pumps Hst≠0. The outlet pressure (pumping head) of pumps is required to maintain constant in most occasions. The pump’s energy saving principle can be represented by the diagram 2. When decreasing the flow quantity from Q1 to Q2 by the valve, the pump speed maintains its rated speed N1, but the pipe network resistance curve (1) will change to the curve Fig.2 Energy saving elementary diagram of pumps (2), leading the working intersection A to change to B. At this time, the consumed axis power can be represented by the area of H1BOQ2, almost the same to that of H2AOQ1, resulting in huge energy to be wasted. When the inverter is installed, it can decrease the pump speed from N1 to N2 with the pipe network resistance curve (1) being unchanged, so the working intersection A transfers to C. At this time, the consumed axis power can be represented by the area of H3COQ2. Compared with H1BOQ2, it is easy to find out that the inverter has prominent energy-saving capacity. ■• http://www.winners.net.cn
  21. 21. SHENZHEN• WINNER• S&T• CO.,• LTD. 1. Energy saving principle of fans: As the fan’s static pressure Pst=0, its energy saving principle can be represented by the diagram 1. In the diagram 1, the curve (1) represents the wind pressure and wind quantity characteristics curve (P-Q) at rated speed N1. The curve (2) is the pipe network resistance characteristics curve when the air valve is widely open. The intersection A of the curve (1) and (2) indicates the point at which the motor runs with the highest efficiency. At this time, the wind pressure is assumed as P2, the wind quantity is Q1, and the axis power N1=k*Q1*P2, which can be represented by the area of20 AP2OQ1. On condition that the wind quantity is to be decreased from Q1 to Q2 according to production requirements: If adjusting the wind quantity by the valve, it will increase resistance of the pipe network, resulting in the pipe network resistance curve to change to the curve (3), and the intersection A change to B. At this time, the wind press is assumed as P1 and wind quantity is Q2, so the axis power N2 = k*Q2*P1, which can be represented by the area of BP1OQ2. Compared with AP2OQ1, it is easy to find out that the axis power decreases just a bit. When adopting the inverter to conduct speed adjustment, the fan speed will reduce from N1 to N2. As the fan’s static pressure Pst=0, conforming to the similarity theorem, the wind pressure and wind quantity characteristics curve(P-Q) at the speed N2 can be represented by the curve (4), which converges the curve (2) at point C. At this time, the wind pressure is assumed as P3 and wind quantity is Q2, so the axis power N3=K*Q2*P3, Fig. 1 Energy saving elementary diagram of fans which can be represented by the area of CP3OQ2. It is easy to draw a conclusion that N3 decreases steeply due to hefty decline of wind pressure. Compared with the valve control mode, the inverter can help save huge energy. The saved axis power N=K*(P1-P3)*Q2, which can be represented by the area of P1BCP3.
  22. 22. Technology Saves Energy Wisdom Creates FutureApplication casesThe power plant owns a generator with annual production capacity of 200MW. It was installed with two 1250kW/6kV induced draft fans.The following diagram shows energy-saving efficiency after WIN-HV inverter is installed Before Reformation After Reformation Machine load (MW) Total power of the Motor load ratio of the Total power of the Energy saving ratio (%) induced draft fans(kW) induced draft fans (%) induced draft fans(kW) 100 960 38.40 297.6 69.00 120 1020 48.00 427.2 58.12 140 1628 65.12 712.0 56.27 160 1656 66.24 988.8 40.29 180 1754.4 70.18 1247.2 28.91 200 1790.4 71.62 1288.0 28.06 21In most of the power plants, the induced draft fan of boiler furnace commonly runs at a constant speed with power frequency. It is wastingquite lots of electricity in the process of adjusting the wind quantity via the valve. The 200WM generator usually runs with peak shaving, withhuge valley-to-peak difference. When WIN-HV inverter is installed, the induced draft fans get access to realize speed adjustment, as well aswind pressure and wind quantity control no matter whether the valve is open or not. Accordingly, WIN-HV inverter is able to help the powerproducer save energy and cut cost, with energy-saving rate of 20%~70%.Indirect economic benefitsStrengthen reliability of the equipmentsThe installation of WIN-HV inverter realizes soft starting in a real sense,eliminates huge surge current and mechanical wear abrasion so as toprolong the life of the equipments. Low-speed operation reduces the fan’s vibration and the bearing’s wearing, thence the reliability of theequipment is improved.Reduce maintenance and repair costWIN-HV inverter can help the user reduce maintenance and repair cost as it eliminates huge surge current and mechanical wear abrasion.Enhance automazation levelWIN-HV inverter is equipped with several external signal and computer interfaces, which enable the inverter convenient to connect with thecontrol system PLC, DCS &FCS, communication system, energy management system and other management system. It greatly enhances themachines’ roboticized control and management level.Relieve labour intensityOn condition of the load changed, it is very inconvenient to adjust the wind quantity by changing the valve opening. And this control modehas poor linearity and high fault rate. In contrast, when adopting WIN-HV inverter, it can adjust the speed of the fan by regulating the fan’smotor frequency. It is much easier to operate, with perfect linearity and control sensitivity. ■• http://www.winners.net.cn
  23. 23. SHENZHEN• WINNER• S&T• CO.,• LTD. Application area WIN-HV medium voltage inverter has been widely used in the fields of power plant, iron and steel, oil, mine, construction, etc for the medium-voltage motor’s speed regulation, energy saving, soft starting and intelligent control. □ Thermal power plant: Coal pulverize, ventilator, induced draft blower, powder extraction blower, circulating water pump, feed water pump, condensate extraction pump, heat water supply pump, heat back water pump, etc □ Iron and steel plant:22 Feed water pump, dust exhaust fan, induced draft blower, oxygen generator, □ Mine: Slurry pump, ventilator □ Oilfield: Water flood pump, crude oil pump □ Chemical plant: Compressor, blower, circulating water pump □ Water supply work and wastewater treatment plant: In-take pump, feed water supply pump, self-fractionating pump, sewage pump, □ Cement plant and ceram plant: Grinding machine, pump, induced draft blower, dust exhaust fan, etc □ Other field: Pumps and fans used in the industry of medicine, paper making and food.
  24. 24. Technology Saves Energy Wisdom Creates FutureQuality Management SystemQuality policy To improve quality by advanced management, to satisfy customers by aesthetic ideology.Quality management To strictly control the quality according to ISO 9001:200Quality assurance To produce the goods strictly according to the national standards, GB/T12668.2-2002,GB12668.3-2003,GB/T12668.4-2006,GB/ T3859.1-199 23Market management To strictly execute the regulation of customer notification and registration, and protect the interest of our distributors and agents. To periodically hold technical training activities for our distributors and agents. To periodically hold partner talkfest, and establish sound and close cooperating relationship.After service Complaint disposal: reply in written form. Service response time: within 24 hours in the area where there is a service center. Other area: 48 hours. After service line: 0755-2675 6317 ■• http://www.winners.net.cn
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