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Move it!

  1. 1. SIN Josep Comas i Solà 3rd of ESO
  2. 2.  Look at the following pictures. They present different actions that you can associate with sports. CAN YOU GUESS THEM? (Tip: some of them are in your student’s book, page 49)
  3. 3. swimjump hit
  4. 4. dancethrow ski
  5. 5. ridewalk catch
  6. 6. skaterun kick
  7. 7. Go Play Do•Running •Tennis •Karate•Cycling •Hockey •Gymnastics - Train - Beat - Warm up - Win - Lose - Draw - Score - Get injured
  8. 8. Regular verbs (-ed) Irregular verbs Base form Past simple Past participle Play Warm up Swim Swam Swum Train Hit Hit Hit Score Throw Threw Thrown Jump Ride Rode Ridden Dance Catch Caught Caught Ski Run Run Run Walk Beat Beat Beaten Kick Win Won Won Skate Lose Lost Lost Draw Drew Drawn Get injured Got injured Got injured
  9. 9. a) court 1. A circular path to race 2. An area drawn on the groundb) pool to play tennis, basketball…c) pitch (UK)/field 3. A container full of water (US) 4. An area painted with lines tod) slope play football, rugby… 5. The side of a hill or mountaine) track 6. A large closed area withf) sports hall thousands of seats for sports eventsg) stadium 7. A large room where some indoor games are played. A2 / B3 / C4 / D5 / E1 / F7 / G6
  10. 10. a) captain 1. Followers or supporters of a teamb) coach 2. Person who practises a teamc) fans sport.d) player 3. Lead player of a team 4. Person who enforces thee) referee rules in a game.f) spectators 5. Group of players 6. Leader of a team. S/he alsog) team trains players. 7. People who attend a match or a game for entertainment. A3 / B6 / C1 / D2 / E4 / F7 / G5
  11. 11.  Barça b___ Madrid 3-0. Spain and Italy have the same score: they have d____. Yesterday we s___ at the swimming p___ and we also j_____ from the 10 metre platform! Sue likes s_____, so she likes steep s_____. I hope she doesn’t g__ i______! In basketball matches during the half time cheerleaders d____ in the middle of the c____. Last month Messi w__ the Ballon d’Or because he s_____ a lot of goals every season.
  12. 12.  Barça beat Madrid 3-0. Spain and Italy have the same score: they have drawn. Yesterday we swam at the swimming pool and we also jumped from the 10 m platform! Sue likes skiing, so she likes steep slopes. I hope she doesn’t get injured! In basketball matches during the half time cheerleaders dance in the middle of the court. Last month Messi won the Ballon d’Or because he scores a lot of goals every season.
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