List of active facebook groups for blog promotion


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Some of these facebook groups i would be listing here are soley meant for posting of your blog links for promotional purpose,others for seeking solution.

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  • I have manually collected 800+ Facebook Group Related to #Health , #Weightloss ,#Recipe .If anyone need this Facebook Group list and want to join to all these Facebook Group ( I can help you to join all thses Group) to save your time & to promote your Affiliate products and your website to get Targeted Customers Please contact to my Skype : alaminbabu
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List of active facebook groups for blog promotion

  2. 2. list of Active Facebook Groups For Blog Promotion july 9, 2013 by ige ebima By now you should be aware Facebook is one of the ultimate source from where you can get a decent inflow of blog traffic.If you are a blogger and you have not been getting reasonable blog traffic from facebook page and other facebook groups meant solely for bloggers,then you must be missing a whole lot of opportunities.
  3. 3. • These facebook groups are especially good for newbie blogger and even for pro and self acclaimed problogger as they have the potential of generating more than 50% of your total referral blog traffic. Read also:Active Lists Of Google Plus Communities and Hash Tags You should Know • Before i dive into listing these facebook groups,i must say it is very important you read the rules and regulation guiding these groups before posting on them so you wont be flagged as spammer.Some of these facebook groups i would be listing here are soley meant for posting of your blog links for promotional purpose,others for seeking solution your problem.Find below list of active facebook groups for bloggers
  4. 4. Bloggers Lab • Bloggers lab top my list of active Facebook groups for blogger simply because it is my most used group.Bloggers Lab is An open Bloggers group for Bloggers to connect, interact and share their blogging expertise & infos.I have really gained alot from this group and i believe you too should,so you are invited to join Bloggers lab today Link A Day • Assuming you’ve got something new! Maybe A New Blog Post, A Facebook Page/Group, Even A Referral Link! And you want to share it with serious minded and EXPERIENCED fellows/bloggers, either to get traffic or just for the fun of it,then link a day is best suitable for that purpose.Link a day is open to a maximum of 1 LINK share from each member per day,this helps to keep the group clean and free of spammers.
  5. 5. • Icomment • This is one of the best group to join if you need more comments on you blog posts.You simply drop a link to your new or prefered blog post where you need comments,and then ask others to leave their comment on the post,you are expected to reciprocate whosoever commented on your post. • exchange comments • This is another Facebook group dedicated exclusively to Comments exchange, Likes, Tweets, PlusOnes, Stumbles, Diggs, Reddit UpVotes. • commenting tribe • Need more comments on that awesome post?,post your link on the commenting tribe group asking for comment,and you would get exactly just that.You can promote your post here anytime ,any day without restriction to a number of post per day,but you must do it wisely.
  6. 6. • Guest blogging portal • It’s a group of guest bloggers, who are either looking for guest posts for their blogs, or want to write guest posts on other blogs ! In order to get your guest posts taken away, all you need to do is to post about your available guest posts upon here, and if you want to grab guest posts for your own blog, then you may comment on the posts done by the guest bloggers, or add a new post demanding guest posts for your blog ! • Guest Blogging • Join this group to request/find quest bloggers and quest post for your blog.Posting any unrelated links here will get you banned without notification/warning,so play the game well. • Bloggers and Guest Bloggers • A facebook group for bloggers similar to guest blogging, and guest blogging portal. Its exclusively for bloggers, guest posters, freelancers and other internet related workers.
  7. 7. • BlogShare • BlogShare is a Facebook group open to bloggers looking to share their latest posts and discussions, get readers and more likes to your posts. Find answers to your blogging, SEO related questions. A maximum of two links a day is only permitted. • • Share Your Topic • This is one of the many facebook group to join for promoting your favourite blog posts,topic,update news and other related stuffs. • Share Blogger • This is a facebook group for bloggers seeking to get more blog exposure and traffic to their blog.No definite number of link per day,but you are advised to keep it clean.
  8. 8. • Other Known Facebook groups for bloggers includes • Everything about blogging • SEO facebook page likers • probloggers community • WordPress worriors • smashingbloggers • TechieOasis • Blog promotion • Affiliate promotion • Bloggermania • Blogpedia • Blogging squad • Tech bloggers • Newbiee zone
  9. 9. • Tech blogging group • All about wordpress • Social media group • Buy and sell domains • Allbloggingways • LibertyBloggers • Blogger help • blogger point • etechsolutions • buy and sell • Bloggerz • Itechcode • wordpress • the techism • bloggerforum
  10. 10. • Thes are some of the groups i belong,and where i share my latest post for traffic.The list is almost endless,but i left some out of the list because i want to make this post as short as possible. • These facebook groups gets you the much needed traffic and blog exposure. • You can leave a comment containing your group url if you own or belongs to a group not included here. • Share this with your friends on social media. I’m sure they’ll like to know about these facebook groups. Use the sharing links below
  11. 11. groups-for-blog-promotion.html • Recommended reading::5 Explosive Tactics To Drive Targeted Traffic From Online Forum • Related search term • list of Active Facebook Groups For Blog Promotion • list of bloggers facebook groups • list of funny facebook groups • facebook my groups list • funny facebook groups list • facebook groups names list • best facebook groups • facebook groups search • most popular facebook groups • facebook groups names