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it used to take Oversea Casing Company llC a lot of time to getinformation. in 1932 the founder of the Seattle-based compa...
“With SAP Business One, we now monitor the business on a daily, even                                                   hou... /contactsap                   THE                   ORCHESTRA                   TEAMPicture Credits2: David Tr...
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SAP Business One Success Story Oversea Casing


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Orchestra's client Oversea Casing Company runs SAP Business One. Read about why they selected the ERP software for their needs and the ROI SAP Business One has provided.

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SAP Business One Success Story Oversea Casing

  1. 1. SAP Customer Success Story Consumer Products – Food OVERSEA CASING SAP® BuSineSS One BringS reAl-Time DATA AnD lOT TrACking TO FOOD COmPAny QuiCk FACTS“SAP Business One has completely Company Why SAP • name: Oversea Casing Company llC • Functionality for lot tracking lived up to our expectations. We • Headquarters: Seattle • Comprehensive financial software would definitely recommend it to • industry: Consumer products – food • Complete functionality for customer • Products and services: Sausage casings relationship management for salespeople anyone in our industry.” • employees: 16 • Affordable licensing cost • Web site: • SAP’s superior reputation and references Michael Mayo, President, Oversea Casing • implementation partner: Orchestra Team Company llC (Seattle) Benefits • Achieved uSDA-compliant lot tracking Challenges and Opportunities • Automated reporting • implement lot tracking per uSDA • Provided executives with a daily view into requirements transactions, margins, costs, sales, and • Automate daily reporting for managers budgets and executives • enabled salespeople to see previous day’s • give sales and warehouse workers easy sales and monthly total access to current, role-based information Existing Environment Objectives Sage Peachtree accounting software Quickly install a software solution to enable uSDA-compliant lot tracking Third-Party Integration • Database: microsoft SQl Server SAP® Solutions and Services • Hardware: Dell servers SAP® Business One application • Operating System: microsoft Windows Implementation Highlights • rapid – 6 weeks • Partner proof-of-concept demo • Thorough training
  2. 2. it used to take Oversea Casing Company llC a lot of time to getinformation. in 1932 the founder of the Seattle-based companyboarded a boat to new Zealand; stopped in Hawaii, several islandsin the South Seas, and Australia; and arrived three weeks later totalk with suppliers. Today, with the SAP® Business One application,Oversea Casing has real-time news at its fingertips.Salespeople, while on the phone with mayo, president of Oversea Casing. Control Points program – which is acustomers, can view inventory availabil- “We also have much more confidence management system for food safetyity for the company’s sausage casings in the information.” that addresses hazards preventively,and browse prior customer interactions. rather than during final productWarehouse workers have real-time visi- That helps the company identify issues inspection.bility into inventory, including each lot’s early. “now, with every user able tosource supplier and the warehouse and see the information that pertains to “We need to track finished productbin location. their position and responsibility, we back to the raw material source,” moore can ensure that operations run more says. “SAP Business One allows us tomanagers and executives stay on top smoothly and without incident,” says do that. We can go to a master data fileof key metrics via daily, automated re- Tina moore, controller at Oversea for a business partner and drill down toports. First thing each morning, users Casing. “With SAP Business One, the invoice, the delivery note, the lot in-view the previous day’s transactions, we now monitor the business on a formation, the receiving date, and wheregross profit margin, costs, sales by daily, even hourly, basis.” the lot came from. This is done throughsalesperson, and the details of each simple point-and-click navigation. Theinvoice. They can access daily budget SAP Software Helps Company other software programs we evaluatedsnapshots – on a monthly or yearly ba- Meet USDA Mandates could handle accounting but not lotsis – and view comparisons to previous tracking.”months and years. Salespeople can Visibility of a different kind – into thereview their previous day’s sales and audit trail – was the primary reason why Additionally, says moore, “SAP Businesstotals for the month. Warehouse workers the company selected SAP Business One provided all the accounting functionsget reports that show new orders and One. Oversea Casing sells thousands we required; it is a complete financialwhat must ship that day. of stock-keeping units (Skus) of quality solution. it had functionality for customer natural casings to hundreds of customers relationship management to supportPreviously this had been done manually worldwide and procures its raw materials our salespeople effectively. And it– taking too much time, like the boat to from numerous vendors in the united had the multicurrency capabilities wenew Zealand. A six-week rapid rollout States, europe, Australia, new Zealand, required for our global business.”of SAP Business One changed all that. and around the world. it has to maintain“These reports are now generated a detailed audit trail across its supply Oversea Casing also liked doing busi-automatically, much more quickly and chain to comply with uSDA regulations, ness with a successful vendor. “SAPefficiently than before,” says michael such as the Hazard Analysis & Critical has a good reputation and superior
  3. 3. “With SAP Business One, we now monitor the business on a daily, even hourly, basis.” Tina Moore, Controller, Oversea Casing Company2references,” mayo says. “its SAP trained our personnel, even after hours Oversea Casing plans to do the same.Business One application also came over dinner. They created you Tube With the upgrade to the latest versionin within our budget. We could have clips, where employees could go if of SAP Business One, it wants to takechosen customized software, but that they had a question – like how to key advantage of the built-in SAP Crystalwould have been way out of our price in a sales order – to view simulations reports® family of offerings for morerange. Besides, we saw that everything of our business transactions.” advanced reporting and business intelli-we needed to do, we could do with gence. The company also plans toSAP Business One.” That’s the kind of attentiveness small- leverage the software’s functionality to-midsize companies like to see from for material requirements planning toConsultants Listen to Customer’s partners. “Our business is fast paced; support production forecasting andNeeds we can’t afford any slowdown,” moore planning. says. “The consultants were alwaysFor the implementation, Oversea Casing available to us and responded quickly These initiatives will help the companyworked with a group of consultants who to any issues we had.” build upon the benefits to date. “SAPeventually formed its current partner, Business One has helped us makeOrchestra Team – which recently up- People Use Software When It’s our operations much more efficient,”graded the company to the newest Easy to Use mayo says. “We accomplished ourversion of SAP Business One. “The primary objective, lot tracking, and thatconsultants listened to what we needed, The company’s users rave about the was a huge benefit. The second mostparticularly around lot tracking,” moore software’s ease of use. “The sales- appreciated outcome stems from thesays. “They paid careful attention to people are constantly using the func- software’s functionality for customer relationship management. The auto- mated reporting gives me and the sales“We’ve only just begun to realize the potential of SAP Business One. Not a managers the ability to track our sales force on a daily basis – and where day goes by where we don’t come up with another idea of how we can take we are in the sales cycle for each advantage of the software.” account.” Michael Mayo, President, Oversea Casing Company llC For Oversea Casing, the future with SAP Business One looks bright.our procedures, from purchase of raw tionality for customer relationship man- “We’ve only just begun to realize thematerial to final product. They built a agement,” moore says. “They drill down potential of SAP Business One,” mayodemo proof of concept that showed to check on customer orders and invoice says. “not a day goes by where weus how SAP Business One could fully status. Salespeople also record their don’t come up with another idea ofmeet our requirements.” activities – every conversation with how we can take advantage of the the customer – and schedule alerts software. SAP Business One hasOversea Casing gives high marks to to make callbacks. All our business completely lived up to our expectations.the consultants for the on-time, on- users are very enthusiastic about We would definitely recommend it tobudget rollout. Says moore, “We had SAP Business One and are constantly anyone in our industry.”absolutely no hiccups. The consultants finding new ways to use the software.”
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