SAP Business One 8.8 Manufacturing


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SAP Business One 8.8 Manufacturing

  2. 2. SAP BUSINESS ONE TOP 10 BENEFITS FOR YOUR BUSINESS 1 Run your entire business with one piece of 5 Integrate manufacturing with accounting data. software. Seamlessly integrate and eliminate redundant SAP Business One’s inventory management capability is fully data entry across manufacturing, inventory, accounting, integrated with its accounting functionality, so there’s no need customer relationship management, sales, manufacturing, to reconcile your inventory status with your financials – they’re purchasing, banking, inventory, and costing. automatically in sync. 2 Streamline production. Easily define multi-level BOMs 6 Better customer relationships. SAP Business One is and automatically create work orders based on accurate the perfect customer-centric solution for interfacing with larger reports of product and material availability. customers who are already using SAP. Embedded customer relationship management (CRM) arms your team with 3 Prevent stock-outs. Tools help you stay on top of relevant company-wide data for stronger sales and support. inventory levels, price lists, special price agreements, transfers between warehouses, stock adjustment transactions, and 7 Clearer, instantaneous insights. Create up-to-the-minute picking and packing of inventory for shipping. dashboards to deliver revealing snapshots of key performance indicators--for unprecedented day-to-day control. 4 More accurate material requirements planning. SAP Business One enables users to manage MRP through 8 Business-critical alerts. Features a powerful business a simple wizard-based process. Define planning scenarios alert system developed for small and midsized companies. in five easy steps... accurately predict demand based on 9 Easy to implement, learn and use. Get up and forecasts... and much more. running in just weeks. Plus, a worldwide network of qualified business partners provides unsurpassed local support. 10 Affordable. A best-in-class solution at the right price.
  3. 3. THE AVERAGE SMALL BUSINESS RUNS 6.4 PIECES OF SOFTWARE. THAT’S 5.4 MORE THAN YOU NEED. “SAP BUSINESS ONE WAS ABLE TO SAP Business One is a breakthrough in business INTEGRATE EVERY SINGLE PART management software built from the ground up for OF OUR SMALL BUSINESS UNDER small and midsized manufacturing businesses. ONE ROOF, SO THAT SALES, DISTRIBUTION, CUSTOMER SERVICE Unlike the legacy software and manual methods you’re AND MANUFACTURING WERE ABLE probably struggling with now, SAP Business One is a TO WORK IN TANDEM.” single piece of software that puts business users in charge Rolando Cohen, CFO, Yak Pak – so you gain increased control and achieve greater insight into your business. Automate and integrate all “AFTER THE SYSTEM HAD BEEN the critical functions of your organization including: APPROVED AND USER TRAINING COMPLETED, WE WERE ABLE TO GO • Manufacturing LIVE WITH SAP BUSINESS ONE JUST • Inventory THREE WEEKS INTO THE PROJECT.” • Financial Management Thomas Schneider • Purchasing Project Manager, Trefz • Banking • Customer Relationship Management
  4. 4. SEE HOW ONE PIECE OF SOFTWARE CAN Immediately Take Corrective Action When HELP YOU RUN YOUR Something Goes Wrong. SAP Business One provides ENTIRE BUSINESS. workflow-based alerts using your own business rules. An embedded workflow management tool allows you to designate the activities you want to track and help you take immediate corrective action when necessary. SAP Business One Capabilties Embedded Customer Relationship Management (CRM) SAP Business One is the only solution built for small to FINANCIALS SALES SERVICE PURCHASE INVENTORY MANUFACTURING midsized companies that features built-in CRM to help you: • Chart of accounts • Quotation • Service contract • Purchase order • Items mangement • Bill of materials • Manage sales opportunities and conduct sales • Accounts segments • Order management • Purchase delivery • Item query • Production orders • Service planning pipeline analysis • Journal entry • Drop ship • Purchase return • Price list • Forecasting • Journal voucher • Invoice • Customer tracking • Purchase invoice • Recipt to stock • MRP wizard • Track customer and vendor profiles, contact across interactions • Recurrent transaction • Delivery • Purchase credit rate • Release from stock • Recommenation • Multicurrency • Return • Knowledge database • Landed cost • Stock transactions report information, account balances exchange rate • Service call • Multicurrency • Warehouse transfer • Administer contract management and service planning management • Financial reports price lists • Serial numbers • Budget cost centers • Client management • Batches management • Enable customer support • Sales tax • Gross profit • Pick and pack • Multiple periods calculation • Kitting • Deposit • Contact management • Checks • Opportunities and Powerful Reporting Tools Provide Full Business pipeline management • Credits Insight. Simple for users