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The Evolution and Innovation of UA Leadership Programs and OrgSync: Impact of a Four-Year Partnership
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The Evolution and Innovation of UA Leadership Programs and OrgSync: Impact of a Four-Year Partnership


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Published in: Education, Business

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  • Transcript

    • 1. The Evolution and Innovation of University of Arizona Leadership Programs and OrgSync Impact of a Four-Year Partnership Corey Seemiller, PhD Tina Wesanen-Neil, MS University of Arizona Leadership Programs
    • 2. Leadership Programs• ATLAS Leadership Certificate Program• Arizona Blue Chip Program• National Collegiate Leadership Conference• Leadership Courses for Credit• Avenues• National Collegiate Leadership Association
    • 3. ATLAS Self-paced leadership certificate program that lets students choose the workshops, events, self-reflection and timing so they build leadership skills on their schedule. Event Planning and Leadership Leadership and Wellness Leadership Skills and Applications Principles of Leadership Organizational Leadership Service Leadership Social Justice LeadershipWhere We Were Where We ArePosted calendar on web (externally controlled) once a Can update our calendar and website in real timesemesterNo registration option-who was coming? Can have students RSVP so we can make copies, plan room space, and cancel programs as necessaryParticipants had to bring money at door or couldn’t Participants pre-register and pay online before comingparticipatePaper tracking of reflection forms Online reflection form
    • 4. Blue Chip 4 year leadership development program that combines leadership courses and extracurricular activities to enhance leadership knowledge and skills.Where We Were Where We AreStudents have no personal record of attendance Use RSVP function to give students credit for attending an event (co-curricular transcript)No registration option-who was coming? Can have students RSVP so we can make copies, plan room space, and cancel programs as necessary Can arrange ahead of an event for students to make up a missed eventLots of emails to organize programs Use RSVP function with comments to finalize drivers, what to bring, food, etc.All evaluations/reflections/tracking forms were all Students can submit forms for attendance for eventspaper professional staff are not atStudents need professional staff to access Students contact each other directlylistservs/contact info for other studentsAll events planned/coordinated/advertised by Students can create events-meetups, theme events,professional staff committee/team meetings, interphases, etc.Student leader selection by paper Student leader selection onlineWebsite was for internal and external use (confusing) Website is external use only (internal use is OrgSync)
    • 5. NCLC Student-run annual 3-day conference that serves as the cornerstone of the leadership experience and training for hundreds of college students from across the nation.Where We Were Where We ArePlanning committee-lack of ability to track and Use To Do Lists to enhance accountabilitymonitor accountabilityLack of communication among planning committee Use polls, discussion boards, messagesPlanning committee lacks record keeping-nothing Use files to keep meeting minutes, processes, maps,institutionalized, one student has a copy and has to informationsend it to another by requestWorkshop selection all on paper and selection done Workshop selection online with reviewers from allonly by local individuals over the countryIn house registration with no control OrgSync registrationWebsite was static Website can be updated instantaneously with workshop changes and information updatesNo videos or photos on website Videos, photos, etc. on website
    • 6. Leadership Courses 40+ leadership courses are offered per year on topics such as leadership skills, group facilitation, event planning, and social justice. Courses are both lower and upper division and range from 1-3 units.Where We Were Where We AreReadings were in a paper course packet that students Online under Fileshad to buy; some were uploaded to obsolete librarysystemSyllabi on paper Have access to electronic copies through FilesHave to update information each semester for each Information is always there; only update as neededcourse (upload readings)Instructors using D2L had sole access to course Course information tied to course and not instructorinformation (accountability challenging) (can change out instructors at any point; give TAs access, give PCC students access)Internship sign up, assignments, log sheets, and Interns use Forms for sign up, assignments, loggingreflections all on paper (moved to D2L and had same hours, and their reflection assignment. Supervisors logissues as courses on D2L) in and approve. NO PAPER! IN REAL TIME-NO DELAYSStudents did not keep track of assignment completion; Students have pdf record of all forms submitted; staffhard for staff to document the submission time of have time stamped record of submissionsassignments
    • 7. Avenues Students can use online tools to explore their values, interests, and leadership competencies, find involvement opportunities that match these, and then create a leadership and involvement plan. Students can also record their leadership and involvement experiences on their own Leadership & Involvement Transcript, electronic portfolio, or paper portfolio.Where We Were Where We AreL.I.T. student to call and verify every entry Auto verification for co-curricular transcriptNo ePortfolio ePortfolioPaper portfolio only in Blue Chip Information about paper portfolio as part of Avenues (do it with your L.I.T. and eportfolio)No self reflection-just the L.I.T. Self reflection tools on website, and learning outcomes on L.I.T.Students can access L.I.T. any time online but were Students can plan involvement on their own withencouraged to meet with a staff member to plan searchable options through websiteinvolvement ( time needed to advise students Students can access 24 hours a day on their own; no staff time necessary (self advising possible)No opportunities to showcase “L.I.T.” pages, portfolio Opportunity to display best practices and clearsamples, etc. instructions for L.I.T., portfolio, and ePortfolios
    • 8. NCLA The National Collegiate Leadership Association offers a low-cost way to connect to student leaders from across the nation into a professional association developed specifically for students who want to engage in leadership. NCLA provides webinars, online chats with community leaders, discussions, best practice sharing and more.Where We Were Where We AreNo means to have an online association Use OrgSync to manage all NCLA functionsCould not offer virtual leadership opportunities Altered our thinking about using technology to offer services and programs (webinars, discussions, etc.)Vision to have an online leadership journal but had no Will be launching an online leadership journal this yearplace for itNo student involvement unless physically at UA Can have student advisory board from all over the country
    • 9. Impact of OrgSync on UA• Streamlining of program administration/staffing• Record keeping• Communication and transparency• Website authorship and administration• Empowerment of students• Alternative program delivery methods• Inclusion of students outside UA for planning
    • 10. Lessons Learned• OrgSync signup• Paper and online assessments• Pages to messaging• Moved from families to committees• Separate registration and billing forms for events
    • 11. OrgSyncWhere They Were Where They AreTimesheet CCTPublic Forms Public Forms with PaymentPayPal CybersourceFamilies CommitteesIndividual Interactions Bulk Interactions (messaging, deletions, etc.)One Time Forms Replicate FormsNo Rich Text Editor in Forms, Messages, etc. Addition of Rich Text Editor