Ordina SOFTC Presentation - Visual Studio LightSwitch

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Ordina's Stand out from the Crowd event of May 26th - the presentation, see them all on Slideshare Ordina Belgium

Ordina's Stand out from the Crowd event of May 26th - the presentation, see them all on Slideshare Ordina Belgium

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  • 1. Switch on the LightSwitch
    Gill Cleeren
  • 2. Glad to meet you!
    Gill Cleeren
    Microsoft Regional Director
    MVP Silverlight
    .NET Architect @Ordina (www.ordina.be)
    Speaker (TechDays, DevDays, NDC Norway, Spring Conference UK, SQL Server SaturdaySwitzerland...)
    Visug user grouplead(www.visug.be)
    Author(Silverlight 4 Data and services cookbook)
    www.snowball.be - gill@snowball.be - @gillcleeren
  • 3. Agenda
    Introduction: what and why LightSwitch?
    The basics
    Small demo
    Extending LightSwitch
  • 4. What and Why LightSwitch?
  • 5. Not everyone is a developer...
    This guy at least looks like one...
  • 6. Developers like working fast as well
    This is not a Mac...
  • 7. What is LightSwitch?
    An easy way to build business apps for desktop and cloud applications
  • 8. The LightSwitch Development Experience
    At this point, we already have working app (SL, MVVM, RIA Services)
  • 9. The basics of LightSwitch
  • 10. Basic #1: Data
    Data is the base of our application
    LS allows
    Connecting to existing data sources
    Newly created tables
    Creating relations between tables
    Even in one or more databases
    Based on data, LS will do
    Field validation
    Transactions processing
    Concurrency checking
  • 11. Basic #1: Data
    LS can connect to
    Existing SQL Server data base
    SharePoint list
    WCF RIA Service
    LS has an internal database as well, used for
    Internal setting storage
    Custom entities
    LS allows changing internal fields, external can’t be changed
  • 12. Basic #1: Data
    LS can create relations between data items
    If items are in internal database
    Doesn’t work between 2 external items
    Works between 2 different types (internal and SQL Server for example)
  • 13. Basic #2: Screens
    Screensallowus to display data
    A LS app is made up of screens (whichmayseemlogical)
    Creating a screen is done by:
    Selecting the type of screen you want
    Selecting the data you want
    Have LS generateit for you
    These screenscan be tweaked:
    Howthey look
    What features they offer
    What commandstheyallow
  • 14. Basic #2: Screens
    Types of screens that exist in LS:
    New Data Screen
    Search Data Screen
    Details Screen
    Editable Grid Screen
    List and Details Screen
    Your own!
  • 15. Basic #2: Screens
    Appearance of screens can be altered:
    Using the Screen Designer (Visual Studio)
    Customization Mode Screen (Run time, sends back the changes to Visual Studio)
  • 16. Basic #3: Queries
    A query in LS returns data that matches some criteria
    Return all products in selected category
    LS has internal query designer
    A query becomes part of the model
    Can be used to create (part of) screens from
  • 17. The BookStore application
  • 18. Extending LightSwitch
  • 19. Where to extend?
    LightSwitch has 6 extensibility points
  • 20. Extending LightSwitch
    Possible to combine multiple extensions:
    An extension provides a Money Market solution by using a Shell that has specific trading navigation
    A theme that is specific to the trading company
    Anumber of screen templates and controls that provide visualizations for trading data
    A custom data source could be the extension that aggregates the data to the application
  • 21. Extension hooks
  • 22. Controls
  • 23. Business types
    A Business type provides a way to visualize, format, validate and store information/data
    Basically, this is just a visual formatting on data
  • 24. Screen templates
  • 25. Shell
  • 26. Theme
  • 27. Custom data source
  • 28. Using extensions in LightSwitch
  • 29. Summary
    LightSwitch is a nice tool to build LOB app with
    For developers and “non-developers”
    Choice of deployment options
  • 30. 30
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