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Blabo safety






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Blabo safety Blabo safety Presentation Transcript

  • BLABO ® safety
  • BLABO and safety
    • Oreco never compromises on safety
    • Our mission is to provide the safest system in the world
    • Design, construction and cleaning process comply with:
      • European directives (ATEX, Machines Directive, Pressure equipment directive etc.)
      • Regional/international standards like CSA/UL (upon request)
      • Other national regulations that may apply
  • ATEX directive
    • ATEX consists of two European directives:
    • Directive 1999/92/EC
    • Also known as the 'ATEX Workplace Directive’.
    • Deals with the safety and health of workers, potentially at risk from exposure to explosive atmosphere.
    • Has been in force from 30th of June 2003.
    • Deadline for enforcement is 30th of June 2006.
    • Directive 94/9/EC
    • Known as the 'ATEX Equipment Directive’.
    • Deals with equipment intended for use in potentially explosive atmosphere. 
    • Has also been in force since 30th of June 2003.
  • What does ATEX mean for tank cleaning?
    • Main purpose is to minimise, or completely eliminate, the risks associated with explosive areas and to limit the harmful effects in case of an explosion.
    • This means that both service providers, offering tank cleaning services, and tank owners must prepare and carry out procedures for performing safe work in areas/zones with potentially explosive atmospheres.
    • Only ATEX approved equipment can be used for tank cleaning in specified zones.
  • Selected safety measures in the BLABO system 3 2 5 1 6 - 16 BLABO process / BLABO system 17 - 19 Tank roof 4 Nozzle Tank blanketing SafeTap Distribution header Safe area Auxiliary modules Personal safety
  • Inside the tank and on the roof
    • 1 Tank roof
    • Tank roof is zone 1 area.
    • All Oreco ‘tank roof equipment’ with a potential ignition source is category I approved according to ATEX.
    • 2 Cold tapping tool - SafeTap
    • Designed in accordance with the European standard EN 1343-1.
    • Is certified as category 1/2 equipment.
    • Tested at approved by notified body.
    • 3 Distribution header
    • Approved for zone 1.
    • 5 Tank blanketing
    • Inerting eliminates the risk of ignition.
    • Inerting is covered by ATEX 1999/92/EC.
    • Tank owners’ or service providers’ responsibility to ensure inert atmosphere.
    • 4 Nozzles
    • Certified as category I equipment, according ATEX 94/97EC. Approved by notified body.
    • Operation of nozzles is covered by ATEX 1999/92/EC for work in potentially explosive atmospheres.
    1 · 2 · 3 5 4 Tank roof Sump Nozzle Inerting BLABO
  • BLABO process modules
    • 7 Pressure piping
    • Constructed in accordance with EU directive 97/23/EC for pressurized equipment.
    • Non destructive test (EN 13480-4).
    • Unique tracking number and material certificates.
    • 6 Piping
    • Has no potential ignition source and do therefore not fall within ATEX.
    • User must ensure piping is safely earthed.
    • BLABO’s Victaulic piping and couplings are clam-fitted to ensure 100% conductivity.
    • 8 Electronic cabinets
    • Re-circulation & Separation modules
    • Recirculation and Separation modules.
    • Designed and built according to EN 50016 (Electrical apparatus for potentially explosive atmospheres - pressurized apparatus ‘p’).
    • Verified and tested according to ATEX directive 94/9/EC.
    • 10 Gas detectors
    • Approved as at lease category II equipment.
    • Fulfil requirements in standards EN 50057 and EN 50058.
    • 9 Electronic cabinets
    • Suction & Skimming modules
    • Designed and built according to EN 50018 (Electrical apparatus for potentially explosive atmospheres - flameproof enclosure ‘d’).
    • Verified and tested according to ATEX directive 94/9/EC.
  • BLABO process and BLABO system in general
    • 11 Temperature
    • Insulated pipes, valves and flange connections.
    • Surface temperature does not exceed 55˚C.
    • 12 All moving parts
    • Moving parts protected by covers.
    • Cannot be opened without tools.
    • Risk assessed according to EU directive 98/37/EC for machinery safety.
    • 13 Electrical equipment
    • As minimum zone I approved.
    • Constructed in accordance with EN 50014 (requirements for electrical apparatus in explosive atmospheres).
    • Monitoring and Auto-shut down
    • Continuous monitoring.
    • Built-in warning systems.
    • Monitoring of oxygen level.
    • Shut-down of process if oxygen level exceeds 8%.
    • Shut-down of process if LEL exceeds 20%.
    • 15 Closed loop
    • Tank cleaning media runs in a closed circuit.
    • Operators never get into contact with the media.
    • 16 Non-man entry
    • Risk of sparks due to high activity inside tank is eliminated.
  • Other personal safety measures
    • 19 Other personal safety and health issues
    • No staff is exposed to toxic or carcinogenic substances.
    • No respiratory problems or oxygen deficiency.
    • No injuries caused by inadequate lightning or structural tank failure.
    • Containers are equipped with gas detectors.
    • Insulated pipes, valves and flanges.
    • Etc.
    • 17 Training
    • Thorough training by Oreco in operating the system.
    • Thorough training in safety procedures.
    • 18 Non-man entry
    • No personnel inside tank during cleaning process.