to create, SAP Business One • Outlook integration • Receipt • Deferred payment delivers standard financial and enterprise reports. A sample of standard manufacturing reports include: The Power of Shared Business Intelligence. Eliminate Duplicate Data Entry and Improve Data • Bill of materials reports A common problem that comes with using multiple Accuracy. Quickly access accurate and relevant business • Inventory status reports software solutions is the lack of visibility between systems. information from the desktop. All information is entered • Inventory valuation reports SAP Business One provides an integrated view of your via one screen, not through separate modules. Since • Production order reports business to help you make better-informed decisions. there’s no duplicate data entry, everyone gets one • Order recommendation reports Every employee can benefit from shared organizational consistent answer every time. • Sales and purchasing analysis reports knowledge and act upon it. • And more
  5. 5. SAP Business One’s unique reporting tools allow you Streamline and Monitor Manufacturing. Easily specify An Affordable, Easy-to-Implement Solution. to click on virtually any item in a report to see all the finished goods products and their raw materials – with Accelerated implementation times ensure quick extraction relevant details. The software’s Excel reporting capability precise specifications for the quantities and warehouses critical data from legacy systems and rapid realization of uses a standard Microsoft Excel interface to simplify involved. Work orders can be issued for assembly or the full benefits of SAP Business One. report creation. disassembly, which automatically puts components back into inventory. Easy to use, SAP Business One puts users in charge by providing a true and unified view of your entire operation. Users can view planned quantity versus quantity issued, An intuitive user interface and a Microsoft Windows in stock and available and can also monitor the due environment make it easy to learn. dates of the order. Sales orders can also be referenced on a work order so users can check the status of the item Backed by the Industry Leader. With a successful while it is work-in-process. track record of over 80,000 installations, SAP is the world’s leading provider of business software solutions. Easily Forecast and Plan Production. Predict demand Track Inventory Accurately. SAP Business One makes We leverage the experience of over 12 million users to based on forecasts, instead of solely relying on received it easy to track inventory levels as they increase, decrease, deliver the best practices you need to meet your business orders. A planning wizard steps users through creating or are transferred between warehouses. The solution objectives today and for years to come. planning scenarios in five easy steps. Forecast calculations automatically manages: help users foresee future demand and adjust material There’s never been a better time to step up to the planning accordingly. • Inventory levels benefits of SAP Business One. SAP Business One has MRP Wizard Results • Item management the power to help your business boost productivity, cut • Price lists (including special prices) costs, seize opportunities, and anticipate challenges as • Warehouse transfers never before. • Stock valuation methods • Pick and pack processes For more information about the benefits of SAP Business • And more One, call 1-8XX-XXX-XXXX. Or visit:
  6. 6. SAP Business One Comparison Checklist Ordinary SAP Compare SAP Business One to any solution you’re using now — or considering! Accounting Business One Soluitions Seamlessly integrates every critical function of your business, including manufacturing, sales, inven- ? YES tory, customer relationship management and finance Uses best-practice processes to automate production, inventory management and MRP ? YES Designed expressly for small and midsized businesses ? YES Eliminates duplicate data entry and manual data reconciliation for accurate data across your organization ? YES Enables instant access to time-critical information so you can make better decisions faster ? YES Integrated solution eliminates need for multiple software upgrades ? YES Instant alerts let you take immediate corrective action when business rules are breached ? YES Worldwide network of business partners provides responsive local service and support ? YES Easy implementation ? YES Intuitive Windows®-based interface is easy for employees to learn and use ? YES Ready adaptability to many environments without extensive modifications ? YES Allows virtually unlimited number of user defined fields, tables and user defined objects to ? YES the software Affordable best in class solution ? YES For more information about the benefits of SAP Business One, call 1-8XX-XXX-XXXX. Or visit: SAP Global Marketing Inc. 95 Morton Street Suite 200 New York, NY 10014 Copyright 2005 SAP AG. SAP and the SAP logo are registered trademarks of SAP AG in Germany and several other countries