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Prestashop Integration: Integrating Prestashop with business software and more
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Prestashop Integration: Integrating Prestashop with business software and more


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Prestashop integration with mainstream business systems and applications provides eCommerce professionals with the opportunity to automate the flow of data between systems, lightening employee workloads by eradicating data entry and improving sales to dispatch times. This Prestashop integration slideshare provides a quick overview on the commercial benefits that can be achieved.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Prestashop Integration Prestashop Integration and Advanced Order Management Slide 1
  • 2. Prestashop Integration Prestashop is a powerful eCommerce platform Slide 2
  • 3. Prestashop Integration But… Slide 3
  • 4. Prestashop Integration It still requires… An employee to extract sales orders from Prestashop and manually rekey the data in to your business software …Ouch Slide 4
  • 5. Prestashop Integration Now that each sale has been manually added in to your business system… Slide 5
  • 6. Prestashop Integration You now have to place each order with your courier service provider Slide 6
  • 7. Prestashop Integration Creating more costly administration for your employees Slide 7
  • 8. Prestashop Integration Not forgetting data such as Slide 8
  • 9. Prestashop Integration • Order statuses • New products (description/images) • Stock level changes • Delivery tracking numbers All need to be manually entered into Prestashop… Slide 9
  • 10. Prestashop Integration The problem with this process is… Slide 10
  • 11. Prestashop Integration It’s • Error prone • Costly • Time consuming But there is a better way… Slide 11
  • 12. Prestashop Integration Prestashop can be integrated with… Slide 12
  • 13. Prestashop Integration • Mainstream ERP and CRM systems • Bespoke systems and industry specific applications Enabling… Slide 13
  • 14. Prestashop Integration • Automatic insertion of sales orders into an accounting solution • Automated transfer of orders status, current stock availability levels and/or images to Prestashop • Real-time placement of an order with a selected courier service(s) • Automatic synchronisation of customer information between Prestashop and a CRM application Providing… Slide 14
  • 15. Prestashop Integration • Complete eradication of data entry and associated human errors • Significant reduction in order fulfilment times • Reduction in operational costs Slide 15
  • 16. Prestashop Integration Want to automate your entire order management process as opposed to merely synchronising orders? Slide 16
  • 17. Prestashop Integration Adding TaskCentre’s workflow and automation capabilities to the extended order management process… Slide 17
  • 18. Prestashop Integration Will prevent administrative headaches from being pushed further down the line. Slide 18
  • 19. Prestashop Integration Want to learn more? Slide 19
  • 20. Prestashop Integration +44 1202 241 115 Slide 20