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2011 OMT Division Business Meeting
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2011 OMT Division Business Meeting



Presentation made during 2011 OMT Division Business Meeting in San Antonio, TX. ...

Presentation made during 2011 OMT Division Business Meeting in San Antonio, TX.

2010-2011 OMT Division Officers
Henrich Greve, Past Division Chair
Royston Greenwood, Division Chair
Matt Kraatz, Division Chair Elect
Christine Beckman, Program Chair
Mike Lounsbury, Program Chair Elect
Damon Phillips and Nelson L. Phillips, Third Year Representatives-at-Large
Martin Gargiulo and Bill McEvily, Second Year Representatives-at-Large
Eva Boxembaum and Klaus Weber, First Year Representatives-at-Large
Andrew (Andy) Hoffman, Practice Committee Chair
Joe Labianca, Research Committee Chair
M. Diane Burton, Teaching Committee Chair
Brayden King, Blogging Committee Chair
William (Bill) L. Dougan, Treasurer
Rodney Lacey, Communications Coordinator
Joel Gehman, Division Webmaster



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2011 OMT Division Business Meeting 2011 OMT Division Business Meeting Presentation Transcript

  • OMT  BUSINESS  MEETING:  2011  Agenda   1.  Welcome     2.  Introduc?ons  &  Thanks     3.  Conference  Reports:     –  PDWs   –  Programme     4.  Membership  Trends   5.  Dis?nguished  Educator  Award     6.  Best  OT  Paper  Award     7.  Farewells     8.  Ar?fact!!    
  • 2.  Introduc?on  &  Thanks   DIVISION
  • Newly  Elected  Members  of  the  Execu?ve:  Mar?ne  Haas   Peer  Fiss   Lady  Candace  Jones  
  • New  and  Con?nuing  Volunteers:   Eero  Vaara   Bob  Hinings  (Interna?onal  Commi]ee)   Joe  Labianca   Joe  Broschak   (Research  Commi]ee)   (Best  Paper  Commi]ee)   Diane  Burton   David  Touve   Brayden  King   Joel  Gehman   (Teaching  Commi]ee)   (Web  Page  Commi]ee)  
  • 3.  2011  Conference  Reports  
  • OMT  PDW  2011  Summary  •  14  PDW  Sessions  sponsored  by  OMT  •  51  including  co-­‐sponsors   –  29  with  BPS   –  20  with  OB   –  18  with  ENT  •  Several  Methods  PDWs  (Content  Analysis,  QCA,  System   Theory,  QualitaMve  Research,  Ethnographic  Research,   Social  Network  Analysis)  •  Doctoral  ConsorMum  (w/  MOC  division)  sponsored  by:    •  THANK  YOU!  
  • Programme:  2011  
  • Submissions  to  OMT  
  • Program  Summary  •  1077  people  agreed  to  review  for  OMT  from  49   countries   –  THANK  YOU!!!  •  953  people  received  papers  to  review   –  Average  of  2.71  submissions  per  reviewer;  4   reviews  per  submission  •  65%  of  reviewers  have  been  in  AOM  for  less  than  5   years  (or  not  at  all)  •  12%  of  reviewers  have  been  AOM  members  for  more   than  10  years  •  Working  to  improve  paper  matching  process  
  • Submissions  and  Reviewers  by  Region   Number   Percentage   Papers   of   Percentage  Region submi]ed Submissions of  ReviewersAsia  Pacific 100 17% 9%Europe 219 36% 27%LaMn  America 8 1% 0%United  States 237 39% 49%Canada 35 6% 8%Middle  East 4 1% 0%
  • Some  Popular  Submission  Keywords  Keyword       Number  of  Papers  Using  InsMtuMonal  Theory   157  Networks  &  Embeddedness   100  IdenMty  &  CategorizaMon   66  Corporate  Governance  &  Strategy   63  Performance  &  EffecMveness   54  Learning,  AdaptaMon  &  RouMnes   52  Change   51  InnovaMon  and  CreaMvity   45  InsMtuMonal  Logics  &  Complexity   44  Behavioral  Decision  Theory   44  OrganizaMonal  Forms   41  **Note  that  submiiers  chose  3  keywords  and  that  keywords  overlap  
  • Most  Popular  Theories  by  Region   Ins?tu?onal   Networks  &   Governance  Region Theory Embeddedness &  StrategyAsia  Pacific 11% 12% 32%Europe 39% 36% 28%LaMn  America 1% 0% 0%United  States 39% 46% 35%Canada 10% 5% 5%Middle  East 1% 1% 0%
