Overview of use of the KNet LMS within our school


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An overview of how our school implements the KnowledgeNet LMS system.

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Overview of use of the KNet LMS within our school

  1. 1. What is KnowledgeNET?• Learning Management System that was launched in 2001 by Dataview Ltd in conjunction with Mark Treadwell.• Virtual learning environment which allows Teachers, Students and Parents to collaborate in a productive, efficient and engaging way.• Access can be controlled due to what information the login person needs to see: Administration – Full access to all areas Teacher – Access to staff area, class pages and own students individual pages. Student – Access to class page, own page and chosen buddies. Parents/Caregivers – Access to class page and own child’s page.
  2. 2. Selection Process• Principal and Lead Teacher looked at various options. Lead Teacher had previously used KNet and contacted Dataview to discuss options.• Offer to be a Pilot School in a Research Project .• Funding subsidy for set up costs + initial 6 months license.• Presentation to the BOT• KNet introduced end of Term 3, 2009• Now all classrooms have Class Page.• Students in two senior classrooms have individual page as well.
  3. 3. Staff Professional Development• Valued and seen as priority – need to build capacity across all staff.• Weekly sessions where all teaching staff meet, while Principal / senior students lead assembly.• Started by all staff learning the same basic skills and now time is spent work on individual needs.• All staff feel this time is vital for very busy Teachers to ensure KNet pages are keep up-to-date and relevant.• On the spot trouble-shooting.• Resource sharing time.
  4. 4. Staff Resource AreaStaff have 24/7 access to resources, all staff contribute to this. Example of one of the resources behind the Mathematics link:
  5. 5. Whole School PagesAll logins have access to the following pages and Archives:• School Calendar of Events• Weekly Newsletters• Kapa Haka pages• Class Councillors pages• Whole School Activities• Forum DiscussionsEstablishing:• BOT pages – agenda, minutes, forum discussions etc.• Techperts – Jing instructions to upload
  6. 6. Useful LinksExtra resources can be found through the quick links
  7. 7. ForumsForum topics allow anyone with a login to voice their opinion, not justthose confident enough to speak in front of the class.
  8. 8. Access Forums From HomeAnother way to collect Parent feedback, many prefer to write a comment ratherthan have discussion in person. Working parents are still able to contribute.
  9. 9. Collecting Data - Polls Quick and easy way to gather data about class/school opinion. Anonymous voting so more likely to collect student’s actual opinion. Automatically graphs data to clearly show trends.
  10. 10. Class PagesLink to Curriculum Activities, Photos, Videos, VoiceFiles, Web 2.0 tools, Forums, Polls, Examples of goodpractise etc. Target Group Activities Identify focus area Teaching and Learning Examples
  11. 11. EmbedWeb 2.0 WallWisher Tools
  12. 12. Upload filesPersonalise Home Page Individual Pages Student e-portfolio established over 4 years Learning Journals
  13. 13. Easi-Speak Capturing studentMicrophones Jing Voice InteractiveWhiteboard Screen Webcam Recordings Flip Videos
  14. 14. 4-Way Reflection Self, Peer, Parent & Teacher
  15. 15. Parent EngagementStudents inviting families to, and leading, Parent Evening withset tasks to complete.Regular updates in newsletter about new things to look for on theKNet.Note in Home Learning if want specific things completed,eg. commenting on term goals.Invitation to use school computers if limited or no access athome.Discussion at Parent Conferences.
  16. 16. LMS SupportKN Enquires link - generally get a reply within 24 hours.Phone supportHelp WikiGuide links
  17. 17. Issues Issue: Addressing this by: New Fibre internet cabling by the end ofInternet Speed and Connectivity the year. Initial set up cost was fully fundedCost Monthly fee budgeted for (made priority)Parent Engagement, mainly due to Invite parents to use computers at school.lack of access at home Student invite and lead Parent evenings, Set tasks to complete, newsletter info. Regular timetabled sessions.Time Incorporate in planning. Willingness to ask questions and seekTechnical Capability of Staff support. Regular PD sessions. Buddy classes supporting (Senior / Junior)
  18. 18. Benefits Benefit: Who Benefits:24 / 7 access from any location with internet Students, Parents, Teachers, Family or Friends outsideconnection of the homeRemote Planning and resource collection Teacher and StudentsAllows specific reflection from 4 sources – Self, Peer, Student, Peer, Parent & TeacherParent, TeacherIndividual Pages carry onto next Teacher , will be able Students, Parents, Teachers, Family or Friends outsideto show 4 years of progress when a Year 8 leaves of the homeSafe links to websites / tasks to reduce time wasted Student, Parent & Teachersearching and to ensure content appropriatePassword Protected – grant access to specific areas Students, Parents, Teachers, Family or Friends outside of the homeInteroperability with MUSAC - Parent Portal, access to Students, Parents, Teachers, Family or Friends outsideassessment data etc. of the home if have login