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A flyer detailing Orca Book Publisher's digital ebook subscriptions for schools and libraries. Contact digital@orcabook.com

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Orca Digital Ebook Subscription Flyer

  1. 1. Orca Premium Digital Subscriptions Orca Digital Subscriptions are a unique and cost-effective way to provide ebooks to an entire school or library system. With the purchase of a subscription you get multiuser access to all of the titles in your collection. There is no limit to how many users can read any book at the same time. The titles in your subscription can be accessed at school, in the library or at home. With our new premium subscription, users can even download ebooks to their own devices, including smartphones. Features • nlimited multiuser access U • ARC records M • sage reports U • ownload lending D • oard-level pricing available B • ustom subscriptions available C Free trail available, email digital@orcabook.com to sign up.Email digital@orcabook.com or phone us at 1-800-210-5277 for more information.
  2. 2. What exactly is a digital subscription?In a single word, a digital subscriptionis access. With a subscription you gainunlimited multiuser access to the titles inyour collection. All users have access to allof the books. You build the collection of titlesin your subscription by choosing from ourpopular collections or ordering by title. How do I access the digital subscription?A digital subscription is hosted at a URL What other benefits are there tothat patrons or students have access to 24 having a subscription?hours a day, 7 days a week on anycomputer that has internet. Users canread the books while connected, or they can Ê Selection With over 500 titles available from alldownload the books to read while offline. of our bestselling series and award-winning fiction and nonfiction lists, your subscription can be tailored to suit any classroom, With whom can a digital subscription be shared? school or school district. Create your own subscription or choose from one of ourDigital subscriptions are sold as site licenses, popular collections.typically for a single school or library. Allstudents and teachers at the purchasingschool, or all patrons at the purchasing library,can be given access to your subscription. We Ê Convenience No more long waits to get the most populardo offer pricing for larger licensing areas such books into the hands of readers. And studentsas school districts or library systems. can access the titles from school or home. What about downloading? Ê Value Multiuser access provides great value. NeedBooks can be downloaded onto almost a classroom set? No problem! Your wholeany device for a one-month lending period. classroom can read the same title. Plus,Users can even load their book onto many there’s no physical wear and tear, and thesesmartphones. Kobo, Sony, Nook, iPad books can’t be lost.and other iOS devices and Androiddevices are all compatible.The only device that does not work at this time is the Kindle. digital@orcabook.com
  3. 3. Sounds great. How do I get a subscription? What You Need1. omplete our order form and email it to C • For basic online reading: a computer with digital@orcabook.com or fax it to internet access. 877-408-1551. You will need to provide • or download lending: any of a number F us with the email contact for the main of e-reading devices, including iOS and administrator for your collection and the IP Android smartphones and tablets. The ranges for your school. only major device that is not compatible with Orca Premium Digital Subscriptions2. ithin three business days your W is the Kindle. administrator will receive an email that • or unlimited onsite access: provide us F includes: with the IP address range for your school • L inks to the administrator and student or library. access points. • or unlimited at-home access: a password- F • Username and password for the administrator. protected web portal. This a web page • Instructions for administrators and users. that requires a password that can link to your subscription URL. If you do not have3. our students can start reading on school Y the means to build a password-protected computers as well as on their home page, Orca can provide a password- computers and other devices protected web portal for a fee of $49.95. Want to customize your collection?We are happy to create a custom collectionwith a minimum twelve-title order. Add toone of our popular collections or start fromscratch, choosing only the titles that you want.Contact us at digital@orcabook.comto create your perfect subscription. digital@orcabook.com
  4. 4. Premium Digital Subscriptions Order Form Billing Address: School Name Phone Address City State/Prov Zip/Postal Code Main Contact email* *This email address will be the main administrator for your digital subscription. If you have a preferred password, please provide it here: Admin Password Method of Payment (check one): Purchase Order VISA MasterCard Cheque Credit card number exp Cardholder’s name To avoid having to set up unique usernames and passwords for each student, please provide us with the IP ranges for your school. Your IT person or your internet service provider can help you with this: from to from to from to from to Collection # of Titles Per Title You Pay Orca Soundings 1-Year Subscription 81 $11.95 $967.95 Orca Soundings 5-Year Subscription 81 $17.93 $1,451.93 Teen Fiction 1-Year Subscription 50 $15.00 $750.00 Teen Fiction 5-Year Subscription 50 $22.50 $1,125.00 Orca Sports 1-Year Subscription 33 $11.95 $394.35 Orca Sports 5-Year Subscription 33 $17.93 $591.53 Orca Currents 1-Year Subscription 58 $11.95 $693.10 Orca Currents 5-Year Subscription 58 $17.93 $1,039.65 Middle-School Fiction 1-Year Subscription 50 $11.95 $597.50 Middle-School Fiction 5-Year Subscription 50 $17.93 $896.25 Orca Young Readers 1-Year Subscription 69 $9.75 $672.75 Orca Young Readers 5-Year Subscription 69 $14.63 $1,009.13 Orca Echoes 1-Year Subscription 56 $8.25 $462.00 Orca Echoes 5-Year Subscription 56 $12.38 $693.00 Password-Protected Web Portal $49.94 + Applicable Taxes: Total:Please email this completed form to digital@orcabook.com or fax it to 1-877-408-1551