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This is the PowerPoint from a presentation given at the joint conference of the American College Personnel Association and the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators. The presentation was given by Elizabeth Barnett and Molly Kinne, both employees of Ohio University at the time of the presentation.

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  • Online Communities Emerge

    1. 1. Online Communities Emerge A Student Affairs Response Molly S. Kinne Elizabeth J. Barnett
    2. 2. Introduction to Online Communities  Six Degrees was developed in 1997  1st Online community Friendster  Created in 2002  Open to anyone  Post photos and review music, movies etc My Space  Created in 2003  Open to anyone  Allows people to have blogs/live journals
    3. 3. Facebook About Facebook  Created in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg  Open to only those with a .edu email  Users connect to users at their school and other universities  Profile can include photos, interests and personal information  7th most visited site on the internet Why we chose to focus on Facebook  Experiences, both positive and negative  Conversations and discussions with colleagues regarding the topic
    4. 4. Goals of Our Presentation Give of an overview of Online Communities Share our research Specifics examples at Ohio University An opportunity to share and discuss
    5. 5. Our Research Qualitative Research  Mixed Method Study  Interviews  Key administrators and personnel at Ohio University  Surveys  Ohio College Personnel Association  Our network of colleagues  Set a total of 79 surveys, 21 surveys returned  Media Content Analysis  Literature Review
    6. 6. Demographics  Institution Size: Type of Departments:  4 large  6 residence life/housing  5 mid sized  8 small  6 student activities  8 private  2 greek life  3 public  1 student center mgmt  3 judiciaries  Type of Campus:  1 campus safety  10 residential  3 orientation/first year  6 commuter  1 multicultural  15 between 13-23  4 students are 23 and older
    7. 7. Emerging Themes All respondents have used facebook or heard about it from students, colleagues, staff or articles. Tool as communication  Administrators, fellow student Develop small communities with in a larger area Advertise for events and parties A partial or full reflection on campus culture  Drinking, Party Culture, Policy Violations
    8. 8. “It amazes me whenwe are trying to find astudent….and one of our studentworkers replies…….check facebook…their cell phone is onthere…”
    9. 9. Communication Positive Trends  Students use it to find each other and connect  Students can interact online but never meet  Use to find out personal interests, relationship status etc  Students look people up from classes, parties, potential roommates etc Negative Trends  All personal info is listed: rooms #’s etc  Communication is exaggerated, misinterpreted  Stalking / Harassment / Identity Theft
    10. 10. “[Facebook] is only from theperspectives of the studentswho are using it…and…onlythe racy/interesting/etc. isgoing to get posted. ” “…some of the uglier aspects of…facebook provide a truer look into the realities of our student body. ”
    11. 11. Community Development Proactive Communities  Negative Communities  Student organizations  Hate groups about use it to create an members/persons identity  Groups that don’t  Halls/Complex/Floor reflect the true culture section groups  Students don’t leave  Intramural and Team their room: no Groups community  Academic Classes: professor requested it  Time on facebook and not attending functions
    12. 12. “The PULSE featureof Facebook….tells you [the top 10]current interests at aschool and how theychange day-to-day.That really is a marketer’s dream come true.”
    13. 13. Advertising Beneficial Uses  RA Recruitment  Peer Leaders CONCERT: Counting  Orientation Leaders Crows in the  Univ. sponsored events Convo!!!!  Speakers, plays, concerts etc KEG  Student Org. events PARTY: Stimson! Unfavorable  Parties on/off campus
    14. 14. “Students tend to use facebook as a means ofdisplaying their recent binge drinking photographs andvarious other indiscretions. This becomes difficult, because seeing your‘outstanding campus leader’playing beer pong, underage, in the residence halls does .”not necessarily instill hope
    15. 15. Partial/Full Reflection of Culture Alcohol Consumption  Profiles/Groups all about binge drinking  More groups on alcohol than other things Policy Violations  Underage consumption photos  What is our role when we see this? Exaggeration of the true culture  Profiles detailing binge episodes--not really what goes on
    16. 16. “Use it, don’t reactirrationally, understand thetarget market that is using it,help educate students as tothe potential ramifications ofusage, and understandimplications for the college[or university]”
    17. 17. Summary of Research Student affairs professionals agree their needs to be a response  Policy Development: Residence Life, Housing, Judicial Affairs, Legal Affairs  Educational Approach  Following up with students about what is in their profile  Helping them understand public vs. private
    18. 18. Utilization of Facebook at OU Positive Strategies  Residence Life  Complex Communities  Floor Sections  Hall Councils  Student Activities  Network of student leaders  Advertising Events  Student Organizations
    19. 19. Residence Life: Complex Communities
    20. 20. Residence Life: Floor Sections
    21. 21. Residence Life: Hall Councils
    22. 22. Student Activities
    23. 23. Examples of Facebook Groups OU Students for Chipotle OU Students for Apple Computers Athens Non Drinkers Family Guy OU students for Calvin and Hobbes Various Res. Life Staff Groups OU for Chili at Taco Bell
    24. 24. Down side of Facebook… Groups that reflect use of alcohol  Natty Light Drinkers of America  Blacked out on Court Street  Groups that reflect how many times they’ve been written up Used as a tool to stalk someone Affected the way Greek Recruitment occurred Used as a tool to emotionally harm others  Creation of groups that are hateful
    25. 25. Recommendations Utilize Privacy Policy of Creation of policies to include “cyber-space”  Judicial polices that reflect technology such as Educate Professional and Student Staff Use it as a tool to educate, not look for violations  Programming, Individual Interventions Professional Staff Ethical Use
    26. 26. Questions?
    27. 27. For more information:Molly KinneKinne@ohiou.eduElizabeth BarnettBarnette@ohiou.eduOhio UniversityDepartment of Residence Life740.593.4095 Thank You for coming!!!