  • Most  Popular  Theories  by  Region   Iden?ty  &   Learning  &   Innova?on  &  Region Categoriza?on Adapta?on Crea?vityAsia  Pacific 6% 28% 14%Europe 34% 2% 43%LaMn  America 0% 0% 0%United  States 53% 48% 40%Canada 5% 4% 2%Middle  East 2% 0% 0%
  • ABCD  Reviewer  Awards   (Above  and  Beyond  the  Call….)  •  Forrest  Briscoe,  Pennsylvania  State  U.    •  Jonathan  Bundy,  University  of  Georgia  •  Regis  Cabral,  FEPRO  •  Albert  Cannella,  Tulane  University  •  J.  Adam  Cobb,  University  of  Michigan  •  Joel  Gehman,  Pennsylvania  State  University  •  Daniel  Halgin,  University  of  Kentucky  •  Wesley  Helms,  York  University  •  Yuval  Kalish,  Tel  Aviv  University    •  Jeff  MarMn,  University  of  Alabama,  Tuscaloosa    •  Niki  A.  den  Nieuwenboer,  Santa  Clara  University    •  Michael  Pfarrer,  University  of  Georgia  •  Rhonda  K.  Reger,  University  of  Maryland  •  Gokce  Sargut,  Governors  State  University  •  John  Paul  Stephens,  Case  Western  Reserve  University  •  Jeffrey  York,  University  of  Colorado,  Boulder  •  Kai  Kaufmann,  IESE  Business  School  •  Esther  Maier,  Richard  Ivey  School  of  Business    •  Daniel  Armanios,  Stanford  University  
  • Other  People  Who  Went  Far  Above  and   Beyond…  •  My  predecessors  in  the  program  chair  job  •  Kenji  Klein  (graduaMng  UCI  PhD  student)  •  Ann  Clark  (UCI  staff  member)    •  Many  emergency  reviewers  who  came  through   on  very  short  noMce  •  Those  reviewers  that  received  more  than  2.71   submissions  and  those  that  returned  in  their   reviews  early!  
  • Louis  P.  Pondy  Award     for  Best  Paper  Based  on  a  DissertaMon  •  Winner:              Christopher  Yenkey,  Cornell  University    Ethnic  Homogeneity  in  a  Social  Network:  Recrui8ng   Investors  into  the  Nairobi  Stock  Exchange   Winner  of  the  AoM  Newman  DissertaMon  Award  
  • OMT  Division  Best  InternaMonal  Paper  •  Winner:              Eric  Zhao,  University  of  Alberta  &            Tyler  Wry,  Wharton  School   Societal  Patriarchal  Logics  and  the  Emergence  of   Microfinance  Organiza8ons   Winner  of  the  AoM  Carolyn  Dexter  InternaMonal  Award  
  • OMT  Division  Best  Symposium  Award  •  Winner:    Forest  Briscoe  and  Adam  Cobb   –  ShiFing  Power  and  the  Changing  U.S.  Employment   Rela8onship   Tuesday  at  9:45,  SAC  206B  
  • OMT  Division  Best  Paper  Award  •  Winner:              Jim  Westphal,  Sun  Hyun  Park,  Michael  McDonald,   and  Maihew  Hayward     –  Helping  Other  CEOs  Avoid  Bad  Press:  Impression   Management  Support  among  CEOs  toward   Journalist    Tuesday  at  11:30,  SAC  007A  
  • 4.  Membership  Trends  
  • OMT  Members  2011   ?   Female   27%   25%   Male   48%   Total  Number  of  Members:  4117  
  • 2003  OMT  Membership   2011  OMT  Membership   Interna?onal   Domes?c   Interna?onal   Domes?c   39.9%   60.1%   50.4%   49.6%   Total  Membership:  2436   Total  Membership:  4117  
  • Services  for  Interna?onal  Members   InternaMonal  Workshops   ASQ/HEC/OMT  in  Paris  -­‐  earlier  this  year   Imperial  College/OMT  -­‐  Sept  20   In  preparaMon  –       Imperial  College-­‐Cambridge/OMT/Org.  Studies   OMT/Bocconi/AMJ   -­‐  OMT  /Insead/ASQ  (Singapore)    
  • 5.  Dis?nguished  Educator   Award   Mary  Jo  Hatch   University  of  Virginia   Copenhagen  Business  School   Gothenburg  University  
  • 6.  OMT  Best  Published  Paper  Award   Harland  Prechel  and  Theresa  Morris   “The  Effects  of  OrganizaMonal  and  PoliMcal   Embeddedness  on  Financial  Malfeasance  in  the   Largest  U.S.  CorporaMons…”   American  Sociological  Review  Sponsored  by:  
  • 7.  Farewells    Nelson  Phillips   Joe  Labianca   Damon  Phillips  
  • My  HERO!  
  • 8.  Ar?fact  and  Social  Hour   Ar?fact  provided  by…   Michael     Lounsbury   OMT  Social  Hour  in  217B  Sponsored  by…